Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Review: Scrappy vs. Blayne (Thunders Arena)

Full disclosure: This match was provided to me by Thunders Arena.

Back in January, I reviewed a match between Scrappy and Blayne (here). It was a custom series squash that I enjoyed very much. Scrappy went full-on heel and kicked ass as a ruthless bad boy. Now these two are back at it. I liked the original enough to watch this, but I wasn't sure if it would be more of the same. Luckily, this is an entirely new chapter that I liked just as much.

REVENGE! Scrappy gets it then Blayne wants it,
but who ends up with the ultimate revenge?

I might have been a little late to the Scrappy bandwagon, but I'm all aboard now. The sculpted muscleman always looks stunning and this match is no exception. He rocks a pair of hot pink shorts that hug his fantastic body perfectly. And this is bad boy Scrappy, so he has a diabolical mean streak and gleeful grin as he damages poor Blayne. However, he displays his ability to sell, creating a well-rounded character that has real star quality.

Damn he's pretty in pink.

Pint-sized perfection.

As for Blayne, I'm sorry, but it's kind of ridiculous how good looking he is. I mean, it all just works so perfectly. His body is lean, yet muscular. He's ripped and beautifully proportioned. And he's handsome, but accessible with a puppy dog face. When he's being punished and he gets that 'O' face expression, I'm completely sold.

Blayne's perfect, too.

That's a real pro position right there.
Blayne knows how to sell.

So by now, you get that Scrappy vs. Blayne is a revenge match. You have to go back to Bolt vs. Blayne, which I reviewed earlier this month. In that, Scrappy gets caught up in the action. Bolt smashes his head into the wall then Blayne kicks him in the ass on their way out to the patio. It was fun and very Thunders, playing into the whole wrestlers' clubhouse vibe.

Remember this GIF from my Bolt/Blayne review?
Scrappy sure remembers Blayne's foot on his ass.

Apparently Scrappy didn't think it was so fun. He doesn't like being disrespected, so Blayne must pay. By the end of the first few minutes in the garage, Blayne is wrecked, left with a broken wrist thanks to the creative use of a tire. Scrappy's revenge is complete. Now it's Blayne's turn to demand revenge for Scrappy's revenge as he slides on a wrist guard in the bathroom, psyching himself up.

Blayne's big revenge plan runs into some trouble.

But the handsome hunk isn't giving up!

The two go at it in the living room then finish up in the garage. It's fairly back-and-forth, although Scrappy feels a little more dominant. Unlike the first Scrappy/Blayne custom series match I reviewed (here), this is no squash. There's a lot of action as each guy fights to be the last man standing.

Can Blayne get his revenge
against Scrappy's revenge?

Does Scrappy get even more revenge when Blayne
tries to exact that revenge for Scrappy's revenge?

Will the ultimate revenge belong to Blayne?
Or does Scrappy walk away as the King of Revenge?

In the end, this is a wonderful rematch. You've got the hottest talent playing rough in a tale of escalating revenge. Solid performers, energetic chemistry, lots of action and beautiful bodies. And the back-and-forth nature gives it a new dynamic versus the original.

This all does lead to me expect a full Scrappy/Bolt revenge match. It was teased in the Bolt/Blayne match and Scrappy should be even angrier at Bolt that poor Blayne. And if that comes along, I'll be all-in for sure.

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  1. So I just have to say this. What a couple of hunks. Seriously. Is it just me...or is Scrappy looking hotter with each passing match? Its his body, face, character and persona. He still has a boyish face, but he really can perform much better now. The body is really so sexy right now. That skin is tight on his muscle body. But I'm glad that he is not just a plaything. The guy can really be good.
    And Blayne. What a face. What a body.The guy knows how to put a shor for the camera. He knows what we want. He delivers. the fact that his body is ALWAYS on point! By the way, that first picture of Scrappy holding Blayne by the hair and neck??? SEXY SUPER HOT.

    1. Yeah, they're both stunning. I think Scrappy and Blayne have both gotten hotter as they've gotten to show more of their personalities.