Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Review: Duke Russo vs. Shon Tracy (Movimus)

Full disclosure: This match was provided to me by Movimus.

Is perfection boring? Maybe sometimes, but not yet when it comes to Movimus' current unstoppable superstar, Duke Russo. I recall that Max Anderson was unbeatable for while, but I can't imagine he ever had the air of pure awesomeness that Duke brings to the mats. Well, he's back and he's more dominant than ever in Duke Russo vs. Shon Tracy.

Duke still looks like a superhero

But with a little bad boy attitude thrown in

Duke's perfection on the mats is matched by his perfect appearance. He looks very Hollywood Superman with longer black hair, a dusting of body fur, and very prominent white teeth to face another "challenge". In his tiny poser, the heroic muscleman is ready for action against Shon Tracy. The contrast is obvious - Tracy is a mature man with a bald head and leaner physique.

Yeah, you're a total stud, Duke

Real men don't give a shit about wedgies

Tracy tries to show the young
muscleman who's boss

I'd say it's experience vs. power, but I don't know that Tracy has more experience. Duke clearly has more power. You could imagine a storyline here ... Superman vs. Lex Luthor or some kind of inter-generational conflict. Or you could just watch it for what it is. Two men going at it on the mats in raw, basic combat.

The action is standard Movimus, but it's a total squash. In fact, I think it's the biggest one yet. Tracy gives it a good try, but he's completely unable to hang with Duke. If this is Supes vs. Lex, there isn't any Kryptonite. It looks like there are a couple of generations between the two studs and Millennial just crushes Baby Boomer.

I do love a grapevine

Tracy has a few good moments, but just a few

Look, Ma, no hands!

It's no secret that Duke is a stunning superhero, but against CT in their rematch (reviewed here), he showed a little cockiness. Here, he goes even further with a bicep kiss and some palpable attitude. He shows visible contempt as Tracy moves in for a lockup. He lies back and relaxes while Tracy suffers. And there's the bicep kisses, which were as surprising to me as they were hot.

I like that the older wrestler's face is expressive and his pain is obvious as he gets thoroughly dominated. I felt kind of bad for Tracy until I remembered that he's rolling around with Duke. The scissors, pins and grappling is intimate and intense, just as it should be. And I like that Duke doesn't go easy. He's obviously hardwired to win.

A choke and a forced pin

Raw, primal power

Legs up, shoulders down, but still in control

Duke takes a breather

In the end, this was intriguing and intense, if not at all suspenseful. I love Duke and if he gets a bad boy attitude, I'll love him even more. And it will make his eventual comeuppance so much sweeter, if it ever comes. But let me be clear, I'm in no rush for that to happen.

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  1. I'm not sure anyone on the roster now could best him. Chuck Rowen would probably give it a decent try. I don't think Max could have beaten him on his best day. Brock, maybe. Maybe not.

    1. Yeah, I'm not sure who could do it, but I think it'll happen. Duke's biggest wrestling asset seems to be that his opponents can't finish him off. It looks like they get him in good positions, but they can't get a tap.