Monday, March 27, 2017

UPDATED! Review: Eagle vs. Kid Dynamite (Thunders Arena)


Full disclosure: This video was provided to me by Thunders Arena.

Call it karma. I'm a good person, so I deserve good things to happen to me. While I was at work on Friday, checking personal emails on my iPhone, I saw a promo email featuring Kid Dynamite. I saw he was facing Eagle and Beast. I was going to buy both matches once I got home. Before that happened, Mr. Mike read my mind and sent me both. Everything's coming up Milhouse!

The best part is that both videos are really good. Kid Dynamite is a great addition to the roster. Even if I had bought these, I'd be happy. Let's start with Eagle vs. Kid Dynamite.

It's a major muscle battle!

Eagle's really upped his game from hot nice guy to confident muscle god. Now, he does disappoint by wearing shorts, but fortunately they come off at the 5 minute mark. Eagle's legs should not be covered up. Kid Dynamite wonders if needs to do more squats, but we know the guy has sculpted tree trunks. For the rest of the match, Eagle sports tiny, sexy briefs. Phew.

Yes, get rid of those shorts! Throw them far away!

Eagle's blocky muscles always look great.

Kid Dynamite is one of these "WOW" guys that Thunders discovers. He's a simply stunning muscleman. KD's purple squarecuts are great. They're especially tight, super-shiny, and emphasize his many masculine curves. He's arrogant and in love with his body, but why wouldn't he be? To use an old school term, the stud has swagger.

I've also seen Kid Dynamite's modeling pics, thanks to Frick's Sexy Pics over on Tumblr, so it's cool to see him go from static images to Thunders' ring and mats (review of the mat match coming Wednesday).


Eagle puts the rookie on display
and I appreciate it.

This is a back-and-forth battle with a definite winner flexing over the loser at the end. The video starts with some posing, but the guys lock up reasonably quickly. They go hard and Kid Dynamite demonstrates some skills. He's a little tentative in the corners with his early shoulder blocks, but they get stiffer and his later knee lift had my abs hurting. I like how the rookie convincingly controls Eagle when he gets the chance. He also sells nicely, which is always important.

Eagle wrapped up early.

The rookie muscleman goes along for the ride.

Shiny emphasizes KD's curves.

Action junkies should enjoy this match. It starts with grappling: takedowns, headlocks and scissors. Once the shorts come off, it moves to more pro-style holds and moves. Kid Dynamite executes a lot of moves, mainly headlocks, racks, bearhugs, and scissors. I like his harder hitting moves like the shoulder blocks and knee lift.

Eagle shows his evolved skills, executing a nice slam and an advanced belly-to-back suplex. He uses his mighty legs for his signature standing head scissors and a body scissors. The tattooed hunk also delivers memorable bearhugs, chokes, a nice leg attack in the ropes, a full nelson, and a sexy ab stretch.

SEE THE COMMENT FROM MR. MIKE BELOW! THE AUDIO HAS APPARENTLY BEEN EDITED TO REMOVE THE NOISE I REFERENCE IN THIS PARAGRAPH. Before I finish this, I do need to mention that there are production issues with this video. The biggest problem is that there's an incredibly annoying background noise, especially at the beginning, but intermittently at other times, too. It's like someone is power washing the floor or something. Definitely disruptive. It's not make or break for me, but the noise is something you should be ready for.

Eagle powers the muscleman up.

Kid Dynamite goes harder as the match goes on.


Love that cocky look.

In the end, this is a really good video, production foibles and all. Kid Dynamite is a keeper and Eagle is now a rock star in the ring. Having the hottest new muscle-studs is nothing new for Thunders, but I'm especially impressed with the quality of the action Thunders is delivering in 2017. They've been my favorite promotion of the year so far.

What are other bloggers saying?

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. Ok Miller. That man on the bright purple, Kid Dynamite is a Home Run with Bases Loaded. Ughhh. Ill have to make a post about it on Fricks Sexy Wrestling later this week. Its all because you brought it to my attention. I'm still sweating. Its one thing to post Him on my other Tumblr blog, FrickSSexyPics, as you say, Static, and its another to see him in action. I usually don't see the videos quickly, but on this one, I just went for it. Oh...and was it worth it. That guy is way,way,way better in video than in pictures. WAY BETTER. That powerwashing noise though. UGH. Talk about a killer distraction.
    But even then, Hunky KD is just wayyyy to hot to care about noise. The moaning. Eagles grunts.
    I'm not sure what Thunders is doing but these guys are really, really doing a great job. Maybe that's the thing. the audio is so good that It amplifies the noises outside. Because the ring action and their sounds, from slamming to the skin contact, is audible. And its awesome. When Eagle slams then splashes KD....BOOM the camera just bounces and it felt awesome haha. and I could go on and on. Thanks man for this awesome recommendation. Well worth it. I could go on and on. But ill probably have more to say with the one with Beast.
    Ok, cant finish yet. I want to make it clear though, Thunders has hired a perfomer on KD. Body, outfit, haircut, moaning, and that look in hi eyes. That guy has some serious look. I could see him really going harder. He really gets into it and into the character. That's a guy that understands what its all about. For me, This is more enjoyable than most big wrestling has to offer. Great job Thunders

    1. Thanks! Yep, Thunders is doing a great job. Hopefully they get more of the studs from your Tumblr. I can think of more than a few who'd look great on their roster.

  2. Wouldn't that be amazing!!!! Oh yes, I do have a few that would look great. I have posted about Steel, Kid Dynamite, Eagle, Razor, and that's just off the top of my head. Ughh I have a couple that if they got hired, Id need oxygen! Anyways, I'm looking at your pageviews, almost 700,00 !!!! WHOA!!!

  3. HI this is Mr. Mike at Thunder's you should know that we have gone in and removed the noice that Alex takes about in his blog using some new technology we have just purchased. There was a company pressure washing right outside the building where we rent the wreslting ring and that was the noice you heard on film but now it is gone.

    1. Thanks for the update. I added this news right upfront to the review, which is what I do whenever videos change. That's some great technology. Fans will appreciate you for getting it.

      If you ever change anything in a video, please let me know so I can be as accurate as possible.

  4. WOOOHOO....How awesome. That's what you called customer service. And paying attention to sincere opinions

    1. Yep, it's cool that they made the change. And they've been good about my opinions. I don't love everything, but they continue to be cool about it.