Saturday, March 25, 2017

Review: Superboy (Cam Zagucci) vs. Max Quivers (W4H)

It's no secret I'm a sucker for all things that combine superheroes with wrestling. I've bought superhero wrestling videos from BGEast, Can-Am, Muscle Domination Wrestling and Wrestler4Hire  I'm a member of Eye of the Cyclone. I've checked out more amateur attempts from guys. It's a particular passion of mine and it's not easy to satisfy.

So when Wrestler4Hire puts guys in costumes on their streaming list, I'll always check it out. And when the guy is Cam Zagucci as Superboy, I'm checking it out immediately.

Superboy, look out!

Cam Zagucci is perfect as Superboy. He's young, trim and cute with rosy cheeks, a big smile, and black hair. To a comic book geek like me, this Superboy looks more like a young Kal-El, but he's in the Kon-El suit with a shiny red cape in place of the black leather jacket. It all works well from an aesthetic point-of-view.

Looking good, Superboy

His opponent is Mr. Max Quivers. The big behemoth is decked out in a business suit and lucha mask. I think he's supposed to be the boss, but in my head, he's the henchman/bodyguard that Lex Luthor employed. Either way, Max looks imposing and dangerous, which is always great for a villain. He's exactly the type of monster Superboy would face.

The monstrous villain is very menacing

The action starts pretty fast. Our young hero is flying and smiling, basking in the glory of his goodness. The evil Max moves in behind the unsuspecting hero, immediately slapping on sleeper. The villain reveals a kryptonite disk that gives him complete power over Superboy.

Our hero gets one moment of resistance - an elbow to the head followed by a (failed) flying tackle - but otherwise it's all a one-sided demolition. In the end, the mysterious monster throws the unconscious Superboy over his shoulder in order to take him back to his lair and do even more evil stuff to his hapless and helpless victim.

Fly, Superboy! Oops.

Max must be a Kids in the Hall fan.

Superboy stripped and subdued.

The costume comes off at the 9-minute mark. From there on out, Cam's just in briefs. It's not a bad balance between superhero purists who like costumes and body lovers who want to see Cam's smooth, taut body. We get enough of Superboy that you can believe it's the young hero.

The villain helps out, as well. He constantly reminds us that this is Superboy while he mauls his victim. The big man's mask + suit look is a good one, increasing the menace and enhancing the superhero vibe.

Moves-wise, there are a lot in a one-sided squash like this. It's classic body-wrecking stuff, which works just great. Superboy suffers admirably, but even he can't hold out against a thrashing like this from a kryptonite-added monster. This was a tough one, because I could've easily pulled 20 images - both action and just those little moments when Superboy looks especially helpless and vulnerable, like when Superboy kneels, held up only by his hair. Now I want to change my selection. No, I made my choices.

"I thought you were stronger than steel!"

"Does your back hurt, Superboy?"

"There's no giving up. You're done when I say so!"

Superboy hung out to dry

In the end, the casting, action and vibe works for me. Cam makes a great Superboy and I was happy with the villain's look and skills. Both guys go with the premise without overselling it or going hokey, so that's a huge benefit. It works from a logical standpoint, too. Young Superboy is heroic and strong, but simply outsmarted and outmatched.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. I sometimes queezy about superhero stuff because sometimes, too many times it comes out cheezy or not believable. The performances are soso. I really thought this was going to be the same. I saw the outfit and I was like "ehh". Then I said to hell with it.
    OK. It shut my mouth. Shut tight. First Max Quivers. The guy sent shivers down my back. Screams villain. Not only the outfit though. Nope. Its the voice. What a good performer. I bought the act from beginning to end. Excellent performance. EXCELLENT.
    Then comes my second observation from his voice. How crystal clear it was. And this has all to do with the production, WOW. AWESOME AUDIO!! Just plain AWESOME! From the ring sounds to Superboys moaning. The audio was spot on!!! Kudos to them for that. Lots of people focus on camera work but the audio is bad or there are lots of noises. This was excellent.
    Then Superboy. At first I was like, "hmm they should have done better casting" but then...boom. I was stunned by the performance of Cam Zegucci. Not only the moaning. It was the fact that he knew how to display the body, facial expressions, the moaning. For the whole video the guy is total game, and its hot hot hot.
    Last we go back to MR Quivers. The dialogue was real good. superboy doesn't get to talk much but its more than ok because Max just fills the space, with his constant badgering.
    So definitely this is was an awesome choice. Still sweating from it.

    1. Great comment. I didn't mention Max's intimidating villain's voice. It did add to the whole scenario. He was very good in the role, leading the action really well.

  2. Full disclosure, I suggested this as a match idea to Cameron a while back when I saw he was bringing in Cam- him roleplaying a hot young Superman who gets ambushed by a villain with kryptonite, tortured and stripped down to a skimpy speedo for more torture... it's kind of my thing :)

    1. Dude, that's awesome! We all owe you big thanks for the suggestion, along with Cameron bringing it to life. You must be very happy with how it turned out. I know I am. ;)

  3. I agree with everyone that both Cam and Mr. Quivers played there parts to perfection! I would have liked to see Mr. Quivers take his button-down shirt off (though I understand if he did not in case he has distinguishing marks, i.e. tattoos, that will make him recognizable).
    My only other quibble, and very small it may be, is that I kinda wish that when Cam was fully stripped down to his speedo, that he had been wearing superman/superboy briefs!

    1. Thanks for the comment. Good suggestion. That would have been a nice touch.