Sunday, June 4, 2017

Review: Bruno vs. Masked Bruiser (Muscleboy Wrestling)

Back in late April, I had more wrestling than I knew what to do with. This also happened to be when a brand new group called Muscleboy Wrestling debuted. I did look at their site, saw some familiar faces and some new ones, but while I was interested, I wasn't going to spend money just to have a video sit on my hard drive. I've done that too often. However, as my backlog eased up, I finally got to check them out and buy something.

As it turns out, they're already on catalogue 2, which surprised me. With 15 videos in each catalogue, I think they're releasing too many videos, but that's me. It seems unsustainable. Maybe they're trying to build up a back catalogue. Not that it really impacts me, other than making it harder to choose where to start. Although even with 30 videos, the decision became really easy, really quickly.

Muscleboy Wrestling, you had me at loincloths.

Say what? It's a big and beefy jungle man battle.

So how was Bruno the Beast vs. Masked Bruiser? Great.

Let's start, as I usually do, with the wrestlers. Interestingly, this particular video features two hunks that I don't consider "muscle boys". Not that the site should be limited by their very specific name, but you know I can get distracted. First, these are MEN, not boys. Sexy, strong men. Second, they've got muscles, but they're not bodybuilder/fitness model types.

"Bruno the Beast" is a familiar face around here. I'm a big fan of the swarthy stud, so I was definitely pre-sold on him. Stocky and thickly-muscled, he fills out his animal-print trunks really well. Not sure if the gear is to match his name or his opponent, but either way, it's a really nice look.

Opposite him is Masked Bruiser. I think this guy is new to me (although he's masked, so maybe I do know him). Bruiser wins major points from me immediately by wearing a wonderful pair of loincloth-style trunks. I love how the back flap falls to expose his smooth round ass. He's tall and strong, with a good body. And of course the mystery of a masked wrestler is always tempting.

Bruno tries to prove he's no jobber boy
as he punishes "Tarzan".

I don't feel any sympathy for Bruno. None.

Yeah, they're having fun.

With both guys in jungle man-inspired attire and one guy named 'Beast', it has to come up. It  takes longer than I expected, but it does eventually. Bruno calls his opponent "Tarzan" and makes wise cracks about bananas and coconuts. Masked Bruiser calls Bruno "Boy", although it flows so naturally from his tongue that he might just do that to every opponent. So while not a "jungle battle", I was pleased the choice of matching gear did get noticed.

There's not really any story beyond the obvious. Masked Bruiser is pure heel looking to dominate, while Bruno seems to be fighting a misperception that he's a jobber. This is a back-and-forth match with a clear winner, but both guys acquit themselves well. I could've seen this turning out as a multiple fall match. It runs 27-minutes, so there's a ton here.

The soundtrack is really great. Masked Bruiser talks like a classic tough guy heel, while Bruno has a sadistic glee when he's in control. And both sell their pain like pros. The lighting is a little severe, causing deep shadows. I think it's probably worse in these screen grabs, but it's something I'd look at again if I was Muscleboy Wrestling. And the space is somewhat small and limiting for big guys.

Hunky Bruno hangs helplessly.

The big Bruiser is still susceptible to low blows.

Powerhouse Bruiser does three fast backbreakers,
lifting up his beefy foe with ease.

We already know Bruno knows his way around the mats, but it appears that Masked Bruiser does, too. Together, they execute some great holds and I really love the BIG power moves used. The repeated over-the-knee backbreakers above are impressive and amazing with Bruno going up and down three times before he's discarded. There are three piledrivers, which I always love. As well, both guys end up across his opponent's shoulders for a rack with squats added in for extra torture.

Love the something extra on this camel.

Just one of three big piledrivers in this match.

Bruno gets brutal with the Bruiser

In the end, this was a great first video to watch. Of course it started on third base by playing into one of my biggest interests, but I still enjoyed it beyond the gear. The guys are good wrestlers, engaging trash talkers, and eager sellers of pain. They work well together and it felt like they've got great chemistry. There are some production choices that I think could improve, but it didn't detract from my experience.

I've watched a couple more, so I'll post more about those later this month. One I really liked and while the other was just okay, it had a specific element that has me deciding to post about it. Regular readers of the blog might be able to guess when I say it involves one of my hot button issues. So I'm taking the opportunity to speak more on that.

So that's my take? What's yours? Tried any of the new Muscleboy Wrestling videos? Any faves?


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