Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Cave: The Adventures of SuperStar 12

The Cave Locker Room

"Ugh, did you see that Luke guy is here again? He's such a clingy bitch. Don't you think so, Jae? I mean, he's not even wrestling today. I feel like I should ask him to leave. Ryan's too nice to tell him to get lost, but I'm sure he doesn't need the distraction."

And here's Pete bringing the drama to my day. I'm like, "Just keep it cool, man. Luke's here with Ryan and you do NOT wanna piss Ryan off. Remember what happened to Cody when he interfered in the guy's dating life. Ryan's a nice guy, but the dude can snap fast. Just ride it out."

Jae (me)

I keep toweling off, showered and naked after a match where I debuted my new villain persona, DarkStar. I wrestle for The Cave, a gay-oriented, superhero-themed pro wrestling video company. It's co-owned by my boyfriend Cody and his best friend Ryan. I've always been a hero named SuperStar, our version of Superman, but today, I switched it up. It felt awesome to be a heel, but I'm waiting for Cody to come back here and tell me what he thinks. Instead, I've got Pete whining.

Pete's supposed to be back here to check on me and make sure I'm okay. He hasn't even asked about me yet, fixated on Luke, a new guy in Ryan's life. To be fair, Pete usually does a good job helping out around The Cave. Shooting, editing, cleaning; basically anything Ryan needs, he does. And I mean anything. But with Luke here, Pete's lost his focus.

Here's where it gets a little messy. See, Pete is Ryan's second best friend after Cody. My boyfriend is his nemesis. They have a hate-hate rivalry. Ryan is loyal to them both, so he won't throw either one aside for the other. Not for a lack of trying on their parts. Ryan and Pete fuck, but they're just friends with benefits. Pete is crazy in love with Ryan, but too bad for him, the feeling is not mutual. The 29-year old Ryan is all about playing the field these days.

And it's an interesting field with three steady guys on top of a bunch of one-night stands. At 6'3" and over 300-lbs, Pete is a huge round mound of pure plump bitchiness. He's heavy, but really strong and a total beast in the ring. I've heard that Ryan used to be soft and heavy, too, before he transformed himself into a 6'4"/250-lbs muscleman. So Pete is like the last remnant of old Ryan.

Pete is a real beast in the ring

However, new Ryan is more confident and fit, so he's hooked up with Corey, his second steady piece of ass. The teen stud is an uber-hot (and he knows it) 19-year old who's a ripped 5'10"/180-lbs. And now there's Luke, a handsome ex-military bodybuilder type who's 6'1"/220-lbs of sculpted power. They met at the gym thanks to Cody and it's been non-stop sex and wrestling ever since.



Got it?

Back to the moment. I see Pete is still thinking about Luke. I try to calm him down, "Pete, it's really not a problem. Luke won't get in the way. He's a good guy."

Pete rolls his eyes at me, "No, he's not a good guy, Jae. You're a bad judge of character." I give him the stink eye. He says, "No offense, but you're dating Cody, so point proven. Anyway, you don't think it's weird that Luke is always hanging with us? I mean, he's from here. Where are his own friends?"

I shrug, "I'm sure Luke has friends, but he just likes hanging out with us. He wasn't out in high school and he's been in the army for the past 8 years. We're -"

"Oh fuck, I get it. He was a fucking soldier. Like he doesn't play that up for all he can. Always wearing camouflage shorts and shit."

I laugh, "Luke's a gay muscle dude. Of course he wears camouflage. We all do."

Pete ignores me. He declares, "I don't trust him."

"You only don't trust him because him and Ryan are fucking. Geez, you aren't this worked up about Corey and he's -"

Pete interrupts me again, "Corey's a passing fad. He's just a way for Ryan to get over his Cody fetish. Something I wholeheartedly support. And you should too, by the way."

Now it's my turn to roll my eyes, "You always say that, but I still don't see it."

"Fortunately Ryan doesn't either, but that's all it is. Corey is a selfish and vain little muscle slut who thinks of nobody but himself. He's just a 19-year old copy of your boyfriend. The jerky Cody that Ryan blindly loved for so long. Fuck, even their names are basically the same. Corey, Cody. Cody, Corey. Ugh. And then Ryan makes him Mimik, a copycat character? Fuck, it's like some kind of crazy Freudian thing."

I shrug, "If you say so."

Pete is in full bitch mode now. "I know so. Psych was my minor at LAU. I know Ryan better than anyone, even your whore boyfriend." I bite my tongue. "It won't last. See, I figure Corey and you are actually good for me. When Ryan gets tired of Corey, he'll really be getting tired of Cody. And as long as you're around, Cody doesn't need Ryan. I just hope you can hold on to that whore long enough."

I respond sarcastically, "Gee, thanks. Glad to be of help."

Pete ignores me, "It's this Luke who's the problem. He's messing everything up."

I decide to end this by asking Pete, "Luke's having a housewarming party tomorrow night, co-hosted by Ryan. I take it that you will NOT be attending?"

Pete just looks at me with a glare then screams as he stomps off. I shrug then get back to getting dressed. I should dislike Pete, but I don't. I feel sorry for him. Yeah, he's manipulative, bitchy and a troublemaker, but he's loyal and can actually be smart and wickedly funny. Too bad only Ryan ever gets to really see that side of him on a regular basis. And it's none of my business, but I actually don't think Ryan is being fair to Pete.

Cody finally comes in looking for me. After experiencing Pete's drama for the day, I appreciate having a stable normal boyfriend even more. Things quickly take a sexy turn as we discuss my DarkStar debut and I forget all about the intrigue of Ryan's harem as Cody calls them.

Later That Night

What a long day. It's 2:06am and Cody's arms are around me, his body is pressed against my back and his semi-hard cock rests against my ass. He's already asleep and I feel his slow, hot breath on my neck. I feel good. Tired, but good as I drift off into a deep post-sex sleep.


Dream Time

I pace behind the curtain, waiting to be introduced. I'm pumped and focused, but I know that this will be my toughest challenge yet.

"Welcome to the Costumed Wrestling Alliance MAIN EVENT! Tonight's finale is a FATAL FOUR-WAY Heavyweight Match! Can the ring withstand the power of these four world breakers? Let's get to it and see!"

The CWA is the place for heroes and villains to battle, saving the world property damage while letting us cut loose. The heavyweight division is more of a heavy-hitter division. With inertial dampeners, tractor beams and energy draining technology, the CWA suppresses all of our abilities except super-strength and invulnerability, forcing us into a true pro wrestling contest.

The ring might be specially designed to contain our power, but when we clash, anything can happen. Especially after the match. None of the fans know that when the ring is lowered, the loser faces an even worse humiliation - getting fucked by the winner in front of his friends and enemies. It's not fun, but if it saves lives, I have to go along.

The green light goes on as the announcer starts in, "Introducing first, accompanied by his manager, the Non-Powered Division Champion, Batman, standing 6'3" and weighing in at 230-lbs, it's the Man of Steel ... here's SUUUUU-PERMAAANNNN!"

I enter the arena ahead of my trainer and lover, the Caped Crusader. The crowd cheers for me as I wave to them. I keep my nerves in check, knowing that I'm in for a rough ride. My red cape flutters behind me as I flex for the adoring fans. I wear red briefs with a yellow belt, tall red pro boots and blue forearms gauntlets, evoking my superhero costume, but a mostly naked version of it. I don't like the showy display of muscle, but it's perfectly designed for the pro wrestling ring.

As soon as I'm in the ring, the announcer starts up again. He says, "Up next, standing 8' tall, weighing 2 tons, we have the monster of Metropolis, the one and only DOOMSDAY!"

I turn to watch as the massive beast lumbers forward. He's an ugly creature, but easily the most dangerous opponent I've ever faced. I have no idea how this is going to play out. His bulk is barely contained in his tight black spandex shorts. His gray skin is unbreakable and the bony protrusions on his head and hands can tear you apart before you know it.

As Doomsday climbs into the ring, the announcer screams, "And now, welcome to the ring that crazy Kryptonian from another dimension, standing at 6' tall and weighing 190-lbs, it's SUPERBOY-PRIME!"

I tense up. Another powerful menace. Superboy-Prime is a warped copy of me. He is as evil as I am good, but in his twisted mind, he thinks he's the real hero. The villainous doppelgänger storms out, looking to the audience for applause, but instead he's met with boos. I see all his muscles tense with anger in his copycat gear.

Superboy-Prime comes to the ring quickly. He points at me, "I'm finally gonna prove to everyone who the REAL Superman is!"

Before I can say a word, the announcer finishes up. He blasts out, "And finally, standing 6'6" tall and weighing in at 280-lbs, powered by the spirit of America, here's the leader of the famous Freedom Fighters, it's the one and only UNCLE SAM!"

The grey-haired muscleman comes out to even bigger applause than me. Home crowd advantage, I guess. Uncle Sam is a powerful hero who's 240 years old, but looks like he's in his 20's. Only the grey hair suggests he's older. He's wearing USA flag trunks with matching boots, shirt cuffs and a tall hat. Under other circumstances we might be allies, but tonight it's every man for himself.

With the four of us in place, it's time to get going.


The rules are simple. It's like a tag match with no partners. We each take a corner. Two guys start, but they can tag anyone in. If you're pinned, submit or are knocked out, you're done. We keep going for three rounds, crowning one winner.

We drew lots before the match and the first wrestlers in are me and Doomsday. The big beast lumbers around the ring. I back away, sizing him up. We have to execute a wrestling move before we can tag, so we're doing this.

Superman vs. Doomsday

Doomsday is stronger, but not nearly as fast or smart as me. Unfortunately, my super-speed and flight are neutralized, but I'm still faster and more agile. I just have to try fast, hard strikes. If we start grappling, I'll be in trouble.

We lock up and he barrels forward. I twist and counter his charge. I spin him so that he hits Superboy-Prime's corner hard, back first. CLANG! From behind, Superboy-Prime gives the monster a hard rabbit punch. WHACK! When the beast turns to face the new threat, I grab him around the waist. I lift and throw him over with a belly to back suplex. WHAM!

I leap up fast. The big beast is powerful, but he's slow. As he rises, I lash out with a boot to his head. CRACK! He tumbles to the side. I stomp his huge body as hard as I can. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Doomsday pushes up and I back off. As soon as he reaches his feet, I'm up with a drop kick. POW! He flies into the ropes.

When Doomsday bounces off the ropes, I meet him with a double axe handle to his chest. BOOM! The monster stumbles back, but doesn't fall. I move in fast. The huge beast tries to grab me, but I grab his arm then flip him over with an arm drag takedown. WHAM! Doomsday rolls. When he stops, I'm there with a flying elbow that shakes the ring. THUD!

Doomsday reaches for me, but I roll out of reach. The beast rises to his hands and knees. When I move in, he surprises me and kicks out, hitting me in the stomach. OOF! I stumble backwards, but I know I have to keep going. As soon as he hits his feet, I dive in, clipping his leg out. WHACK! The monster goes down hard.

I start stomping his knee, trying to wear the monster down. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! He rolls at me, going for my legs. I manage to dodge, but it gives him time to rise. As soon as he does, I manage to scoop him up then body slam him to the mat. BOOM! I move to make a tag with Superboy-Prime. Let's have the villain's fight each other for a moment.

Before I can make it there, Doomsday reaches out and grabs my ankle. He trips me to mat. SPLAT! The huge beast rises then splashes onto my back. SQUASH! He mounts my back then starts hammering my back with fists and forearms. WHACK! POW! WHACK! I try to cover up and protect my head as the massive monster pounds the crap out of my back.

I manage to push myself up and topple him off, but I'm woozy. Doomsday grabs me from behind around my waist. He drags me up into him in a reverse bearhug. I feel small against him, like a toy for this indestructible creature. I feel my midsection being crushed as he squeezes tighter and tighter. I can only moan in pain.

As Doomsday uses his impossible power to crush me, he starts shaking me back and forth. I groan and cry out, but I won't give in, even though the pain is excruciating. The monster gets bored, tossing me aside. He lets out a roar then drags me up. The huge beast lifts me up, gorilla pressing me overhead. Without the ability to fly, there's not much I can do but wait.

The monster brings me down, but not in a bodyslam. He brings me down across his massive thigh in a huge backbreaker that nearly snaps my spine. KRAKABOOM! Doomsday pushes me off his leg and I writhe at his huge feet. I struggle to fight through the pain. I do not want to lose to him, especially if it might mean being fucked by his cock, which is proportional to his size.

Doomsday lifts his boot to stomp me, but I manage to dodge. I roll to Superboy-Prime's corner to tag him in. As I reach up, I hear the monster charging in. I thrust my arm out to tag the young doppelgänger, but before I can tag him, I hear another tag.

Oh shit, the teen musclestud tagged Doomsday before I could tag him. Damn.

TAG! Superman vs. Superboy-Prime

Superboy-Prime leaps over the top rope to take advantage of my weakened condition. Punk. He comes down with a splash across my back. SPLAT! Prime grabs my wrist and ankle as he positions his feet in my back. He pulls back on the bow and arrow, bending my back the wrong way. I moan in pain, trying to pull free. Unfortunately the other-dimensional Kryptonian is actually stronger than me.

I hold out against Prime's punishing hold. He's powerful, but impatient. He releases the hold, driving his boot into my back. WHACK! I fly forward towards the corner. I reach out, hoping to slap Doomsday for a tag, but the teen muscleman is on me fast. He grabs my boot and pulls me away from the corner. I squirm and kick back, freeing myself. I turn on my ass to face him and he backs off.

Prime stalks me, but I manage to keep him back with a stare as I get to my feet. We circle the ring then move in for a lockup. The teen muscleman surprises me with a boot to my gut. OOF! I bend forward right into a driving elbow that smacks into the side of my head. CRACK! I do a 180 then feel his boot slam into my ass. I go flying into the corner, face first. CLANG!

I turn around just in time to see Prime leaping at me, knee raised. He crashes into me and I'm crushed into the corner. WHACK! The devious doppelgänger bounces off and I topple forward, landing face first on the mat. I struggle to rise, but I feel his right hand reach under me and grab my throat. I'm hauled up only to be slammed back down with a chokeslam that shakes the ring. KABOOM!

Prime goes for a pin, but I kick out at two. The cocky punk grabs me around the throat with two hands, forcing me to my feet. He lifts me up, holding me aloft in the choke. I can't break his grip, but I can swing my legs around him. I squeeze them in a body scissors. The teen muscleman grunts then drops me to the mat. WHAM!

The villainous Kryptonian moves back in fast, but I kick out, hitting him in the abs. Prime flies backwards into the ropes as I roll onto my stomach. He leaps over me on the ricochet, bouncing off the opposite ropes as I spring to my feet. Prime goes for a cross body block, but I catch him, spinning with his momentum into a huge power slam. BOOM!

I rise then turn to tag in Uncle Sam. I need a break bad. Before I can take a step, the teen muscleman trips me to the mat. He keeps hold of my ankle, dragging me backwards. I hear a slap and realize he dragged me back to Doomsday's corner. That slap was a legal tag. I'm not getting out of the ring. The monster is coming back in.

TAG! Superman vs. Doomsday

I struggle as hard as I can to escape, but Prime holds my leg. Before I can break free, Doomsday splashes down onto my back, crushing me. SPLAT! The beast mounts me then starts pounding on my back relentlessly with his bony hands. POW! POW! POW! I feel my muscles breaking down even as my smooth, invulnerable flesh is marked by the fierce assault.

Doomsday drags me to my feet from behind. He spins me around. I fire a fist into his gut, but it just bounces off. THUD! The monster scoops me up then body slams me down. WHAM! My back aches as the impact sends shockwaves through my battered muscles. The beast leaps up for another splash. I will myself to move, but I can't. He lands on top of me, crushing my front this time.

As I cough under him, the ruthless monster rises. He unleashes boots onto my torso, trying to crush me into paste. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! I bounce with every blow. After a dozen crushing stomps, I manage to roll and escape. He jams his leg on the reinforced ring, giving me time to rise to my feet.

The missed stomp doesn't faze Doomsday for long. He dives at me, swallowing me up in his huge mass. He closes his arms around my body, crushing me with his power. The monster growls, almost as a laugh as he tries to snap my spine with his incredible power. I moan in pain as he squeezes harder and harder.

I try to fight back, but he's so damn strong. The monster shakes me back and forth like a rag doll. With no ears to box, I grab onto his head in desperation. I squeeze hard, applying a front-facing sleeper. I put all my power behind it and it actually works. I feel his grip weakening. The monster lets go of the bearhug then pushes me off him. I lose the sleeper, stumbling backwards.

Doomsday staggers in front of me. I start in with fists to his indestructible body, trying to wear him down. THUD! POW! THUD! I dig deep into my reserves, knowing this is my best chance for victory. I tell my other two opponents, "This is our only chance!" POW! THUD! POW! I drive the beast into a neutral corner. Uncle Sam and Prime approach from opposite sides.

I dive in, locking on another front-facing sleeper. The other two each grab one of the beast's wrists and pull back. They brace themselves against the ring, immobilizing the impossibly powerful creature. I crush Doomsday with everything I've got. The robot referee warns us about breaking the rules. It starts a five-count, but it won't matter.

I roar as I squeeze on the sleeper while Uncle Sam and Superboy-Prime hold Doomsday's wrists outside the ring. The big beast weakens under my power, but he's a tough one. He tries to fight, but he can't handle all of us. He tries to break free, but the guys use their feet to brace themselves and his wrists are held immobile.

By the time the ref reaches five and they let go, Doomsday is limp and unconscious in my arms. I toss the beast to the mat. The robot referee checks on it. After three arm lifts, it declares the monster done. The ring opens up under him and his body disappears. I flex for the cheering crowd, enjoying the break. I never got to even leave the ring that whole round.

I was definitely a tougher first round for me than I wanted, but a great result. The mega-beast was the most unpredictable. I won't say hardest opponent, because they're all tough, but at least I'm fighting men and not a monster now.


As the winner of the first round, I get a much needed break. Uncle Sam and Superboy-Prime make their way into the ring, waiting for the two-minute commercial timeout to end. The white-haired hero and teen musclestud bounce and stretch as we wait for the clock to finish ticking down. I focus my energy on recuperation and psyching myself up, knowing I'll be tagged in eventually.

Okay, it's go time.

Superboy-Prime vs. Uncle Sam

The two musclestuds circle the ring. They eye each other carefully. I know Uncle Sam is a grappler, while Superboy-Prime is a brawler who will bend the rules. It could be a good match between skill and power, but Uncle Sam's strength fluctuates. The hero's powers are tied to energy created by the collective faith in America. I've got no idea if people are feeling particularly patriotic. If they're not, Prime will make short work of him.

Prime suddenly forces the lockup. He leaves himself wide open for an arm drag takedown. Surprisingly careless, especially against a guy with over 200 years of experience. Uncle Sam seizes the opportunity, flipping the teen muscleman over quickly. The young villain rolls with it right at me. What the heck?

SLAP! The bratty doppelgänger tags me with a big grin. I hesitate, but the lockup and arm drag are wrestling moves, I guess. The robot ref signals a legal tag. Prime suddenly clocks me with a forearm. WHACK! The little punk grabs me around the head and flips me into the ring onto my ass. PLOP! He kicks me between the shoulder blades before exiting the ring. THUD!


TAG! Uncle Sam vs. Superman

I roll to rise, but Sam is on me fast. Even though he's a hero, I know he and I work on different rules. He was born out of war, so he's much more ruthless and willing to do what it takes. The white-haired hunk grabs me around the waist then lifts and throws me backwards. I fly back, landing hard on my shoulders. WHAM!

I roll with the impact, somersaulting into a crouch. Sam rolls and rises, not expecting me to be ready for him. I dive in with a surprise tackle that takes him down hard. I rise up then unleash several hard fists to his ripped torso. THUD! THUD! THUD! The chiseled hero flips us over, planting me on my back as he lies on top of me.

Sam wraps up my head and right arm, squeezing hard. He rears back, straining my neck then drives down, slamming my head and shoulders into the mat. WHACK! He does it again and I'm stunned. WHACK! As I try to regain my focus, the powerful patriot slides back. He grabs my left leg, lifting it while pinning my right to the mat with his shin.

I moan as my legs are opened up, stretching my groin muscle as the mighty muscleman forces my leg up. Sam really strains me and I can't reach him to push him off. I fight to roll over, but he suddenly goes with me. As I roll onto my stomach, Uncle Sam shifts into a single leg crab. He sits back, holding my leg tightly. I grimace in pain as my back tenses up.

Sam strains to fold me back and my boot approaches my head. I brace my hands then push up and kick out as hard and as fast as I can. The all-American hunk flies off me as I power out. I roll to the side, moving towards the corner. I dive up, slapping for a tag, but of course Prime evades my hand. No tag. I rise to try again, but Sam splashes onto my back, crushing me against the turnbuckles. CLANG! OOF!

I lose my air as Prime happily tags Sam, preventing me for escaping the ring yet again. Now I can't tag until we do a wrestling move.

TAG! Superman vs. Superboy-Prime

Sam uses his long arms to pin my arms to my side, preventing me from protecting myself. From outside the ring, Prime grabs my ears and slams my face into the turnbuckle. WHACK! I see stars as the patriotic hero lifts then slams me down, front first. WHAM! They must switch positions, but I don't see it. Instead, I only feel Superboy-Prime come down on me with a vicious stomp to my back. WHAM!

Prime drags me to my feet. He whips me across the ring to a neutral corner, far from Uncle Sam and the possibility of a tag. CLANG! I bounce out, right into a boot to my abs. THUD! OOF! I bend into a front facelock that turns into a suplex. WHAM! The teen muscleman grabs my wrists, dragging me away from safety then unleashes with hard boots to my abs and pecs. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

My diabolical doppelgänger drags me up. He reaches between my legs to scoop me up, but I grab behind his head. I pull down fast, rolling him into a small package. The ref counts. ONE! I feel him kicking, but I fight to hold his shoulders down. TWO! Prime manages to burst free, raising his left shoulder and throwing me to the side.

We both rise, but I'm faster. I grab him around the waist, quickly lifting and turning to plant him with a belly to belly suplex. WHAM! I bounce off him from the impact, falling on the wrong side. I leap over him to make it to Uncle Sam for a tag, but Prime gets a leg up, tripping me. I fall to my knees, but immediately work to get moving again.

The teen powerhouse grabs the back of my trunks and they slip down, exposing my smooth, firm glutes. The fabric stretches as I struggle. I twist and turn, finally slipping free. I ignore my bare ass as I stretch for a tag, but Sam moves to the other side of the ringpost, out of my reach. I look at the supposed hero, questioning him. He shrugs, "It's just strategy. All's fair, boy."

Before I can do anything else, Prime comes up behind me. He leaps on my back with a sleeper. I turn and twist, trying to shake him off, but he's locked on my back. The cocky brat squeezes harder and I drop to a knee. I feel myself getting weaker, but I manage to pry his arms open enough to avoid going out completely.

I'm blacking out, but I use a final burst of energy to rise. I bend forward, whipping Prime over my shoulder and off my back. PLOP! He lands on the mat and I stagger backwards into the ropes. I see Sam with an outstretched arm, aimed for my devious doppelgänger. I move towards it, the teen muscleman shoves me aside and makes the tag.


TAG! Superman vs. Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam leaps over the top rope. Before he even lands, I charge at him. The patriotic hero is caught off-guard and I spear him right back into the corner. CLANG! I slam my shoulder into his abs. THUD! THUD! THUD! I hear him grunting with every shot. SLAP! I hear a clapping sound, but I don't realize what it means. I just rise up, flipping him over my shoulder to the mat behind me.

It's only then that I hear the ref call tag and see Prime vaulting over the top rope. What?

TAG! Superman vs. Superboy-Prime

The teen muscleman drives his boots into my chest. WHACK! I stumble backwards, tripping over Uncle Sam. PLOP! The all-American stud grabs my legs as Prime comes in with an elbow drop to my chest. THUD! When Sam lets go of my legs, the devious doppelgänger hooks a leg and goes for a quick pin.

ONE! TWO! I get my bearings then power my right shoulder up, avoiding the pinfall. PHEW! My relief is short-lived as I feel Prime grab my head. He drags me up, quickly scooping me across his chest. With a fast turn, the teen powerhouse body slams me to the mat. WHAM! He unleashes a series of stomps, attacking my battered body. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

I weather the storm, but I can't resist as he drags me to my feet by my left wrist. I'm helpless as I watch him tag in Uncle Sam again. SLAP!

TAG! Superman vs. Uncle Sam

Prime pulls me into a full nelson as Uncle Sam climbs into the ring. I struggle, but the teen powerhouse can hold me long enough for the gray-haired muscleman to unload on my stomach with five devastating fists that tear up my already sore abs. THUD! THUD! THUD! When the ref reaches five, Prime releases me then pushes me towards the all-American stud.

Sam grabs me, spinning me around and locking on an ab stretch. He bends me sideways and I feel my ab muscles scream as the strain tears at them. I moan in the hold, trying to power free, but it's no use. The tall muscleman has me locked up tight. I feel his hand slide over my side them onto my stomach. At first, it feels nice, but I know what's coming.

The all-American muscleman finds the softest spots then digs his fingers in for a killer ab claw. I cry out in pain. With every breath I take, Uncle Sam manages to force his fingers in deeper and deeper. I struggle to withstand the pain, shaking my head as the robot ref asks if I give. I fight to focus as my insides feel like they're being torn apart.

As I groan, I feel him adjust his fingers. His feet shift and I use the opening. With all the power I can muster, I throw myself forward, flipping Sam over my hip onto the mat. PLOP! I kick him in the back. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The grey-haired muscleman scoots away, but I grab him by his thick hair and drag him up.

Sam grunts as I hold him from behind. I leap up, driving my knees into his back. We fall back and he lands on my knees and shin. CRACK! I release his hair and he flops on the mat, moaning from my backcracker. I roll to one knee, gathering my wits. I tell myself to get up, forcing myself to stand.

I move in, but the all-American freedom fighter isn't hurt that badly. He lashes out and trips me to the mat. WHAM! Uncle Sam dives on top of me. We grapple, but I'm no match for his skill. He maneuvers me around. All I can do is defend myself. We struggle and fight. I get on top, but I stupidly move right between his legs. Before I know it, they close around my head.

Sam pulls me down with my face buried in his bulge. The head scissors is locked on tightly. I try to push his legs apart, but he's too strong. He grabs my wrists then pulls my arms up. They're locked tight and he leans back. I moan as he crushes me hard. I still won't give, but I can't seem to get free, either. I flip and flop. I try to roll. None of it helps me get free.

With enough force to turn coal into diamond closing around my head, I don't know how much longer I can withstand the pain. I gasp, my eyes fixated on his oversized bulge. I concentrate and finally get my knees under me. I don't know if it would've been enough, because Sam anticipates me. He releases his legs then tries to wrap me into a triangle choke, but I pull free.

I tumble onto my ass, barely able to see. I force myself up to my feet. Uncle Sam jumps up then goes for a clothesline. I duck, just barely. As he sails over my head, I twist and grab his arm. In one smooth move, I drive us down into a crossface. I wrap my legs around his arm then grab under his chin. I pull back and now it's his turn to scream.

Uncle Sam moans and fights, but I've got him locked up. My recuperative powers kick in and I feel better with every second. The all-American stud's cries get louder and higher-pitched. The ref asks him if he wants to submit and he taps the mat. I break the hold, shocked and elated.

I roll to the corner opposite Superboy-Prime. He is nodding his head with a smirk, obviously pleased at having me all to himself. He could be stronger than me, even when I'm at full strength. Now, I'm worn down. I'm going to really need to focus to handle him after the beating I've taken.

I hear Batman behind me, comforting me. I turn and smile at his expressionless face. I can tell he's both pleased and worried, but the guy doesn't show emotion. I ask, "Any advice?"

The caped crusader nods, "Yeah. Win."


The break goes fast. Damn, I haven't left this freaking ring except for two moves. And now I've got to face my evil doppelgänger from another dimension in a one-on-one match. It's obvious that the obnoxious teen musclestud is feeling cocky. He's got a huge smirk on his face. Such a punk. However, he's an extremely strong punk. I need to be focused.

Superboy-Prime flexes across the ring, showing his chiseled body, which is in perfect shape. Any damage I did was minimal and has already healed. The ref signals the start of the final round and we move in. I'm cautious, ready for anything. The teen muscleman lifts his arms and opens his hands for a test of strength.

I nod, feeling like I have no choice but to accept. I'm careful as I move, waiting for the sneak attack or cheap shot, but so far, so good. As soon as our hands are locked, we struggle for dominance. At first, were pretty evenly matched. Our muscles pump and swell as we work to gain control. Our chests slam into each other and we start to sweat profusely.

Prime grunts in my ear as I moan in his. I try every trick I know to maneuver his hands back or down, but he stymies me at every turn. I hear a faint chuckle in his grunting. I suddenly realize that the teen muscleman is toying with me, his fresh other-dimensional muscles are more than a match for mine right now.

The duplicitous doppelgänger pushes his hands forward and my wrists give. He forces my hands backwards and pushes down. Suddenly, my height advantage is gone as he drops me six inches. I brace with my legs, but he's got control. I'm the one grunting now, refusing to admit defeat, but unable to stop it.

It doesn't take long before I'm forced to one knee by the powerful Kryptonian teen. I gasp as he keep pushing my hands, bending my wrists until they might snap under his incredible power. The teen powerhouse has me helpless and kneeling before him. I look up to see his cruel smirk, "I guess we all know who the REAL Superman is now!"

I keep trying to reverse this, but it's no use. Prime draws his hips back then thrusts them forward. He slams his red spandex bulge into my face. WHAP! I'm stunned by the impact. He does it again then again, using his manhood as a weapon. WHAP! WHAP! I lose all focus, making it easy for him to draw his knee up under my chin. WHACK! I'm stunned, so he throws me onto my back.

As I lie on the mat, blinking fast, I see him leap in the air. I roll away fast as he comes down with a big leg drop aimed at my head. I escape just in time and he lands hard on the reinforced ring, slamming down on his tailbone hard. WHAM! The shock shoots up his spine and I hear him cry out. I keep rolling to the ropes, using them to help me to my feet.

I turn to face the cocky punk. Prime is right there and we lock up fast. We struggle and strain, trying to gain the advantage. I work well against his strength, but I'm not at my best after all the abuse I've taken. The teen powerhouse shifts then forces me into a side headlock. He cranks on it hard, torturing my head. I moan as he walks me around the ring.

Prime is playing to the crowd, celebrating the fact that he's in control. I use his lack of focus to grab him around the waist. I lift then bring him down onto my leg, jamming his tailbone on my leg. WHACK! The diabolical doppelgänger waddles away from me, holding his bulbous butt. I run in behind him, grabbing him from behind then bringing him down with a bulldog. CRACK!

The teen muscleman writhes on the mat, holding his head. I roll the villain onto his back, hoping he's stunned enough for me to get a pin. I hook the leg and strain as the robot ref slaps the mat. ONE! Prime is fighting, but I manage to keep his shoulders down. TWO! Time stops as I fight to maintain control. Prime manages to push me off, sending me flying off him. WHOA!

We both rise, but he's faster. As I start to straighten up, Prime's boot comes in, connecting with my face. CRACK! I fly back into the ropes, stunned. When I ricochet off, I stumble right into a boot to my abs. WHOMP! OOF! I bend forward, so he grabs my head and shoves it between his powerful thighs. ARGH!

I can't pull free from the standing head scissors, especially after he hammers my back with forearms. THUD! THUD! THUD! I'm forced to one knee, unable to concentrate with the vice crushing my skull. The teen muscleman grabs around my waist then hoists my legs up. I hang upside down, my head and waist being squeezed by the younger punk.

Prime leaps up and comes down with a massive piledriver! KABOOM! My head slams into the reinforced ring, jamming my neck. I almost blackout from the pain as I collapse to the side, a quivering, ruined mess. I hear the teen powerhouse laughing and talking about how I'm nothing and he's the real Superman. My delusional doppelgänger still sees himself as a hero, misunderstood by the public.

I get rolled onto my back and suffer the humiliation of this brat posing over me. Prime yells at the booing crowd, infuriated by the lack of love and adoration. I have no idea how much time passes, but he finally returns and drops down for a pin. The teen muscleman sits on my chest, using his super strength to press his ass down on my pecs to hold me in place.

ONE! The ref counts then pauses the exact amount of time he needs. TWO! I can't move him off my chest, but I can lift my leg. In desperation, I throw my legs out, spreading them wide. My right leg lands on the bottom rope. As Prime anticipates a three-count, the all-seeing robot stops. He informs the teen muscleman the count is broken.

Prime flies into a rage. He smashes the ref into little bits. Another ref appears, warning the delusional doppelgänger that he is close to disqualification. The powerful brat whines that it isn't fair, arguing with the new robot. I slowly roll to my left. This delay goes on even longer than when Prime yelled at the crowd, but I'm still suffering.

The teen powerhouse notices me moving. He reaches down, telling me that I'm not escaping him. I get dragged up then lifted overhead with a gorilla press. He holds me aloft, carrying me around the ring like a prize. After a lap, he brings me down over his knee in a backbreaker that nearly snaps me in half! KRAKABOOM! My invulnerability is severely tested and I'm seeing stars as my head hangs upside down.

I cry out, but refuse to submit as I'm bent over his leg in the backbreaker. I struggle, but I'm helpless against the power of the teen muscleman. Prime pushes down hard on my chin and knee, but I still won't give. The frustrated doppelgänger resorts to dirty tricks, grabbing my bulge as it sticks up towards the ceiling. He squeezes and I thrash wildly.

I'm about the submit when the ref calls him off for cheating. I bite my bottom lip for what feels like the longest five-count in history, but I survive. Prime is forced to release me. He again argues with the emotionless official as I writhe on the mat. I rub my bulge, but even as the pain in my crotch subsides, my back still feels wrecked.

Primed finishes arguing then drags me up. He's confident that he's got me right where he wants me, which gives me an opening. I might not have played football back in Smallville, but I watched enough. With a sudden burst of energy, I dive forward, tackling the teen muscleman to the mat. I mount his legs and start to pound away on his torso. POW! THUD! POW!

I get a lot of shots in before Prime can buck me off. I flop to the side as he rolls away. I spin to rise, but I'm slow. The devious doppelgänger grabs me from behind. He lifts then throws me over with a belly-to-back suplex. WHAM! I land hard on my neck and shoulders, stunned. I roll over, struggling to rise, but he's in front of me fast.

The teen muscleman shoves my head between his thighs. He flexes them, crushing my skull between the impossibly powerful legs. I moan and groan, unable to pry my head free from the vice. I feel his arms grab around my waist. As soon as I feel his legs open, he lifts me up, flipping me up and around. I'm dizzy from the flip, unable to brace myself when he drives me down into a power bomb. KABOOM!

My back is killing me and I'm feeling kind of loopy as he drags me up again. I'm a limp plaything when he puts his shoulders into my back. With a squat and thrust, I'm powered up into the air across his shoulders. I moan in the torture rack, feeling like I might be snapped in half by his world shattering power.


The teen powerhouse bounces me violently in the hold, making sure I feel every bit of it. As my arms flop up and down, my wrist hits the top rope. When I come down, I desperately grab for the reinforced cable. With my grip firmly in place, I pull hard. Prime is caught off guard and I slide off his shoulders onto the top turnbuckle. I quickly spin, planting my ass to sit down in the corner, atop the padded turnbuckle.

Prime turns and charges without looking. The impetuous villain's head is down, obviously assuming I fell. I lift my boot and the teen muscleman runs right into it. CRACK! He does a 180, dazed and wobbly, allowing me to grab his hair and pull him towards me. I wrap my arms around his head, slapping on a tight rear naked choke.

The beautiful brat struggles in my arms. I work to hold him steady, but I'm still aching. I breathe in as I plant my feet on the middle ropes. I stand, lifting him off the mat in a hangman's choke. Prime kicks and fights, but I keep him up. I use the top ropes as support as I lean back, applying as much force as I can muster.

I feel his kicking slow down then stop. The ref lifts his arm. It drops to his side, slapping down against his smooth flesh. SLAP! ONE! I refuse to let up at all, shaking his lifeless carcass to make sure. The ref lifts his arm again. PLOP! TWO! I close my eyes, hoping I've done enough. I peek just in time to see the teen muscleman's arm fall for the third time. SLAP! THREE!

The robot ref orders me to release him. I open my arms and he collapses to the mat. I thrust my arms up in celebration. My entire body aches, but my adrenaline is so high that I don't care. I let out a loud "WOO WOO!" before jumping down. Batman is in the ring, hugging me. I feel his belt pressing against me, my invulnerability is so drained.

My mentor and lover says, "You did it! You're the number one contender for Marvel's belt."

I just nod, excited, but exhausted. I do a lap, flexing for the crowd. I put my boot on Prime's chest and flashbulbs pop. I smile and flex, knowing this will be front page news tomorrow. The villains are headed to Belle Reve and I will hopefully have some time off with the super-sexy Batman until the next crisis.

Time for Stakes

The ring drops thought the floor, the cheers of the crowd still deafening. I bask in their love for as long as I can, desperately trying to suppress my hard on until I'm safely out of view. Batman starts to whisper to me, but I move away as if waving. Hearing my lover's sexy growl is not going to help me right now. We finally disappear out of sight and I can finally stop thinking about baseball.

My cock stiffens as I look over the three losers. Prime is awake and furious, Sam looks stoic and Doomsday ... well, I'm not sure. He's a monster and always looks the same to me. I wave my three opponents in front of me. With a flick of my super-fingers, I pull off the red and white striped tights from Sam. His cock flops then comes to attention, pointing up like a flagpole and rising past his navel. I smack it and it stays firm. The patriot is ready to go.

Next, I rip the black trunks from Doomsday. His thick grey cock hangs down between his legs. Fortunately, no spikes. Just a nice, big slab of monster meat. I order the beast to get hard for me. He reaches down and starts jerking, his organ swelling quickly as he toys with himself. One thing about the creature - he follows instructions.

I finally move to the copycat punk. Prime looks angry, with his fists clenched and a scowl on his handsome face. The Clark Kent from another dimension opens his mouth to speak, so I shove Doomsday's black trunk inside, gagging him with monster sweat and spandex. I slowly pull on his red trunks, straining the fabric and letting him feel and hear his gear being taken from him.

I tell him, "There's only one Super-MAN here, boy. And you're looking at him."

Prime grimaces as I finish the job, taking his red trunks and yellow belt. His meat flops free. So beautiful. I stare at it, using my heat vision to warm his manhood. He moans as I increase the temperature of his cock and balls. Suddenly, I stop, switching to cold breath. He gasps as his cock and balls shrink up fast. I repeat the torture, ruthlessly playing with him.

The teen muscleman is helpless to stop me as I grab his cock in my hand and squeeze. He winces in pain before I ease up. The dominant squeeze has his knees weak and he lets out a high-pitch whine. I start to play with his nipples while I pump his soft shaft, changing speed and pressure, and it swells to full mast for me. He might be from an alternate universe, but he responds as I would.

I work the diabolical doppelgänger's nipples and dick perfectly, reducing him to quivering moans as I manhandle him. I challenge him to stop me, telling him that he's my 'super-boy' forever now. The teen muscleman bites his bottom lip in a sexy way as I keep milking him. He struggles not to come at my touch, but I hear his moans change to gasping whimpers.

Prime throws his head back. The impetuous punk has no restraint in the ring and he has no restraint as my toy. I step to the side and force a load from him. The muscular young punk cries out as his Kryptonian seed spews forth, firing onto the ring. He's an impressive stud and his load is epic. The gusher keeps firing, leaving a long, large pool of seed on the mat. I drain him dry, but his cock stays hard.

At his side, I lean in and whisper in his ear, "Aw. I bet you saved up for days just for me. You've got more in there, don't you, super-BOY?"

Prime stares at me in glassy-eyed ecstasy, losing himself in the moment. I work his cock again, this time at super-speed. I reach behind him and massage his hole before forcing my finger inside him. The teen muscleman convulses as I blow in his ear. He turns his head to look at me with plaintive eyes, silently begging me to stop.

We just stare into each other's eyes as I toy with him. I order him to play with his own nipples. He obeys and I see his mouth drop open as he whimpers for me. Suddenly he erupts again. The devious doppelgänger's second load is just as big as the first. Yeah, he had a ton of cum saved up, just for me.

I tell him, "You really are a copy of me. I held off just for you, too." I rub his eight-pack abs. "Hope you've got room in there, boy."

Prime growls through his black spandex gag, but his eyes show a hint of fear and subservience. I pull out the gag then push him to the mat. "Lick it up, boy."

The teen muscleman gets to work as I move over to Uncle Sam. He's hard as he watches the humiliated Prime on all fours, cleaning the mat. I caress the old man's rock hard physique, admiring the power it contains.

I look over at Doomsday. Hard and huge. All three are big boys where it counts, but only one is a real monster. I order Prime to stay on his hands and knee. He obeys. I position Doomsday on his knees, telling him to loosen the teen muscleman up. I see Prime's eyes go wide as the beast moves in. The diabolical doppelgänger closes his eyes when he feels the huge grey head slide between his cheeks.

I hear him pleading with me not to do this. The teen acts tough, but he's a whiny little brat whenever he's in trouble. And from the size of the monster to the look on Prime's face, he's in trouble. The massive grey cock ravages his smooth, bulbous butt. The monster is a primal force, so when he fucks, he fucks hard and fast.

I wave Sam over, "Loosen his throat."

The patriotic hero nods calmly, but I notice that he eagerly moves in. The spirit of America forces his cock inside the teen muscleman, pounding his throat. Prime's muscles swell as he's impaled at both ends, getting pounded hard. I watch as the three losers work. I look over at my manager and trainer. I smirk then wave Batman into the ring. He moves toward me, a curious grin on his face.

I pull him into me then kiss him deeply. He lets me take control, softly dominating his mouth as I hold him tight against me. When we break, he says, "I suppose you think you deserve something special for winning?"

I nod. He plays it cool, but I can tell by the huge bulge and his racing heartbeat that he's going to give me want I want. I reach around and remove his title belt, tossing it aside. I peel down his black trunks, admiring his massive cock as it springs forward. I move in behind him, turning us so we can watch the humiliation of Superboy-Prime as we fuck.

The teen muscleman continues to get used by Doomsday and Uncle Sam. It's so fucking hot. I grab Batman's hips then slowly work my way inside. The hero moans as I take him for the first time. It's taken a long time for me to earn his ass and I don't plan to waste my opportunity. The Caped Crusader starts giving me orders and encouragement. His deep moans of things like 'deeper', 'harder' and 'yeah, that's it' get me to the brink of cumming fast.

The combination of Prime getting used and me being inside the mighty Batman is too much. I shoot inside my lover's ass, filling him with my seed. I unleash my load, filling him up. The Caped Crusader cries out as he feels the warmth inside him. I hear him moaning and I explode again, a second load erupting immediately.

As I cum into Batman's ass for the second time, I cry out as my manhood tenses. I moan his name, crying out as I breed my lover again and again. The mighty Caped Crusader begs for me to keep filling his tight hole. I go until I'm drained, sweaty and exhausted. When I'm finally done, I pull out and fall backwards onto the mat. Suddenly, the world around me changes.

Wakey Wakey

I open my eyes and gasp. I settle down, my disorientation wearing off. The streetlight outside casts a pale light in the bedroom. Ah. Oh. Oh fuck. I squirm. It's my cock. I look down. Batman? What? Oh, it's Cody in his cowl. He's got my dick in his mouth and his hand on my balls. Oh fuck, it was real.

My boyfriend sucked a load out of me while I was dreaming about fucking Batman. I moan and whimper, uncomfortable as he keeps working me. I beg for him to stop, my cock is too sensitive to take the tongue bath after such a huge explosion.

My mind races with flashes from my dream. Ryan's harem each taking their turn, beating on me. But I won. I've got no idea what it means, but my wrestling dreams are always my most real and intense. It's like I'm transported to another place, it's so genuine. Fuck, I feel good, though. I didn't get to Prime's ass, but I don't need it. Having Cody as my Batman in both my dreams and reality makes life perfect.

Cody finally pulls off, kissing my body all the way up my stomach and chest. He sucks my nipple as he runs his finger along my shaft, causing me to squirm and writhe. My skin tingles and it's hard to focus. I'm rock hard, helpless as Batman toys with me. I have to beg him to stop again, unable to handle his tender touch.

Even in the dim room, I can tell Bat-Cody smiling at me. He says, "Good time?" I just moan and sink on the mattress. He laughs, "I could tell. It seemed like too good an opportunity to waste."

My boyfriend slithers up beside me and we snuggle. I shift so my head is on his chest and I'm staring down his abs and long manhood. I listen to his heartbeat as I reach down and fondle his big cock. I tell him, "Fuck, I can't believe you did that. No wonder it was so real. Mmm, you feel so good."

"So you going to fall back asleep or ...?" I start to pretend snore. He laughs, "Right, I don't think so."

Cody rolls me onto my back then mounts me, pinning me onto the mattress. He rubs our cocks together in a playful battle as I stare up at his masked face. I reach up and caress the cowl. My cock powers up to meet his, but I'm letting him take complete control. He leans in and kisses my neck. I cry out. I want him to take me so bad that I can't stand it.

When we make out, I taste my cum on his breath. Oh god. I beg Bat-Cody to fuck me. It doesn't take long before we're making love. I'm face down on the bed, ass up as his huge cock fills me up. I bite the pillow and grip the headboard as he rides me, pounding me with his huge cock. The long fuck session tires us both out. When the cowl comes off, we cuddle, both close to sleep again.

I whisper, "Cody?"


"I love you."

My boyfriend replies, "I love you, too." We both drift back to sleep.

The End


  1. Wow! Superhero palooza! Great stuff as always :)

    1. Thanks a lot, Sharlin. Appreciate your comment!

  2. Cody, Jae, Luke, Corey, and Pete...all in one drama filled story, with a huge dose of wrestling and sex fantasy. And Ryan is at the center of it all in a sense, even though he doesn't appear!! Pete. What a character. Oh God what a good character. I remember when he first appeared and I was like...unnhhh don't like him. But now, I look forward to you writing about him. His dialogue with Jae was epic. Super bitchy but super funny and entertaining. His obsession with Luke, is an interesting thing to see if it leads to somewhere. It clearly looks like he really doesn't like him. On top of that his dismissal of Corey and they way he talks about Cody, is just incredible. The guy has no filter! Maybe that's why Ryan likes him.
    Now its interesting how the whole conversation stuck to Jae's subconscious and he dreamt about it. I'm sure that happens to many of us. But that was one hell of a fantasy.I loved it since I can picture it in my head. Pete going out first sucks but then again, it was ok. I for once wanted to see more about Corey. Don't get me wrong, I want more of Luke and see what the hell is going to happen to Ryans's "harem". I don't know how long he can handle the three men or how they deal with it. It would be Interesting to see all of them together. Ufff talk about an interesting proposition.
    Anyways, the fantasy was awesome. Loved the ending. The match was great. Super creative. Its like an alternate universe. I wonder what the next dream will be...

    1. Thanks! Pete is fun to write and like Jeff, he's actually based on a real person I know. The guy is fun as a friend, as long as you're okay with a little drama. Whenever I write Pete, I just think, "What would Cameron do here?"

      I'm setting up Ryan's story to get a little more focus in 2017. And, interestingly enough, I actually do think of Jae's dreams as an alternate universe.

  3. Wow, what a treat seeing the Freedom Fighter's Uncle Sam reimagined like this! You are just SO creative. Making Cody Superboy Prime was also a stroke of genius.

    1. Thanks! I'm blushing. I'm glad you liked my choices. I thought they suited the characters, both DC and Cave, but validation is always amazing.

  4. Gotta love the unexpected! And Pete, I kinda love the guy now. And through the drama, he actually makes a lot of sense. And Jae feeling sorry for Pete, seeing that Ryan's not really being fair to him, makes me love Jae too. Because compassion is sexy.

    Also, 3-on-1 sleepers against Pete/Doomsday are sexy. And Corey/Prime humiliation.

    And the fact that these dreams feel most real to Jae, plus the comic book influence, do successfully put one in mind of an alternate universe. So if one day, Corey finds himself annoyed at Jae without even realizing why, at least WE know. ;)

    1. Sean, thanks for the comment. Glad you like the story, action and character development. Nice to hear Pete's growing on some folks without having to change or evolve. And Jae narrating seemed like a good opportunity to give an outside perspective on some things.