Thursday, April 13, 2017

Review: Duke Russo vs. Dario Espinosa (Movimus)

Full disclosure: This video was provided to me by Movimus.

Duke vs. Dario is my current dream matchup. I've raved a lot about these two super studs. Unfortunately, this is a dream where I got woken up a little too early. The action is great, but there's only 9 minutes of it. It's due to an apparent leg injury, so I'm sympathetic. I hope for a rematch to happen really soon, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want more.

I mention this all right up front as it seems extremely relevant to providing a review. Now Movimus has decided to offer buyers of this one 40% off another video, but they're still charging $26.99 for this one. I guess it depends on how motivated you are.

It's "dreamus interruptus" for me when
Duke battles Dario

Dario Espinosa and Duke Russo are the hottest guys on the Movimus roster. At least in my opinion. They're both must-buy studs for their looks, wrestling ability and charisma. Not surprisingly, they're both their usual amazing selves here. Duke is looking lean and mean with a dusting of fur. Dario is a powerful-looking beefcake, hairy and tattooed with thick muscles. I'm kind of amazed only 1" and 5 pounds separate them.

Duke is a rock star.

So freaking hot.

Dario looks as awesome as ever.

Top to bottom, I love Dario's look.

After the intros, the guys go at it fast and hard. Big takedowns, aggressive grappling and there's a submission within a few minutes. These two studs go at it full on, but unfortunately, Dario comes up a little gimpy. All I can hear is "something" said a couple of times, so not sure if that's a safe word or just the only audible word. Either way, Dario calls the match.

Dario seems to moves around okay, but obviously he wouldn't quit for no reason. The guy seems too manly for that. I'm sure no one is happy with this outcome. Not Movimus, not Duke, not Dario, and certainly not the viewers who would love a lengthier battle.

Dario locked up tight.

Uh, pins don't count in submission action.

Duke's in control.

If the match was longer, I don't think it'd end up even. Duke looks like the better wrestler. I expect that he would have won big if this had kept going. Now Dario is a lot of man to handle, which could tire out even someone like Duke. The heavier hairy hunk also gets more and more worked up. When Duke is hanging off the beefy brute by a body scissors, he tries to show off by doing a crunch while looking at the camera. Dario doesn't seem to appreciate being shown up, breaking up the punk move. Love the intensity. If they were sweaty and going at it for 20 minutes, it could be a classic, even if was one-sided.

Oof, Duke throws big Dario around.

Dario doesn't seem to like Duke showing off.

In the end, I enjoyed this brief battle. There was enough here to get me engaged, but obviously I'd love to see more. Duke is his usual studly self, while Dario impresses again. Both these guys appeal to me in a very basic way and their primal energy is on display throughout. There's an alpha male tension between the guys, so it'd be very interesting to see where that goes over an extended period.

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