Monday, August 22, 2016

Route 69: Bad Boys S109

(Summer Storm, Part 4 of 4)

"Holy shit."

The big bodybuilder hears me. He looks down at himself and rubs his muscular nearly-naked body, as if checking out what I'm checking out. He looks at me with a questioning look as he asks in his thick Texas accent, "Was that for me, Dylan?"

Beau, our latest victim

I smile back, "It was, Beau. What a body. You're fucking amazing. You've got the best body I've ever seen. I feel like it's my lucky day."

Beau smiles sheepishly. The cowboy says, "Aw thanks, but I'm the lucky one. Y'all are so hot. I love guys that look like you, Dylan. You're handsome and your body is smooth and tight." He moves in and starts rubbing my body. I reciprocate, enjoying the feeling of his massive muscles. "Most guys your size don't wanna wrestle with a guy like me. I'm glad you're cool with it."

Me, Dylan - small, but brilliant

"Yeah, I mean, there's no way I can beat you, Beau, but I promise I'll go all out."

The musclebound monster nods, "That'd be awesome. I don't want y'all to lie down. 'Course Kyle's a real pro, so he'll know some tricks. Maybe we can do some double teaming. You two on me. Me and you on him. Would that be cool?"

Kyle's head whips around as he laces his tall black leather pro wrestling boots. I nod excitedly, "That sounds perfect, Beau. Just perfect. Maybe together Kyle and me can do some damage to these bad boy muscles." Beau blushes like a child. What a fucking idiot.

Kyle, my partner-in-crime

Fuck he's pathetic. Like all our victims, Beau has no idea that Kyle and me are working together. So the fact that he opened the door for it just makes it all the more hilarious. We're in San Antonio for a Ring of Wrestling show. Kyle's a pro wrestler and I work behind the scenes, but today is all for fun. Well, our fun, not this massive moron's. He won't be having any fun.

We met Beau through the personals, conning him into a three-way match. The fact that he has access to this ring made it too easy to pass up. It couldn't be more perfect if we'd planned it. Everything just fell into place, like fate wants us to destroy this muscle beast. Kyle likes guys to be bigger and dumber than the last and Beau qualifies on both counts.

Beau is a young, blond bodybuilder. He's only 22. The guy is built like the Hulk, but he's shy and naive, reflecting obvious underlying self-esteem issues like a lot of these meatheads. I can't wait to use that against him. With his Texas accent and 'aw shucks' charm, he's disgustingly innocent. Of course that makes him perfect for us. We don't just defeat musclemen, we wreck them. Destroy them physically, sexually and best of all, psychologically when we can.

Even better, he's a real cowboy. Fuck, I've always wanted to fuck a real cowboy. At 6'1"/240-lbs of stupid big muscle, Beau is smoking hot in black pro boots and big black trunks. Even through the double layer of black trunks, I can see he's packing a huge dick. More importantly, his ass is ridiculous and just calling out for my dick.

Yeah, I'm tiny compared to him, just 5'11"/165-lbs, but I know how to wrestle. And I know how to injure big men. When I go for their knees and bulge, I can bring even the biggest asshole down. I'm wearing white trunks and boots, emphasizing my innocent jobber status. It's all part of the show.

My fuck buddy Kyle is letting me do the talking, but he's loving how this muscle boy - and he's definitely only a boy based on how he's acting - is walking into our trap. Behind Beau, I see Kyle stretching and admiring the view and adjusting his cock. Yeah, he wants the cowboy bad. Kyle is 6'1"/210-lbs, looking like a rocker with long black hair, facial scruff and a tight body stuffed in tiny black pro trunks, black pads and pro boots. He's a lot stronger than he looks, so these bodybuilders always underestimate him.

We climb into the ring, with me and Kyle on opposite corners and Beau in between. We usually play a game first, keeping it competitive to lull the loser into our trap, but Kyle and me agreed that today, we start breaking the cowboy right away. Beau is just that special.

The Match

Beau moves closer to me. At my request, he starts to flex for me, exposing his back to Kyle. Idiot. God these morons are all the same. Kyle suddenly races across the ring to put the big bodybuilder down fast. He -

Wait, what?

Beau moves at the last second. Kyle can't stop, running right into me. WHAM! I get crushed in the corner. I hang on the top turnbuckle, trying to catch my wind. Kyle stumbles back then turns to face the cowboy. As soon as he does, the musclebound monster bends and turns, lifting his leg. Kyle can't do anything as the big bodybuilder kicks out, slamming the sole of his boot right into my buddy's chin! CRACK! The super-kick nearly takes the pro wrestler's head off. Kyle drops to the mat. Oh shit, I think he's out. The big blond stud rises slowly and stares at me with a wide grin.

The cowboy says with newfound confidence that sends a shiver down my spine, "Looks like it's just you and me for a while, little man."

Dylan vs. Beau

Oh hell no. I turn to get out of the ring, but Beau is on me quickly. He grabs hold of the back of my trunks and drags me backwards. I reach for the ropes, but Beau throws me down. I drop on my ass, holding up my hands. "Hold on there, big guy. I, uh, I ..."

I don't get to finish, because Beau kicks out, hitting my chest. POW! I fall onto my back, clutching my pecs. Oh fuck, I've never been hit that hard in my life. As I struggle to breathe, the bodybuilder grabs me then ties me up in the ropes. As I hang there, he peels off his trunks, revealing the under layer, which is another pair of trunks underneath. What the fuck?

Beau tosses the outer trunks aside, facing me in a black and gold pair with a sun image on the front. I feel like I've seen it before, but my mind is racing too fast to process things. The cowboy drags the unconscious Kyle to the corner, sitting him up then draping his arms over the middle ropes. He pulls out handcuffs that were stuffed in the top turnbuckle. What the fuck?

I watch helplessly as the cowboy cuffs Kyle's wrists behind his back around the middle turnbuckle. Even if he wakes up, he's not going anywhere. And he won't be able to help me. What the fuck is going on? I struggle in the ropes, trying to focus on freeing myself, but they're perfectly wrapped.

Beau pulls something else out of the turnbuckle. It's three masks. He glues one to his face. What the fuck is going on? He kneels down and sticks a small black domino mask on Kyle's face then moves in on me. I kick out, but he easily swats my boot away. He leans in tight, pressing a small white mask on my face. I shake it, but it's stuck on tight.

The cowboy says, "I'd leave that mask on, if I was you, boy." The muscle beast yells into the air, "Roll 'em, Toby! It's show time!" The big man circles the ring, shrugging his massive shoulders and working out his neck. He bounces in the ring like he's psyching himself up.

I start to ask a question, but moves in and covers my mouth. Beau shifts his hand, grabbing my chin and lifting my face, "So you boys wanna steal from Nuke Man? Now y'all are gonna learn a lesson. A real hard lesson."

What? Nuke Man? Oh shit, I remember him. He's a wrestler for The Cave. It's a gay wrestling video site owned by friends of my ex. I don't understand what's happening, but I know I'm in serious trouble.

Oh fuck, what the hell is going on?

Correction: Dylan vs. Nuke Man

Nuke Man lets me out of the ropes. I drop at his feet, gathering myself. I immediately throw my arm up between his legs. He's ready for the cheap shot, closing his thighs on my arm before I hit pay dirt. I can't budge my arm. Before I can do anything, the big bodybuilder punches my shoulder. WHACK! Pain shoots throughout my body. Fuck, he's strong.

The massive monster grabs me around the throat. He lifts as he opens his legs. I'm lifted into the air in one smooth move. I grab onto his forearms for support as I try to wrap my legs around his body. Anything to take the pressure off. I feel like I might black out, but Nuke Man throws me down like I was garbage. WHAM!

I need to get out of here!

I roll then try to crawl away. Before I can even get two feet, he's on me. Nuke Man grabs the back of my trunks then pulls me up into a reverse bearhug. ARGH! The guy is made of granite, he's so hard. I'm crushed against his body, struggling to escape. I must look pathetic, like a child as I kick and scream to be released.

Nuke Man just squeezes harder and I lose my breath. His huge arms collapse my sides as he pulls me in tighter and tighter. I start to lose my focus. My energy is draining as the massive monster starts to shake me back and forth. I doubt a real bear could squeeze me any harder. My body whips back and forth as he toys with me.

I beg him to stop, but Nuke Man just tosses me down to the mat. He flexes over me, daring me to try another move. I suck up my energy then lash out with a boot to his leg. He dodges the kick then comes down with a big elbow to my chest. THUD! I groan in pain as he stands over me. Nuke Man straddles my waist then bends over. He grabs the front of my white trunks, pulling them up and dragging my hips with them.

Nuke Man lifts my waist up between his legs. I hang from my trunks as he closes his thighs around my midsection. I feel the pressure of the standing scissors already. I hang upside down, my back aching until I bridge on my hands and feet. I moan as I hang there, inverted and helpless. The massive monster's legs are so fucking strong.

By locking me in upside down, I'm doing the work to support myself. I try dropping the bridge, but the pressure on my back is too much. I try to focus on my abs. If I can tighten them, maybe I can sit up and give him a hard shot to the balls. I try, but it's no good. I hang helplessly as I'm squeezed in his Python-like standing scissors.

The masked muscleman finally opens his legs. Before I can lower myself down, he drives his ass into my bulge. OOF! I collapse to the mat as Nuke Man takes a seat on my bulge. He grabs my wrists then secures them to my side by forcing them into the side of my white trunks. He pins them to my body with his knees. I try to move, but I'm locked up tight.

Nuke Man smiles at me with a cruel smile. I beg him not to do this. I tell him this was supposed to be fun. I even try threatening him, that I'll tell everyone and he'll never have another match. None of it fazes the massive muscle monster. He rubs my stomach then feels up my pecs. It might feel good if I wasn't terrified right now.

I throw my head back and close my eyes. I'd pray, but I don't think God is on my side these days. Fuck, he's probably the one who set me up against this freak of nature. The caressing stops. I look up just in time to see a big fist driving down into my abs. BAM! BAM! BAM! The punches keep raining down onto my abs until I can't see straight.

Nuke Man stops punching me only to switch to an ab claw. He digs his fingers in, putting all his weight behind it. Like every other part of him, his hands are big and strong. The fucker is a cowboy, so they're calloused and powerful. I whimper and beg for him to stop. The massive monster just keeps mocking me for coming at him.

I submit a half-dozen times as I feel my gut being crushed. Nuke Man doesn't listen. Or at least I don't think he does. I look up and he's flexing. Fuck, he finally let go, but it took me a while to realize it. Nuke Man rises, putting his boot on my ruined stomach. I put up my hands to plead with him not to push down. I feel like his boot will go right through me if his does.

Luckily for me, the muscle freak steps off then circles me. I roll onto my side away from him. As I move to rise. I feel his big paws grab my hair and the back of my trunks. I get spun around into a bearhug. Nuke Man crushes my body against his. I moan and writhe, but just like the reverse bearhug, I can't budge him. He's too fucking strong.

I flail my arms. I club him across the head, but he only tightens his grip, punishing me for the attempt. I go limp from the force. My arms are loose and my head hangs back. I'm barely able to keep my feet grounded. Suddenly, Nuke Man lifts me off my feet and the pain grows exponentially. He shakes me and I almost black out.

I'm submitting again, but it's no use. The humongous hunk whips me back and forth like a rag doll. Finally, he throws me to the mat where I collapse, coughing my guts out as I try not to puke. Nuke Man uses his boot to push me flat on my stomach. He sits on my head, pinning my arms straight out with his shins.

Nuke Man reaches down and I feel his hands grab my ass. He squeezes my cheeks, his big paws gripping them tightly. The massive monster slides his fingers into the leg openings of my trunks. He pulls them up, turning my trunks into a thong and exposing my smooth round cheeks. Oh shit. I'm seriously fucked.

I moan as the 240-lbs muscleman's weight crushes me while my ass is played with. He forces a finger into my hole and I gasp. Nuke Man laughs at me still being pretty tight for a bottom boy. I don't bother correcting him that I'm versatile. Against this guy, I'm resigned to being a bottom boy. At this point, I just want this over. I can't believe this is happening.

Nuke Man grabs my trunks from leg opening to waistband. He quickly pulls towards him. I cry out and kick as he stretches them up my back. The spandex extends, but I feel my balls and cock getting crushed by the wedgie. The white fabric cuts between my cheeks as he leans back, pulling them as hard as he can.

My hips actually leave the mat as he pulls, bending my back uncomfortably. I tap my hands vigorously while crying out another submission. Nuke Man lets go, but my trunks are fucked. They're so low and tight in front and wedged deep into my ass crack. When the massive muscle monster gets off me, I don't even bother reaching for them.

Nuke Man moves in front of me. He orders me to get up. I'm scared to not try. I grab his boots to start my climb of shame. I move my hands up his legs, using the powerful limbs to drag myself up. He doesn't move as I struggle. I finally reach eye level with his bulge. Fuck, it's huge. He's loving this. My head falls beside it as I rest, filling my nose with his musk.

The idea to go for a low blow flashes across my mind. It's like the bodybuilder cowboy reads my mind, thrusting his bulge forward. He's inviting me to try, which scares me. I just resume my climb. His ass is a perfect ledge for me to grip as I get one foot under me. I move my face up his abs as I grab his pec then his shoulders.

I finally stand up. Just as I get my feet under me, I get grabbed below the throat and inside my groin. Before I can even react, I'm off me feet, being pressed high into the air. The gorilla press has me flying over the ring. I grip his shoulder and arm, bracing myself. He starts to press me up and down, using me as a barbell and showing off his inhuman strength.

Nuke Man circles the ring with me. I'm gasping in fear, knowing that coming down won't be fun. The mutant muscle freak lowers me until my abs are on his head. Maybe this won't be so bad. Suddenly, he thrusts his arms straight up, throwing me high. He lets go of me and I fly even higher as he walks out from under me. I plummet from 9' in the air down the mat. BOOM!

I writhe on the mat, stunned from the impact. I roll onto my back only to see Nuke Man leap in the air. He comes down with a huge splash, 240-lbs of muscle landing on my wrecked torso. He slides into a schoolboy pin then flexes over me. I beg him to stop, telling him I can't take any more. I lick his bulge as it rests on my chin as a show of my complete submission.

Nuke Man looks down with hard eyes, "Do you stop when guys beg?"

I freeze. It's a terrifying comment and a confusing one. Does he know something? It's becoming clear that this is payback, but for what? Which guy? I can't respond, because he's right, but also because without more information, I might apologize for wrecking the wrong guy. Nuke Man reads my face. He smirks, "Yeah, thought so. You just keep begging, but I'll stop when I stop."

The massive muscle monster rolls off me. Now that I'm thinking more clearly, I know I need to turn the tables. I look at Kyle, but he's still cuffed and unconscious. Even if I woke him up, I don't have any keys. Maybe they're in that same hollowed out turnbuckle? I see Nuke Man moving in. I dive for his knee, hoping to surprise him. It doesn't work. He dodges easily then drags me up by my hair.

Nuke Man grabs me by the throat, chokeslamming me back to the mat so hard the ring shakes. BOOM! I writhe on the mat, my back screaming. The massive monster wraps both hands around my throat then forces me to my feet again. He runs me into the corner, splashing all his weight on top of me. SPLAT! When he steps back, I drop to the mat in a heap.

I don't even move on the canvas. Nuke Man pulls me to my knees. He puts my head between his legs then lifts me up into an upside down reverse bearhug. My legs hover over his head and shoulders as he crushes me. I look down at the mat, the blood rushing to my brain. I beg for mercy, even though he's made it clear I'm not getting any.

The humongous hunk bounces me and the pressure is too much. I start to gag and cough. He drops me on my head and I lie at his feet, convulsing. He kneels beside me then grips my hair. He lifts my head up and we lock eyes. Nuke Man smirks, but doesn't say a word. When he lets go of my hair, my head drops to the mat.

Nuke Man grabs me by my armpits. He lifts then pushes me into the ropes. He binds me again, my arms out as I kneel before him. He shoves his pouch into my face. I worship it, hoping to appease the cruel muscle god. He lowers the front of his trunks. The massive monster has a cock to match as it pops out, slapping my face.

I suckle on his huge rod, doing my best with it. He moves his hips, face fucking me. Nuke Man says, "Yeah, that's it, boy." I'm encouraged by the praise, feeling like I'm finally nearing the end of my torment. The cowboy fires a load down my throat. I'm forced to swallow every drop then clean his head.

Nuke Man backs up. He's still hard, so I know he can go again. That's fine. He can fuck me then maybe I can get the fuck outta here. The worst is over and I can handle some rough supervillain sex. Kyle and me go hard all the time.

The muscle freak pulls his trunks up again. He kneels before me. Suddenly, he starts punching my body. I can't defend myself as he works me like a heavy bag. My chest and abs are hammered by the powerful blows. I grunt and cry out with every shot. I plead for him to stop, but the assault is relentless. I lose count of how many shots I endure.

Nuke Man pauses then lifts my face. I beg, "Please stop." He smiles then leans in close. The massive monster wraps his arms around my head. I moan as he slowly applies the front facing sleeper. I feel his arms tighten then everything goes black.

Dylan Gets Fucked

I get slapped awake. It takes me a minute to get my bearings. My legs are in the air and Nuke Man is there, ready to fuck me. My trunks are gone, but my white boots are shining bright under the lights. I feel his cock slide into me. As the muscle beast plunges in deep, I realize that I'm lubed and it feels like he's sheathed. Thank god for small mercies.

Nuke Man pounds my ass hard. I take it, but it's rough. My cock grows. Even with as much pain as I'm in, he's fucking hot and it feels good to be torn up by his huge tube of Texas meat. I gasp and cry out as he fucks me. I grab my own legs for support, squeezing them tight as he splits me wide open.

There's nothing romantic about this fuck. It's pure animal domination as he establishes his alpha position by breeding me. I close my eyes as I throw my head back. I feel my load building. When I lift my head and look at my junk, I see it throbbing. Suddenly, I spontaneously shoot my load onto my chest without me touching it. I keep going until cum is just leaking out.

Nuke Man slides out me and I relax. He can add his load to mine and we'll be done. Finally. The massive monster drags me up. What's going on? He drapes me over the top rope, which cuts into my wrecked abs. He warns me to hold on tight. I reach through the ropes, gripping my boots for support.

With my ass up and open, the mutant muscleman drives his cock inside me again. He slams into me hard. I swing on the top rope, Nuke Man pushing my ass with his hands. My momentum pushes my ass harder onto his hips, allowing him to go even deeper. I feel like my insides are being torn up. My cock is soft as I can't enjoy this at all. That's probably the point.

I feel like the rope will cut me in half, it's digging so deep into my battered abs. I beg him to stop, telling him this position hurts too much. I don't know if my begging does it, but he pulls out. I see the condom drop and feel his second load of hot white seed spray all over my ass and the back of my legs. He marks his territory with his eruption, coating my smooth white flesh.

When he's done, Nuke Man pulls me off the rope. I collapse on the mat, exhausted. He grabs me then forces me to the corner. I sit on the middle turnbuckle, my legs spread wide and draped over the middle rope. He handcuffs my hands behind my back and under the metal bots that attached turnbuckle to ringpost.

The humongous hunk turns his attention to Kyle. Uh oh.

Kyle's Turn

With me handcuffed in the corner, I try to figure out the angles. Are there angles? I’m not going anywhere, so it’s all on Kyle. Maybe when he wakes up, he can beat up the big man. He's beaten bigger. The guy caught him by surprise, but that won't happen again. Yeah, this isn't so bad. I'll have a ringside seat to see Nuke Man get his ass kicked.

But what if Kyle can't bring him down? The monster already fucked me so hard that I still feel like he's inside me. And my abs are screaming. I don't think I can take any more right now. Oh fuck, maybe it's better if Kyle just gets wrecked, suffers what I suffered then we move on.

Nuke Man uncuffs Kyle. Fuck, I missed where he got the key. He drags him to the middle of the ring by his boots. I can't believe he's still out. The cowboy moves over Kyle, but the pro wrestler suddenly kicks out, driving his boot right into Nuke Man's huge bulge. SQUISH! The cowboy stumbles backwards, clutching his groin.

The pro wrestler rolls up fast. He grabs the bodybuilder in a front facelock then DDT's him to the mat. CRACK! The cowboy goes limp on the mat. Kyle stands up, looking like a crazy fucker. He stomps the massive muscleman, punishing Nuke Man's big back and shoulder muscles. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The unconscious monster just takes it like the big bitch he was supposed to be.

I cry out, "YES!" I encourage Kyle as I move my legs off the middle rope. Fuck, that's better. I move out as far as I can with my wrists cuffed behind me. If I strain my shoulders, I'm just able to land a couple of weak stomps to Nuke Man's ankle. They might not do much, but I feel better.

Kyle looks at me, his long hair is a crazy mess. He looks like an animal, rage covering his face. I tell him, "Uncuff me, man. The keys might be in the hollowed out turnbuckle behind me."

Kyle just became my fucking hero

Kyle looks from me to the unconscious bodybuilder on the mat. He looks back at me, "Sorry, but you gotta wait. I got more to do to this asshole. You can have whatever is left of him.” The pro wrestler stops. He asks, “Why the fuck are you wearing a mask?” Kyle feels his own face, “Why the fuck am I wearing a mask?”

Before I can say anything, Nuke Man starts to writhe, regaining consciousness. Kyle forgets about the mask, moving in to stomp the shit out of the massive muscleman again. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The humongous hunk bounces with every shot, but he can't do anything except take the abuse.

My guy pauses then pulls down his knee pad. He measures the big man up then drives his knee in the the back of his head. CRACK! Nuke Man's muscles go noticeably limp as he must black out. Kyle rises the leaps, coming down with a leg drop to the back of the muscle monster's head. BAM! The big man just convulses.

Kyle rolls Nuke Man onto his back. He puts his hands around his throat and his knee on the big bulge. The masked cowboy starts thrashing as he's strangled while having his manhood crushed by the pro wrestler's unpadded knee.

The long-haired bastard screams, "I'm gonna break something before I'm done with you! You hear me, you stupid fucker!"

I'd be scared of Kyle if he wasn't on my side. But he is, so I'm yelling the same kind of crazy shit. We’ve wrecked guys, but this asshole is gonna get it worse than any of them! All the emotions from my humiliation are raw and I'm losing my mind watching Kyle save the day. Nuke Man is losing consciousness again as he's choked by Kyle's powerful hands.

Kyle releases the choke. He pulls Nuke Man’s right arm out then pins the thick limb down. The pro wrestler drives his knee into the bulging bicep. THUD! THUD! THUD! He can’t resist bitchslapping the massive muscleman across the face. SMACK! The bodybuilder rolls onto his left side, holding his arm. It enables Kyle to drive his boot into the humongous hunk’s shoulder. WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP!

The pro wrestler moves to Nuke Man’s feet. He grabs the big man’s ankles, hoisting his boots into the air. Kyle places his boot on the bodybuilder’s bulge then presses down. The massive monster thrashes on the mat, grabbing his face then reaching for the boot that’s punishing his pouch. He tries to throw Kyle off, but that ain’t happening.

Kyle lifts his boot, but he steps over the legs. I smirk as he goes to apply a figure-four. I yell, “CRIPPLE HIM!” As the pro wrestler turns, Nuke Man suddenly rears up. He puts his big paws on Kyle’s ass then pushes. My partner-in-crime stumbles forward, crashing into me. WHACK! I sag in the corner as Kyle turns angrily.

Nuke Man is struggling to rise, but Kyle runs at him with a huge boot to his side that topples the big man. WHOMP! He stomps him again, keeping him down and dazed. My cock powers up at the sight of the long-haired stud demolishing the massive muscle monster. The pro wrestler grabs the bodybuilder, dragging him up.

Kyle scoops the bodybuilder up then body slams him down. WHAM! He drags the dazed big man to his knees then slaps him across the face. the pro wrestler towers over the wobbly muscleman then draws his hand back. “You’re going out, you - ARGH!”

I see Nuke Man’s huge arm drive up between Kyle’s legs, slamming into his balls. The long-haired stud doubles over. The bodybuilder flips Kyle over with a fireman’s carry. He falls onto his ass, unable to follow up. The pro wrestler gathers himself. He dives at the massive muscle monster, tackling him down.

The two strong men grapple, rolling around the mat. Kyle’s in better shape, but Nuke Man’s strength keeps him from getting wrapped up. They’re sweating buckets until they roll apart, both breathing hard. They slowly rise, with Kyle getting up first. The long-haired stud charges in, but the massive muscleman grabs him around the waist. He lifts, locking Kyle in a bearhug.

Nuke Man immediately starts shaking and squeezing. The pro wrestler moans in pain as he’s crushed by the humongous hunk. Kyle’s hair whips back-and-forth as he’s manhandled. He draws his arm back for a head shot, but the masked muscleman spins and dives forward, planting Kyle down with a devastating belly-to-belly suplex. KABOOM!

The massive muscleman springs to his feet then comes down with a splash. SPLAT! His 240-lbs of muscle crushes Kyle flat. As he rises, Nuke Man fires a hard fist into the pro wrestler’s bulge. Kyle’s eyes bulge and he sits up as he grabs for his balls. The bodybuilder dives forward with a clothesline that nearly takes the long-haired stud’s head off. WHACK!

Nuke Man grabs Kyle by the throat. He lifts him to his feet as he says, “Y’all like to choke? This is a choke!” The humongous hunk lifts Kyle straight up into the air suspending his 210-lbs in the air like it was nothing. The pro wrestler squirms, but then goes limp. The muscle beast throws him down to the mat.

Oh no! Get your ass up, Kyle!

My heart sinks as I watch the bodybuilder stretching out and psyching himself up as he circles the lifeless body of my only hope. Nuke Man grabs Kyle’s long hair and pulls, forcing him to his feet. The muscleman scoops his opponent up then body slams him down. WHAM! He scoops up the broken body for another slam. KABOOM! This one shakes the ring.

The muscle beast forces Kyle into a standing head scissors. He grabs him around his waist then lifts the pro wrestler up. One second later, he piledrives Kyle’s head into the mat. WHACK! Kyle collapses, unmoving. The massive muscleman rises to his feet. He’s still breathing hard and stretching, trying to recover from Kyle’s attack, but he’s obviously in control.

The bodybuilder slaps the long-haired stud. Kyle wakes with a start. The pro wrestler swears, but a leg drop to his head shuts him up. Nuke Man drags Kyle to his feet then whips him into the corner, shoulder first. Kyle bounces out, right into a clothesline. WHACK! The muscle beast grabs the pro wrestler’s hair, forcing him up.

Kyle fires a fist into the bigger guy’s stomach, but it bounces off. He gets pulled into a front face lock then duplexed before the pro wrestler can even react. WHAM! Nuke Man rolls over then locks on a head scissors. He tenses his legs and the long-haired stud is crying out in pain. When the bodybuilder adds a face claw, Kyle screams his submission.


Nuke Man doesn’t care. The claw is ferocious, reminding me of the Kaine Klaw, something my ex Ben learned from Derek Kaine himself. This is easily as painful. He keeps the pressure up until Kyle can’t scream any more. When he does finally let go, the pro wrestler is practically crying on the mat.

Kyle rolls onto his side, hands over his face. Nuke Man reaches between his legs, slapping on another claw, this time to the pro wrestler’s pouch. The face claw hurt, but based on Kyle’s reaction, this one is 100 times worse. He gasps and chokes as he cries out for mercy. He begs the massive muscleman to let go, promising to do anything.

As his screams fill the arena, Kyle convulses on the mat, his long hair whipping around. He keeps moaning, even as Nuke Man opens his hand and slides it out from between his legs. The massive muscle monster drags Kyle up by his hair then hoists the pro wrestler across his shoulders with a rack.

The pro wrestler moans as he’s bent in half. Nuke Man cranks up the pressure by jumping up and down with the 210-lbs of muscle across his shoulders. Of course Kyle gives again. The guy is done. I don’t bother calling out to him any more, instead trying to fade into the background. I don’t need the big bodybuilder remembering I’m even here. I sit my ass on the middle turnbuckle and put my legs back behind the middle rope.

When Nuke Man turns and sees me back in position, he gives me a condescending smirk, “Good boy. Nice to see y'all can be trained.” I feel ashamed for giving in, but I stay in place.

The massive muscle monster shrugs his shoulders, dropping Kyle to the mat. My partner-in-crime writhes on the mat, moaning in agony. Nuke Man moves in. The pro wrestler instinctively kicks out, but the bodybuilder is ready. He takes the boot on his rock hard thigh. It bounces off harmlessly. As it hangs in the air, he grabs the black boot.

Nuke Man squats down then lifts Kyle’s leg behind his neck. He stands, lifting the pro wrestler up, suspending him by his knee. Kyle moans and thrashes as he dangles down. The pressure on his knee quickly gets too intense for him. He cries out his submission again. In response, the big man steps on Kyle’s hair then shakes the long-haired stud. Clumps are torn from his head as his roots give way.

The bodybuilder drops Kyle, who grabs his knee and moans into the pile of hair. Nuke Man grabs two big paws full of Kyle’s thick dark locks then drags him to his feet. The massive muscleman positions them back to back then bends forward. The pro wrestler cries out as his feet leave the mat. He is locked in a hangman, but Nuke Man is using his hair to hold him!

Kyle begs for freedom. He flails his arms and kicks his legs as he’s tortured. His back is giving out and he goes more and more limp. Nuke finally drops him. He drags the pro wrestler up into a sleeper. It only takes seconds before he gets the long-haired stud limp. He doesn’t put Kyle out completely, instead letting him drop to the mat.

Nuke Man hops out the ring. He goes under the apron then pushes a big bag under the bottom rope. He pulls something out of the big bag. Is it a dildo? Oh fuck, it’s clippers. He wouldn't. Kyle struggles to wake up, but the massive muscleman leaps onto his back. The pro wrestler gets pulled into a camel clutch, trapped and helpless. Nuke Man uses one big paw to carefully pull the pro wrestler's long hair back.

The bodybuilder says nothing before he fires up the clippers. Kyle moans, begging him not to do it. Nuke Man puts the clippers right against the helpless stud's skull. With a slow drag, hair begins to fall. The cowboy takes his time, knowing Kyle can't fight back. Nuke Man methodically shaves Kyle's head down to nothing but stubble. The pro wrestler's calling card lies on the canvas as he moans in the camel clutch.

Kyle's humiliation

Satisfied with his work, Nuke Man releases the camel then rises. Kyle collapses, his body wrecked, but his spirit destroyed even worse. The pro wrestler is a whimpering mess as he rubs his head, feeling his skull as he runs his hands over the rough stubble. Nuke Man kicks him onto his back then flexes over him, making Kyle watch.

Fucking son of a bitch!

When he's done showing off, Nuke Man rubs the front of his trunks with an evil smile. My cock swells up at the opportunity to see Kyle get fucked hard. We're beaten, so I might as well get something out of this nightmare, right?

Kyle Gets Fucked

Nuke Man strips his trunks off. He sits on Kyle's face, burying his nose and mouth deep into the cowboy's crack. The massive muscleman reaches forward, pulling the pro wrestler's legs upturn locking the black boots under his armpits. The big man slides his hand inside the leg opening. He pulls the fabric aside, revealing Kyle's taint and hole.

As the pro wrestler moans from being folded up with 240-lbs of muscle resting on his face, Nuke Man spits on his index and middle fingers then forces them inside Kyle. He starts finger-fucking the tight hole. The now-bald stud twitches as he's opened up with one finger then two. It's a humiliating and painful position for Kyle as he's used this way.

Nuke Man laughs, "Fuck, boy, you licking my hole? Yeah, taste my crack sweat."

The big man releases the legs, letting Kyle collapse on the mat. When the bodybuilder rises, Kyle rolls onto his side, struggling to focus. The humongous hunk goes back to the big bag, pulling out more ropes. He strips Kyle's trunks off then rolls the pro wrestler onto his stomach. The cowboy hogties his victim, binding his arms and legs together quickly with precision ropework.

Kyle is trapped. Nuke Man moves towards me. I kick out, but my boot gets swatted away with a laugh. A big hand around my throat serves as a clear warning, but the masked muscleman adds, "Behave, boy. Or else." The vague threat is enough to calm me down.

I get freed then Nuke Man grabs me by the scruff of my neck. He throws me down to the mat. He forces me to crawl towards Kyle where he roughly shoves my face into his ass. He orders me to eat the pro wrestler out. I obey, spreading Kyle's cheeks then burying my face between them. The massive monster warns me that he'll be checking my work.

With the threat issued, I use my tongue to get Kyle's hole wet. It's not the first time I've licked his hole, but it's the first time I've been forced to do it. I try to focus, doing my best. Nuke Man drags me back a foot. He tells me not to move, so I don't. The big man grabs the hogtied pro wrestler, lifting him on top of me.

Nuke Man unties Kyle, but he immediately starts binding us together. The cowboy knows his ropes as he ties our wrists together, bending them so our hands are next to our ears. He works the ropes around our heads so that they cut into our mouths, effectively gagging us. Our ankles get bound then tied wide open to the ropes on either side of the ring.

We're trapped, face down, legs spreadeagle, Kyle on top. His weight is too much, given how sore I am, but the worst is yet to come. I feel Nuke Man climb on top. Kyle moans and I know the massive monster is forcing his cock inside my partner-in-crime. I cry out from having 450-lbs on top of me, but I can't form words with the rope gag.

Nuke Man starts thrusting, fucking Kyle on top of me. I whimper as the mass of muscle crushes me with every thrust of his huge manhood into the pro wrestler. The bodybuilder drives his cock into Kyle hard, hammering his hole. Kyle moans as his ass is ravaged, the cowboy giving another ruthless fuck. The now-bald stud slobbers into my ear as he tries in vain to beg for mercy through the rope gag.

The brutal fucking lasts as Nuke Man's first loads are in my stomach and on my ass and legs. I finally hear the massive monster grunt then groan. He stops pounding and his weight is gone. I see him squat over our head. He unleashes his load onto Kyle's bald head. Stray drops land on me as I close my eyes, praying for all of this to end.

Nuke Man climbs back on top. He slides his arms around Kyle's head. I hear the pro wrestler gurgle then go limp. The massive muscleman pulls the unconscious pro wrestler off me then binds him in the ropes. I see him work ropes around Kyle's ankles and neck. If he struggles, he'll choke himself.

I know I'm next. The bodybuilder comes over to me. He lies on top of me then applies a sleeper. I brace for what's coming then everything goes black.

The Whole Truth

I wake up and I'm back bound in the ropes. My arms are numb and my knees ache. Kyle's to my left, also tied up in the ropes. I can't help but think he looks hot, especially with the black leather strap around his junk. I hang my head and stare down at the matching strap I'm wearing. Fuck. We got played by this idiot. No, he's not an idiot. That's the problem.

The musclebound monster completely sandbagged us. Fuck. My ass is still killing me from the rough fuck by his monster dick. I see Nuke Man is gone, replaced by Beau. I realize that my mask is off. Kyle's, too. Maybe this is finally over. The bodybuilder cowboy is naked in his black pro boots, talking on his phone.

I hear him say, "Appreciate you picking me for this deal. It was real fun. Toby just wishes he didn't have to hide in the back running the cameras the whole time. He almost rushed in when Kyle caught me, but -" The cowboy listens. "Brooks said he shot four gushers, but the biggest was when Kyle was on me." Beau laughs then listens. "I'm glad you're pleased. You still owe me a match yourself, boss man Bat." Pause. "Uh huh."

I see our stuff all bagged up. And I see a handsome, shirtless brown-haired guy at ringside moving shit around and cleaning. Must be Toby. Shit, Beau's got help. And he's taking our stuff. There's also some small cameras, cords and a laptop sitting on the ring apron. Are they going to film us? What's this guy up to?

Beau turns, sees me then says, "Oh, looks like the boys are waking up, I gotta go." The big cowboy hangs up. He smacks Kyle awake then moves to the center of the ring.

Beau says to us, "So guys, hope you had fun. Locks of Love is gonna appreciate the donation, Kyle. Now, before I go, there's just one more thing."

Before I can say anything, Kyle blurts, "No sir, please. I can't take any more. I'm done. You win. I'm your boy or whatever. You broke me, man. You got my hair. My ass is raw. You won everything."

Beau nods, "Yeah, I did. But don't worry. No more abuse. No more fucking. I just wanted to thank y'all for an awesome time."

I say sarcastically, "You're welcome."

Beau musses my hair like I was a kid, "Don't be bitter, boy, just 'cause you got played for once."

I warn him, "Don't even think about setting up those cameras."

Beau laughs, "I'm not setting them up. We're taking them down. Just gotta pack them up. Anyway, you two were exactly what I figured you'd be like. I'm glad we hooked up."

I scowl, "Yeah, you'll understand if I feel differently. Kyle might like being collared as your boy, but I'm not exactly having fun."

Kyle says, "Fuck you, Dylan. I'm just trying to get out of here in one piece. This is all your fault anyway."

Beau stops me before I can respond, covering my mouth with his big paw. It smells like sex and sweat. He says, "No need to argue, boys. I mean you two are a team. You boys gotta stick together, right? You're all you have now. And I mean that literally. Y'all got nothing left but each other."

Kyle and I both freeze. Through Beau's hand, I say, "What the fuck? We just met!"

Beau rolls his eyes, "Really? After all this you're still playing that bullshit?" I can't look at him, knowing he's right. He knows us and our scam. Lying is my natural response to any situation, but I feel like a moron for returning to that one.

The cowboy laughs, "Naw. See we gotta whole mess of mutual acquaintances. I heard all about you two. Nasty pieces of work. I got a whole list of guys - Nick, Marco, Vinny, Eddy. You messed guys up for fun. But what y'all did to those boys, Hawk and Ryker? Publicly outing guys is wrong. Real wrong. That's where you went wrong. You got too cocky, went too far and you talked too much. That's why you're done."

I instinctively lie, "I don't know what you're -" Beau covers my mouth again.

The cowboy calls me out on it, "Stop lying, boy. Don't you get it? I know who you are. And I know how you two fucked with all these guys lives. So, I just had to see y'all for myself. I begged to be the one to do this. I said, 'Lemme have the first go at the big bad boys.' I dunno. You two ain't so tough after all."

I go on a rant, swearing up and down at him, using every word I know and making up a few new ones. Kyle whispers for me to shut the fuck up, but I can't. I'm too scared and angry to think rationally. I make no sense, but it feels good to scream and threaten and just freak out.

When I finally pause, Beau just laughs at me. The big fucker literally bursts out laughing, like I'm a joke. I guess I am. I'm sure as hell in no position to intimidate anyone. I'm hanging in the ropes, stripped, body wrecked, ass sore and my junk is fucking collared. I start to shake uncontrollably before I lose all my energy.

The cowboy says, "Wow, you really lost it there for a minute, boy. How's it feel? To be mentally broken? Ain't that y'all's thing?" I just stare, realizing tears are streaming down my cheeks. He's right. I did just lose it. I was acting like a crazy person. He broke me and I didn't even realize it. Fuck.

With calm restored, Beau gets serious. He warns, "Y'all signed releases to use the ring. Those included video distribution rights. I know the guys at The Cave. Nuke Man's already been on the site, so I got nothin' more to expose, but you two? I'm guessing that isn't in your plans. And those little masks I gave you ain't gonna fool anyone. So I'd watch your tone, boy, unless y'all want to be a free download for the world."

Kyle and I have nothing to say to that. We didn't even read what we signed, we wanted to get going so much. I know The Cave. Cody and Ryan. Ben's friends. They probably hate me and would do this to me. Beau is Nuke Man, so he's definitely telling the truth. Fuck, he has all the angles covered. Kyle shakes his head in defeat.

Beau says, "Good boys. By the way, the underground wrestling community is small. Long story short, there are a ton of folks who don't like y'all too much."

I spit out, "They're all just sore losers."

"Well, now everyone knows your deal. And folks are pissed. I'd suggest lying low, because guys are gunning for you and Kyle now. Your game is done. Over. Finished. Don't think of me as the only one who set you up. Think of me like I'm just the first."

I realize I can never trust another setup not to be a double cross. I hang my head, but I try to respond defiantly, "Who gives a fuck? It was getting boring anyway."

I don't fool Beau. He laughs, "Yeah, just keep telling yourself that, boy. Maybe one day you'll believe it."

The big bodybuilder looks us over with disgust. Just then, a ripped redhead comes in. He's in tiny silver briefs, holding our phones. I recognize the covers. They whisper, nod and smile. Beau turns and holds them up. Mine showing a photo of one of our victims, while Kyle's is running a video of us fucking a guy. Oh fuck, they hacked our phones. Everything we had on there is theirs.

Beau doesn't confirm it. He doesn't have to. The threat is enough. The cowboy simply warns us, "Go back into your hole and never come out. Ever. Or else."

Alone Together

The big cowboy and his two buddies throw us out of the building naked, right beside a pile of our clothes, keys and wallets. Beau watches us get dressed from the doorway, daring us to try to come back in. Instead, Kyle and I rush to get into our cars and drive back to our motel. We meet in my room.

Kyle says, "I can't believe this. You stupid fucker. You chose that guy? THAT guy? You didn't suspect anything? Fucking idiot! You might've fucking ruined my life! I'm on the verge of being a fucking star! If any of this shit goes out -"

I snarl, "Don't act like you weren't in on it. After my dad's deal, I told you I wanted to change, but you wouldn't let me. Now look at us! You're a rotten two-faced son of a bitch."

We argue back and forth, around and around. Kyle says he's done with me. I tell him he's not. He laughs, "It's not your call."

I spit out, "Beau's not the only one with videos."

A stunned Kyle asks, "What'd you say?"

I smirk, "I have videos of you having gay sex, too. Lots of them. You'll be destroyed, just like Hawk and Ryker. Yeah, you're not going anywhere. You're my fucking bitch from now on. If I can't fuck over other wrestlers and bodybuilders, I'll have to settle for your sorry ass."

Kyle scowls at me, his eyes full of hate, "Yeah? Well, I know you're a fucking thief. You're embezzling from ROW." My eyes go wide. How'd he find out? Son of a bitch. The asshole smirks, "Yeah, my shit is bad, but your shit is illegal. Now who's the bitch?"

We stare each other down, which quickly devolves into name calling. I slap Kyle across the face. He charges and tackles me onto the bed. We wrestle hard, but I'm totally overpowered by the pro wrestler. I squirm free at one point only to get dragged back by the throat. He bitchslaps me across the face, sending me flying back onto the bed. Kyle pins me down and we just stare in silence.

We're breathing hard, our anger still intense. He leans down. We kiss long, hard and deep. He pulls off, "Ugh. You fucking taste like a cowboy cum dumpster."

"Yeah? You smell like a total broken bitch, baldy." Kyle bristles at the mention of his humiliation. I push it, “Fuck your ears and nose are huge! Without your hair, you’re an ugly bastard. Wig. Look into it.”

Kyle puts his hands on my throat then chokes me. I struggle under him, but I can’t break his iron grip. Finally, he lets go. I cough and convulse under him. We stare at each other, the smell of sweat and Beau's seed suddenly overpowering. Instead of being a turn off, it's a turn on. We roll on the bed and go at it like savages, tearing our clothes off. When we're naked, we realize we're still collared. It forces us to pause as we feel the leather straps binding us. It's yet another reminder of what was done to us.

I move to strip off my collar, but Kyle stops me. He tells me it suits me, because I'm his bitch. "I might not have been the one to collar you, but I'm claiming ownership now, bitch."

When Kyle moves to take his off, I stop him. We stare at each other then we start fighting again. Kyle continues to say I should leave mine on. I tell him the same. We wrestle naked on the bed, neither of us able to free ourselves from the leather bindings. Eventually, Kyle dominates me and it devolves into a brutal, angry fuck session.

When we're done, we lie there, naked, staring at the ceiling. We're both breathing hard, but calming down. The bed is drenched in sweat with splotches of cum on it. There's even specks of blood on the sheets from my mouth when Kyle smacked me. I don't care. I'm exhausted and so is Kyle. My body is covered in bruises and every muscle aches. We don't talk for a long time.

Kyle breaks the silence, "God, I fucking hate you. You've ruined my life."

I respond, "Call it payback. You ruined mine first."

After another few minutes, I roll over, away from him. Kyle rolls in behind me, spooning me on the bed. We both crash without another word, getting some sleep after an exhausting and miserable day.

The End of Summer Storm

Stay tuned for the unforeseen epilogue to Route 69: Bad Boys Season 1 on 8/29


  1. Holy shit. This was good. REAL good.

    Even *I* didn't think Nuke Man went too far (and you know me). Because, poor Nick! Poor Ryker and Hawk. Poor ALL of them!

    In fact, I did like the touch of, "At least they have each other," at the end. But THEN I bitterly thought, "Motherfuckers! That's more than any of their victims had, they STILL got off light!" But now, however, the Good Guys are on to what they've done... I can't wait to read the epilogue!

    And Beau...! As if we needed any more reason to be in love with him! Fuckin' big ol' hot-ass lug...of justice! And the brief part of Kyle turning the tables on Beau--at the same time I was thinking, "No, this can't happen!" AND "So hot..." But as hot as Beau is, this story definitely went where it needed to.

    And this story being from Dylan's point of view was a perfect choice. Have I ever mentioned how hot Dylan is? Lately I've been feeling sympathy for him, 'cause he loves his dad, and Kyle's so dominant and manipulative... This story was a good reminder that Dylan's pretty bad, too! :) And his climb of shame was one of the hottest parts.

    So, yeah... With this story, the rest of the Bad Boys series will be so fun to go back and read again, knowing what's coming. The crossover was successful and awesome. And I'm willing to bet that, like me, Beau will be a LOT of people's new favorite superhero! (Even though Nuke Man is technically a heel, AND as Beau modestly points out, he was just the lucky one chosen for the job. Honestly, that guy...) <3

    1. P.S. Maybe my favorite part:

      Nuke Man looks down with hard eyes, "Do you stop when guys beg?"

    2. Sean, thanks! Glad it felt like a good outcome. I really wanted to keep it in the Bad Boys family, so Beau was the natural choice. Of course, his looks, youth, muscles and talent also made him the logical opponent.

  2. Sean Pford probably has the comments of comments! Glad to see that I'm not the only one that when a story is good, the comment is as good as the story. I will just say, that what ana awesome thing you did. It felt like reading a comic book series. Perhaps better. It was 4 series, and all had their clear distinct characteristics but with one storyline. We hit ha jackpot with you. One thing, is that Dylan is still a major DICK in my books. I don't hold any soft side for him.HAHA. Kyle and him make the perfect couple (in their own fucked up way). I still both, Kyle's and Dylans reaction to Ben calling hilarious. One was ready to dump the other one, and the other one was going to have revenge sex, HAHA. Messed up. And Beau. What can I say about Beau? THe most heroic villain ever. What a hunk. What a stud. Mr Miller. You have done it again. Thank you!

    1. You're welcome! Appreciate the kind words.

      I based it off the idea of a TV show crossover, but comic book works, too. Each story was written to work within their series while moving the narrative forward. I'm glad it felt that way.

  3. First of all, I think this is the best story of the BB series... so far. And in my personal top 10 of my favourite stories of yours. It was so hot! I mean HOT! Clash of the bad boys, how awesome was that? Beau is a very charismatic character, and very likeable. Strong and confident, such a perfect heel. And what I like the most is that he's so young, but very dominant and overpowering physically and psychologically and everyone is a 'boy' for him, no matter if they're 18 or 28.
    There's also so many small things I liked in this story! Such as humble, shy and innocent Beau in the beginning (even if it was just an act :)), mentions of Toby here and there, final conversation and shaving of Kyle. And dude, three loads in such a short time! What a fucking monster!
    So, thanks for another great story. Hopefully there's more to come.

    P.S. And also, do you think if we'll ever see Beau and Toby tag teaming against someone? It seems to me that despite explosive personalities they're care for each other and will be extremely protective of each other. Besides, I bet there's some jobbers who will be only happy to be fucked by two hot brothers. What do you think?

    1. Awesome. I love hearing that new stories can still be a favorite. After 105 stories, it's great to hear. Beau is definitely one of my breakout characters. As for him and Toby tag teaming, that's an interesting idea.

  4. One note about this story. I loved, just truly LOVED the amount of images in it. Kyles images were definitely the best as they help to visualize the story at different moments. The shaved head and his expression...awesome. When he is lying down in the ring, with his face all full of pain....priceless. Not to mention...your little comments under the picture. Have I mentioned before how awesome those are? They are not part of the official story but those little comments give it a touch of additional flavor. "oh no, get your ass up Kyle" "Fucking son of a bitch" I love reading those!

    1. Appreciate the comment. I like lots of pics, but sometimes it's just not possible.

  5. Another great success for sure! Very hot story and getting the clippers out made my day... (I'm a sucker for hair stakes) There was a brief moment where i thought after all of that domination of Dylan, you were going to let Kyle off and turn the tables on Beau, a hot thought and definitely a curve ball I thought no one would expect, but I'm happy it was just a brief moment of interlude, as Kyle's beatdown was what everyone has been waiting for. Thanks again for an awesome month of weekly stories! It's made August fly by.

    1. You're welcome! Glad I could help August fly by.

      While I never intended Kyle to win against Beau, I didn't want it to be too easy. I'm glad a couple of you felt the tension that I wanted to create.

      Hair stakes are a fave of mine, too, ever since I saw Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake and his sexy slashed up tights.

  6. What an awesome story and Beau/Nukeman is my new superhero. I too liked the brief moment of Kyle's comeback as it made Nukeman's demolition of him all that more special. Great story! Your stories always keep my attention throughout. More pics the better!

    1. Excellent. Thanks for taking the time to comment. As I said, I like more pics, too, but availability and time impact it.

  7.! brutal! Sexy, and god damn well written! :)

  8. This is exactly why Beau is one of my favorite characters. He's an honorable man, but he constantly struggles to keep his darker, domineering urges in check. He rarely gets a chance to use his full strength, and when he does, he truly relishes it! It reminds me of an episode of the Justice League cartoon where Superman was fighting Darkseid. As Superman was beating up Darkseid, he said: "I feel like I live in a world made of cardboard. Always taking constant care not to break something. To break someone. Never allowing myself to lose control, even for a moment, or someone could die." [Darkseid tries to attack, but Superman knocks him back] "But you can take it, can't ya, big man? What we have here is a rare opportunity for me to cut loose, and show you just how powerful I really am!"

    That quote totally reminds me of Beau. He's truly a good person but enjoys a chance to "cut loose" every once in a while and use his full power. Fortunately, he was able to direct that power towards a couple of weasels who actually deserved it this time! The story also showed that he's a lot smarter and more clever than many people think.

    Beau proved himself to be the ultimate weapon for the forces of "good" in this story. Now it'll be interesting to see if the forces of "evil" retaliate with a power that even Beau can't defeat, like a Darkseid or Doomsday character -- a character who's even bigger and stronger than Beau but doesn't share his sense of fairness or honor!

    Great job as usual!!!

    1. Wow, thanks! Appreciate that.

      Great assessment of Beau. I've never intended readers to see him as a villain or bad person, despite casting him as Nuke Man. I look at being a Cave villain/heel as just boys having fun. Other than Dylan/Kyle, all of his opponents end up enjoying themselves in the end, even if they're a little sore. :)

    2. I've always seen Beau as a neutral man. Just doing what he wants and having fun his way. Though i agree with thr abovr statement on bringing in a bigger stronger guy then Beau that has a diffent code. I remember you saying that theres a doomsday guy coming up so hopefully hes out man!

    3. Well, I don't want to spoil the future, but I don't want to mislead you. Doomsday will not be the guy you're looking for. I won't spoil why, but trust me. There's a good reason why I can say that.

    4. On one hand its too bad hes not the brute thats stronger than Beau with out the fairness but on the other hand hes gonna be a doomsday character so thats already interesting on its own. And I already trust everything you have set so Il be waiting to read it!