Thursday, June 8, 2017

Brett Barnes Part 2

And we're back with more of Brett Barnes. Part 1 was intended as a general introduction to Brett Barnes and Cyberfights. Today, I'm going to look more specifically at a few of my favorites of Brett's 40 singles matches, covering his transition over time.

It all began on Cyberfights #73
Brett Barnes v Cody Knight (CF 73)

Now, Brett had a ton of three-way and tag matches, but I prefer the singles matches, because Brett is less likely to get lost in them. When I buy a Brett match, I want to see Brett, damn it! Not that I didn't enjoy many of them, but I think a post about someone should focus on content where he's the star.

Yes, Davey, I see you humiliating Matt Sydal,
but I want to see Brett wrestling, not worrying!

I own most of the early matches and a few of the later ones, but I'd say his performances were always great. It's really about the appeal of his opponent to you, if you want to check him out. He faced some of the best, so knock yourself out. What I will do is try to cover a range of Brett's evolving look and character.

Original Brett is the young, cute Brett we all fell in love with. He's got that All-American boy next door look with a hot, natural looking body. In the ring, he's got some attitude, but it's more youthful exuberance and eagerness than any kind of arrogance. Classic Brett definitely feels like the good boy underdog against most of his more manly opponents.

The adorable blond's first four singles matches are of the 30-minute/3-fall variety. Brett starts out in CF 73 against the lean and mean Cody Knight. He also battles the swarthy heel Matt Stryker (81), muscle hunk Mikey Henderson (88), and uber-hot Scotty Mac (86). Of these ones, Mikey is my favorite opponent, although mature and hairy Matt Stryker makes the best contrast against our blond superboy.

Blond boys don't bond in this battle
Brett Barnes v Mikey Henderson (CF 88)

Matt gets mean with the young rookie
Brett Barnes v Matt Stryker (CF 81)

It's almost like Matt likes hurting the cute young stud
Brett Barnes v Matt Stryker (CF 81)

After this, Cyberfights switched to compilations of one-fall/10-minute matches. You can tell that some of these were the original 30-minute deal broken up into single matches. Brett's matches against Alex Pinchek or Davey Richards feel like this. Brett had nice chemistry with both of them, especially Alex. They worked really well together. I also enjoyed Davey's leg torture on CF 91.

There are actually 3 matches with Brett in yellow
gear, so the 30-minute match must've been split up
Brett Barnes v Alex Pinchek (CF 92)

We meet again ... Alex in a painful yet enviable position
Brett Barnes v Alex Pinchek (CF 100)

Those are two hot indie studs rolling around
Brett Barnes vs. Davey Richards (CF 91)

As time moves on, Brett starts to fill out, grow his hair and he's more self-assured. He starts to win, even beating bigger guys, although still losing to others. These matches are always back-and-forth, so from a win-loss perspective, it's always up and down with Brett.

Massive Johnny Handsome is a great opponent here in two different matches. Or you could go for a superstar like Tyler Black, too. Like many of these videos, Brett Barnes vs. Tyler Black from CF 120 could be a post unto itself. In it, Brett is definitely the arrogant heel with Black as the determined hero. There are a ton of hot moves and a nice clean finish.

Brett's impressive against big Johnny Handsome
Brett Barnes v Johnny Handsome (CF 112)

I hit the abs, ref, the abs! Yeah, right.
Brett Barnes v Tyler Black (CF 120)

This match is so GIF-able.
Brett Barnes v Tyler Black (CF 120)

As Cyberfights evolved, so did Brett. He became Powerhouse Brett. By this point, he's matured into a thick bodybuilder-fireplug type. His hair is long and he's very self-assured. He's as cocky as they come, skewing towards heel territory. He battles a lot of familiar studs like Cameron Matthews, Joey Ryan and Zorin. Gimmick matches start, like bearhugs, low blows (Zorin's specialty) and gut bashing.

Brett's body and hair got big

Zorin unleashes his finisher on big Brett
Brett Barnes v Zorin (CF125)

Among my favorites of this batch is Brett vs. Ryan Taylor, which includes a sensational finish. Once again, Brett succumbs to a bearhug. This time, it's a humpy version on the mats, but the cocky Taylor doesn't let the unconscious Brett's arm fall for the third time. Instead, the skinny pro stops the powerhouse's thick arm from falling then switches to a pin. Fuck, yeah.

First Fade, now Ryan puts Brett out with a bearhug.
Brett Barnes v Ryan Taylor (CF128)

Oh no you didn't! Taylor wants the pin, not a KO.
Brett Barnes v Ryan Taylor (CF128)

So that's it for some Brett Barnes. Hopefully it was fun for fans to reminisce and maybe some of you even discovered something new. It's not like it was that long ago, but it feels like it with the speed with which talent and companies have changed in the past 10 years.


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