Monday, September 12, 2016

Review: #470 Nero Angelo vs. Chase Michaels (UCW)

UCW continues their winning streak with Nero vs. Chase. They're having a great year with new and returning talent all delivering great action. This is one of those matches where I pull a ton of images then have to dial it back. I had 24 grabs/videos that I've filtered down to 12. Even now, I'm second guessing whether I made the right choices, but what're you gonna do?

After a big suplex, Nero enjoys his spoils

Nero is a beefy badass. The swarthy stud brings his sexy confidence to the garage again, looking for another hot rookie to play with. I love his looks and his attitude, but he's also a good wrestler, with a great mat sense. With his recent performances, he's approaching must-buy status.

Yeah, Nero, you're a stud

Chase is new to me, but he looks great. Tall, lean and clean cut, he's impressive in this match. Decked out in beautiful blue and yellow briefs, the rookie is ripped and ready. He's obviously the underdog, but he gives as good as he gets right to the bitter end.

Chase suffers as Nero goes fishing

Bendy and beautiful, Chase looks great stretched out

My images really broke down between wrestling and erotic. I struggled with how to convey how sexy this video is without making it look light on action. The fact is that this match has plenty of both. The punches, holds and moves are great, but so are Nero's playful antics. Hopefully, I managed to showcase enough of each.

Nero knows how to work a gut punch

Nero with a vicious head smash on the cute stud
followed by some tender play

Chase is a little young to be having a face lift

Chase gets in on the shenanigans, peeling down Nero's trunks, only to be laughed at by the heel. He does show skills and holds his own with some nice moves. He also shows no self-consciousness or issues with all of the abuse he suffers and I'm not just talking about wrestling moves like the suplex, backbreaker, rack, scissors, etc.

Let me list a few of Nero's more over-the-top torments. Chase is kissed and fondled. In back, his trunks are peeled off his supple ass and wedged high up his crack. His manhood is played with. His ass is grabbed, bitten and spanked. His nipples are sucked. His feet and back are licked. I've probably missed something, but you get the point. Chase remains a self-confident stud throughout.

Nero: "Oh sweetie, that's just foreplay."

Chase delivers a big elbow

Nero is hooked by the younger stud

The only down note is that Nero says he has a playroom, but I know we're not gonna see it. This isn't going to be that kind of video, but damn, I do imagine if it was. While I don't usually like gay creeper characters, Chase is clearly all in and a willing participant, so I'm all in, too.

Nero finds a better leg to hook.

Lucky Chase. I wanna see the playroom, too!

In the end, I loved it from start to finish. My imagination kept going, but what you see on screen is plenty hot for everyone. It's very UCW, as you've got hot studs having a good time as they wrestle and fool around. Nero continues to bring a unique element to the garage and Chase is nice addition to the hot new rookie class - attractive, confident and a solid wrestler. Just an all-around win for everyone.

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