Monday, November 21, 2016

Review: Ty Alexander x 2 (Wrestler4Hire)

Squash is a very broad term for matches where one wrestler dominates from start to finish. Usually the dominant stud is a heel and the jobber is a face, but not always. I know there are folks who say they love them and folks who say they don't, but for me not all squashes are the same. They vary in storyline, action, personality, and tone.

Ethan really enjoys playing with Ty
While Lon uses the opportunity to put Ty through his paces
Wrestler4Hire isn't all squashes, but they do make up quite a few of the options. Guys like Ty Alexander, Maverick and Zach Reno fall into a category of frequent jobbers, but they have matches where they're allowed to show their skills and dominate. I've reviewed a couple of these for Ty (vs Braden and vs Chace). However, these is not those matches. No, today I'm looking at two Ty squashes that were recently available to W4H's members.

Ty's not backing down against uber-heel Ethan
Does this count as a catchweight? Or at least a catch-height?

I'm doing both of these together because after watching these almost back-to-back, I liked how they demonstrated how not all squashes are the same. Both of these matches are really good squashes with Ty as the "squashee", obviously. However, the pace, the moves, the story, the chemistry, the personalities are all different. The only constant is that an initially cocky Ty ends up being bent, battered and beaten by his opponent, while the viewer enjoys his pain and suffering.

Ty Alexander vs. Ethan Andrews is a methodical humiliation with sexual overtones. I loved the chemistry between the two. I hope they get along, because they work well together. Ethan certainly seems to appreciate Ty. For example, when Ty's ass is in the air, trapped in a pinning cradle, Ethan wishes there were two of him to take advantage of the position. Me too.

Ethan wishes there were two of him
Ethan gets to check Ty out

I hesitate to say Ethan is having fun, because I don't want to give the impression that this is a jokey match. It's not. The moves are well-executed and I like that it never feels rushed. Holds are held for long stretches, giving Ty time to show his selling ability and the heel time to savor his control. Ethan plays the supremely arrogant dominator really well and we all know Ty knows how to suffer.

Ethan's pretty thorough ... fingers bent one-by-one
Ears aren't handles, Ethan
Even Ty's nose isn't off-limits from this full body destruction

Chemistry isn't that important in Ty's match against Lon. The long-haired heel is really all about himself. Ty Alexander vs. Lon Dumont is a faster paced destruction. Lon brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the ring. He's a non-stop talker who enjoys showing his skills. There's no flirtation here, it's just a complete crushing of the taller stud. The heel plays the worst kind of self-absorbed gym jock as he puts Ty through his paces.

Sure, take a seat, you've earned a break

Aw, look at the schmooshy face

Ty always knows what to do when being tortured

Working the triceps while working over Ty

There's never doubt who'll end up on top

In the end, I enjoyed both of these squashes for different reasons. Both have unique, but entertaining storylines, solid action and engaging performances from heels and jobber. The chemistry between Ty and Ethan was great to see, while Lon did a great job as a cocky jock.

So that's my take. What's yours?



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    1. You're welcome! Thanks for wrestling for all of our enjoyment.

  2. I'd love to see a REAl match between my two favorite wrestlers, Ty and Ethan, on a mat, clad in skimpy attire, shoeless, and bragging rights to the winner. Sorry Ethan, my money is on Ty.

    1. Wow, that's quite the challenge. I'm sure someone could make it happen, if the guys are open to it. After all, if it's not filmed, it didn't happen guys!