Saturday, August 20, 2016

Review: Jet vs. Talon 2 (Thunders Arena)

I don't often buy re-matches, but there are a few exceptions. Jet vs. Talon 2 is probably the most unusual one, because it doesn't involve one of my absolute must-buy guys. Yes, I like Talon a lot and I've enjoyed watching Jet, but once might have been enough for this pairing. However, Thunders had a sale, I had curiosity and I did buy the second Jet vs. Talon match after all. Boy, I'm very glad I did.

This match features a ripped Talon. He's a handsome man so he always looks stunning. However, while I often like guys who're more fluffy and more beefy, this is my favorite Talon. He returns to going commando in his classic blue trunks, which I wholeheartedly approve. The gorgeous stud fits them amazingly well and they're always fun to watch, like a show unto themselves.

Opposite him, Jet looks good in the blue square cuts he's worn before with the small, but pointy pouch. He's nowhere near as ripped as Talon, but I love his smooth muscles. He's cute and brings a little charm to this match, especially when he's on top.

Talon calls this the bow and arrow, just like me!

The camera captures the magic of Talon's blue trunks

Ripped and powerful, it's my favorite Talon look

Jet gets put on display, too - love the
over-the-knee backbreaker

This is a custom video, so the action is highly focused for all 25 minutes of action. It's a ton of sleepers with nelsons, bearhugs and scissors. There are a couple of crucifixes and a backbreaker. And Talon becomes my hero by not only doing my version of a bow and arrow, but also calling it a bow and arrow and explaining why.

It's a surprisingly long match for Thunders, over 28 minutes in total. It might feel repetitive at times, if not for the creativity, beauty and charisma of the wrestlers. I have to admit a great joy in seeing Talon knocked out by a cocky Jet. The fact that both guys go down over and over isn't a problem for me.

As well, Talon probably executes scissors better than anyone, especially with this gear and his body as ripped as it is in this match. So once again, the use of multiple scissors in at least four different positions is a plus for me. His standing head scissors is the best I've seen. I'm even in love with his very creative version with Jet upside down and bridging.

There's almost too much to take in with this hold

Talon sells, too

I don't think anybody does scissors better

Jet wraps up the big stud

So while there might not be much variety for such a long video, there are a lot of moments that deliver. The studs recover from sleepers fast, ready to go again. They talk throughout and have chemistry. It's supposed to be a match to submission, but two submissions don't actually end it. It fittingly ends on a knockout, although why this one ends the match while the others didn't, well, don't think about that, just enjoy.

Talon takes his standing scissors to a new place

How often do we get to see Talon brought down?

Jet gets cocky as a weak Talon struggles to wake up

In the end, I liked this match a lot. It's actually better than the first one, which I also liked. You don't often get to see Talon this way, which makes this special. Of course he dominates a ton, as well, so this is the best of both worlds. Jet steps up to the task of battling one of Thunders best and he delivers his best performance yet.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. You should check out Jet vs Slash. Slash is a little older than in his previous Thunders appearances, but it's a great match and has an awesome scene towards the end where the two engage in a mutual bearhug, reversing control several times!

    1. Thanks for the tip. Always looking for good matches and Slash is somehow a guy I've never even heard of, so older or younger won't matter as I have no frame of reference for him.

  2. Slash was formerly Jace Bradley of BG East. He had a couple matches with Johnny Bravo and Conan shortly after leaving BG East for Thunder's, but then he disappeared for several years. Thunder's said he has been studying to become an R.N. this whole time and recently graduated, so he finally has a chance to do some wrestling again.

    By the way, the BG East match between Jace Bradley and Kierran Dunn is another AMAZING match where the two keep reversing each other's bearhugs. The difference with that match is that both wrestlers are INCREDIBLE shape (and they're in jocks!), whereas age and time off from the gym to study had kinda caught up to Jace/Slash when he faced Jet.

    1. Oh, I definitely know Jace Bradley. I have several matches with him from BGEast, including the one with Kieran Dunne. I figured Jace was one of those flash-in-the-pan guys who came and went. I didn't know he worked for Thunders, too. Very hot. Thanks, now I have another reason to check this match out!

  3. It's the least I could do for you. Your work has brought so much enjoyment to so many people, and you do it all for free (but at much expense of time and effort to yourself). Your work belongs in the National Archives along with the works of the rest of the nation's great writers! I'm always late to work whenever the 1st or the 15th falls on a weekday because I anxiously await for your stories to post at 7:00am and then can't tear myself away from them to get ready!

    Perhaps you could work some of these back-and-forth mutual bearhug scenarios from the Jace/Slash matches into one of your future Cave stories! I've noticed Xaq's been using the hold more and more (which is awesome!), and it's also a favorite hold of both Ram and Thor.

    1. Wow, well I appreciate that. Comments are my only payment, so I appreciate your kind words a lot.

      I love bearhugs, so expect to see more of them in my stories. I did buy Jet/Slash yesterday. With their flash 48% off sale and the combo offers, I ended up with four videos for $35 (Billy/Talon, Billy/NJustice, Jet/Slash, Frey/Slash), so that's a pretty good deal.