Monday, August 29, 2016

Route 69: Bad Boys Season 1 Epilogue

(At the request of fellow blogger and frequent commenter Sean Pford,
I did an epilogue of Nick's story for him. He liked it, so I decided to share
it, plus I wrote two more epilogues for Bad Boys Season 1)

Epilogue 1: Nick

The bodybuilder sat at the bar, nursing his drink. Nick just stared into his glass, hoping answers lived there. He moved the potent whiskey around, idly moving the tumbler, but he didn't take a drink. Nick felt gross and alcohol wasn't going to help. The muscleman put the glass down then sighed. Coming here was a bad idea, but it seemed like Nick was full of those these days.


Nothing mattered to him since his confidence was shattered by Dylan and Kyle. No workouts. Eating badly. Becoming anti-social and mistrusting everyone. Google searches suggested being around people would help, but it didn't. Stupid internet. The depressed muscleman tossed a ten-spot on the bar as he slid off his stool.

As Nick started to put his sweatshirt back on, he was approached by a shirtless stud. Thick and smooth with facial hair, Billy was a handsome, beefy man. Nick couldn't help but be interested in him, but he suppressed those feelings. The bodybuilder once thought he was the hottest thing around, but now he found himself disgusting and assumed everyone else did as well.


Billy vaguely knew the bodybuilder from the clubs, but Nick was so ripped and vain that he never introduced himself. Seeing him now, Billy thought he looked hotter than ever. With some extra beef and the hunk's facial and body hair growing in, Nick was now more muscle bear than pristine bodybuilder. His definition was slowly fading with each passing day, but that didn't matter to Billy. At first, Nick wanted to escape, but Billy was being so nice. The bodybuilder was broken and it was a good feeling to have someone just be nice to him.

It didn't take long for Billy to realize Nick was a man in trouble. The pickup turned from hookup to intervention. Billy used his charm, sex appeal and persistence to work past Nick's weakened defenses. They went to Billy's home that night, but they just watched TV and talked. When Nick woke up fully clothed in Billy's arms the next morning, he actually felt better about himself. And he trusted Billy, who hadn't taken advantage of him at all. If it was possible to fall in love this fast, Nick was there.

The two men agreed to take things slowly, but their relationship blossomed quickly. The two studs were instantly inseparable. When they finally did make love, Nick gave everything he could to his partner, focusing entirely on Billy's needs. Nick's arrogance had faded, replaced by actual empathy. Nick now knew what it meant to be weak and it changed him for the better.

It was a shock when the call came. Billy only heard one side, but he was curious. Whoever it was, they were checking on Nick. The bodybuilder became tense. He swore. He threatened revenge on "those assholes". By the time he hung up, Nick was enraged. Billy was confused and a little scared. He'd never seen this side of Nick.

Nick sat beside his lover and calmed down. He apologized for losing his temper and they cuddled. Nick explained that the call was from the guy who ran a wrestling personals site, wanting to check on him. The guy had used the site history to uncover that he'd met up with Kyle and Dylan. He was calling all their former meet-ups.

Billy knew the story of Nick's encounter. What neither knew until now was that the two assailants were a couple. It was all a game and Nick wasn't their only victim. The angry bodybuilder wanted to hunt them down, even though the wrestling personals guy said it had been taken care of. Billy understood, but he convinced Nick to let it go. The bodybuilder smiled, thanking fate for bringing them together. They made love.

As they basked in their after-sex glow, Nick said, "I love you, B, but if I ever run into either of them, I can't be held responsible for what I do." To lighten the mood, he added with a laugh. "Will you visit me in prison?"

Billy kissed his lover then said, "Well, if WE ever run into them, you won't have to face them alone this time. It'll be a tag match. And we'll crush them."

Nick looked at his beefy partner in a new light. He questioned, "Wait, you wrestle?"

Billy smiled back, "I thought you'd never ask." He had avoided the topic, knowing Nick's situation, but Billy loved wrestling. With the door opened, Billy pushed through. He pinned Nick to the bed and flexed over his lover. Nick growled and rolled Billy off him.

The two naked studs playfully rolled around the king-size bed, each ending up on top then they'd switch. It quickly turned to making love and they enjoyed their most passionate sex yet. When they were done, Billy grabbed his laptop. The two studs made a joint profile as a tag team, welcoming all shapes and sizes, as long as they were in it for fun.

Epilogue 2: Ryker

The ripped wrestler read the interview again. He noticed there were comments, but he didn't look at them. Thanks to his new promoter Ben, Ryker had turned a corner in the rehabilitation of his pro wrestling career. This interview wasn't something he wanted to do, but Ben said he needed to do it to get past the issue of his sex video with his former tag partner, Hawk. Ben was right. Even though he'd only known the guy for a few weeks, Ryker found that he trusted him completely.


Ryker felt blessed. Ben's connections and relationships with the wrestling press were strong and his return to the ring was being treated with a shocking level of respect. The fans had been cool, too. Well, most of them. The crowds at the shows were great. Online? Let's just say that there were always going to be people trolling him, but Ryker was handling it.

As Ryker grabbed his gear to shower, he turned right into Koke, a rookie pro wrestler. He was a handsome and buff Asian stud. They bumped hard and Koke took immediate offense when Ryker didn't apologize. The two men faced off, their conflict escalating. Suddenly, the rookie backed down. Ryker knew it was because of his situation. Guys still treated him with kid gloves.


Ryker decided not this time. The ripped wrestler challenged Koke to a match to settle things. The buff musclestud hesitated, but finally accepted. They headed to the ring to solve their problem. After a hard-fought battle, Koke forced Ryker to submit to a vicious claw Ben had taught him privately. It was cruel and efficient, giving Koke the retribution he wanted.

In defeat, Ryker was apologetic. His opponent accepted and moved to leave. Throughout the match, Ryker had noticed the buff stud's bulge. It was obvious that the rookie was enjoying the action. It was the reason Ryker had initiated the conflict then thrown the match. He needed to test himself by losing a sex stakes match and who better than a hot young gay hunk like Koke?

As Koke walked away, Ryker grabbed his wrist. The ripped stud pulled the handsome buff wrestler to him. He put his hand on Koke's left pec. Ryker simply said, "You won."

Koke hesitated then said, "You don't have to do this. I -"

Ryker leaned in then kissed Koke deeply. When he pulled away, the handsome stud replied, "I want to." He knelt before the winner, offering himself up as the prize for victory.

The two fucked in the ring, Ryker accepting the price for losing without complaint. Koke unleashed his load on Ryker's chiseled abs, coating them with his seed. The ripped loser added his own load on top. When the two men entered the locker room, they were laughing and ready for round two in the shower.

Epilogue 3: Hawk

As Ryker looked at his phone, he debated picking up. It went to voicemail, but he immediately returned the call. The ripped pro wrestler muttered, "Hey."

On the other end, his former best friend and tag partner responded, "Hey, bro. Thanks for calling me back." Ryker bristled at being called 'bro' after everything that had happened, but he let it go. The two were silent until Hawk broke the tension. He said, "I saw your match on the CLAW website. You did good."



More silence. Hawk sighed, "Look, I just called to say thanks. I owe you big time."

"No problem."

"Well, that's two words in a row. Better than one. And a lot better than none. Look, I don't expect us to be like we were, but I figured we were better. I mean, you sent that Ben guy my way. He got me a gig up here in Chicago for this guy, Mason. He's being really cool. I really appreciate it, bro. I mean, you have no idea. Not just because it gives me a job, but because you -" Hawk's voice cracked and he had to pause.

Ryker breathed in deeply, "What happened to us wasn't right. Thanks to Batman, Ben is -"


"Long story."

"I'd love to hear it."

Ryker sighed. Ignoring the exchange, he continued, "Ben is resurrecting my career. I figured you deserved saving, too. But just because we were fucked over by master assholes doesn't mean we didn't do what we did. We let them break us. That had to come from somewhere."

"I get it. Really. But I still love you, bro. I hope one day we can be friends."

Ryker paused. He answered, "Maybe one day."

Hawk choked up, "That's all I can ask for." It was then that he uncontrollably broke down on the phone. Ryker didn't know what was happening, but he was suddenly worried. Hawk said, "I'm so scared, bro. About being in front of a crowd again. After what happened. Mason wants me in the show next week. Fuck, I'm not sure I can do it."

Ryker softened. He had felt the exact same way. It's still tough, but the first show back was insane. Knowing everyone in the place knew him as part of a sex video, being beaten and fucked by Hawk. It was the hardest thing he'd ever done, but he got through it. Ryker surprised himself as he began to comfort Hawk. He shared his feelings and how he dealt with it. They talked for 20 more minutes.

When they hung up, both of them felt more at ease. They weren't friends, but they weren't enemies either. It was a step.

The End


  1. Squeee! The feels! Thank you, Alex, this was the perfect cherry on top of the crossover. I think I teared up a little at the Ryker-Hawk part.

    1. You are very welcome. It's all because of you, so I'm glad you liked it.

    2. Oh, it absolutely did NOT disappoint! Nick's epilogue was so detailed and sensitive. Ryker's and Hawk's epilogues were a nice surprise. They ALL make going back and re-reading "Bad Boys" more fun. And they show that evil didn't REALLY win. :) So, again, thank you!

  2. First I just want to thank you Alex you always pump out quality stories and theres always on time and you went a step and beyond putting out a match every week this month and each one was amazing!

    Great to see some chapters ending for some guys but damn... I was hoping rykers job with ben wouldn't work out and hed stay at the cave for more matches haha. Guess i just have to hope for him coming back someday maybe hell bring Koke back with him too!

    Thanks again Alex!

    1. Axel, thanks. I really appreciate the recognition in your first paragraph.

      My plan was for some of Ben's young studs to have their own spinoff starting in 2017, but I'll consider them for The Cave based on the feedback. There's no reason they couldn't do both.

    2. two cents created this amazing place that is your blog. You created all this awesome characters...this is my opinion and my opinion only...just keep going with your plan because you we know you probably have something in your bag of tricks that we don't know about! That's the beauty of each and every story you write. Its always something different. The summer series proved it. Id suggest stick with it.

    3. Thanks. I'm not looking at changing my plans, so much as maybe considering a Voltage guest spot down the line. The general response to the guys has convinced me that my original plan of a CLAW spinoff with young rookie studs like Ryker and Koke is a viable option.

  3. Wow What a surprise the epilogues and a good one! It gives some closure to Hawk and Rykers horrible experience with Kyle and Dylan. If people don't get why they got what they got...they need to read what they did to Hawk and Ryker. Damn Koke's biceps.I hope this means Koke is in our future. What a hot stud.

    1. Thanks! I wasn't 100% sure how interested guys would be in an epilogue, given there's no real wrestling in it.

      Koke is uber-hot. I plan to bring some of these guys back in 2017, including Ryker, Hawk and Koke.

  4. It is a true testament to your skill and dedication as a storyteller that you went beyond the bounds of erotic fiction with this epilogue, and brought some closure to some of these characters. I found that I did care about what happened to them after their encounter with the Dastardly Duo. However, I hope that Dylan's redemption story will continue. For all his manifest flaws, he is in an unhealthy and abusive relationship, and he is young enough to change. Actually, most of our villains are...

    1. Appreciate the comment! It's nice to see readers are cool with me stretching a little, too. The fact that guys care about any of my characters makes me very proud.

      I didn't want to redeem Dylan, but it sure seems like I've made guys interested in seeing him make steps in that direction. He's not on my 2017 schedule as the Bad Boys series is going on hiatus to make room for some new series. However, I might return to him in 2018.

  5. A great ending to the series :) Damn super as always.