Sunday, June 18, 2017

Review: Chris Cannon vs. Tiger (Muscleboy Wrestling)

Chris Cannon vs. Tiger is the third Muscleboy Wrestling video I've watched. So far, I've been watching guys I know, so I was interested to see some new guys. To me, this will be the test. Who can you recruit and bring to the table? Who's unique and interesting? The loincloths were somewhat new, but this is some new talent.

So, how'd it go?

Tiger faces a big challenge in Chris Cannon.

With a fantastic body, Tiger is the first guy I've seen that I'd actually classify as a muscleboy at Muscleboy Wrestling. He's short and smooth, but well-proportioned with his sculpted torso and muscular physique. In tiger-print trunks, he looks grrrrreat. Tiger comes across as relaxed and jovial, but determined. He's the babyface in this classic heel-jobber matchup, but he has a backbone.

Tiger is a ripped fireplug.

Chris Cannon is beefier, much taller and a badass. Once again, MBW kills it on gear. He immediately conveys classic heel with a sexy pro-style body decked out in a black leather vest, sunglasses and old school pro trunks. Remember Arn Anderson-style, back when they were more cloth and things just kind of hung there and did what they want? Like that. From the minute he walks in, Cannon has a sexy swagger that dominates the small room and engages the viewer. The guy towers over Tiger, maintaining a sneer and palpable contempt for the entire video.

Big Cannon looks great with classic style.

Cannon is a beautiful bad ass.

The narrative is pretty simple. Tiger is stretching, but Cannon is one of those "get off my mats" kind of bullies. The smaller muscleman stays calm, even removing his opponent's vest with a shrug and a smile, but issues a warning not to push him too far. The big heel takes that as a challenge. Wrestling ensues.

"Take off my vest."

Cannon is amazing as the nasty heel with skills to match his perfect attire and spot-on personality. It's not a complete squash. Tiger is feisty and gives it a go, but Cannon is clearly the dominant man here. He uses his size, power and skill advantages to punish the smaller stud in a variety of holds. Tiger manages a few reversals and I was impressed by Tiger hoisting the big man across his shoulders. However, those moments are never very effective for long. Cannon simply won't be denied.

Love the 'get yours hands off me' slap.

Cannon is too much man to handle ...

... but Tiger finds a few ways.

There's a mattress taking up a lot of the already small space. It's sometimes limiting, but it possibly allows for a few moves that I can only assume that the guys wouldn't have done on hard mats. The slam and big elbow drop come to mind. MBW is putting out videos quickly and I know there are ring matches, but this particular space and lighting would be something I'd re-think.

Cannon emerges as a powerhouse star.

I'm always a sucker for a good piledriver.

In the end, I enjoyed this video. The guys are engaging, the action is hot and the gear is great. I enjoyed their chemistry and the overall dynamic. They look good, sound good and there's some hot holds as Cannon's classic pro-style crushes modern muscleboy Tiger. Cannon is the breakout star for me. He's the entire package from his body, gear and persona. Simply awesome.

What are other bloggers saying?

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. Thanks for the great review Alex and I agree Cannon is a star for sure. The site is going through some upgrades but we will be back on line sometime this week! We are working on finding a ring space fyi, that will be coming soon for sure. We do have more ring matches in the next catalog which will be released within a month.

    1. You're welcome. Good to hear that you guys are sold on Cannon and that more ring action might be forthcoming. I plan to try out a few more videos once the site is back up and running.

    2. Oh and you are right 15 matches a catalog is hard to maintain, we will probably do 12 in the next one but we already have tons of matches in the can and I can't WAIT till you see Cannon's matches in the ring ;)

    3. Awesome. Of course, it's also what your audience can afford, not just what you can produce. But don't let me influence you, I'm on the outside and have zero experience in what you're attempting. I'm sure that you'll be able to look at your sales analytics to figure out the right number and frequency.