Friday, March 31, 2017

The Cast: Who's Who (March 2017)


A ton of new faces, although most of them are more of a tease for the future in CLAW. Red Raven is technically the only new "wrestler" this month, but I've included everyone's identity.

The Cave Undercard 15

Moneymaker = Raul Lledo (Model)

Valet = Jon Cossu (Model)

Red Raven (r) = Dylan Hart (Model)
Blue Arrow (l) = Colby Melvin (Model)


Ryker = Dan Rockwell (Model)

Kwame = Marcus Randall (Model)

Xander = Sergi Constance (Model)

Mateo = Jay Alexander Torres (Model)

Jake = Aaron Kuttler (Model)

Nate = Mike Mitchell (Model)

Shane (l) = Cameron McElroy (Model)
Sean (r) = Michael Dean Johnson (Model)



  1. Hoo boy, I see a bright, bright future for CLAW!

    1. Thanks! I hope so. ** fingers crossed **

  2. HMMM HMM HMM. Sexy Hunks Galore. I have to say that manip of MM gets me every single time. It is just so sexy. It would be a perfect fit for any my main blog or the wrestling one.
    Then I jump to the Raven boys. The image itself is really a work of art. Then the manips, up the ante.

    Then CLAW. What a feast. If this would be a baseball game it would be back to back homers. Its just so sexy. And its just such a good mix.
    Cant wait to see what CLAW has in store for us

    1. Thanks. I keep meaning to make a new MoneyMaker image, but that one is just so perfect. So much muscle and attitude.

      Ben's federation certainly seems to have an aesthetic. It's no wonder CLAW is becoming so popular.

  3. Sergi is ... wow! Damn. Well, really all of them, but especially him.

    Fricks is right. That manip of Moneymaker is one of your best.

    1. Thanks! You're in luck. Sergi is appearing in CLAW 2. However, that's not for a little while, but time flies with this sort of thing.

  4. Sorry boys, but we need that milk chocolate golden muscle boy Jay aka Mateo in Alex Miller's cave. He needs to join the ranks. HMM HMM HMM pure muscle boy sexiness in the house! HOT HOT HOT! And that Manip makes him "Pop" even more. BTW I waited for days to jump in! I didn't want to, but I couldn't hold myself. I had to! There you. Its out! LOL

    1. Mateo is definitely going to see action and Jay has a lot of great pics. Hopefully folks are following you to see the future of wrestling!

    2. OH WOW...WOW WOW WOW. That humbling Miller. Thank you. Coming from you. I'm in a bit of shock. Thank you.