Sunday, March 12, 2017

Review: Vinny vs. Rex (Thunders Arena)

You know, Thunders Arena action has been really good this year. The guys are great, but I'm really liking the wrestling, which is great to see. When I saw Vinny vs. Rex aka Jaxton, I impulsively decided to just buy it and I'm glad I did.

Two muscle beasts battle it out.

I've been a Vinny fan since the start. When he came along, I thought he was the hottest guy at Thunders. I still love his look - so physically big and powerful - and here, he's looking good in tight red trunks. However, it's actually his blue collar persona that really makes him stand out. He kind of feels like a character more than a regular guy, which I actually like.

Rex shows off Vinny's big body.

So big, so beautiful.

Rex isn't new to me, but he's never done anything memorable for me. However, aesthetically, his hairy, beefy look is right up my alley. Vinny calls him a caveman and a teletubby in his shiny purple squarecuts, but I like it. I also like his confidence here. He's charming, intense and fierce.

Rex's big, sexy body.

A teletubby? I think not.

This video begins with Vinny in full meathead mode, clumsily trashtalking the hairy hunk. They cut and jump, treating it like bloopers as both big men break up laughing during the exchange. It's an interesting editorial decision, but it doesn't distract from what's to come. It takes about two minutes before we get a solid 19 minutes of action.

The main point of the intro is that Vinny thinks he's going to crush Rex, but he's in for a big surprise. Vinny has never been as unstoppable as his proportions would suggest and this one is no exception. Rex brings the heat, sweating up a storm as he shows off his own power and skills. In fact, this match skews more to Rex domination.

Big Vinny falls under Rex's control.


Rex is powerful.

You get a lot of power moves here. Multiple bearhugs, scissors, sleepers, a suspended choke and a nelson to name a few moves. The description says the guys are two alpha males and it's right. Fans of big vs big with strong sequences of domination should really enjoy this match.

The ending is the best part. There's no "to be continued" nonsense as one of these mighty muscle hunks takes firm control and destroys his opponent. It's always fantastic to see the big men go down and even better when they're put out. After the back-and-forth action, the loser is finally crushed and left an unconscious, ruined mess.

Those thighs are like a guillotine.

Yes, yes, yes. A thousand times, yes.

Nothing like seeing a MAN so helpless.

In the end, I really enjoyed seeing these two hunks in action. This is a great big man battle with two beautiful beefy bad boys. Hairy Rex is awesome as a sweaty, manly man. Vinny is entertaining as the musclebound meathead. These two macho dudes have a nice chemistry and intensity. And as I said, I was very pleased by the ending.

So that's my take. What's yours?


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