Monday, December 26, 2016

Review: Jake Jenkins vs. Alex Waters (RHW 1.0)

"Video fills a screen. Sound fills a room."
I thought of this quote during Jake Jenkins vs. Alex Waters while listening to Jake Jenkins' moans once again. They absolutely fill my room. I can see how you might get tired of reading about the awesomeness of his plaintive cries of pain in every Jake review I do, but I can't imagine how you can ever tire of actually hearing them. If loving Jake's suffering is wrong, I don't want to be right.

My favorite RHW studs battle for superiority

This followed a three-way between Jake, Josh Steel and Alex. It's actually the first Alex Waters solo match I ever watched. I had no idea what I was missing and obviously Alex has earned a ton of my money ever since. I know all this because I left a review-like comment on Joe's blog back in February of 2014 (view it here). At that time, I said Alex would likely become a must-buy (he did) and that he needed to learn to talk less and sell more when he's receiving punishment (he sort of did).

The fact is, even here as the 'new guy' against a rookie-wrecker like Jake, Alex Waters more than holds his own. He has a transcendent presence that screams superstar. With incredible looks, body and attitude, Alex is brilliant here like he was born for the ring.

Alex checking himself out as we check him out

Yeah, you're gorgeous, but don't ever underestimate Jake

Jake is clearly on his way to his extended break from wrestling. The boyish mop is gone, replaced by a more grown up haircut. The body is a little softer as the pecs have lost a little meatiness and the abs are a little less defined. I still love the guy's look and no matter what, he's still The Jake Jenkins. He's still a mega-star who knows how to wrestle and sell.

Jake is growing up

But he's still best pain seller in the business

The story is fairly simple. Jake has earned his reputation as the bad boy who breaks in the rookies. Alex is next up to face the master, a battle ensues and it is classic RHW. More than that, it is an actual classic. In my published comment, I also said it would likely be my favorite match of 2014. Even though it was only February, I liked it that much. I still love it upon repeat viewing.
Jake: "So you're the new guy, huh?"
Alex: "I'm here to take your spot."
Jake: "You're not pretty enough."

Jake's no pushover

When you see a guy in a knee brace, attack the knee!

Phew, Jake hit the chest and not the face

It's 30-minutes of amazing RHW action, so expect a lot of quick takedowns, sexy submissions, stomps and fists, and reversals with both guys in charge. I'd say that Alex dominates a little more, but that might be just because those are the moments I remember most.
"Let me look at your face. That looks like a man who's been stripped of his pride."
It all ends with a clear and logical winner with one of the hottest finishes anywhere. I've watched it several times and still love it. The destruction is extended and complete with a unique final submission hold that I loved. If you like seeing a cocky stud broken, I think this match does it.

Does Jake go out on top?

Or does Alex send him home in shame?

I think it would be interesting to see new Jake vs. new Alex, but I doubt that will ever happen. Cameron Matthews has apparently begged Jake to wrestle for him, but Jake has refused. I take that as a sign that Jake is not looking to make his brief return a full-time immersion back into the wrestling world.

So in the end, I can't express my love enough. Not quite Alex/Bruce or Alex/Dash, it's on a level right behind those for me as my favorite Jake match. Every RHW and Jake fan probably already owns this, but if somehow you don't, I think it's absolutely worth the $18.95.

What are other bloggers saying?

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. Thanks for the reminder about one of the all time great RHW matches, possibly even my favorite. The last five minutes are incredible. What else can compete? Josh Steel v. Ethan is a favorite, and you mention another in Alex v. Dash.

    Thanks also for the interesting intel regarding recent efforts to get Jake back in the ring. Funny the way he came back for those matches at Thunders and has then disappaeared again. The Greta Garbo of underground wrestling! Certainly a legend and I guess we should just be thankful for all the stuff he did do. Nice to see recent tributes from both yourself and Joe at Ringside.



    1. You're very welcome. I somehow forgot how good this match was. When I re-watched it, it is sooo good. Definitely one of the best, so I can see how it'd be your number one.

      The intel is one of the benefits of following promoters on social. I was surprised Jake would come back, but only to Thunders for a short period. Would've been fun to see what W4H would've done with him.

  2. Ahhh the glory days of RHW when Alex Waters was fitter, Jake was still around, and the company was still v1.0 (as it should have stayed).

    To be honest, despite me really liking both these guys a lot (I would put both of them in my top 10 all time favorites) I don't really remember this match even though I'm sure I bought it!

    If I did watch it I was probably disappointed that Jake was no longer sporting his mop top and his plump pecs at this point. However, Jake is so talented that the absence of those two things shouldn't matter especially when you add in Alex (also v1.0) when he was at the top of his game.

    Anyway, thanks for the blog post as it has piqued my interest enough that I plan on returning to this match in the near future.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I obviously liked it a ton. Jake is physically more mature - business haircut, softer body - but he's still really great here.