Sunday, May 21, 2017

Review: Marco vs. Scrappy (Thunders Arena)

Full disclosure: This video was provided to me by Thunders Arena.

Every so often, I watch a video that has lots of things about it that I shouldn't like, but somehow it all comes together. The Scrappy vs. Marco Vegas battle is like that. It takes a while to get to the wrestling. There's no ending (due to illness). And it's a somewhat sloppy squash. However, the guys are charming, the action is playful, and there's actually quite a bit going on. So I actually enjoyed this silly confrontation.

romp: a spell of rough, energetic play.

Scrappy and Marco are two of the fittest and hottest guys in Thunders Arena. They're their usual sexy selves here, muscles pumped, attitudes on point and ready to entertain their fans with a fun and flirty motel romp. In fact, I think romp is a great way to describe it.

There's a wonderful dynamic here. It carries the frat house feel to Vegas with Marco as the older, stronger, more experienced brother and Scrappy as the defiant younger pledge. What does Marco want? Well, you might notice that Scrappy is in a singlet in some images and in a thong in others. This is a reverse strip match as Marco forces the hot young hunk to put on the tight and skimpy gear over his thong.

See, according to Marco, Mr. Mike wants Scrappy in a singlet, but Scrappy says he didn't hear the boss say that. Well, Marco ain't taking no guff. A rough and tumble living match ensues.

While there's a lot of fun, the moves are still great

Marco toys with a begging Scrappy

Bigger, stronger, dominant

One of the sexiest parts of the video is the sofa battle where Marco dominates the younger muscleman. It feels like big brother-little brother play time. Scrappy can't move Marco off him as the bigger hunk gives him "a timeout" until he calms down. It's funny, but sexy and reminds me of fooling around and play wrestling with friends on the sofa.

Marco: "We're just going to wait until
you calm down. It's a timeout."

Marco: "Mr. Mike wants you in a singlet.
I'm going to make you do it."

Marco: "You're a feisty little fuck."

Off the sofa, there are quite a few legit moves that really show the guys at their best. It's the wrestling that made this work for me and kept it from becoming too jokey. This a perfect balance of fun and serious and the way it ends, with a title card that Marco couldn't continue due to illness, didn't really matter.

By this point, you have around 20 minutes of action on top of the 4 minutes of "behind the scenes" intro. Marco dominates completely, so it's not like there's suspense. I can't imagine it would've continued much longer anyway, so all we miss is maybe one finishing move.

In the end, fans of these two studs should enjoy this match. The playful connection between the guys and the wrestling are really good. Marco's usual quiet monotone works in his role as an exasperated older brother, trying to get the kid to do what he was told to do. And Scrappy is the perfect bratty young punk, stubborn and defiant, even as he knows he'll lose the battle of wills (and muscle).

So that's my take. What's yours?


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