Monday, February 20, 2017

Review: Zach Reno vs. Cam Zagucci (Wrestler4Hire)

Cam Zagucci vs. Zach Reno was a must-watch when Wrestler4Hire posted it. It's basically what W4H does really well. It takes two hot indie wrestlers and brings them into our world with a hot scenario, sexy gear and closeup camerawork.

It's all fun and games to start.

I'm sure quite a few of you recognize Cam Zagucci. He's a handsome, fresh-faced, indie wrestler. He's got boyish good looks, a smooth wrestler's body, and a winning attitude. Whether he's smiling, sneering or suffering, the young wrestler is captivating to watch. He does all three in this match and it all works for him.

A body made for displaying

A belly made for punching

And hair just made for pulling

Zach Reno has a big resume built up at this point and it's easy to see why. The guy is smaller, but great looking and he has the skills and personality you need to succeed. He's hot and hairy here, but not the total raggedy caveman look, which I'm not really a fan of. The best part is when he's stripped down to red underwear. Zach is really packing. Woof.

You can't fight what you can't see.

Hairy he-man power!

The contrasts between these two studs is just one of the reasons to like it. Hairy vs smooth. Young vs. established. Rookie vs. veteran. Man vs. boy. It all plays really well. The guys start out friendly, but competitive in jeans and white tees. There's talk about hanging out at the bar and such. The wrestling starts in less than a minute and the stripping starts in less than two. All clothes are off at nine minutes and the rest of the time is a solid wrestling match.

Cam only looks innocent.

You started it, kid.

Fresh and ferocious!

Of course, the clothes turn into weapons a few times, but this isn't a gimmicky match. The wrestling gets harder hitting and the classic moves are mostly well executed. I really like the pacing and flow to things. It's back-and-forth to start, but one guy does dominate as things progress until a hot knockout ending.

The video isn't flawless. Whether there's a list of moves or someone directing, the guys can't stop looking at something off-camera to the viewer's left. These two are experienced wrestlers, so the moves are good, but it's somewhat distracting and it slows the action down.

Cam's got major moves.

Can the young cutie finish off the hairy hottie?

Or is man > boy?

In the end, I really enjoyed this match. I haven't seen a rip-n-strip match since Krush's suit battle, so that's a fun twist. Even when the clothes come off nine minutes in, the match is still really entertaining. Cam is a great addition to the W4H family and Zach is a solid performer. I really liked the contrast and chemistry between the two studs.

For those that are interested, what else is currently streaming (as of 2/19/17) on Wrestler4Hire? There are 22 matches, a couple more than usual. Here's a summary from newest to oldest, so Flash vs. Alex will drop off soon and might have already by the time this is posted.

Matches available for streaming (2/19)

So that's my take. What's yours?


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