Monday, August 8, 2016

Route 69: Bad Boys S108

(Summer Storm, Part 2 of 4)

Memphis TN

"UNH! UNH! Oh yeah, Kyle! Harder! HARDER! OH GOD, YES! YEAH! YEAH!"

I pound harder, ruthlessly slamming Dylan's hips into the ring apron as I hammer his ass from behind. We're fucking around outside the ring of the pro wrestling federation we work for. It's after hours, so it's just us. I grab his hips and throw my head back getting ready for my big finish. I don't even notice his phone going, but he does. BZZZT! BZZZT!

Dylan cries out, "Oh fuck! Stop. Stop. Oh my god! It's Ben. He's calling me. He's finally come to his senses."

Dylan pushes away from me, my hard cock sliding out of his ass as he dives for his phone. What the fuck? I'm fucking the little punk and he's ignoring me to grab a call from his ex? The same ex that beat the shit out of both of us and left us unconscious, naked and spooning in a storage room? Someone's gonna pay for this.

Me. Not happy.

Dylan's saying, "Ben! I'm so glad to hear from you. I knew you'd come around. Look, I forgive you for -" Fuck, I'm gonna puke. Pause. "What? What do you mean?"

I pace the ring area, my cock screaming to finish, but I'm holding back. I'm gonna tear D a new one when he hangs up.

"Oh my god. How did it -" Pause. "I'm in Memphis. Yeah, I'll leave now. It's too late to fly, I'll have to drive. I won't get there until like five in the morning." Pause. "Yeah, yeah, I'll call them. And give them your number. Got it." Pause. "Thanks for calling me and I'll see you soon."

Dylan hangs up, his face is drained of color and his cock is soft. Mine is still rock hard as I ask, "What the fuck was that? You're gonna see that son of a -"

I don't get to finish, because he interrupts me, "My father is in the hospital. In Charlotte. They think he had a heart attack."

Charlotte NC

I hate hospitals. I'm sitting in the waiting room, on my phone, in the most uncomfortable chair ever. After driving nine hours to get here, I'm just waiting while my guy checks on his dad.

Still not happy

The only thing making it tolerable is the huge muscle dude in a black compression tank and low-hanging sweatpants across the room. Handsome, dark hair, beard, probably 6'/240-lbs of pure muscle. He looks kinda Italian, but mostly he looks as bored as me. We're obviously checking each other out and he keeps adjusting his big pouch. I wonder if he wants find a storage room and fuck?

Hot muscle dude

Dylan said I didn't have to come, but no way was I letting him drive 9 hours overnight alone. Not with his uppity rich ex-boyfriend here and Dylan still being hung up on him. Shit like this makes people more forgiving and friendly. They think of the good and forget the bad. No way. Dylan's mine now. Ben can go fuck himself if he thinks he's getting him back.

Oh shit. There's Ben. That fucker. Still hot as shit. Whoa, he knows the muscle dude. They hug and talk. Lucky for me, Ben doesn't even notice me. Is this a new boyfriend? Interesting. Now I really wanna fuck this guy. I'd love to steal another guy from Mr. Goody Two-Shoes.

When Ben moves away, the handsome muscleman starts to leave. I jump up and stop him. I say, "Hey, sorry, but I was eavesdropping. Are you here for Mr. Chase? I'm -" I realize that it's not smart to connect myself to Dylan. Depending on how close they are, this guy might know the name. So I adjust the truth, "- a friend of the family. I was in town and came by to see what's going on."

"Hey, I'm Mike. Yeah, I'm a friend of Ben's. He's a friend of the family and was with Mr. Chase when it happened. I live here in town, so I came down to support him. Cool of you to come."

"And cool of you to come, too. So this Ben's not more than that?" Mike smiles and shakes his head. I see him check my hand out for any kind of ring. I ask, "So have you heard anything? It's like I'm here, but not really. I'm not close enough to be in the room or get the details."

"Yeah, I get it. Same here. So Ben just told me. It turns out it wasn't a heart attack. Something called pericarditis? Looks like a heart attack, but not actually too serious. He only blacked out because he tripped and hit his head. They're discharging him this morning and he should be fine. Just a freak thing."

I put my hand on his shoulder and squeeze. "Wow, what a relief. So you headed out?"

Mike doesn't mind my touch. He nods, "Yeah, nothing more for me to do here."

I smile and rub his shoulder, "I guess I'll head out, too. So Mike, tell me about yourself."

Mike's House

As I strip down in the living room, my cock is getting hard just thinking about wrestling this guy. He's exactly the kind of guy I love. Big, muscular and rock stupid. The fact that he's a buddy of Ben's makes this even better. I hit the jackpot meeting this guy.

We've moved the furniture and put a big black resilite mat down. He's upstairs in the bedroom getting changed. Yep, it was too easy getting him to invite me to his place for wrestling. I'm hot and he's an idiot. The big dummy couldn't resist me. We're just two horny muscle guys in speedos wrestling in a stakes mat match.

I've set up a GoPro where Mike won't see it. I'm gonna wanna remember this. Share it with Dylan. Maybe Ben, too, depending on how it goes. Let him see me fucking his muscle buddy and treating him like a bitch. I might just get Ben angry enough to start a rematch. He punked me pretty good last time we fought, so I'm itching to go at it again.

There's a big mirror that's just fucking perfect. I check myself out in my tight and tiny black briefs and pads. Yeah, I'm 6'1"/210-lbs of tight hard muscle with long black hair and a beard. Mike asked if I'm in a band and I said I tour with a group. Just didn't tell him it was a wrestling group. He might take it easier and I sure as hell don't want him knowing I'm really a pro wrestler until it's too late. Mike's big, but I'm betting I can handle him.

Mike comes down the stairs. Oh fuck. He's a fucking beast in a blue speedo. Huge pecs. Gotta pound those. Ripped abs to wreck. Biceps, legs ... this guy is like a muscle smorgasbord. Where to start? It's like being a kid playing fucking Pokemon again - I gotta destroy them all.

Feeling Things Out

The big bodybuilder admires me. He adjusts his speedo in front as he just stares. He circles me, pulling on his dick the whole time, then stops in front. The bearded muscleman says, "Fuck, I thought you'd be a skinny rocker guy, but you're a fucking muscleman. Nice."

I just nod, "Yeah, I like to stay in shape when I'm on the road."

Mike reaches out with one hand, keeping the other tugging on his pouch. He touches my hair as he asks, "So I gotta know, are you okay with a little hair pulling? Nothing crazy, but it's just begging for a tug. Fuck, it's awesome."

I move into him, pressing our bodies together. I reach down and put my hand on top of the one he's got adjusting his trunks. I smirk, "Depends. You okay if I go rough, too? Nothing crazy, but it seems like you got something that needs a tug. From the way you've been playing with it, I bet you can take it."

The bodybuilder laughs, realizing he's been rubbing with his dick non-stop. He backs up and pulls his hand away, "I'm okay with the rough stuff, so let's just see where it goes."

I just nod then put my hands up. We lock up fast. We both go easy. Mike does it because he thinks he's a lot stronger and I do it because I want him to think he's a lot stronger. We feel each other out and it feels good. We grunt and strain. Fuck, he's a muscle monster. Love it. I shake my head, flipping my hair back and he groans. Yeah, I got him where I want him.

Mike powers me into a side headlock. He's still going half-power, so it's fine. I still moan like he's working it. Pro wrestling teaches you to sell and I'm doing a great job. I run my hands over his body while he holds me, getting him real hot and horny. I want him thinking with his dick until I'm gone. The big bodybuilder flips me over and onto the mat. WHAM!

I let Mike hold me then whip my legs up. I wrap them around his head, pulling him into a head scissors. He goes with it, telling me he's gonna be an easy mark. I keep increasing the pressure while I reach out and feel his muscles. He flexes his arm for me and I caress his bicep. I keep the pressure on, but not going too hard. His moans tell me he's enjoying it.

Mike drops his arm when I apply more force. He moans for real and I see him buck. The muscleman grabs my legs as I go for real on the head scissors. Sucker lets me do it, sapping his strength. He fights hard, finally breaking free. The bodybuilder gets to his knees, shaking out his head.

"Your legs are strong."

I ask innocently, "Sorry. Too hard? I can go easier."

Mike falls into my trap, his pride starts talking, "No, no. I didn't mean that. Just complimenting you. Keep going all out."

"All out? You got it."

Mike smiles and adjusts his trunks. His hard-on is returning as we stand up, ready to face off again. The muscleman shifts then slams our bodies together as he locks on a bearhug. I moan as he crushes my midsection. I rub his shoulders and act like he's killing me. I moan and lean back, using the chance to grind our pouches and rub his pecs. He eats it up, his bearhug losing all power as we just stand together.

I throw my head back, flipping my hair as I rub and grind. Mike says, "Fuck, you're a frisky fucker, aren't you?"

I raise my head and just give him a smile. Mike throws me to the mat then hops on top of my back. He mounts my back then grabs my hair. He wraps it around his hand and pulls my head back. I moan seductively as he pulls my torso up by my hair. The muscleman leans forward, letting me down. He works his hand free, "Yeah, I'm gonna have to play with that some more."

I use the distraction to push up, throwing him off my back. I push my hair back, which keeps Mike from moving towards me. He just enjoys the show. I dive on top of him and we grapple. The big man keeps his strength in check, letting me move him around. I hold back, but keep him moving. He's sweating and breathing harder as I wear him down without him even realizing it.

Neither of us go for a real submission, but we get into some hot holds. Every chance I get I rub him, fondle his pouch and throw my hair into his face. He loves it, letting me do it. The bodybuilder feels totally confident, so he doesn't mind anything. I notice he's getting a lot slower. He pretty much stops moving, just countering. Finally after 15 minutes, the big man stops, pushing me off him.

Mike moves to his knees, "Fuck, that was incredible. I need a drink." He grabs water then tosses some to me. Typical muscleman. No stamina. I enjoy the view as he towels off. When he chugs the water, it's all I can do not to dive at his bulging trunks and hammer his bull balls in his blue speedo.

Instead, I just tell him, "You're the best guy I've ever wrestled."

The bodybuilder smiles, "Thanks. You're damn good. This is so much better than I expected. I love a challenge. Wanna take it up a level? I feel like you got more in you."

I smile, "Oh yeah, I'm cool with that. Let's get real, big man."

Getting Real

We lock up. This time, I don't hold back, I push in fast, surprising Mike. When I work my leg behind his and shove, he goes down like a ton of bricks. WHAM! His leg naturally flies up, so I grab it. I lift and flip, stepping over the big bodybuilder then sitting down. The single leg crab has him moaning as I crank back, punishing his back.

I work it good and I hear the big man gasping. He fights to power out, but I keep him locked in tight. I reach one hand down and cup his bulge. Fuck he's a big boy everywhere. I squeeze, but not too hard. Don't want to scare the big man. He moans in pleasure and relaxes, letting me pull back even more. That gets him crying out in pain.

Mike gets focused and uses his muscles to power out, sending me toppling forward. He rises to his hands and knees, breathing hard. When I spin around, I can see he's sweaty and pumped. That took a lot out of him. He adjusts his trunks again as he rises to his feet. When he turns to face me, I'm ready. I dive at him, shocking him as I tackle him down. WHAM!

I rollback and lock on a leglock, cranking on his tree trunk leg. He pounds the mat in anger and frustration as I torture his leg. I look down, watching him writhe in pain. As he moves, his big package bounces and I'm turned on by his struggle. Fuck, I love seeing musclemen in pain. Every time he tries to sit up to grab me, I pull hard on his leg and he lets out a scream.

Mike taps the mat, forced to submit to me for the first, but not the last, time. I know he didn't want to and his pride is taking a beating. I let go and accept his tap. No point in worrying the big man and getting him too worked up. Not yet, anyway. He stretches out his leg, kicking and testing. I see him glance over with new respect in his eyes.

I don't want him having a break, so I casually ask, "Too real for you, man?"

The big man's pride kicks in and he rolls up to his feet. He says, "No way, you're good. I like it."

As soon as he's on his feet, I step towards him. Mike lifts his arms, pressured into a quick lockup. Just thirty seconds ago, he was testing his leg, now we're at it again. I shift, catching him off guard. He's so not ready for me. Loser. I power his wrist up his back. He rises to his tiptoes, grunting as I control him.

I move us around in front of the mirror then kick the back of his sore knee. He drops to his knees, opening him up from me to reach around his head. I pull him back into a dragon sleeper and the fucker moans. He grabs for my arm, but I hammer his heaving pecs. THUD! THUD! THUD! Mike's arms drop away as he suffers in the hold.

Mike's bulge is shrinking as I punish him. I enjoy the view in the mirror of the fucker bent back, helpless in my grip. I crank even harder and he moans. His arms flail then drop fast as I edge him close to unconsciousness. I rub his chest, feeling the muscles. So solid, but so useless. I reach down to his abs, rubbing them, too. Shit, I wanna end this right now, but I don't.

My cruel side wins out and I decide he needs a fuck load of more punishment. I let go, pushing him to the side. Mike collapses to the mat, struggling through the fog. I grab Mike by his hair and lift his head, "You okay? That's two for me. Maybe you need a break?"

Mike shakes me off, stumbling to his feet. He argues, "I didn't give that time."

I smirk, thinking, "That's right, loser. Let your ego do the talking." I tell him, "Okay, whatever you say."

The big bodybuilder dives at my legs. It's a typical clumsy, obvious musclehead response to a challenge to his manhood. I'm ready, backing up. He falls to his hands and knees. I move in, locking his head between my thighs in a standing head scissors. He naturally puts his hands on my thighs, so I grab Mike by the wrists.

I lift and twist, wrenching the big muscleman's arms up high. He grunts as he kneels helplessly in front of me. I squeeze hard. With more head punishment so soon after the dragon sleeper, Mike is weak. He's barely fighting as I torture his shoulders. Like most big men, he's not flexible at all. The guy is my fucking toy and I'm in a destructive mood.

Mike's hands open and close. I can't tell if he's trying to tap or not, but I'm not acknowledging it. He moans as I go all out. I finally hear him mutter, "I give." I debate letting him go, but I decide to let his wrists go and open my legs. He collapses at my feet, kneeling with his face on the mat. He extends his arms, working out his shoulders as I grab some water.

I pace the mat. I try using friendly taunting, but he's not taking the bait any more. When he sits up, I move in close and adjust my bulge. It's right at eye level and he watches carefully. I ask if he wants me to just fuck him now. Of course I'm still good to go, but he seems tired. Mike's adrenaline kicks in and he springs to his feet.

We lock up. I feel him grab my hair with his left hand then he powers me into the wall. Mike holds my hair then pulls his right hand off my shoulder then drives it into my abs. POW! POW! POW! He unleashes the gut punches and I feel the anger behind them. I drive out, lifting my knee into his gut. THUD! OOF! Mike stumbles backwards.

I move in beside him then put my arm around his shoulder and leg behind his. I pull back with a Russian leg sweep. WHAM! We go down fast, with Mike landing hard on his back. He's stunned by the pro move. Yeah, it's not really a submission move, but who's gonna do anything about it? I force him onto his side then grab an ankle and a wrist. With my feet in his back, I pull him into a bow and arrow.

Mike whimpers as I pull back, bending him against my feet. He has no leverage to get free, so he just lies there and takes it like a big muscle bitch. I keep the pressure on until he starts to gasp. Oh shit, I think he might submit again. I let go before he does. He rolls onto his stomach, writhing.

I grab Mike's legs then lift him into a Boston crab. He can't even think about powering out. I fold him back like a pretzel and his back can't take it. He moans loudly then whimpers then let's out these sexy little high-pitched gasps that make my dick rock hard. He finally can't take it, but when he taps, I ignore it. I make him say the words, "I give."

I drop his legs then stomp his back. THUD! Mike lets out a yelp as he rolls away. He questions me for not letting go when he tapped, but I tell him I couldn't see it and I didn't realize he was tapping. He whines about the stomp, but I shrug it off as just a guy thing. I throw the "real" card at him, reminding he wanted it rough.

Mike slowly gets to his feet. He's hurting, but he wants to keep going. He fucking hates that I'm bringing up his words. If he was thinking with his brain, he'd just quit. He's not. We lock up. He tries to overpower me into the wall again, but I spin us and he hits hard. WHAM! I give him a knee lift. THUD! OOF! He bends forward into a front facelock.

I grab the side of Mike's speedo then pull up, flipping him over with a snap suplex. WHAM! The bodybuilder rolls onto his side, stunned and helpless. I drag him up to a seated position then wrap my legs around his arms. He can't fight my leg nelson as I lock my ankles behind his head. Mike groans as his shoulder and neck collapse under the force of the hold.

It doesn't take long before Mike is submitting again. He practically cries his submission, his shoulders still aching from the earlier punishment. "UNH! I give! Give! Give!"

I open my legs, letting Mike sink against my body. He rests against me, weak and exhausted. If it was a different situation, it might be tender. Fuck that. I immediately wrap my legs around his waist then slap on a sleeper. The big bodybuilder panics, flailing and trying to break free, but I can put him out any time I want.

Mike begs me not to put him out, telling me he's done, I won and shit like that. I tighten then ease up, taunting him. I make him tell me how much he wants me cock inside him. I make him beg me to fuck him. He obeys every instruction. I laugh at how the big tough bodybuilder is nothing but a total bitch now. He says he just hates being put out and begs me not to do it.

I open my arms. Mike relaxes into me, saying, "Thanks, dude. You had me worried there. I fucking hate being put out."

"So you're done, big man?"

"Yeah. Shit. You beat me bad. You should be a fucking wrestler."

I grab his face and twist it back towards mine. I kiss Mike hard and he goes with it. I shift out from behind him then mount him, continuing to make out with the big stud. I grab his big cock in his speedo and squeeze. He's getting hard. I pump him through the tight spandex, owning his big cock, just like I own him.

When I break the kiss, I tell him, "Yeah, you like this shit, don't you." He looks up at and nods. I smile, "Cool, 'cause I'm not done with you yet, big man."

Mike smiles as I move down his body and peel off his speedo. His big dick springs free. It reaches up his stomach, hovering over his six-pack. I grab it and pump, "Yeah, you act tough, but you really wanna be my bitch, don't you?"

The bodybuilder nods, going with my nasty play, "Oh baby, yeah. I'm not usually the bottom, but for you, it's cool. Fuck, you're such a hot badass rocker. Bring it on. I'm your bitch, stud."

"Hell yeah, that's what I wanna hear."

I slither up his body, putting my bulge on his face. Mike starts mouthing my package through my black trunks. I roll us over, so I'm on my back. The naked bodybuilder reaches for the waistband of my trunks, but I slide and wrap my legs around his head. Mike is confused as I bend my legs into a figure-four headlock.

I tell Mike, "Remember, you said that you're my bitch. Time to prove it."

I squeeze tight and Mike starts to fight, but I put him out fast. Stupid fuck.


With Mike knocked out, I decide to go exploring. He's got a nice place here. I head to the bedroom, seeing what kinky shit he's got. He's a 26-year old big-dicked bodybuilder. Single. And we just met, but he was all over me. No way I'm his first pickup. I bet he's got a freaky side.

Nothing in the master bedroom, except for some lube and condoms in the nightstand. I grab them, but I want more. In one of the spare bedrooms, I find it. A closet and dresser full of stuff. Leather. Ropes. Cuffs. Dildos and plugs. Gags and more. Perfect.

Master Kyle

I pour water on sleeping beauty's face. He sputters awake, confused as he rolls on his side. He coughs and shakes his head. I wait, just outta sight.

"Fuck, I told you I hate getting put out. Fucking bastard."

Mike gets to his knees when he feels what I've done. Mike grabs for his neck, feeling the black leather dog collar around his neck. He looks down. I've also locked a plastic chastity cage over his junk, encasing his cock and splitting his balls. The musclestud tugs at both, but they're both locked on tight. He looks like a good little bitch.

The big bodybuilder blurts out, "What the fuck's going on?"

"I found your toys. You're a fucking freak, aren't you? Well, since you're my bitch, now, I figured we could play a little more. You want that shit off, you gotta earn it."

Mike turns on his knees to see me standing across the room. He pauses when he sees me. On top of my trunks and pads, I've put on my shiny black pro boots, along with one of his leather harnesses that crosses over my chest, and leather wrist cuffs. I flex then move forward, confidently. Everything about this says that I'm the master, he's the slave.

Ben's musclebound buddy says, "Dude, you got the wrong idea. Bring it down a notch. The bitch stuff was just play. I just wanted to wrestle for fun."

"So let's wrestle, boy."

Before the bodybuilder can respond, I drive my boot into his left pec, sending him sprawling backwards. THUD! I dive on him, pinning his wrists down. Mike struggles, but he's still weak from the sleeper. I open him up with a grapevine, my stiff leather boots locked around his legs and making escape much more difficult.

"You say you wanna wrestle, but I just see a big old bitch."

In response, Mike just moans. I press my bulge down, crushing his junk in the plastic cock cage. He cries out and writhes. It's like being bound has sapped his strength. Or maybe his will. I lean down and smother his mouth with mine. He submits to me, letting me dominate him. I ride the submissive bodybuilder, attacking his mouth.

When I break, Mike looks at me. I can tell he's not sure. The big bodybuilder obviously loves it. I mean, all this shit is his. It's a hot scene. But he's worried. I'm betting he's always in control, even when he's tied up. I use some psychology on him, "You're such a weak pussy bitch. You're not even sexy any more. Just pathetic. You gonna fight back at all, man?"

Mike looks at me angrily. He accepts the challenge, powering his legs closed and throwing me off. We rise to our feet and face off. I stare at him, "This mean we keep going?"

The big bodybuilder sneers, "Fuck yeah. You have no idea the beast you've unleashed."

I surprise him by kicking out. My boot slams into his unflexed abs. Mike bends forward. I grab his head then spin us so we're back to back with his head on my shoulder. The whole thing takes only a second before we're dropping in a neckbreaker. CRACK! The bodybuilder muscle bitch grabs his head, his feet kicking the mat.

After spinning around, I force Mike into a head scissors with him on his back and me sitting above him. The muscle toy grunts as I squeeze his head. I push up on my hands, lifting us. It bends his head forward, putting pressure on his neck. He whines about the collar digging in, but I just laugh and tell him to buy some turtlenecks. Loser still doesn't get it.

Mike tries to pry my thighs open, but there's no way. I grab his wrists, pulling them over his head then pinning them down on either side of my hips. I push up again, lifting us high. The muscle bitch has no choice. He moans, "I give! Okay, okay! I give!"

"You give what, boy?"

"UNH. UNH. I give, sir! Oh fuck!"

I let go. He rolls to his side, clutching his neck. I move in then check around the collar. Yep, he's got some red marks there. Looks like the muscle toy will have a nice souvenir of our meeting for a few days. I use the collar to drag him to a seated position. I step over his shoulder, bend down then lift his leg into a stump puller.

The big bodybuilder moans as I stretch his hamstring out while forcing his head down with my body. I force him to look at his caged cock and balls while he's folded up and whimpering under me. The muscle toy starts whining about his neck. I tell him I don't give a shit, pulling up harder until he screams in pain. ARGH! Satisfied, I drop his leg then stand up.

As soon as I back off, Mike collapses onto his back. He rubs his neck, grimacing in pain. He says, "Okay, okay, I've had enough."

I stomp his abs hard. THUD! THUD! THUD! He grunts with surprise then tries to roll away. I come in behind him, locking on a full nelson. I drag the big man to his feet. Mike's thick shoulder collapse easily and he can't resist me pushing his chin towards his chest. The muscle toy is whimpering again as I shake him back and forth.

Mike goes limp from the force. I drag him over to the mirror, letting his head rise enough so he can see himself. The stupid fuck is trapped naked, collared with his junk caged. I'm not sure it gets much more humiliating for a big muscleman. I re-apply the full pressure and he's giving again. I make him call me 'sir' before I throw him aside like he was garbage.

I circle him as the muscle toy struggles to rise. I get an idea. I grab one of his butt plugs and lube it up. When the muscle bitch rises to hands and knees, I move in. I split his crack with the lubed plug. Mike instinctively starts to scramble away, but I reach between his legs. I grab the plastic chastity device and hold firm. He's got no choice but to stay in place.

Mike tenses as I work the plug into his hole. It plunges in and he begs me to stop. He says this is too much and not what he wanted. I remind him of what he said, "I just wanna see the beast. All I see is my bitch."

I finish sliding the plug in then make sure his huge ass cheeks close around it to hold it in place. I let go of his caged junk then back off. The big bodybuilder bends forward and I hear him breathing deeply. I grab him by the collar then force him up. I push him against the wall then slap him across the face. SMACK!

Mike just holds his cheek, so I slap him again. SMACK! He looks at me with anger. Finally. The muscle bitch charges at me, grabbing me then trying to tackle me down. I roll with his momentum, tripping him to the mat. WHAM! He lands hard. The big bodybuilder tries to rise, but I mount his back. Every time he tries to push up, I sweep his arms and legs out.

After we collapse down a few times, Mike stops trying to rise. Fuck, I love playing with this muscle bitch. I slap the back of his head. "C'mon, beast. Show me something."

The big bodybuilder growls, but when he tries to throw me off, I grab him in a sleeper and body scissors. We roll onto my back and I've got him locked up. Mike bucks on top of me, trying to use his weight to break the hold. Too bad for him, I'm a fucking pro wrestler. I've had 300-lbs monsters on top of me. I know how to take it.

When his thrashing fails, Mike tries punching my legs. He tries rolling us to the side. He tries prying my arm from around his neck. None of it works. I got him locked up and there ain't shit he can do about it. I make him admit he's trapped, calling me 'sir' again before I push him off me. The big bodybuilder rolls then dives at me.

I roll away, dodging the muscle bitch's lunge. We rise and he tries to tackle me. Again I spin us around. We careen into the wall, with Mike taking the impact on his left shoulder. WHACK! He staggers off, grabbing his arm. I'm not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth. I grab his left wrist, lift and twist on an armbar.

Mike cries out and drops to his knees immediately. I put my hand behind his left shoulder as I lift his arm higher. I force him forward until forehead hits the mat. I straddle his back, giving me leverage. I warn the big bodybuilder that I'll break his arm unless he gives. He does, with a 'sir' added on without me prompting. I let him go then sit on his back.

The big bodybuilder tells me again that he's done. I grab the back of the collar, pulling him up. He has to plant his hands on the floor to stop the choking feeling. With Mike on hands and knees, I sit on his back, collar in hand, and enjoy the feeling of riding this big loser like an animal. I make him look in the mirror, just to rub it in.

I get off his back, using the collar to force him to stand. I whip him into the wall. He doesn't even fight me. I move in then start pounding his body. My fists hammer his pecs and abs. POW! POW! POW! He tries to defend himself, but I still get a ton of shots in. I pause, letting him drop to his knee. He holds his abs, looking like he might puke. I give him a break, moving off.

Mike doesn't leave his knees. He leans forward, just trying to focus. I move in beside him then force his head down. I grab one of his wrists and lock on a cuff. He's surprised, giving me the opening to force both his hands behind his back. By the time he fights me, it's way too late. I power his wrists together behind his back, locking the cuffs on tight.

I push him back to kneeling. "Look at you, beast bitch. Collared. Caged. Plugged. Cuffed. All with your own stuff. You ever been beat down like this before?" When he doesn't answer, I slap him. "I asked you a question, boy."

Mike looks at me with hard eyes. He says a simple, "No. Sir."

"Should I still be waiting for you to show me the beast, bitch?"

The big bodybuilder's eyes change and the defiance leaves them. He admits, "No. Sir."

I smile. Glad to see he realizes how stupid that shit is. He's nothing and we both know it. I move my boot under his balls. I tap the plastic chastity cage. He gasps as I smack it around. Fucking bitch. I drag him to the upholstered living room chair that we pushed out of the way. I force him over the back, sticking his huge plugged ass up and out.

From Mike's stash, I grab a spacer bar then cuff his ankles, spreading them apart. I start spanking his ass. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The big bodybuilder groans as I turn his cheeks bright red. I admire my handiwork then pull out the plug. I hear him moan then relax, happy it's done. Too bad for him I just replace it with a big lubed up dildo.

Mike moans and begs as I fuck him with the dildo. He begs me to stop, but of course I don't until I've finally had enough. I undo his legs then pull the muscle bitch off the chair, tossing him onto the mat. He lands hard on his side, unable to brace himself thanks to the cuffs. I grab his feet then force him into a Boston crab.

I sit back in the hold, listening to him whimper like a little bitch. It only takes seconds for him to submit, but I wait until he's really begging. I drop his legs then kick him onto his back. I put my boot on his chest then flex over him. I kneel down then grab his cheeks, squeezing them together.

"I win, bitch." Mike just looks at me with relief that it's finally done. I add, "Now, we agreed to stakes, right?"

The Stakes

The big bodybuilder closes his eyes, trying to hold it together. Like all the big idiots we've wrecked, he's not used to being helpless. It's a new feeling, so he's struggling to handle it. I force him to his feet then make him kneel on the chair. I lean him forward, so his big chest is on the back and his ass is out.

I don't waste any time, stripping the jock off. I've already humiliated him, so I'm hard as hell. I wrap up my cock then jam it inside him. I go rough, figuring the big guy can take it. He's lubed and spread open from the plug and dildo, so no need to ease into anything. Mike moans, losing himself in the brutal fuck. He's loving it, in spite of himself.

It doesn't take me too long before I'm shooting inside him, filling the condom. I keep going, draining my cock. Suddenly, Mike starts to shake. When I'm done, I pull out and back off. I see cum dripping from the plastic cage onto the chair. The fucker shot, even with his junk trapped. I mock him by telling him what a complete muscle bitch he is.

I unlock the cuffs then back off, grabbing a towel. I toss Mike the keys for the collar and cage, letting him work it off. He takes off the chastity device and his cock powers up, hard as a fucking rock. I bet that big bitch could shoot again. I also notice he leaves the collar on, so I keep the harness on. Maybe I'm not done after all.

The Hard Truth

Mike rubs his wrists, massaging the red marks. He says, "Go. Just get outta my house."

I smirk, "Shut the fuck up and listen. This is more fun if you know the details. You know why I was at the hospital? I'm a friend of the family because I'm fucking Mr. Chase's kid, Dylan. My name is Kyle." Mike's eyes go wide and it clicks. Now I know he's heard about Dylan and Kyle from Ben. "Cool, Ben told you 'bout us. That'll save time."

"You fucker. I knew I recognized you. From YouTube. You set me up. You're not gonna get away with this."

I laugh, "What? You gonna call the cops? Here's how that'll go. Did he break in? No, officer, I picked him up at the hospital and invited him here. Why? So we could sex wrestle. And you wrestled? Yes. And you had sex? Yes. Why? We agreed the loser would get fucked. Did you lose? Yes. Then what's the problem? He's a meanie. Are you seriously hurt? No, but he bound me. With what? My own bondage crap. Why do you have it? Because I'm a big old gay muscle bitch who's into getting freaky. So you picked up a guy you didn't know for wrestling and sex then wrestled and had sex? Yes. At that point the cop will tell you that you're an idiot who should learn a lesson from this then move on with his day." Mike just stares at me. He knows it's the truth. "You never even asked my fucking name."

Mike lies, "You're wrong."

I laugh, "Look, loser, this ain't my first rodeo. Me and Dylan have fucked over guys all over this country. All sorts of guys who're just as big and dumb as you. Wrestling personals are the best. We set losers up and we crush them. Just like I did to you. You got no story to tell. None that anyone will give a shit about. Cops. Your family. Your friends. Ben. They'll all just think you're an idiot who's lucky it wasn't worse."

The big man spits out, "You're a fucking psycho."

"You think that's a smart thing to say to the guy who just destroyed you, locked you up and fucked your brains out?" Mike just scowls at me, but he keeps his mouth shut. I move in behind him then drag him to his feet by the collar. I stand him over the side of sofa then reach around and grab his cock.

Mike moans as I finger his ass and jerk his dick. The loser powers up again, getting hard even knowing how I used and humiliated him. I start telling him stories about how Dylan and me fuck with guys and he moans. I talk real seductively, making him horny. The big bitch just eats it up, getting off on how we set bodybuilders up, crush them and ruin their lives.

It doesn't take long before he's shooting all over his leather sofa. Dumb bitch. I whisper, "Try telling yourself that you didn't like it when your cum is all over your furniture."

When he's drained, I force him to his knees and drape him over the arm of the couch. I push him face down onto the cum-stained cushion, his ass propped up. I slap his ass with my cock.

"One more for the road, boy."

I sheathe my cock then force it in hard and fast. He's still loose from the earlier ass play, so he just moans. I ride his big ass, pounding him so hard the sofa moves until it's tight against the corner. Mike's ass is so meaty. The scene is too hot for me. I shoot inside his ass, filling my second condom.

When I'm done and out, I chill for a minute, admiring my victim's big ass. Fuck Dylan, I don't need him. I grab Mike then force him back onto his knees. I lock on a sleeper. He begs, but I put him out fast, letting him topple to the sofa. I take a couple of more pics then get dressed and head out. I can't wait for the fucker wake up and go crying to Ben. He's gonna be so pissed, especially when he finds out Dylan's game.

Sorry, Dylan, but there's no way you're getting back together with your Prince Charming now. He's gonna hate you more than ever.

The Escape

On the drive back to the hospital, I call Dylan. I tell him I'm heading to Nashville to be at the ROW show tonight. He questions what I've been doing, so I tell him the whole thing. He freaks, telling me Ben was ready to forgive him. I tell him I don't give a shit. I tell him he can stick around and face the music when Mike wakes up and calls Ben or he can come with me. His luggage is still in the trunk.

10 minutes later, I get to the hospital. Dylan is waiting outside, having said his goodbyes. He gets in, "What the fuck were you thinking?"

"Watch this."

Dylan plugs the SD card into his tablet and replays the video. Once he sees Mike I can tell he's into it, but he also knows the implications. He tells me I've ruined his life, but he watches the whole thing while playing with his cock. He needs to wrap it in a sock, shooting when he sees Mike bound and me in the leather harness then again when I'm fucking Mike.

The rest of the ride to Nashville is quiet. Even with the windows open, D's car wreaks of my sweat and his cum. We both need a shower bad, but we're both turned on by the stench. I see his phone ring about 2 hours into the drive. It's Ben. Dylan hesitates, but ignores the call. He knows it's Ben just wanting to yell at him. I tell him, "Good boy."

"I hate you."

I reach over and rub his bulge, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I hate you, too. But you're the only one who gets me. Just like I'm the only one who gets you. You could never be happy with boring Ben. Eventually you'd fuck it up. You are who you are and I'm the only guy who'll ever be okay with that. The only one. Ever. Deal with it."

Dylan replies, "You're wrong. This whole thing was a wake up call to me. Seeing my dad like that? He treats Ben like a son and me like a burden. And it's my fault. He loves me, but I gotta change. Be a better person. Be a man my father can respect."

I laugh. "Oh shit, that's hilarious. You as a good person?" Dylan looks out the window as I mock him for talking like a pussy. I finally tell him, "Okay, you done lying? Can we get real again? Just tell me who you're gonna line up next. I want a big one. The biggest and dumbest one yet."

Dylan curses me, but I can feel the outline of his hard-on in his jeans. Yeah, that's my guy.

To be continued 8/15 in The Cave: The Adventures of Super Star 10


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