Friday, April 28, 2017

Review: Kid Karisma vs. Chace LaChance (BGEast)

Kid Karisma vs. Chace LaChance is the second match I watched from Backyard Brawls 9. It's been a while since there was a BGEast compilation where I was this excited to watch all three matches, but this is one is just jam-packed with awesomeness. I already covered my first and favorite (Carter v Kirk), but I want to give some love to the other two, as well. And so, I'll start with this one.

You can't do much better than this. We've got two A-list studs. I think Kid Karisma is BGEast's best exclusive guy and an all-time great talent, while Chace has proven himself a star across several companies. They both have award-winning bodies and love to show them off. In this match, Kid looks great in a jock, while Chace is stunning in a bright blue thong. No wonder they've got such big egos (in this match).

Kid v Chace has pretty much everything going for it. The guys, the gear, the action. It all works. While I love pro gear in the ring, minimalism works on the mats. This is especially true outside. Now, maybe I would've preferred these two in a ring, but Kid is the king of the outside, so even that works fine.

Things start out fun, with a sexy showdown. After some trashtalk, Kid strips Chace's shorts and the guys hit the mats with bare butts, chiseled bodies, and intensity. Cocky Kid is in full heel mode, but Chace brings his A-game, too. These two know their way around and they put on a show worthy of their reputations.

This is a mat match, so there's a lot of groundwork, like scissors and body work. With both asses hanging out from the start, they're the feature. It's sexy, but the action is serious and sweaty. The guys go hard, keeping things feisty. Not surprisingly, Kid is more dominant, but there's a lot of back-and-forth action.

In the end, two superstars deliver a super-match on the mat. Kid Karisma and Chace both look awesome and the grappling is crisp and fast-paced. On a compilation where all three matches are great, it kind of feels wrong to rank them, because I don't want to imply this match is lesser. So instead, I will say this is likely many viewers' favorite of the three, regardless of how I would rank them. The match is a winner.

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  1. Chace LaChance is damn hot in this match. I really get off on jockstrap wrestling and outdoor matches always rock. Nothing like two beefy muscle studs going at it. I'd wrestle either one anytime and anywhere.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I'd join you in that sentiment.

  2. I love both of them, so I was HOPING this would be a good match! (Though like you, I WOULD prefer it to be in the ring...)

    1. Thanks, Sean. I'd definitely be into a rematch in a ring with Kid trying to handle the hairier, more muscular Chace of today.

  3. That last screen cap almost looks like KK is indulging in some worship of CLC's awesome torso. THAT is something I'd love to see!