Thursday, June 22, 2017

Ideas: Power Pup?

So I get ideas in my head. I write them down, but often they go nowhere. They vanish off into the ether and I move on. They come from everywhere - someone I talk to, something I see or read, wherever. They're often momentary and sometimes scattered.

Power Pup was inspired by some content on Tumblr. Apparently a few people I follow are into human puppy stuff. It wasn't an interest of mine, but then GayComicGeek talked about it within the context of superheroes and I suddenly became interested. I sent this to him and never heard anything, so I guess he didn't think much of it. And that might've been the end of Power Pup.

Power Pup?

However, I ended up sharing this particular story-like object with someone and he said that I should share it somewhere. So I hemmed and I hawed, but with a little validation, here we are. I don't know what this idea is or where it might go. This is actually more fleshed out than many of my thoughts. It has a beginning and an end, but it's not really very deep.

Enough pre-amble ... here it is ...

Power Pup ...

Another version by Janu

"Can I put my pants back on, Doc?"

Doctor Katz replies, "Not yet, Power Pup. Are you in a rush today? You seem more anxious than normal."

The mostly-naked young man replies, "Sorry, Doc, nothing personal. It's just we've been doing this for six months and I don't get the point. I feel fine. Well, I feel like something is happening. It's like my hackles are up and I don't know why. There might be crimes I could be out there stopping. The Assembly might need me. Instead, I'm here, getting poked and prodded."

The handsome doctor looks up from his iPad, "If they do need you, they know how to reach you. You must be patient. No pun intended. The world won't end without your unique abilities."

"It might. I've made the difference between life and death plenty of times."

Doctor Katz smiles at the ripped young stud sitting on his exam room table. He stares into the intense brown eyes behind the leather dog-mask that conceals Power Pup's identity. Such an amazing specimen with his hard, tight body. Even though he's never seen his patient's face, the doctor is sure the young man is handsome. Or at least cute.

Power Pup fidgets, his powerful muscles tensing. The powerhouse stud is a costumed hero, but a very unusual one. He has actual superpowers. The canine crusader has enhanced strength, durability, senses, agility and speed. As of now, he's the only person in the world known to be a real superhuman. That's why The Assembly, the pre-eminent collection of heroes, sent him to be checked out.

The hero is right. He has made the difference many times. As both a solo hero and team member, he has thwarted many threats in his short nine months of hero-ing. Of course the collection of costumed crimefighters want to know more, like how he can possibly dodge bullets, smell when someone is lying and leap three stories without the benefit of technology.

In addition to his dog-mask, the always shirtless young hero always wears a leather chest harness that cuts across his smooth sculpted pecs. He never takes the mask or harness off unless he's alone. Right now, he's also still sporting his furry black paw gloves and black cloth jock, but the rest of his costume rests on the chair to his left. Power Pup looks longingly at his black knee pads printed with gray paw prints, black spandex pants that are now slung over the back, black socks, and black leather combat boots on the floor.

The doctor types a few more numbers into his tablet then puts it aside. "All right, stand up."

Power Pup hops to the floor. He breathes in, but through his mouth. The doctor's lab is always full of chemical odors that messes with his enhanced sense of smell. It's one of the reasons he hates coming here. The machines purr, disrupting his hearing. The lights are so bright, limiting his super-vision. The only thing that isn't messed up by this place is his sense of touch, but when he's being felt up by the Doc, Power Pup kind of wishes it was.

The doctor understands his patient's discomfort as he conducts his final visual exam of the stud's tight body. "You're just like my two pups, Scooby and Scrappy. They hate the vet, too."

The hero laughs, even though he's heard the same joke many, many times. He tries to relax as the doctor touches him all over. It's almost a sensual caress. Power Pup doesn't want to feel turned on, but the doctor is hot and his cock is very responsive. It twitches and swells inside the jock. Under the mask, he bites his lip as he endures the exam.

Dr. Katz lowers the jock to the floor, exposing the hero's cock and balls. Power Pup's throbbing dick slaps the doctor in the face. The hero thinks, "He should know better by now. It happens like every time." The scientist moves the manhood then checks for a hernia. As he does, he opens his mouth and engulfs Power Pup's cock. The hero moans as he feels the lips tighten on him.

Power Pup allows the doctor to suck on him for a moment before he regains his composure. The young stud jumps back, stepping out of his jock. He asks, "Whoa, what're you doing?"

Dr. Katz rises, "Tasting you. I couldn't resist. You are beautiful."

"Sorry, Doc, but that's not cool. Just because I'm gay doesn't mean you can do that."

The doctor grins, "I thought you might feel that way, but I had to try." The physician says, "Did you know that when dogs and cats live together, no matter the dog's physical advantages, it is the cat who will assume the alpha role?"

The confused hero asks, "What?"

"Dogs have been broken to serve man as obedient servants, but cats never have." The doctor smiles then says, "All right, enough of this. I have all I need. The exam is over."

The hero relaxes and steps towards his jock. He'll be glad to leave. Power Pup knows that he's done with Dr. Katz. He doesn't care what The Assembly wants. He'll go it alone if he has to, but this guy is suddenly acting like a certifiable nut.

Just then, two musclemen burst into the laboratory. They're dressed in black spandex shirts with short sleeves, black pants belted at the waist, black boots, short gloves and domino masks. The naked hero instinctively steps in front of Doctor Katz. He flexes and balls up his fists, ready to fight off these menacing intruders in just his mask, harness and gloves.

Power Pup growls, "Stay behind me, Doc!"

"That is exactly my plan."

CLICK! Before the hero knows it, the doctor clips something to the back of his harness. The hero spins, feeling then seeing a black leather leash pressing into his side. One end is clipped onto his back, while the other is wrapped around Doctor Katz's wrist. Power Pup snarls, "What the hell are you doing?"

The two intruders move in, each grabbing one of the hero's muscular arms. As Power Pup struggles, he is surprised that these men are stronger than he is. The hero fights, but then he realizes he's wrong. They're not stronger than him, he's weaker than they are. The once-mighty hero is a normal man again. Even though he's ripped, the smaller hero is no match for them.

The doctor says, "Allow me to introduce my pups. Power Pup, this is Scooby and this is Scrappy. As the newest member of my pack, you should know that Scooby is the alpha and you, hero, are the runt."

Doctor Katz grabs Power Pup by the neck before he can respond. He squeezes as he forces the helpless hero to look him in the eye. The young muscleman chokes as his neck is crushed. The doctor is strong. He's super-strong!

The smirking Katz purrs, "You're understanding, aren't you? All your power. All your strength. It's gone. It runs into me."


The diabolical Doctor laughs, "Your magic harness is amazing, but it has one weakness. If you're leashed, the leash acts as a conduit. Months of tests and it was so simple. Once I realized that you were an ordinary man, I knew it had to be the harness or the mask. I've been quietly testing different hypotheses. I finally figured it out last week."

"You bastard!" Power Pup fights, but he can't do anything.

"Stop struggling. While you are extraordinarily beautiful and extraordinarily hung, you are now ordinary in every other way."

The hero snarls, "I'll never join your pack."

"Oh, but you already have. You're just a little pup and pups need training."

"You're insane."

Dr. Katz continues to smile as the henchmen slam their fists into the helpless hero's six-pack. Power Pup gets forced onto all fours. From a drawer, Katz pulls out two bars with cuffs. The powerful henchman bind his forearms to his thighs, locking him into the dog-like position on his hands and knees.

The villain monologues, "I've learned a lot about you during our sessions. You've kept most things to yourself, but every so often you slip up. With hard work and my genius, I uncovered your secrets." Katz kneels down. He forces the hero to look up as he dangles a collar in front of him.

Power Pup snarls, "I'm not your dog!"

"Yes, you are. My wonderful little puppy. Read the tag." He shows it to the hero. One side reads 'Power Pup' while the other reads, 'Property of Doctor Felix Katz. If found, call 555-5289."

The villain says, "According to the ancient scripts, in addition to the leash draining your power, any man who collars and tags you with this becomes your master. No one but you can remove your harness, but I don't need to."


"Yes. You never looked into the origins of your magic harness. I have. The harness was designed to make a man strong, but the Mage who created it also wanted obedience. He made the harness and collar as a set. It's all quite legendary. While you lacked the intellectual curiosity to dig deeper, I did not. I know everything and you are mine."

Doctor Katz wraps the collar around Power Pup's neck. The hero feels his will decreasing. He feels less human and more pup-like. The young muscleman has played as a pup, trying to emulate the mindset, but now, he feels it naturally. It overwhelms him. As the henchman release the bindings, the hero rises onto his knees and dives at the doctor. Not to attack, but to beg.

The smirking villain rubs Power Pup's head, "Good boy. But you must never jump up like that. When you're unleashed, you could knock a man over." The hero understands, but his puppy mind overwhelms his logic. The doctor has to force him back down. He smiles, "So much training. Scooby. Scrappy. I expect you to help with his introduction to our pack."

The henchmen rub the front of their pants and smile. They begin to strip as Scooby says, "Of course, master." From the drawers, they pull on their own non-magic harnesses, collars, paws, knee pads and masks, transforming into human pups.

Katz smiles as their cocks grow. Once they assume the look of pups, the bodybuilders drop and assume the mindset of pups. The three muscular humans begin to play with the bodybuilders dominating the smaller hero.

One Week Later

When the bell rings, Power Pup runs into the kitchen, eager for dinner. His master unsnaps the snout on his mask then the smooth stud drops to his hands and knees. He buries his face in his protein-packed food bowl. Doctor Katz watches the completely trained pup, amused by the sight of his ass up, butt plug tail wagging as he devours the gourmet-quality meal in his bowl.

With the hero’s human intellect, he was actually easier to train than the most obedient dog. The half-human, half-puppy embraced the experience. Dr. Katz barely had to discipline him, although both enjoyed the occasional swats to the young stud's bare bubble butt. The only thing they're still working on is the hero's constant desire to play with himself, but the cock cage is proving effective.

When his pet is finished, Katz picks up the bowl. Power Pup laps up fresh water then sits on his knees with his paws on the floor and head up. He pants, waiting for Katz to snap the snout back on. The canine crusader doesn't mind at all being reduced to his mask, collar, harness and paws on his hands and knees.

Without the leash, Power Pup is actually fully powered again, but it does him no good. He is the runt of the pack, obeying his master and being dominated by Scooby and even Scrappy. He knows his place and enjoys the structure. Whenever Scooby moves in to hump him, Power Pup always submits to the alpha's will.

With feeding complete, Dr. Katz commands the stud to rise onto his feet. The villain inspects his pet, nodding with approval. He calls for his other pups. They come in with black boots and clothes. Power Pup wiggles, but allows them to put black leather boots on his feet and a black leather loincloth over his caged cock. The back flap has a slit to allow the tail out.

The villain says, "We have work to do, boy. You're going to help master." Power Pup whimpers with glee at having a task. The leader and his three pups leave in an unmarked van. Dr. Katz smiles as he pets the former hero. He calmly explains what he needs to the human mind of the canine crusader, trusting the dog instincts and collar to keep him in line.

When they arrive at the warehouse, Katz sends Power Pup in first. He calmly waits with Scooby and Scrappy until the hero opens the door. When they enter, there are unconscious bodies everywhere. Katz smirks at the scene of the defeated criminals. They're part of a smuggling ring, but their stash is now Katz's property. The pups load the van then call the cops.

The next day, the news hails Power Pup for stopping the ring with no mention of the missing items. The criminals easily identified their attacker. Katz smiles. Millions of dollars in artwork is now his and no one suspects a thing.

Another Week Later

A week of busts by the canine crusader has the city buzzing with appreciation. The Assembly, however, are confused by their missing member. Why the solo act? They start hunting for him, looking in the last place he was seen - Dr. Katz's laboratory.

The villain welcomes the four studly heroes. Entering in first is the brilliant Thrust. A scientist by trade, the tall, trim black man is equipped with jet boots and repulsor rays. Next is Boom Box, the Asian gymnast with sonic blasters that can disorient or work as concussive force blasts. Behind them is Mind-Man, a police psychologist with amazing deductive skills and gas guns. In the back is Focus, the weapons expert who never misses.

Dr. Katz plays dumb about Power Pup, but Mind-Man isn't fooled. Knowing he's been caught, the villain calls out the transformed hero. The four men all look surprised by the skimpy loincloth, but they ask Power Pup what's going on. The canine crusader ignores their pleas. The evil genius simply says, "Sic 'em, boy."

Before the heroes can even react, Power Pup is charging. Thrust blasts his boots, rising to the ceiling. He aims his repulsor rays, but his former ally has hold of Mind-Man. Boom Box tries disorienting the attacking pup, but the super-human throws the psychologist right at him. The two go down in a heap.

Seeing his opening, Thrust fires, but he misses. Power Pup leaps up, slamming his paw into one boot, destroying it. The flying hero crashes to the floor, stunned. The canine crusader runs behind some equipment before Focus can lock on his aim. A recovered Mind-Man looks at Katz, "What have you done to him?"

Katz smiles, "Unleashed his inner puppy, of course. I own him now."

Focus shifts his aim to Katz, "Own this, bitch!"

Before he can fire, the marksman is tackled by Scrappy. His gun goes flying across the floor. In the chaos, no one notices Power Pup leaping onto Boom Box, smashing his sonic disruptor. The gymnast flips out of the way, but his speed, agility and power are no match for the super-human puppy.

Thrust is back up, but he's immediately engaged by Scooby. The hero can't get his repulsors aimed in the close combat. The bodybuilder quickly takes control. Mind-Man looks from the smirking Katz to the fight. He takes it all in. Instead of charging Katz, he nods. The brilliant detective moves in, kicking the gun back towards Focus before diving at Scrappy.

Mind-Man is overwhelmed by the bodybuilder, but he tells Focus, "I'll be fine. Shoot the dog tag! OOF!" Scrappy pummels his body.

Focus grabs his gun, hunting for a tag. He's sees one dangling from Power Pup's neck as the entranced hero manhandles Boom Box. A miss could kill the canine crusader, but the marksman must trust himself. Wait. Wait. Wait. BLAM! The bullet sails through the air. Katz cries out, but it's too late. It crosses right across Power Pup's neck, smashing the loop. The tag falls to the floor.

Everyone freezes. Power Pup lets go of Boom Box. He turns to Katz. "YOU!" The villain raises his hands, begging for mercy as the canine crusader charges at him. One swipe of the hero's paw is all it takes to knock him down. Behind them, Mind-Man uses the distraction to gas Scrappy, while Thrust manages to blast Scooby unconscious.

The five heroes survey the scene. After an uncomfortable silence, they talk. Power Pup apologizes, Mind-Man explains and Boom Box calls the cops. The villain and his henchman get tied up then arrested. The stolen items are recovered and Power Pup escapes any repercussions.

Back at Assembly HQ, Thrust smirks, "You know Power Pup, bare legs and a loincloth is a good look on you."

The canine crusader frowns then smiles, "Thanks, guys. I owe you."

Before anyone can say anything else, the alarm goes off. Another emergency. Power Pup looks at his outfit then at his team members. Mind-Man says, "No, there's no time to change, hot stuff."

The five studs head out, ready to save the city again.

The End


  1. Yes, this is great, thank you!

    1. You are welcome. Thank you for commenting!

  2. Loved it! And it also helped imagining Daniel Rumfelt as Power Pup and being mind controlled thanks to that picture haha. Will there be more to this? O wouldn't call it a series but I'd like to see more concept characters that didn't make it. Even if it doesn't come with a story I love concept art things.

    1. Thanks. There's no more to Power Pup right now, but there are more "Ideas". I have concepts, but probably not enough for a post. However, I'm trying to make the blog content a little more varied. So I will probably throw in an "idea" every so often.

  3. HEHEHE I loved the damn Power Pup. It seems like a light hearted concept. Fun and Sexy. It also had an element of Robin, getting caught and toyed with until he is rescued. Very cool Miller. That's why this blog is the best. Something new and refreshing every single time.

    1. Thanks. That's exactly how I like my heroes - captured, in trouble, but ultimately back being a hero at the end.

  4. Whew! Glad Power Pup was saved. I was really hating Katz.

    1. Wow, I didn't think there was enough here to have actual feelings about the characters, so that's great that you hated Katz. Not to spoil my own stories, but I usually don't like having the villains win in the end. My Batman story is an expection, but that's because it was written specifically for someone (a real-life Bane and my favorite villain of all-time), so I gave him the win. :)

  5. A great story for what was originally just some random musings! Also, I was curious if you received my attempt at wrestling fiction based on some of your other characters that I e-mailed to you Thursday evening?

    1. Thanks! And yes, I received it. Looking forward to checking it out.