Friday, March 3, 2017

My Latest Links ...


I've added a couple of new related links that you might enjoy. These are a little different, because these Tumblr's are by frequent readers, commenters and contributors. I know how much getting support means to me, so please check them out. If you like what you find, "like" and comment on their work.

I've only done one celebrity wrestling match, but I know they have their fans. If you're one of them, check out CELEBRITY WRESTLING .

No one has contributed more of the studs you love, so if you like the wrestlers I feature, check out the best models in the hottest pics at FRICK'S SEXY PICS .

Many of the wrestlers we love are also models. Here you can see many of the wrestlers I feature in reviews as models. One note: while a lot of the posts link to my reviews, this isn't my hard work, so make sure to "like" and comment on the FRICK'S SEXY WRESTLING Tumblr directly.



  1. Thank you for the link Alex I really appreciate it!

    1. You're welcome. I don't know how much help it will be, but good luck!

  2. Ok. Talk about waking up to something as cool as this! My two blogs on a post in The Cave!! How awesome!!!! Thank you Miller for this!!!! Really appreciate it.
    You know how much I enjoy sharing these amazing human specimens with you! How hard is it sometimes to find the perfect hunk but few images right? But then Boom! a guy comes by with the perfect elements, and I have to immediately contact you! HA!

    Now FricksSexyWrestling, as you had said has been harder to do. Mostly that perhaps I'm too strict! Not that many matches yet out there between the fitness models. Having said that, I expect all the wrestling promoters to motivate the fitness hunks to get in the game! Thunders is definitely doing it, but would like more promoters doing it. I really appreciate that I was able to link the reviews made by you of the matches of the guys I was going to post about. At this point its way more convenient to link my posts to your reviews or any other blogger that might be interested, than my own. Even my simple blogs take time and effort!
    Anyways thank you very much Alex for the links! Hope my links bring you a couple of visitors!

    1. You're welcome. I appreciate the support, so I'm happy to return it.

    2. I'm really looking forward to seeing more, especially of Sexy Wrestling!

      Keep up the good work, man.

    3. Oh Thank you TabelettesdeChocolat!!!!!! That's so awesome to have feedback. Now I know why Miller likes them. Really appreciate your comment. Well Sexy Wrestling is a creative work in process. First, we need more fitness models wrestling!!!! So I can have more material. That will really push my creativity, so it can be a fun place for people to go to just like Miller's Cave, which is just plain awesome.