Friday, November 18, 2016

Review: Kid Karisma vs. Mister E (BGEast)

I don't have every Kid Karisma match, but I have more than my fair share. Kid Karisma vs. Mister E is one of the matches that attracted me to BGEast's Demolition 21, helping to make it worth OTA'ing.

There's no "mystery" here - this is a
Demolition match that earns the name 

Kid Karisma is an icon. He is easily one of my favorites of this generation. I'm sure it's not easy to be as perfect as he always is, but somehow he manages it and I appreciate it. And the fact that he's exclusive to BGEast makes him even more special.

Here, Kid is stunning in pink underwear-style trunks. He starts out with a black leather vest and a ton of swagger. He's in full arrogant heel mode and plays it perfectly.

Kid's sexy and he knows it

Sitting pretty? More like sitting GORGEOUS!


Mister E is new to me, but he looks good in his blue mask and tight trunks with white pro boots. It's a really nice look for the jobber with his lean and trim body. And it's a good thing, because he gets put on permanent display for our enjoyment. Right from the beginning, he's outclassed and out-muscled by the superstar, reduced to a wrestling dummy.

Kid showing how he gets an award-winning ass

Yep, that's a good looking jobber

I know I don't have a ton of action images, but I got distracted by Kid's looks. By the time I reached my self-imposed limit, it was definitely more focused on the heel than the match. Trust me, there are some great holds in the match. It's non-stop punishment of the masked jobber by an expert. The holds are classic, intense and really hot.


Love a good leg nelson with a flex

Kid's feeling frisky as he demolishes Mister E

Kid seems to love playing the dominant stud, which is good because everyone should enjoy their job. He takes his time, but keeps the match moving. There's no suspense here. This is a true Demolition match and both guys play their role exceptionally well. It starts with a shove into the wall then just gets more brutal from there.

Kid doesn't just beat Mister E, he humiliates him

Me next! I don't feel sorry for Mister E one bit.

And here's one last Kid Karisma
body shot for the road ...

In the end, this is a super-enjoyable squash. Kid Karisma is at his best with superstar looks, attitude and skills. Mister E makes a great jobber, suffering like a stud.

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  1. Kid Karisma is brilliant, he's a great heel, and the few times when he does job he's magnificent :3

    1. Thanks for the comment! Yep, he is incredible in any role, but when he has a chance to show off his heel side, that's my favorite Kid.

  2. This was a good squash. It's a shame Mr.E's face is covered, he's a great seller. Kid is a good heel but I think it would be great if he faced by a nasty heel like Guido or Flash. That would be an epic squash, I'm sure.