Thursday, August 11, 2016

Review: Jet vs. Bolt (Thunders Arena)

As I continue my exploration of the new talent at Thunders Arena, it's Jet vs. Bolt. Obviously this should be a different match than the first Jet match I watched. That one, Jet vs. Vinny was a catchweight and the rookie was under the weather. Here, Jet is looking healthy and he's against a much more manageable wrestler, the pint-sized powerhouse Bolt.

It's Jet vs. a smaller stud this time
Jet starts out in a white tank and green squarecuts, but the tank comes off fairly quickly. It's not torn off, unfortunately, but at least it comes off to reveal his gorgeous torso. The guy is handsome and built. From the start, Bolt is decked out in white briefs and looks like his usual thin and trim self.

While both guys look great, they actually look similar in height and weight to me. They're not. Jet is listed at 5'10"/190-lbs compared to Bolt's 5'7"/150-lbs. Now, Jet does look more muscular and thick, so maybe it's the angle or deceiving on my iPad, but I never had the sense that Jet should easily overpower the supposedly smaller stud. There also seems to be an age difference, but I'm guessing and don't want to insult anyone. Let's just say that Jet looks and acts older than Bolt.

Jet has a more reactive personality here, mainly playing off Bolt as he plays the cocky southern boy. I've talked about the fact that Bolt is one of those guys that I wasn't impressed with the first time I watched him (vs. Dozer). I think I called him "a poor man's Tak". If I didn't, I meant to. However, I've completely changed my tune on him. Yes, Bolt has won me over with his effort and skill to the point where I've enjoyed him quite a few times now.

The premise is simple. Jet is relaxing watching Game of Thrones when Bolt comes in telling him they're supposed to wrestle. The bigger rookie prefers to watch his show, so Bolt spoils the ending for him. It's an asshole move, but it works. Jet is on him fast, knocking the smaller stud out then carrying his carcass to the mat. Bolt gets his way, the two guys are wrestling, although maybe not the way he intended.

Wait, did I say more manageable?

Uh, Jet? That's not managing Bolt.

This is a short video with just about 3 minutes of set up and 12 minutes of wrestling. There are a lot of cuts in the video where they must have stopped the action, so maybe this is one of Jet’s first matches. I found it distracting at first, but then it calms down.

One of the reasons that they don’t seem that different physically is that Jet wrestles small. The action is more focused on mat work than power. If Jet is really 40-lbs bigger, you'd think he would throw Bolt around a little, but I don't really remember that happening. He does have a nice spinning upside down reverse bearhug, but most of the time the guys feel really equal.

Jet: "You're just tiring yourself out."

Bolt: "I'm going to throw up!"

The match is somewhat back and forth, with the smaller Bolt being more dominant. Look for scissors and stretches. There are three knockouts, but I'm only showing two. The first one starts the match. The next two happen on the mat, with the final one that leaves one guy out cold on the mat with no doubt about who the winner is.

The first of three knockouts

Jet plans to punish the unconscious Bolt

Another knockout, only Bolt is on top

The smaller stud uses his moment to humiliate Jet

In the end, I enjoyed Jet's second match, mainly for the charisma of the wrestlers and the dynamic of the cocky, smaller, younger wrestler against the bigger, older muscleman. The two work well together (although maybe not with all the cuts).

I know some guys like modeling shots, so
here are a couple more of Bolt

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. Even with a cold, Jet still looked incredible. He's so conceited, that I don't know if I want him to win or loss. I think custom orders like the Bolt match are harder to film then regular matches. They probably stopped filming to go over the next wrestling moves. I guess the other matches, wrestlers are given more freedom to improvise. I prefer pausing the action, then having the guys looking off camera for cues. Can't wait to see the write up for the Jet vs Talon matches next week.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment. That's a good point on the Custom series and the use of cuts. I often don't pay attention to the series at Thunders, but that's true. They are following a script. I do mention the Custon series in the second Jet v Talon review next week, but from an action point of view.