Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Cave 18: Independence Day 2

"Luke! I'm here. Where should - oh, hi. Sorry, didn't realize he had company."

Me (Ryan) arriving to help Luke set up

I'm taken aback as I barge into my buddy's home, carrying a giant cooler. We're having a party at Luke's place and we're supposed to be setting up. Sitting on the sofa is a gorgeous, 6'2"/240-lbs, hairy muscleman. He's in jeans with his shirt open. He rises, looking unhappy at the intrusion. I wonder what's up.

Wow, who is this?

Luke and I have been friends for a few weeks and ... well, how to say this? We're also fuck buddies. Seeing him with another guy is uncomfortable, even though it shouldn't be. I'm not upset, exactly. I mean, we're not exclusive. In fact, he's met the two other guys I'm with, too. Is this how he feels around Pete and Corey? Is this how they feel? Fuck, I suddenly feel like kind of an asshole.

I lower the cooler then stick out my hand, "Hi, I'm Ryan."

Hot-and-hairy replies as he takes my hand, "Oh, so you're the slut who's got Echo doin' porn." He looks me up and down, "Right. Huh. I get it. You can call me Squatch."

I probably look like a deer in headlights as I'm overwhelmed. Squatch, short for Sasquatch, which is his nickname, is an army buddy of Luke's. Echo was Luke's nickname. These two had a strong relationship, including wrestling and sex. Same as our deal, but it went on for years. Luke still talks about him, but I thought he was across the globe. Meeting him here is a surprise.

So there's that, but there's also the aggressive rudeness. I've never been called a slut before, although it might be deserved at this moment in my life. The porn comment sounds like an accusation that I've manipulated Luke into filming sex wrestling matches for The Cave, a gay-oriented, superhero-themed, wrestling video company I co-own with my best friend Cody.

Squatch squeezes my hand and uses the distraction to overpower me with a killer grip. Even though I'm 6'4"/250-lbs of muscle, it almost takes me to a knee. By the time I'm resisting, it's too late. He lets go and I shake out my hand. I want to go at him, but I hold back. I don't know his deal, but so far, I'm not a fan and he obviously resents me. Still, I know he matters to Luke, so I'm not going to start something.

I remain calm, "Squatch. I've heard a lot about you, too. Thank you for your service to our country. I appreciate you keeping America safe for us porn-producing sluts."

The hairy muscleman gives me the side eye, trying to read whether my response is meant to be tension-relieving humor or bitchiness. It's a bit of both. Luke comes in, surprised to see me for some reason. He stammers that he lost track of time then offers an introduction, but we let him know that we've already met. I offer Squatch another shake, which he has to accept. This time, I meet his grip and even gain a slight advantage. We break with a knowing staredown.

Luke leads me to the second bedroom in the small house he's renting. He's converted it to a mat room. Now that we're alone, he explains that Squatch just showed up last night on his doorstep. I tell him it's cool. I know how important the guy is to Luke. I just wonder why he's so hostile towards me. Luke hangs his head then answers, "Why do you think? Jealousy. We had a special relationship and then it was just over. I think it burns him up that I found something new."

I ask, "Is he in love with you?" Luke shrugs. "Are you in love with him?" Again, Luke shrugs.

I hug Luke, letting him know I'm here for him. I get what he's going through. I've been conflicted about a lot of guys in my life, including my best friend Cody who I still see almost every day. I get that this situation is hard. However, it's hard for me, too. I like Luke. A lot. More than I realized before this moment. I feel like I don't want to lose him to anyone, including some long lost lover from parts unknown.

I walk to the window, confused by my feelings. I notice a championship belt sticking out of the duffel bag on the floor. I ask what it's for. Luke explains that there's an underground wrestling group in the military. With all the joint peacekeeping forces, it's even become international. Squatch is the current champion and brought the belt along to show him. I smile, "Sounds fun."

As we stare at each other, I notice that a set of my Bane gear is on the mat. Luke and I were fooling around a couple of nights ago and he washed it for me. I ask why it's out. My buddy explains it was on top of his laundry and Squatch was just curious about the whole Cave thing. Luke says it was no big deal.

"Don't lie, Echo. It's a big fucking deal. It'll ruin your life and you need to stop doing it." I turn to see Squatch in the doorway. "Yeah, it might be fun, playing dress up, rolling around, pretending to wrestle. But it's fucking porn. Look, I feel bad for you that this is the only action you can find, but this Cave bullshit? It's not for you."

I snarl, "That's not your call. This isn't the army. Luke can think for himself now."

Squatch puffs up at my rebuke, "Someone needs to look out for him and protect him from predators like you."

I take a step forward, but Luke stops me. He tells us both to cool it.

I point at Squatch's belt, "Looks like I'm not the only one who likes to play wrestle."

Squatch growls, "There's nothing play about what I do."

Round One

I only takes three more minutes before we're stripping down. Squatch and I circle the mat in our underwear. Luke tries to calm things down, but that's never going to happen. We're doing a best three out of five match. We don't talk stakes, but it's implied. Let's face it, the winner is going to want to take full advantage.

We move in fast for a lock up. We fight and struggle. He's strong, but so am I. We're evenly matched, so there are shifts and counters, but no progress. We break then go again. Finally, I manage to surprise him, shifting just right. He stumbles into me and I lock on a side headlock. I flip the big hairy muscleman to the mat, fast and hard. WHAM!

I lie my weight on him as I crush his head. I draw it up into my hard lat muscle, straining his neck. Squatch grunts. He pounds my body, but I resist the blows. He bridges his hips then thrusts his left arm up to flip us, but I brace my foot on the wall. I push back and he can't move me. We're already sweating in the small mat room.

Squatch reaches under my leg then rolls me back, pinning my shoulders. I thrust my legs out, rolling us back into position. He does it again and this time he's able to slip free as I do a reverse somersault onto my knees. I'm met by his thick legs as he whips them around my head. I moan as he tightens the scissors, using it to flip me onto my side.

I grunt, looking for an opening, but his legs are as powerful as they look. I push up, getting him on his shoulders as I stand. I'm bent over as he keeps the scissors on tight. I grab his wrists then lift and rise with him hanging from my neck. Squatch comes up three feet before I drive him back down, slamming his back into the mat. WHAM! He loses the scissors and I stumble back, shaking out my head.

As I move in, the hairy beast kicks out. I grab his foot then twist as I step over him. In one smooth move, I've got him in a single leg crab. I sit back as he fights and twists under me. I use my strength and weight to keep him down. He grunts and pounds the mat in frustration. I lean back even more, but he's ready. He whips his elbow back into me. It doesn't hurt, but it's enough to enable him to topple me over. I hit the wall, momentarily stunned.

Squatch leaps on my back, going for a rear naked choke. I slide a hand in, blocking the move. He swears, probably surprised that I know enough to counter him. The military muscleman whips his arm under mine then locks on a headlock, pinning my right arm against my head. He pulls back, toppling us over. I lie on top of him as he wraps his legs around my body.

It's a crushing scissors hold, one of the strongest I've felt. I really need to watch out for his legs. Still, it's attacking me in my core, which is really strong. It's annoying, but it won't get me to give. I focus on trying to break the headlock. I power my right arm down, fighting to break his grip. Squatch holds firm, squeezing me tighter. We're both sweating like pigs as we grapple.

I put my left hand on his. He tries shaking me, but I'm too focused. I give his index and middle fingers a swift tug. Squatch lets out a sharp grunt and I break his hold. He tries to get it back, going for a rear naked choke, but I sit up, out of range. His scissors has weakened as his focus shifted. I spin around in the hold, landing on top of him.

The military muscleman brings his right leg up between us, trying to kick me off, but I grab it and push it down, putting his knee to his shoulder. I pin his other leg down with my body weight. Squatch is quickly groaning in pain as his groin and hamstring flexibility is severely tested. He clubs my head to get free and I fall over, rolling across the room.

We both rise slowly then start circling again.

From the doorway where he's been watching, Luke asks, "Are you two done with this bullshit?" We both stupidly say 'no', staring at each other. The tension is too high. Luke calls us assholes then storms off, saying he has party stuff to do.

I realize that I should go after him. Big mistake. With my guard momentarily down, Squatch moves in fast. He grabs my arm then forces me down to mat face first. SPLAT! Before I can do anything, he's got my right arm scissored between his massive thighs and he's reaching under my chin. I cry out as he pulls back on the crossface hold

I claw at his hands, but their locked. I try to hold on, but it's no use. I tap his hand, signaling I'm done. Squatch doesn't let go. I tap more furiously, the pain increasing. I moan my submission, "FUCK! C'mon, I give!"

Finally, the military muscleman releases the hold and I collapse on the mat. I work out my arm, my anger rising. I'm partly mad that he took advantage of Luke leaving and I'm kind of upset that he didn't release the crossface right away. Mostly, I'm furious with myself for getting distracted. I should've known better.

As I lie there, I feel his hands slide inside the waistband of my underwear. He yanks it down, hard and fast, stripping me naked. I roll over, "What the fuck?"

Squatch whips my Bane mask and trunks at me. He orders, "Put on your clown costume, bitch. I got two more rounds of torture before I fuck your sorry ass and I don't wanna look at your ugly face while I put you down."

I look at Squatch bitterly. I stand up and slowly start to get ready.

Between Rounds

Squatch drops his briefs, too. I can't help but glance at his manhood. It's impressive and not something I want to experience inside me. He grabs his monster cock and waves it at me, "Yeah, you like that, clown? You wanna get on your fucking knees and worship a real wrestler's cock right now? You a better cocksucker than you are a fighter?"

"Fuck off. I just got distracted by Luke leaving."

As I look away to grab my Bane gear, Squatch runs at me. He slams me into the wall face first. WHAM! I moan as the military muscleman puts me in a hammerlock. His dangling cock presses against my bare ass as he says, "I'm fuckin' pissed about what's goin' on here. You don't wanna make me any angrier, boy. Only reason I'm not gonna break something is 'cause of Luke."

I power out of the hammerlock and push Squatch away. I turn with fists raised. I warn him, "You're wrong about everything. Including me. Here's what's going to happen when I put my Bane gear on. The first time I make you submit, I'm going to strip you. The second time, I'm going to fuck that ugly mug. And when I've beaten you three falls in a row, I'm going to take your belt, put it around my waist then fuck the living hell out of you."

Squatch laughs at me, "Big talk, clown. Next fall, those trunks come off. Final fall, I'm gonna fuck you so hard, you'll be screamin' my name for a week. And I ain't gonna stop until you're begging to get outta Luke's life."

The hairy hunk grabs a pair of USA flag briefs out of his bag, pulling them on. I reach for my black trunks, never taking my eyes off him. Squatch is still trash talking me as I get changed, bragging about how he's going to send me limping out of here for good.

I go silent as I pull on my mask. Immediately, I feel calmer and more confident. The mesh over the eyes tints the world blood red. I always feel different when I wear this. My Bane persona was born out of rage. It enabled me to destroy my best friend. Will it be enough to defend my relationship with Luke?

I'm Bane

Round Two: Bane vs. Squatch

I circle the mat as Bane. Squatch circles opposite me in his USA trunks, the champion of some underground military wrestling group. We're both pumped from the first round, our muscles huge and our skin flush.

We bend over then start swatting hands. We're looking for an opening, but when none comes, we quickly lock up. Once again, we strain against each other. I charge forward like a bull, catching the military muscleman off guard. I slam him into the wall then lift my knee into his abs. THUD! No effect, but with my one leg up, Squatch takes advantage. He pushes, tripping me down onto my ass. PLOP!

Squatch doesn't come at me, which is too bad, because I was ready. Instead, he just laughs at me, calling me a clown again. I spin to my feet. When I turn away, the military muscleman makes his move at me. I'm ready, diving into him. OOF! We topple down with my 250-lbs of muscle on top. I drive my elbow down into his right pec. THUD!

The hairy hunk pushes me off him and we roll apart again. We lock up. Squatch tries for a headlock, but I grab him under the arms on his shift. I squat up, lifting his feet off the mat then turn and slam him down with me on top. BOOM! The impact stuns him long enough for me to lock up his head and get control of his mighty legs with a grapevine.

Squatch pushes his head free, but I force my forearm across his cheek as I lock his right arm up. I wrench his wrist beside his face then push on his tricep. He grunts as I force his elbow back with my weight. The military muscleman pounds my side, but I resist the impact. All the blows do is focus me to push harder.

As I work on the arm, the military muscleman powers his mighty legs closed, breaking my grapevine. He has a huge advantage in leg muscles and uses it to bridge up and topple us to his right. His arm is able to straighten out and I lose the hold. We begin to grapple again, fighting for top.

As we struggle, he locks my left leg between his tree trunks. I go for a headlock, but he outplays me by focusing low. In one smooth move, he gets his arm behind my right leg. He pulls and rolls, spreading my legs out wide and moving me onto my shoulders. Suddenly, I've lost all control and find myself trapped in a fucking spladle.

I grunt as my groin is stretched out and all my weight rests on my neck and shoulders. I try to power out, but it's no use. Squatch mocks me. He pins my right leg with his head and right arm, freeing his left hand to grab my pouch. He taunts me for being small then forces his hand inside the leg of my trunks. I feel his finger on my hole.

"I'm gonna open this up real good, clown."

I focus and roar, bucking my entire body. He had me locked when he used two arms, but with just his head and one arm, his spladle cant hold my 250-lbs. I burst free then roll away. As I get to my knees, Squatch charges at me. I grab him in a front facelock then flip him over. He crashes into the wall hard, denting the drywall with his back. CRACK!

The military muscleman drops down, landing awkwardly on his left leg. He reaches for it, moaning in pain. I grab his left ankle then pull on the leg hard. Squatch swears as I drag him away from the wall by his sore leg. I sit in a single leg crab, cranking up the pressure on his back and leg. He tries to power out, but I hold firm. He tries another elbow escape, but this time, I'm ready and able to ignore it.

I reach down and grab his bulge, "You're a big man, Captain America. Too bad this big package is wasted on a jobber like you."

In response, Squatch roars and he pushes his torso up. I fall forward and he manages to grab my right leg. The hairy hunk rises and suddenly I'm the one in a single leg crab. Motherfucker. He pounds my knee. WHACK! Copying me, he goes for my bulge, but I power free before he can even get there.

I roll over right into a headlock. We go down with him on top of my chest and cranking hard. I swing my legs up, managing to wrap them around his head. I pull hard, slipping my head free and locking him in a head scissors. I squeeze as hard as I can. I know my legs aren't as powerful as his, but they're not weak.

Squatch won't give, so before he gets free, I roll onto my knees, sitting on his head. My ass pushes his face into the mat as my shins rest on the back of his shoulders. I reach out and smack his ass before grabbing his ankles. I pull up on his legs, folding his back the wrong way in my crab. He's heavy, but his moans motivate me.

"How's the mat taste, champ? Your fat ass looks sweet."

The hairy hunk grunts then pushes up. We topple again. Squatch tackles me down, but I get my legs around him. My left leg goes behind his right armpit and I pull his right arm forward. My other leg is around his head, forming a triangle. When I grab my right foot, I've got the triangle choke locked in tight.

Squatch fights, but I apply sudden and firm pressure. He groans and is forced to tap fast before he can even try to counter. I ease up, but keep the hold in place for a moment, savoring the fall. I finally let him free, feeling pumped and proud.

Between Rounds

The hairy hunk pounds the mat angrily, pissed at losing a fall. I move in and reach for his trunks. He moves to block me, so I clip his head with my knee. When he goes down, I drive my knee into his chest then pin him with it. I yank the patriotic flag trunks down to his knees, exposing his huge cock and bull balls.

I rise then finish the job, this time without resistance. He fluffs his meat then rises to start stretching out. He mutters, "You tied it up, clown, but I'm gonna finish it."

I respond, "You still don't get it. You didn't beat Bane that first round. When I wear this, it's a whole different ballgame, Captain." As the military muscleman starts to reply, I charge him. He's surprised, giving me the chance to shove his sweaty USA trunks deep into his mouth.

I grip his head tight and look into his eyes before I back off. I tell him, "You talk too much."

Squatch rips the trunks from his mouth then gives me a hard stare. He doesn't say anything though. So that's a win. The military muscleman starts stretching out and I follow suit. It's cool to just start fighting, but not smart. After two rounds, we finally take care of our bodies as things get serious.

Round Three

We circle the mat. Squatch’s thick meat is swinging as we move, a sexy reminder of his loss. It’s motivation for him and a distraction for me. I stay back, avoiding a lockup until I’m satisfied I can completely focus on wrestling the hairy hunk. Okay, I’ve seen enough.

I move in and we sway hands before locking up. I push against his hard muscles, expecting resistance, but he moves back fast. I trip forward, my head and shoulder dropping. He grabs me around my waist. The naked muscleman lifts and flips me over onto my back. WHAM! He drives his knee into my shoulder then wraps my arm in an armlock.

The hairy hunk works my arm hard, sitting up with my arm trapped in his thick thighs. I swing my legs up to pull him off, but he catches me. Squatch folds me into a cradle, keeping my arm trapped. He grabs behind my head and I’m locked up tight. Fuck. I keep shifting and fighting, eventually toppling us over. As we roll over, the military muscleman jams his knee up into my taint. WHACK!

I grunt, “Don’t start shit you can’t finish, champ!”

Squatch laughs as he splashes onto my back, knocking the wind out of me. He locks on a full nelson. My face gets mashed into the mat as he humps my ass. “Don’t you worry about what I can finish, clown!”

The hairy hunk keeps humping my ass as he squeezes on the nelson. I roar as I thrust my arms down, breaking the hold. I have the upper body advantage, but Squatch quickly moves his arms around my head in a rear naked choke. I push up, flipping us over. My weight landing on him is enough to distract him, allowing me to escape the hold.

As I move away, Squatch gets his legs around my head before I get away. I turn to face him as he closes his mighty thighs tight into a head scissors. I’m immediately groaning in pain. Fuck, his legs are so fucking strong. I feel intense pain, so I know I need to move fast. I push up, pushing his legs forward. He tries to force me back, but he can’t.

I feel like my head is about to pop. I twist, forcing Squatch over onto his side then over onto his chest. He loses the scissors as my masked head slips free. I drop my ass onto his back, mainly because I’m dizzy, but it has a good result. The military muscleman rises, toppling me off. He tries to get on top of me, but I get a leg between us. I kick out, sending him flying backwards into the opposite wall. WHACK!

Squatch gets up first, moving in. I manage a leg sweeper, tripping him down, He lands on his butt. PLOP! As we rise, I manage to grab him in a front face lock then flip him over and roll on top of him, mounting him. The hairy hunk bucks me off and we start to grapple. We go back and forth, pretty evenly matched as we struggle for top.

I grab his head, he pulls free. He works to trap me in his legs, but I manage to avoid that fate. Our strategies are obvious and we’re both skilled enough to avoid real trouble. Our bodies are slippery with sweat, making it impossible to lock anything on. We’re both gasping for breath as our bulging muscles start to tire.

I get on top and he kicks me off. With us on opposite sides of the room, I grab a towel then another. I toss him one and we wipe down, never taking our eyes off each other. When we’re dry, we jump right back in with a lockup. I grab him around the chest then flip him down. We grapple again, but this time, I manage to stay on top and in control.

Squatch grunts and moves into pure defensive mode. It’s effective as I can’t lock on a good hold. He manages to toss me off, but I spear him in the stomach as he rises. We fly into the wall. WHACK! I rise, lifting him over my shoulder then spin and slam him down onto his back. WHAM! He moans, obviously winded from the two rough impacts.

I drag him up to his feet then scoop him up across my chest. I tell him, “Now I’ll show you how clowns play wrestle, champ!”

I body slam him onto the mat. WHAM! He arches his back, so I stomp his abs. OOF! I drag him up again then scoop him up. This time, I body slam him even harder. BOOM! When he lifts his hips, I reach down and grab his limp cock. It’s still a handful as I force him to keep his hips up. The military muscleman reaches for his crotch, so I grab his wrist then use it to pull him to his feet by his arm.

As I drag Squatch to his feet, he spins free, his sweaty cock and arm slipping out of my grip. I move in and he turns to face me. He walks right into my arms. I scoop him up across my chest, holding his 240-lbs of muscle up. This time, I take my time, letting him think about what’s to come.

This time, I don’t bodyslam him. Instead, I spin then drop him down across my outstretched leg in an over-the-knee backbreaker. CRACK! The hairy hunk lets out a cry. I hold his naked body on my leg, pushing down on his chin and knee. His big muscles and hairy body look great in this position.

I look at his stretched muscle body as he lies helpless on my leg. I know he's not that flexible and his grunting tells me that he's struggling not to give. I reach up and toy with his big cock and balls as they dangle. Even soft his dick is meaty and impressive.

I tell him, “I warned you about starting shit. I could crush your fucking junk, Captain America, but I won't. I'm not giving you any excuses. This is just another round you lost to my play wrestling moves."

I push the military muscleman off my leg onto the mat. As he groans, I drag him up, "Time to scream, champ." I hoist him across my shoulders in a torture rack. "How do you like these clown moves? This is nothing to a real wrestler like you, right? C'mon, let's hear you laugh now!"

Squatch lets out a cry as I crank hard on the back breaking hold. When I start bouncing his massive muscle body, he's got no choice. The hairy hunk cries out his submission, "I give! Give!" I stop bouncing, but I don't drop him right away. Only when he whimpers another submission do I decide to let go, letting him collapse down six feet to the mat. SPLAT!

I circle the mat, rolling my shoulders and adjusting my neck. He's a big boy, but I'm up 2-1 now. Just one more round, but first, I've got some stakes to collect on.

Between Rounds

I drag Squatch to his knees. He moans and reaches for his back, rubbing it. I keep my left hand on his head as I lower the front of my black trunks with my right. I wedge them under my balls then grab my cock. It doesn't take much to get semi-hard. I slap his face with my cock. WHAP! He growls, but takes it.

"Stick out your tongue, Captain." When Squatch opens his mouth, I slap my cock on his tongue. FWAP! FWAP! FWAP! I force it inside his mouth, "You can't beat me, but maybe you can get me hard."

The military muscleman reaches his hand up and wraps it around the base of my cock. He starts bobbing his head up and down, sucking me off. I notice his cock is soft. Still big, but he's obviously not enjoying this. Good. I love beating jobbers, but I really love beating guys like this. Guys who don't lose. Guys who hate the idea of losing. Yeah, watching him suck me has me rock hard in seconds.

I make him lick the sweat off my balls before I shove my hard cock back into his mouth. I ruthlessly face fuck him, ramming the back of his throat with the head of my dick. I savor the sound of his gagging as he struggles to take the pounding I'm giving him. When I finally pull out, he's looking soft and smaller everywhere. Perfect.

I tuck myself back in then grab his chin. I force his face up so he's looking at my masked face. "Just a few more minutes and that ass is mine, Captain."

"Okay, you can be cocky, but you haven't won yet, clown."

I pat his cheek in a condescending way, "Yeah, you keep fighting. It makes it sweeter if we both know that you really tried your best and your best didn't mean shit."

Round Four

I order Squatch to get his ass up, it's time to finish this. He rolls to his feet. When he's sideways, he lashes out with a surprise kick to my gut. Well, surprise to most guys. I knew it was coming. Instead of blocking it, I just tense my abs and take it. THUD! It stings, but I laugh it off. He's surprised as I charge in and grab him around the throat.

I run Squatch against the wall hard. WHACK! While he's stunned, I grab around his throat then lift the hairy hunk into the air. He grasps my forearms and tries to brace his feet on my thighs, but I shake them off. When he knees me in the side, I turn, dropping him onto his back. WHAM! I drag his naked ass up then lock on a reverse bearhug.

The military muscleman squirms as I crush his midsection. I hold him tight against me. When he fights, I shake him back and forth, disrupting every counter. Squatch sags in my arms, the fight wearing him down while I'm just getting more pumped. He reaches back, grabbing my mask, so I throw him down before he can do anything more. As he goes down, my mask gets turned.

I fix it up, but he's already charging at me. Squatch runs me into the wall, back first. WHAM! He starts pounding my abs like a heavy bag. THUD! POW! THUD! The hairy hunk's fists tear into my muscles. I know I have to counter, so I just push forward, bulldozing him down. He falls onto his bare ass. PLOP! I kick out, slamming my bare foot into his huge pecs. THUD!

Squatch goes down onto his back, but his legs naturally rise. I lift them up then stomp between his legs, hitting his abs hard. WHACK! I push his legs out fast, whipping them open and straining his groin muscles. As he rolls onto his left side, reaching for his groin, I grab his right arm then force him up. I whip him into the wall, face first. WHAM!

The military muscleman goes limp, but before he can move, I follow in with a splash on his back. SPLAT! The hairy hunk is squashed between the wall and my 250-lbs of charging muscle. I force his face flat against the wall with my forearm as I grind my black spandex bulge on his bare ass. He grunts then pushes back, sending me backwards.

Squatch turns fast with a clothesline, but I'm ready. I grab his arm then flip him down with an arm drag takedown. WHAM! I keep hold of his arm then drop down with a knee to his bicep. POW! He grunts as I drag him up. I put my ass against his body as I drape his arm over my shoulder. I pull down fast, wrenching the arm on my shoulder.

When I let go, the hairy hunk staggers back, holding his arm. I kick out, driving my foot into his right shoulder. THUD! He flies back into the wall. WHAP! As I advance, he goes for a tackle, but I twist so we go down hard on his right side. WHACK! The military muscleman lets out a cry as our 490-lbs of muscle all lands on his shoulder.

Squatch rolls to the side, clutching his arm. I don't ask if he's okay, instead seizing the opportunity. I drag him into a head scissors and armbar combination. He work his arm hard and his gasps are higher pitched as the pain radiates from his shoulder. Add in my head scissors and he can't focus at all.

When I give a hard, sudden squeeze and pull, he yells then starts tapping furiously. I let go, allowing him to roll away, gripping his arm.

The defeated hairy hunk buries his head on the mat, swearing to himself. I hear, "Fuck. Lost to a fuckin' clown. What the fuck, Squatch?"

I get that he's pissed at himself, but I'm too worked up to let another 'clown' reference pass. I'm back on him fast, grabbing him around the head from behind. He gurgles as I tighten my grip and drag him to his feet.

"I told you talk too much, Captain. Only one way to shut you the fuck up."

Squatch fights, but I have a rear naked choke locked on tight. In my current mood and his current condition, he hasn't got a shot of breaking free. I squeeze and his 240-lbs body goes limp. I drop him to the mat and he crumples in an unconscious heap of sweaty, useless, naked muscle.

Even though there's no one to see it, I still flex over him. It helps settle me down as I relax. I start to feel the effects of the match as my adrenaline wears off.


I'm drenched in sweat. Squatch lies on the mat, unmoving. I survey the unconscious military muscleman. So hot and hairy. And all mine. I grab the belt from Squatch's bag, put it around my waist. I look in the mirror. Looks hot. My cock starts to power up in my black trunks.

I head out to get some water. Luke is getting stuff ready for the party. He looks at me in my Bane gear and Squatch's championship belt. His eyebrow goes up, but doesn't say a word. I know he's pissed at me, but I'm too pumped to deal with it. I head back to the mat room. I lift my mask to guzzle water, thinking about my next move.

I put the water on the window sill then pull my mask back down. I slowly strip off my trunks. I fluff up my junk. Looking good. I smirk then grab my water bottle. I pour the remaining liquid on his head to wake him up.

The hairy stud coughs and gags. He says, "I tapped. You didn't need to put me out, fucker."

"You still fucking talking?" I take an aggressive step forward and he slides his naked ass back. I laugh, "I wanted a moment with my belt." Squatch finally processes that his belt around my waist, resting on my cock. I'm towering over him. He goes red and balls his fists. I stomp him then say, "I just kicked your ass three straight falls. You really gonna try something now?"

Squatch grits his teeth as he shakes his head. I toss the empty bottle aside then order him onto his back. The military muscleman rolls up obediently. His face is etched with anger, but what else can he do. I figure he's got too much honor to try anything cheap, plus I kicked his fucking ass. I bet he's never lost like this.

I work my cock hard, staring down at his sexy body. Fuck, he's so fucking big. I haven't beaten a guy like this in awhile. It feels good. I drop some lube on his stomach, "Get your hole ready for the new champ."

Squatch grabs the bottle. He squeezes some lube on his fingers then rubs his hole. I taunt him, "Yeah, get it in there deep. Slide those fingers in there. C'mon, all the way in, right up to the base. Yeah, that's a good boy."

I slide on a condom as he fingers his ass, the sight of him doing it has me rock hard. I grab his ankles then force him over into a cradle. Squatch's hole is pointing up, perfectly positioned for me to step over him then squat down. I raise the belt then lock it on tighter around my waist. I force my cock into his tight hole. He moans as I lower myself.

I start slow, but once he's loose, I start jackhammering his sweet ass. The hairy hunk groans as he's folded up with my weight pounding down onto him. He starts gasping from the impact. I work him this way for awhile before I let him down. Next, I make him get on his hands and knees. I fuck him doggie style, holding his hips tight.

As I ram my cock into him, I ask, "You feel my belt slapping against your fat ass? You like that? Yeah, you love it. Reminds you how bad you lost, right?"

Squatch hangs his head, not responding. He's just riding this humiliation out, but I want him to remember it. My mind wanders and I wish Luke was here to watch me fuck his idol. Stop. That's the mask talking. I focus again on the task at hand, ravaging this military muscleman's ass. I feel my load building, so I pull out then put him on his back.

I hoist the hairy hunk's legs into the air then ride him again. I demand he look at me. I want him to look me in the mask. As I stare at his handsome face and meaty, hairy pecs, it doesn't take long before I'm about to explode. There's no holding it back this time. I pull out, rip off the condom then erupt, coating his massive manhood, hairy six-pack and heaving pecs with my seed.

My load is huge. I saved up, expecting to be spending the night with Luke after the party. With that unlikely, I drain my balls, layering the beautiful body with ropes of my white hot cum.

When I'm done, I fall back onto my ass. I look at my handiwork and smile before I finally rise. I take off the belt then toss it back on Squatch's bag. I sit down to relax, finally peeling off my mask. The hairy muscleman and I just sit there in silence. Sweaty, drained and exhausted, we don't talk for a long time. He grabs my mask, looking at it closely.

The military muscleman tries to break the ice, "How do you breathe in this thing?"

"I don't need to breathe."

Squatch just nods at me, realizing I'm not going to make small talk. He says, "Look, you're a good wrestler. And you might be a good guy. But you and your shit are no good for him. If you cared about Echo, you'd leave."

I respond, "And if you cared about LUKE, you'd stay. Otherwise, you should just shut the fuck up and let him move on with his life."

We don't say another word to each other for the rest of the night. Luke is cold to me and at the end of the party, I'm the one leaving while they stay together in Luke's house.

I need to talk, but my best friend Cody left with his boyfriend awhile ago and I don't want to bother them. If I can't talk this out, I need to fuck. I try Corey, but he doesn't pick up. Fortunately, Pete is home, so I head to his place to let out my frustration.

Two Days Later



We're in the gym where we met. We just stare at each other, Luke hugging the heavy bag and me fidgeting nervously. We haven't spoken since Squatch and me had our thing. Luke avoided me at the party and I didn't push it. I reached out yesterday, but he didn't respond. He was so pissed at me that I figure it's over between us, but I need to hear it from him.

Luke starts, "Look, I'm sorry I didn't text you back. I just had a lot of feelings to work out. What we had was fun, but what I had with Squatch was a lot more intense. I had to deal with him before I could deal with us."

I breathe in deeply then comment, "I notice you used the past tense for both of us."

"Did I? I'm sorry. Squatch is gone. Left yesterday. He's gone back to whatever classified location they're keeping him in. I don't think he'll be coming back. Ever. I needed a day to mourn that relationship."

"Understood. I'm sorry. I know he was important to you."

"Thanks. He still is, but we're in very different places in our lives and always will be. And as for us, I just don't know. The past few weeks have been great. I thought it was what I wanted. Casual. No attachments. Just wrestling, sex and friendship. It sounds perfect, but ... I don't know."

"So you don't want casual?"

Luke shrugs, "Maybe. But you just co-hosted my housewarming. That's not casual. Guys kept asking me what our deal is and it got me thinking."

I nod, trying to decide what to say. I settle on, "I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"I was fine with the idea of Squatch, but I didn't like actually meeting Squatch. We literally went to the mats over you. And that makes me feel like a hypocrite."

Luke nods, "Got it. Yeah, it's not so easy on the other side, is it? It's tough enough, fitting in between your other guys, but to know them. Know their names. Have conversations with them. Hang out then watch you go off with Pete or Corey. It's too real. It feels like ... I don't know. All I know is it's not just fun."

I sigh, "Cody calls you my harem. I found it funny. Now it makes me feel like I'm the worst person in the world. I'm trying to make up for lost time when I led a lonely life, but it's not fair to any of you. You're right. Sex is one thing, but now I'm in a lot deeper than that. It's like I'm in relationships with three guys."

Luke gives me a small comforting smile, "I'm glad you see it. Look, you're not doing anything wrong. You never lied about what was up or why. You're a good guy. No, you're a great guy. That's why we put up with it. You're worth it."

"I don't feel worth it."

"You are. I'm actually sorry I wasn't as honest with you as you've been with me. I should've told you as soon as things felt weird, but I like you and your friends. Cody, Jae, Josh, all of them. They're just great and I was selfish, too. I wasn't honest because I didn't want to lose you or them."

I nod. I breathe in deep, "I like you, but I don't know what I can promise."

We just stare at each other in silence. He speaks first, "Ryan, I'm willing to keep going. For now. I don't know when, but at some point soon, I'll need a decision. Before I fall too hard. It's only been a month, but you're not just a random fuck buddy. You're going to need to make a choice or I will."

"It's not that easy."

"Trust me, I get that, but I need to protect myself, Ryan. I don't want to fall for you then get dumped. Pete is already madly in love with you. And I think your feelings for Corey are deeper than you realize. You're going to have to break someone's heart eventually. Maybe your own."

I sigh, "I know."

Luke pulls me in for a kiss. We don't say another word until I'm slamming him into the wall in the storage room we frequently use for wrestling and sex. I lose myself in the moment. We go at each other hard, ravaging each other like animals. After we fuck, we lie on the mat, sweaty and spooning. I suddenly feel the weight of my situation again.

What was fun has suddenly become a burden. Luke is right, but that's no comfort. I need to talk to Cody. Maybe he'll know what to do. I squeeze Luke's naked body tight against mine, worrying about what might come.

The End


  1. SO good! It's like, with the drama heightened, the action was heightened too, to maintain balance. And it was fucking hot! In large part due to "Bane" taking over, but mainly, for me, due to Squatch. A nice hairy muscleman adding some diversity to the cast--so I certainly hope Luke is wrong, and Squatch WILL be back. Because Ryan's--well, kind of a prick sometimes (see: Squatch trying to reach out via smalltalk post-stakes), and the hottest of the three being gone at the end of the story was too heartbreaking!

    1. P.S. And I know Squatch is no angel. ;) But he FELT he was right, and that he was being the good guy. (And was showing an interest in/fascination with the mask! That shit should be CULTIVATED, Ryan!)

    2. P.P.S. I forgot to mention, but I totally appreciated the Bane backbreaker! :)

    3. Sean, glad you liked it. Well, Squatch seemed gone after the last story and yet here he is.

      No one here was intended to be a bad guy. I tried to think of Squatch's reaction to the situation and I can see why he'd think Ryan and The Cave were a bad idea. Hopefully readers can as well.

      And a backbreaker is kind of Bane's signature move. Thanks for noticing. :)

  2. How I have missed Bane! Welcome back! Its like Ryan gets into the character so deep that he is transformed from the sweet Ryan. I loved when he just belittles squatch. It felt like he was still in the rush of the match, Bane still controlling him, and he just snapped back. I loved how he bullied Squatch verbally. Mostly because Squatch had done that to him calling him clown. I loved how they were fighting for Luke, the damsel. I wonder how Luke felt having two big tough men literally fighting for him. I had to imagine that he was quietly enjoying it. But this story was all about Ryan. I had missed his character and I think we saw that dark side of him. He really wants Luke, and he let it know. That last part of the story, ohhhh that is like the biggest "to be continued" since the Cave started. This story has a lot of so many interesting things in it.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, giving an angry Ryan the Bane mask = not smart. Glad you liked it!

    2. Something that caught my eye...why does Squatch have a belt? That was interesting to say the least.

    3. Thanks for noticing. Luke explains the belt as being part of an underground wrestling group in whatever special military group where Squatch is part of.

  3. Great match as always Bane is the best as always as far as Ryan's choice and talking to Cody easy decision and predictable conversation Corey's just a fuck boy and Pete calls it like it is he's just the person Ryan fucks because he can't have Cody at the moment anyway. Pete is a douche who hates his best friend and is far to clingy, and Luke is well Luke easy choice and Cody will just tell him to pick Luke. But what do I know your the writer the matches are great and I love the overall story any hints on the next match or at least the release date how many left are there for the year?

    1. Thanks! Appreciate the compliments.

      I love giving hints. There are two more stories for the year. They'll be posted on schedule on 12/1 and 12/15. Both are Cave stories. 12/1 features some (perhaps) surprising returns in a tag team match, while 12/15 features a fan favorite in a way you've never read him. My proofreading helper called it my best story ever, so ... yeah. :)

  4. Hot with just the right amount of drama, superb as always!

    1. Appreciate the comment! Glad you liked it.