Saturday, April 8, 2017

Review: Beast vs. Brute (Thunders Arena)

Brute: "Ready for this? Ready for 1970's style domination? This is how our forefathers did it."
Wow, after starting April not having a clue what I'd be reviewing, suddenly my cup runneth over. I have six brand new Thunders Arena matches, one purchased and five promotional. BGEast released the first video from catalog 118 in the Arena with three matches featuring six wrestlers I like. There's a new Alex Waters match at RHW. And Movimus sent me a brief encounter (9 minutes) between my two favorite current studs. On top of that, a brand new wrestling video company called Muscleboy Wrestling launched. Phew. I guess my look back at Cyberfights and Brett Barnes can wait.

Anyway, I decided to start with the purchased offering from Thunders Arena. I watched it first, it's one I chose to invest in, plus it's a winner for me. Beast v Brute is right up my alley, so I'd be shocked if I didn't enjoy it. I'm not shocked. It's big boys playing like big boys. There's a lot of muscle. And there's the promised domination. So this video is what you'd expect and you know if you'll like it.

Brute and Beast go old school

I've written a lot about Beast and it's all still true. Maybe even moreso. My infatuation with this burly, charming hunk only grows with every video. He's a beefy, blocky muscleman who's cute in a manly way. I love these latest videos with him sporting a light dusting of fur. He fills out his blue squarecuts nicely, but it's really all about his torso for me. It's pretty much perfect.

Strong and sexy, Beast is all-man

If loving Beast's big body is wrong,
I don't want to be right

Brute makes his return and is a great match for Beast. He's a bigger, older pro wrestler with a ton of charisma, muscles and ring skills. It seems like there's always an air of fun with Brute matches and this is no different. Even as he's promising 70's style domination, he's pretty relaxed about it.

Brute is even bigger than Beast

This is a 75% squash. The first 10 minutes is pretty much even with both guys getting a 4-5 minute stretch of control, but then it flips and I don't think it's a spoiler to say that Brute's power takes over. The final 10 minutes are totally one-sided. This isn't one of those squashes where it's a series of all the classic moves. It's mostly body punishing blows from fists, feet, knees and shoulders. I think this type of action works with two powerful pros going at it.

Beast impresses, holding big Brute up with ease

The boys dish out a real pounding

Beast's big shoulder blocks

Sleepers feature prominently. There are four of them, one from Beast and three from Brute, the bigger stud's sleepers all result in knockouts, which is great. After the first, Brute monologues that he could be done with Beast, but he's not. Love it.

The second leaves the hairy hunk hanging on the middle rope, looking like a dishrag. This is the end of a long sequence with Beast tied up and worked over. It works really well. Thunders loves to have guys in this position with the middle rope cutting over their bulges. It's become a signature position for them and I, for one, always enjoy it. There's an odd cut and I really think it was so someone could re-position the rope and Beast's trunks and pouch into a more provocative position. I don't know that for sure, but regardless of whether it was the intent or not, it's the result.

The third and final Brute sleeper happens on the top turnbuckle as part of a very re-watchable finale for fans of a big man being dominated. Beast tumbles down like a redwood, playing unconscious like the pro he always is.

Simple, but super-sexy

I love this signature Thunders position


In the end, this match delivers on its premise and its promise. It's a solid big man showcase. Brute is a great dominator, especially perfect for a beefy hunk like Beast. No suspension of disbelief needed here. I like all the body work and love seeing Beast knocked out in three sexy and different ways.

Beast has really become a superstar. I'm surprised, but he's approaching Big Sexy level must-buy guy status for me. It seems like as soon as I see he's got a new match, I've got my phone in hand to Apple Pay it. I'd love to see him get a rival, like Big Sexy had Z-Man. He's not that big, so one of the young models like Steel, Eagle or Kid Dynamite could be a fun contrast.

So that's my take. What's yours? Are you joining me on the Beast bandwagon? What more can they do with him? Commenting is cool.


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