Thursday, April 20, 2017

Review: Marco vs. Spike (Thunders Arena)

Marco: "Why are you all hairy? You know this is a modeling gig, right? You need to look like a model not a fat bear."

I still have a ton of free stuff from Thunders Arena to watch and potentially review, but what do I do? I buy Marco v Spike from Thunders Arena and watch it instead. Sure, I might never get around to something like Marco/Slim, but Eagle/Logan/Vinny, Bolt/Frey and Vinny/Marco sound right up my alley. Nope, they're taking a backseat for Spike.

It's not often that I want to buy a match the day it comes out because of an unknown rookie, but this is one of the exceptions. I simply had to see Spike in action, so here we are. Turns out, I made a good call. I won't say the right call, because I haven't seen the other videos, but this one was a winner for me, so yay.

Two hot studs face off in a hairy vs. smooth,
newbie vs. veteran showdown.

I first became familiar with Spike via Frick's Sexy Pics. Unlike Marco, I think Spike is looking awesome as a hot and hairy hunk. Bear? Maybe. Fat? No. He's muscled, strong and sweaty, a perfect fit for Thunders. We're seeing Thunders get on the whole movement for guys to keep trimmed body hair with guys like Joey King, Beast, Blayne, and Rex/Jaxton all showing off different levels of fur this year. It looks good on the rookie in the bright blue trunks.

Marco doesn't think much of Spike's hairy
body, but I sure as heck do!

Sorry Marco, but Spike's hairy body is on trend.

As you can tell from his opening insults, Marco comes in as his usual cocky self. Of course he looks great in tight, hot pink trunks. I find Marco hit-or-miss; sometimes lackluster, occasionally bored and often wrestling up or down to the level of his opponent. So a rookie battle made me nervous. Would it keep him engaged or was I in for eye-rolling, yawning and unselling? Fortunately, this is good Marco, because Spike's got enough energy and focus to keep him inspired and involved throughout.

Marco's impressed. By his bicep.

Marco gets stretched out.

Action-wise, this is a mat battle with some body work and a few submission moves. Don't be fooled by the forced perspective in the first pic - at 5'9"/205-lbs Spike's more than a match for Marco (5'8"/180-lbs) in terms of size. However, while their size is similar, these two are very different. From look to attitude to experience, this is a showdown with a ton of contrasts. And you know I love contrasts.

Spike pounds on those chiseled abs.

Uh, Spike? Marco has fists, too.

Classic fun with a Boston crab.

Spike immediately fits in at Thunders. He's got the moves, swagger and sexiness that are the hallmarks of my current favorite promotion. These two feel each other out, but they don't really stop wrestling. Marco tries to pose, but Spike's on him fast. When Marco tells him to knock it off, Spike's response is a perfect, "what are you gonna do about it?"

I was surprised that Spike is actually more the aggressor. Marco starts the battle, but it's the hairy rookie who keeps it going. He escapes most of Marco's holds quickly then launches his own full-on assault. It's great to see a guy in his first match be right on point this way. He "gets it".

And kudos to Thunders and Marco for going in this direction, rather than a Frey rookie-squash or something. I like how they're managing the new guys. Letting them shine without diminishing their existing talent. Both guys end up as winners. Well, not literally - one guy gets knocked out then woken up only to be knocked out again. Let's change that to both guys look good.

Yep, Spike's a Thunders guy.

Spike gets to see the sights in his debut.

Spike earns his name, spiking Marco's head.

In the end, I really liked this. Seeing a new stud is like opening a gift. Sometimes you get stuck with socks, but with a match like this, you get what you want. I expect Spike filmed a few matches, so we'll see how he does against other guys. I'm definitely interested in seeing  his next match.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. I guess I have a new blog to POST!!!! WOOO HOOO!!!

    1. Yep, you've featured both these guys as models. Now you can feature them as wrestlers. :)

  2. New Fan here. Loved the review. Two great looking young men. Great talent. Your Gifs bring them to life. The gear on them is perfect. Very small. Showcasing their bodies. Both boys look very manly and the contrast with hair on Spike is wonderful. The visuals impressive.

    1. Thank you, Marin. Welcome to the blog!

    2. I appreciate a blogger that replies. That shows a lot of respect for your readers. Thank you.