Friday, November 25, 2016

Review: Brute Baynard vs. Kelly King (Wrestler4Hire)

One of the strengths of Wrestler4Hire is the ability to get hot pro wrestlers into this kind of up close and personal private action. As one of the 18 matches available to members, Brute Baynard vs. Kelly King was an immediate watch when I saw it. Both these pros are all over the gay wrestling scene, producing matches for multiple companies, and I've enjoyed several of their matches.

Big pros face off in this "Grudge Match"

These are two big and beefy studs. Brute is more ripped and powerful. Even though he's a muscle beast, he has a very expressive face, which makes him come across as fun and charming. And his gear is the best I've ever seen on him. The tight black trunks fit perfectly, especially in back, and the flame pattern is suggestive and sexy on him.

Brute is one mighty muscleman

Those trunks look awesome

Opposite the big muscleman is Kelly King. The younger stud is cute with a sexy puffy pro wrestler body in grey trunks. In a weird coincidence, I just stopped following him on Twitter last week when his feed became more about pro-Trump politics than wrestling, but I didn't let that impact my enjoyment of seeing him in the ring. Especially when he's facing a man like Brute. In BGEast, King is a dominating heel, but here definitely he's the underdog.

King is looking good

Kelly King is presenting

This "Grudge Match" video starts with Brute flexing, showing off. King enters with a ton of bravado. There's a faceoff and this pro vs. pro scenario is set. From there on, it's non-stop action. This isn't a squash, but Brute does dominate most of the match and has the hottest holds and moves.

Yeah, that ankle lock ain't gonna cut it, sport

So cute

Lots of body-displaying holds

Fans of classic headlocks/chinlocks will be happy as there's a few of them and they're long-held. Brute's racks (yes, there are two) are longheld and beautiful. I love how he circles the ring, making sure we get the best views of both studs. And what a view. The big boot is a rarely used favorite of mine.

Unhand me, you brute!

Can a sleeper take the bigger muscleman down?

Or will Brute give King the boot?

In the end, I enjoyed this pro vs. pro match. Both guys are great to look at and they work well together in the ring. The moves and holds are expertly done and it's fun seeing King get punished.

So that's my take. What's yours?


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