Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Review: Cameron Matthews vs. Jason Stone (W4H)

When you're a super-hot pro wrestling champion, you're bound to make some enemies on the way up. Some you might not remember. Some you might not have ever even known about. But they'll know you. So you can never let your guard down. Sounds like a Cave story, right? Well, in this case, it's my basic summary of the premise of this wild hotel battle from Wrestler4Hire.

It's an ambush as Jason brings the
battle to Cameron's hotel room.

Cameron Matthews is the champion in question. Just getting himself ready, of course he's cocky as he admires himself in the mirrors. Flexing in just a towel, the champ looks ripped and handsome. Of course Cameron even looks sexy as he runs through the mundane tasks of life, like vigorously brushing his teeth, liberally applying deodorant and discreetly slipping into a pair of briefs. The gear is small and sexy - black with a peach panel in front.

Cameron enjoying some alone time.

Just chilling with his rival.

A knock at the door reveals Jason Stone. Looking tough and ready, I think it's fair to say that Jason isn't as ripped or handsome as Cameron, but he has an intense roughneck sexiness going. He looks good in black trunks as he rants about revenge, while Cameron asks who the heck he even is. I like Jason’s aggressive personality, as it adds real intensity and tension to the video.

Jason might be a little softer ...

... but he sure is a feisty fucker. Hot.

The “match” really begins around the 2 minute mark. That's when Jason storms in, looking to kick the confused Cameron's ass. It doesn't take long for clothes and towel to come off then it's a pitched battle between these two. From bed to floor, wall to door, it's all surprisingly fast-paced. Jason wants to prove he's the better man, but Cameron isn't going to just roll over for some psycho. That's not how he became a champ, after all.

Surprise! It's the hotel's complimentary
beatdown service.

Yeah, I get why the front desk got calls.

Cameron gives Jason's stomach a workout.

Cameron suffers so well.

The description admits that they had to pause filming to address concern from the hotel about the ruckus and I can see why. This isn't a playful romp. Well, it might have been for Cameron and Jason, but for the viewer, it's brutal and intense. They never break from the premise of a grudge match, even as Jason breaks to take a piss after knocking Cameron out at one point. He's not a good hand washer, by the way.

Action-wise, it's all really good. I mentioned the tone, but the actual fighting is also engaging. It's back-and-forth for awhile with flips, chokes and various holds. The many slams into the walls and doors are executed well and feel genuine. The bed play works (and makes me wonder why I spent so much time and sweat carefully tearing rooms apart to wrestle).

Does champ Cameron manage to
fend off revenge in the end?

Or is Jason truly the better man?

In the end, this is a good time. The guys give engaging performances in this grudge match. Cameron is as sexy as always, while Jason brings an exciting intensity. While the setting is different and potentially limiting, it has an intriguing storyline and the action all works. I love that it was never jokey or hokey, so this was an all-around winner for me.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. A splendid match from start to finish and a great review, Alex. I'm hoping we will see more of Cameron on W4H in the future. I mean, I'm sure the guys love the thought of having fun with their very hot jobber boss. ;)

    1. Thanks, glad you liked it. It would be fun to work for a place where beating up the boss is accepted and encouraged. :)