Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Review: Jet vs. Vinny (Thunders Arena)

Among the new Thunders Arena guys I'm talking about, Jet has seen the most action. Size-wise, he's the in-between guy. The one who could go either way. He looks strong enough to be competitive with Vinny, but short enough to face a guy like Bolt. Today, I'm looking at Jet vs. Vinny, but I will cover his match vs. Bolt tomorrow and both Talon matches next week.

Jet is a hot, clean-cut muscleman. He's short, solid, handsome and beautifully proportioned. Here, he's wearing a red singlet that's cut low in the front. It frames his body nicely, leaving his six-pack exposed, which comes in handy in this match. He does fiddle with the back, which is surprising. Not sure why guys get so obsessed about their gear riding up, especially when it really isn't riding up.

Jet looks good on top

The rookie fights hard

Vinny is his usual meathead character, but looking stunning in his tiny yellow posers that hang low in front. A line of thick black pubes peek out the top, make of that what you will. The posers can't contain the big man's huge ass (no skipping leg day for the beast), but he never makes a move to adjust them. Good for Vinny.

Vinny looks great in yellow

Look at that bicep

This was my first match featuring Jet. He spoils his other matches in the intro, so be warned. He's also sick, so germaphobes will not be happy. With a red nose and nasal voice, he appears to be stuffed up, like a guy with allergies or a head cold. Fortunately, he's not sniffling or anything disgusting, but still a little turn off for me at the start. I was surprised they put him in action, but I suppose that's Vinny's problem.

Luckily, as the match progresses, the action turns up and overcomes the underlying health concerns. Now Jet's condition does sort of factor in. It's unsaid, but he definitely seems to be struggling to breathe, unable to follow up and quickly winded. I would've liked to see some more follow up when he has control, but that either wasn't in the script or wasn't possible.

Jet gets a ticket to the gut bash

Oh, Vinny got one, too

It looks painful, but I'd trade places
with Jet in a heartbeat

Vinny shows off his power

Vinny already has a huge size advantage and now a health advantage, too. However, this is no squash. Jet keeps it competitive right up until the end. I definitely wasn't sure who would win. Does the new guy overcome his limitations? Or does Vinny overpower the smaller stud? Either way would've been fine with me.

In terms of action, it starts out messy, but the guys get in a rhythm. As I said, either by design or necessity, Jet has control multiple times, but he lets Vinny get back into it. Gut punishment is plentiful, with both guys forced against the wall for some punching. A wrong twist in a takedown becomes a fortunate mistake - a gutbuster. Sadly, the camera was out of place for this one, but the aftermath is hot.

Jet elbows the knee - awesome counter
for a sleeper/body scissors combo

Vinny: "Stop choking yourself!"

Beautiful crab

Vinny's surfboard of awesomeness

Actually, the camerawork wasn't great at other times, too. It feels like there are several missed opportunities and a period where the camera isn't actually focused on the guys. It's one of the drawbacks of the garage area in the Thunders house. It seems small, so everything is always in extreme closeup. Some of these matches would benefit from a second camera a little further out.

In the end, I did like the match and I like Jet. I'm glad this was a back and forth. The action is solid and there's enough hotness in it to hold your attention. And fortunately Jet's illness is a minor point outside of his occasional gasping for breath.

So that's my take. What's yours? From the studs to their gear, there's lots here for you to react to ... let's hear what you think!


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