Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Review: Blayne vs. Eagle (Thunders Arena)

Full disclosure: This match was provided to me by Thunders Arena.

Blayne vs. Eagle from Thunders Arena is surprisingly great. I don't mean that in a negative way against these studs. I obviously like both these guys a lot, so it's not a surprise that I enjoyed it. However, when Thunders puts non-pros in a ring, I expect hot guys, but have low expectations of the action. Here, I really loved the action. That's the surprising part.

Two of Thunders' best put on a show.

Blayne is the best looking lean guy at Thunders. I love Tak's attitude and like Bolt's charm, but on sheer looks, Blayne's just stunning. He's ripped and handsome in small floral briefs that show off his amazing body. And he continues to grow as a character, with more charisma whether he's punishing big Eagle or feeling the wrath of the angry model.

Blayne's body is beautiful.

Sexy struggling.

Eagle was my most popular review subject for Thunders in 2016 and as long as I can deliver strong reviews, he might repeat. Big in bright blue, the blocky model is as sexy as ever. I think his skills have improved, too. Eagle was never bad, but here he really shines as a wrestler, not just a powerful beefcake.

Eagle's big and he knows how to use his muscles.

Blayne sheds his jobber past, giving us a
great opportunity to admire the mighty eagle.

As soon as this video starts, we're in it. In fact, about 3 minutes in, there was enough stuff for an entire post. It's back-and-forth for quite awhile with Blayne acquitting himself very well. I'm impressed with how both guys are wrestling these days. They even use the ring environment effectively, with slams into the corners and using the ropes for chokes.

Blayne gets nasty to make this match more competitive.

A body just meant to be put on display.

Eagle sells me on the pain of this hammerlock.

It really feels like the guys really committed to this match. They have a fun chemistry and the moves are smooth. With each new match, Eagle and Blayne are making a strong case to be considered Thunders Arena all-time greats. Eagle's power displays are especially impressive, with a lengthy suspended choke and a gorilla press.

I appreciate them using the ring environment.

I'm impressed by Blayne's perfect finish.

Blayne opens up the big tattooed stud.

Eagle shows off his power.

In the end, this match is great. Thunders always has great looking guys and this match delivers on the wrestling and storyline, too. Eagle and Blayne really do a great job on offense and when selling their opponent's moves.

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  1. "Eagle was never bad, but here he really shines as a wrestler, not just a powerful beefcake." This is spot on! This is why I enjoyed the match so much. I love Eagle being a wrestler!

    1. Thanks for the comment! I'm glad it's not just me on this one. I did wonder if it was simply my lowered expectations of models in a ring.

    2. I think being in a ring gives a guy like Eagle more possibilities to show off his skills. I hope we see more of it.