Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Cast: Who's Who (December 2016)


Last casting post of 2016. Based on the comments, I know you guys liked some of the new guys this year and hopefully that'll continue in 2017.There are new series planned, so there will be new guys, but a lot of popular regulars will see action, too. More on that on Friday.

The Cave Undercard 14: City vs. Country

Buck = Jacob Zemer (Model)

Brody = Joel Thomas (Bodybuilder)

Javier = Duny de la Cruz (Model)

Ramsey = Nick Sandell (Model)

The Cave Private Matches 1: Spartan vs. Angel

Xaq/Spartan = Jeff Seid (Bodybuilder/Model)

Gabe/Angel = Edward Wilding (Model)



  1. My order of preference, Buck (surprising), XAQ, Ramsey, MoneyMaker(I know he isn't in one of the stories this month, but his hunky body is in that shot so I HAVE to pick him), Night, Brody and Angel. Not hating on Angel, just that XAQ was so damn good in that story that he obscured the twink (that's what XAQ would call him).

    1. Thanks! That's not a bad order. Buck and Xaq as the narrators have an advantage. Ramsey is a super-hot newbie and MoneyMaker was my 3rd biggest star of 2016. Brody and Angel were more plot drivers than fleshed out characters.