Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Cave: The Adventures of SuperStar 14

This story is a reader commission

The Cave Locker Room

"Cody! Stop it. I'm tired. You're pushing me too hard today."

I smirk, "Well, something is too hard, but it's not me. Your cock is going to tear that thong right off. Just focus on what you're doing, Jae. You asked for my help. This is me helping."

"And I love you for it. But enough's enough."

Jae's fed up with me

His face doesn't scream, 'I love you' right now, but it's cool. I'm Cody. Jae is my boyfriend. I'm in black trunks and he's in a tiny red thong. For now, at least. It really is going to pop off him if he doesn't watch it. We're both sweaty and pumped after a long and intense training session. I worked him over hard, so I get that he wants a break. Too bad, because I'm not giving him one.

Me (Cody)

We're just stretching out on mats in the locker room of The Cave, a gay-oriented, superhero-themed wrestling video company I co-own with my best friend Ryan. We share the facility with an indie fed, but today, it's all Cave. Guys have been coming in and out to use the ring and gym, but there are only a handful left and just one other guy left in this locker room.

I wrestle as The Bat, the 6'/200-lbs, best-selling, nearly undefeated superstar of the company with 100+ videos in my catalog. Jae is SuperStar, our Superman analog. Yeah, I'm an amazing wrestler, but my 5'11"/195-lbs boyfriend is decent, too. I feel like he can hang with most guys his size, but he has one big weakness that has tripped him up more than once. Call it his personal kryptonite. It's like his whole body is an erogenous zone. He gets so excited wrestling that he turns into a submissive jobber at the slightest thing.

So yes, I'm annoying Jae, but it's for his own good. If he wants to get back to consistently winning, he needs to be able to focus no matter what. He did pretty well in the ring, but I still got him in bad spots using only erotic torture. So I'm not stopping just because we're in the locker room. When he bends forward to stretch out his back, I run my finger up and down his ass crack with a feather touch.

My boyfriend pulls away, "Knock it off. I'm trying to stretch."

"So? I'm going to keep testing you, Jae. We've got to improve your focus, even during erotic play."

My boyfriend smiles at me, "I thought you like how sensitive I am." I move in closer and caress his smooth chest. As I rub my boyfriend's thick pec, I flick his nipple and he squirms. "I said, stop." He whispers, "You've got me so hard, but we're not alone."

I look around at Winston aka Toyboy, a play on the villain Toyman. He's fresh from the shower, just drying off. The guy is shorter and skinny with a disproportionately large dick. Smaller than mine, but not by much. He's super-fun with a wicked nasty streak. Our best videos with him use his real-life BDSM expertise and love of toys. He can be really creative and has a solid fanbase.

Winston takes it all in

I smirk, "What? Are you shy all of a sudden? Winston doesn't mind."

Across the locker room, Winston has picked up his phone. Without looking up, he snarks, "Cody's right. It's not like I haven't seen you like this before, Jae. Whimpering victim is pretty much your natural position, isn't it?"

My boyfriend doesn't think that's funny, especially from a smaller stud like Winston. He challenges, "Let's go to the ring and we'll see who the real whimpering victim is."

Jae's not impressed with Winston

Jae is sensitive in more ways than one. He's a 22-year old tough ex-college football player and he doesn't like being the butt of jokes. Jae puffs out his amazing chest and tightens his pumped, sweaty muscles. He glares at the twink, silently warning him off. Too bad the 5'7"/140-lbs Winston is encouraged, not scared, by my boyfriend's bravado.

Winston types a few more things then stands his phone up in his open locker. He dramatically drops his towel and saunters over, swinging his impressive dick. He looks like a man on the prowl. Jae defiantly meets the challenge. He puts his hands on his hips, looking awesome in his packed red thong. The two wrestlers look each other up and down as Winston closes the gap. He circles, getting a good look at Jae. When he stops, it's a hot staredown between them.

Winston smirks, "I'd love to take you down, big boy." He looks at me, "When it's not two-on-one, of course."

My boyfriend laughs, "Yeah, right. Like I'd need Cody's help to deal with you. You wanna go now? Cody will stay out of it."

"Will he?"

They both look at me. I shrug, "Sure. But I'd prefer to stay out of it on Saturday. You know, in costume and in character in front of a camera." I notice a wicked flash cross Winston's face then settle in a devious grin.

Jae says, "I'm in."

The heel claps his hands, rubbing them together in anticipation, "Awesome. Humiliating Superman is pretty much Toyman's purpose, right? Small guy with just a few gadgets brings down the big, strong Man of Steel? Brains over brawn and all that. It's so hot. I'd love to live it, especially against a super-jobber like you. Now, Jae, you do know my character, right?"

Jae sighs, "I know about your 'toys', if that's what you're asking. You can bring them, but you're never going to get to use them."

"Sweet. So you're all in? Fuck, yeah. I'll be gentle -" Winston looks at me, "- I don't wanna piss off The Bat."

Jae flexes his biceps, showing off his gorgeous body. "Don't condescend to me. I told you, he'll stay out of it. I don't need my boyfriend to save me. I can't wait to wipe that grin off your face. SuperStar versus Toyboy. Muscle versus ... whatever you are. Look at this and be glad we're not going now."

Winston whips out his hand, swatting Jae's hard cock in his thong. WHACK! My boyfriend flinches, dropping his arms. The smaller stud dives forward, clocking Jae with a hard elbow to the side of the head. CRACK! The cocky heel starts whipping his hand around. He brushes Jae's cock with one hand then his nipple with the other. OW! HEY!

As the hero twists, Toyboy pokes Jae in the side. AH! My boyfriend involuntary bends, allowing his cocky challenger to brush him on the neck. OH! The nipples get attacked then the tented thong. STOP! WHACK! Jae tries desperately to block the swats, but he's tired from our workout and Winston is too quick, using his long, skinny fingers like a cat-o-nine-tails. SWISH! AH! SWISH! AH! It'd be funny if it wasn't my boyfriend.

Jae finally just lunges at Winston, looking to use his size and weight advantage. The naked villain smoothly dodges the move. The twink slips behind Jae and drops to a knee. He pulls the red thong down to the bigger man's ankles, revealing his manhood and ass. HEY! The grinning heel slaps Jae on the ass. SMACK! The muscleman jumps, but his feet are caught in the thong.

With his prey trapped, Winston softly runs his fingers up the inside of Jae's leg. OOH! My boyfriend lifts his leg up, stretching his thong and nearly losing his balance. The naked stud lightly pushes one cheek, sending Jae down onto his stomach. SPLAT! Winston moves in, putting his shin on the back of Jae's neck. He spanks the smooth bubble butt ruthlessly, leaving red handprints on his ass. The bigger stud pushes up, throwing his tormentor off.

When Jae turns over, he looks pissed. Before he can do anything, Winston lashes out, grabbing his nipples. OH! FUCK! The villain toys with his prey, driving the horny hero wild. A quick swat to the engorged cock further distracts the muscle stud. WHACK! Winston slides down then grabs the bottom of the red thong then pulls it off completely.

With both guys naked now, Toyboy grabs hold of the muscleman's cock. He pumps it and I see Jae's eyes roll back in his head. I've made him do that. I primed him too well. He's ready to explode. Winston savors his domination of the writhing stud. Jae squirms helplessly, arching his back and throwing his head back. He lets out soft cries before sitting back up. His mouth is agape as he watches his manhood under the twink's control.

Jae manages to slide free, gasping as he sits up to re-focus. Winston whips the thong at Jae's face, distracting him. WHA? The devious punk spins then kicks Jae in the chest. THUD! My boyfriend falls onto his back. The villain grabs Jae by his wrist then forces him up. He pushes the bigger muscleman into the wall. WHAM! The exhausted hunk sags against the painted cinder blocks.

Winston leaps up for a big standing dropkick that catches Jae square in the pecs. THUD! My boyfriend's head smacks into the concrete wall then he bends forward, stunned. The villain is getting hard, his oversized cock warming up as he dominates the handsome hunk. Toyboy moves in. He playfully swats Jae's head. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!

I move to the side, deciding this has gone on long enough. Winston sees me. He points at me, "No, no, no. Stay where you are, big boy!"

A gasping, bent over Jae holds out his hand, "Keep out of it, Cody."

My boyfriend suddenly grabs Winston around the waist. Jae rises, squeezing his twink tormentor in a vicious bearhug. ARGH! The hero shakes his victim, finally exerting some control. The villain leans forward then attacks Jae's neck with his mouth. The bearhug noticeably weakens as the twink terror caresses my boyfriend's bare shoulders while sucking on his neck.

Jae lowers the bearhug, unable to keep focus. As he slides down, Winston opens his legs, catching my boyfriend's erection between his upper thighs. The villain keeps his mouth on attack as he closes his legs around Jae's cock. I hear him whisper, "Got your dick, SuperJobber. Wanna submit to your latest master?"

"Uh. Fuck you."

The heel hops up then comes down hard with his weight bending Jae's cock. ARGH! The shocking pain sends Jae stumbling backwards, bent forward and clutching his aching cock. Winston grabs him by the shoulders then throws him into the lockers. CLANG! The muscle stud bounces forward, right into a hip toss onto the bench. WHAM! Jae lies along the bench, his arms and legs hanging off the sides.

The twink sits on the bench between Jae's open legs. He grabs my boyfriend's balls and lifts to play with them. FUCK! With his other hand, he slides it between Jae's legs. He tickles the bigger hero's taint, getting him squirming. AH! The helpless muscleman shifts, almost falling off the bench. He moans loudly as he's molested by the twink villain.

As Jae's legs rise and fall, Winston forces a finger up into his hole. UNH! NO! I watch as the smaller stud has Jae under control by his balls and the finger fuck. My boyfriend moans and struggles, but weakly. He's basically a pile of jelly at this point, unable to focus enough to use his muscles to turn this around.

Winston looks at me, "You're not going to stop me, are you?"

I frown, unhappy at seeing Jae manhandled, but I shake my head. The last thing Jae needs is his big boyfriend rescuing him from a twink. The dominant punk smirks, keeping Jae under control. He leans down and runs his tongue along Jae's shaft. OH FUCK! Suddenly, Jae is convulsing and with just two more licks, he's unleashing his load.

Jae thrashes on the mat as his seed sprays up his body. Damn, I really primed the pump, because it's a huge load. Winston is ruthless as he grabs hold of the sensitive cock and milks every last drop. Once done, he moves up the bench, squatting over Jae's waist. The twink terror starts molesting my boyfriend's nipple with one hand while jerking his own massive cock. My boyfriend writhes and begs the heel to stop.

It takes only seconds before the muscleman's weak begging gets the young twink heel shooting his seed all over Jae's chest and face. Ropes of cum splash down, some going into Jae's mouth as he moans in an ecstatic stupor. Winston pumps himself dry then taps Jae's face, mocking the big muscleman. He rises with a grin, lifting his foot onto my boyfriend's lower abs and flexing.

Winston admires his handiwork then moves over to his bag. He digs out power bands that he uses while working out. He chooses the green one, calmly observing, "This will be so much fun. Just wait until I have my real toys. I think these kryptonite bands will do for now. Consider it a teaser of what's to come."

The twinky Toyboy wraps the stretchy straps around Jae's wrists then forces him up and back into the lockers. He opens one locker then hooks the green band over hooks inside. Winston forces Jae to his knees before moving off. My poor boyfriend looks terrible. Exhausted. Drained. Cum-covered. On his knees. Bound with his arms over his head. Could it be worse?

The smaller stud heads to the whiteboard then grabs the green dry erase marker. He returns to slap his huge cock across Jae's face, mocking him. Toyboy draws a green Superman diamond then writes 'TOY' inside it. He laughs, "The perfect finisher."

Oh boy.

Winston grabs his phone and points it at Jae. He clicks a few pics then grabs his towel and shower kit to clean up with his shoulders back and head held high. As I move towards Jae, he intercepts me. The twink looks at me with lustful eyes, "Want to make this interesting?"

I ask, "What do you have in mind?"


"Me? You want to wrestle The Bat?"

Winston laughs, "Uh, no. We both know how that goes. No. If I win, I finally get an evening to play with The Bat. At my place. You can bring SuperStar as a World's Finest thing, but it'll all be about you. You know that having you, in that cowl, all tied up as my toy, is my number one fantasy, Cody."

Yep, I'm Winston's number one fantasy

I think about being a submissive in his dungeon and shake my head, "Yes, I do know that. And I appreciate the compliment, but the answer is still no. It'll always be no."

"Aw, you've put your body on the line when we've wrestled. No faith in Jae the jobber? He outweighs me by 50-lbs and he's got you training him. And you still don't think he's got a shot."

I stammer, "It's not, uh, like that. It's just, uh ..."

The twink bondage master smirks at Jae, "Ouch. That's gotta hurt. I wouldn't bet on you either, but this is your man. Even he doesn't believe you can beat me. I think that's even more humiliating than what I just did to you."

I frown at the implication that I lack confidence in my boyfriend. Before I can figure out how to respond without ending up volunteering myself to be this twink's bondage play-toy for a night, Winston heads to shower without saying another word. After I free him, Jae looks up at me, both of us wondering what he's gotten himself into and how he can get ready for it in time.

I reassure him, "I worked you hard today. I had you so hot that you couldn't resist. It'll be different on Saturday. I have every confidence in you." I kiss Jae deeply to prove my point, but it's obvious that we both have our doubts.

Social Surprise

A few hours later, my best friend and business partner Ryan sends me a text, asking if I've seen Winston's feed. Of course I haven't. It's a ton of bondage content, so I don't really pay attention. Not my thing. I click the link to see a five-second GIF of the start of his embarrassing tormenting of Jae. It's cropped low so there are no faces, but there's no doubt who it is. Winston's big dick is swinging as he whips his hand around. Jae's hot body and tenting thong are gyrating. He's got it cut just right so it's a smooth, infinite loop that's somewhat hypnotic. Yikes. I can't believe his phone was filming. No, I can believe it. It's his thing. I should've guessed.

In the text of the GIF, Winston is promoting the upcoming match, asking for ideas on what to do to "SuperJobber". Guys are all over it, graphically asking him to humiliate SuperStar in all sorts of ways. Shit, I'm blushing reading some of the suggestions and I didn't think much could make me blush. Unfortunately, the idea of a hot bigger muscleman being used and abused by a twink with sex toys, plus the superhero angle, has imaginations running wild. Especially since his posts are all that kind of content, so his followers are pretty extreme.

I call Winston, asking what's going on. He says he's just having fun. He plans to post a lot more to really make his eventual humiliation of Jae the greatest takedown ever. I ask him not to do that, but he says, "You know what I want." I fume, threatening him, but he's too smart to fall for it. He knows me too well.

The twink trashtalks Jae then talks dirty about using my boyfriend. When he stops to ask if I'm hard, I hesitate and he laughs, "Yeah, I knew it. You're gonna love what I've got planned for him." I object, but he just laughs, "It's okay, you can pretend you won't. I'll keep your secret."

Winston and I go back and forth. Usually I'm the one to manipulate others, but maybe Jae's my weakness. I love him and don't like seeing him be publicly humiliated. Losing as a character in The Cave is one thing, but this kind of secret video thing feels like something else. This was Jae being ruthlessly humiliated by a much smaller guy, not SuperStar. Even if no one knows the circumstances, he does.

Winston uses my feelings to keep me talking. The more he talks about the fun he wants to have with Jae and what he'd do with me, the harder I get. I've never really done real bondage. At least not like Winston is talking. I want to believe in Jae. And maybe if my body is on the line, it will motivate him. He's a strong, determined man. Me in peril could be just the thing to get him to focus. And so, the combination of curiosity, protectiveness and potential motivation has me agreeing to risk myself as long as Jae is okay with it.

The twink confidently says, "He will be."

I bring it back full circle, "But deals go both ways."

"You want to play with me? Hell, yeah. I miss getting fucked by your monster cock. We don't need stakes for that. My ass is ready now."

I laugh, "No. My terms are that you delete the locker room encounter. I mean it. Gone. Erased. That five seconds you GIF'ed and posted is the last thing that you'll pull."

Winston reluctantly agrees. He smugly says he doesn't need it since The Cave will capture an even better humiliation anyway. "And let's face it, one night of having you is pretty much worth my entire video collection, Cody."

With my body now part of the bet, I suddenly take this match a lot more seriously. Seconds later, my phone rings. It's Ryan asking if I've really put my body on the line. That little prick. Winston tweeted about our deal and now guys are suggesting what he should do to me. I can't help but read them as they're about me and wow, the ideas are insane. Surprisingly, my cock is painfully hard at the thought of being his toy. What's that about?

Saturday Finally Comes

Toyboy heads to the ring first, dragging his bag of toys. Hopefully SuperStar won't have to "play" with any of them, because they only come out if you lose. The villain moves slowly, sauntering along in his blue leather pro boots with red trim. Toyboy wears a blue domino mask and his lean torso is covered by a nerdy blue sweater vest with red trim. He wears beige tights that are incredibly low in front, exposing the red waistband and silver belt buckle of his trunks.

Toyboy's entrance outfit

Once in the ring, Toyboy carefully puts his sack of toys in his corner. He slowly peels the vest over his head, revealing his lean, ripped torso then he unzips the sides of the beige tights to pull them off. He stretches out his lean body in his blue trunks with the red belt on them. When he's done stretching, the twink heel turns to wait for his opponent.

Toyboy waits for SuperStar

The hero and I are backstage. I give him a kiss and wish him luck. SuperStar finishes pulling on one of our surprises for Toyboy then moves through the curtain. I slip out the side into the shadows in the arena to avoid being on camera. I catch the villain's face and he looks surprised then pissed. If he's mad now, just wait until he understands the extent of what we've done.

We've got a surprise planned

SuperStar races to the ring. Over his spectacular pecs, the hero is wearing a tight blue spandex crop top with a 'S' symbol in the middle. It stops just under his heaving chest, made of thick material and padded, protecting his sensitive nipples. Fans might be unhappy about us covering that majestic chest, but it's a one-time thing. We agreed he'll peel it off for the stakes round when he wins.

The muscle stud's six-pack is exposed then he has red trunks with a yellow belt over a red thong. The trunks have a foam cup in front, guarding his manhood against attack. Toyboy is taking it all in and his displeasure is palpable. SuperStar's tanned legs and arms are bare, with red pro boots and a blue mask completing his look. The mask covers his head with cutouts for his eyes and a triangle opening for his nose, mouth and chin.

The handsome, muscular hero flexes, showing off his big biceps, sculpted legs and chiseled torso. SuperStar beats on his padded chest, taunting the scowling villain. The bell rings and we're ready to go.


Round One

The villain makes some comments about the hero cheating, but SuperStar laughs it off. He points out the hypocrisy, given Toyboy's use of his toy bag. The twink heel warns, "You just wait. You've opened the door to my most devious devices. I would've saved them for the sex round or maybe even later, but now? It's open season on heroes."

SuperStar waves his fingers, "Bring it on, little man. Bring it on."

The two wrestlers lock up. Good immediately triumphs over evil as the hero drives the villain backwards into the corner. CLANG! SuperStar lifts his knee up into the tiny waist. OOF! Toyboy leans forward into a front facelock. The hero roughly pulls him forward. The devious twink goes for a crotch grab as his head is crushed, but the protective cup does its job.

SuperStar grabs the side of Toyboy's trunks then lifts and flips him over in a suplex. WHAM! The muscleman smoothly somersaults backwards into a schoolboy pin. The villain throws his knees up into the hero's back. WHACK! The bigger hunk ignores the shots, sliding his shins onto the lightweight heel's shoulders. He counts.

"ONE!" The smaller stud squirms, but SuperStar is tough to move.

"TWO!" The wiry villain is able to wriggle his left arm free, raising his shoulder.

Toyboy reaches up for the hero's right pec, but the padded spandex tank top deflects the assault. SuperStar grabs his arm, rolls to the side, forcing his opponent face down. The muscular beefcake locks his legs around the twink's body and squeezes as he twists on the thin arm. The smaller stud moans in pain as he's crushed and tortured. ARGH! He pounds the mat in frustration with his free arm.

Toyboy squirms, but there's not much else he can do. The thick legs are locked around his arm, as is the tight grip on his wrist. The villain endures the pain, not even close to giving this early. The hero realizes this, but needs to weaken the tricky twink. He gets as much as he can out of the hold then opens his legs and lets go of the arm.

The muscle hunk shifts quickly, mounting the heel's back. SuperStar grabs under the chin and lifts upwards. He pulls up hard as the villain grabs at his hands, trying to pry them off. Toyboy's smaller and weaker, but he has bigger hands to match his size 13 feet and oversized manhood. He manages to grab a finger then forces it backwards. The hero cries out, pulling his hand away as the lightweight heel rises, toppling him off.

Toyboy seizes the advantage. From his back, he kicks out into the six-pack abs. THUD! OOF! The villain rolls up, grabs a wrist then tries to drag SuperStar into a triangle choke. The big muscleman recognizes the move and easily pulls free, rolling backwards then rising in the corner. The twink rises opposite him and they circle again.

The villain snarks, "Before this is over, I'm gonna tie you up in that fucking sports bra."

SuperStar beats his chest, "Bring it on."

"Is that the only phrase you know? How many hours did you spend coming up with that one, meathead? Fuck, you're stupid."

The hero opens his mouth to respond, but Toyboy goes for a surprise kick to the abs. SuperStar isn't surprised. He grabs the big boot then lifts it up fast, throwing the lightweight heel into a back flip. The shocked twink flies around, landing hard on his stomach. The bigger muscleman drives his boot down onto the lean body, targeting the back. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

SuperStar pauses then leaps up. He comes down with a big splash on top of the villain. SPLAT! Toyboy groans as the hero spins and forces his arms up, locking on a full nelson. The twink is thin, enabling the muscle hunk to crush his shoulders and lock the hold on extra-tight. Toyboy moans as the muscleman lies on top of him, pushing his face into the mat.

Toyboy won't submit, so the hero releases him. SuperStar clubs him on the back of his head to stun him. He grabs a handful of hair, forcing the villain up. From one knee, the twink fires out a fist into the ripped abs, but it bounces off. The bigger stud grabs the lightweight heel then hoists him up onto his shoulder. As he hangs over the shoulder, the villain tries to grab bulge, but the foam cup does its job.

SuperStar runs into the corner, driving the villain's back into the top turnbuckle. CLANG! He lowers the heel down, locking him into a tree of woe. The hero unleashes a series of boots onto the lean midsection. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Toyboy bounces as he hangs there, his trim torso turning red from the brutal blows. The force jars the twink's foot loose, allowing him to collapse into a heap in the corner.

I know Toyboy is smart and resilient, so I'm not surprised when tries to escape under the bottom rope. Once again, SuperStar is ready. He grabs him by the boots then drags him to the middle of the ring. The muscleman lifts and locks the boots under his armpits. The hero starts to turn in an airplane spin, lifting the lightweight heel as they whip around and around. The handsome hero builds up a lot of speed then releases Toyboy, sending him flying across the ring into the corner. WHACK! The smaller stud hits hard, lying in the fetal position, unmoving and moaning.

The muscular hero moves in then grabs Toyboy around the waist. He lifts him up into a reverse bearhug, whipping the dazed twink around, weakening his core. It’s vicious and instense, but there’s no submission. Still, it works to weaken the lightweight heel, because when SuperStar throws him down, his opponent just lies on the canvas coughing.

SuperStar grabs a handful of the villain’s thick hair. He shoves his head in between his legs, squeezing it tight. Toyboy reaches up to grab bulge, but the foam cup once again provides protection. The powerhouse hero grabs around the waist then lifts the twink upside down. He drops down fast, piledriving Toyboy into the mat. CRACK!

When the hero releases his opponent, Toyboy crumbles onto his front. SuperStar forces him onto his back then slides on top, planting his bulbous ass on the heel’s handsome face. He positions his shins on the thin shoulders then leans forward, grabbing under the right leg. The muscleman lifts the leg up, hooking it under his armpit. With the lightweight heel locked up and pinned, he starts to count.

ONE! Toyboy doesn’t resist.

TWO! I see some movement, but the villain lacks the power to shift his muscular dominator.

THREE! SuperStar rolls off then raises his arms.

The hero flexes. When the heel doesn't move, the muscleman bends down and drags Toyboy to his corner before retreating to his own to start the countdown to round two. I smile big time. Everything went perfectly. One fall down. One more to go. Just keep it together, SuperStar. Keep focused and we’ll be safe.

Round Two


SuperStar confidently strides forward to lock up. The twink heel was clearly not ready for the powerful and fast-paced attack. The hero's new gear has made the villain completely helpless. In a fair wrestling match, there's no way he can compete and it shows. Toyboy tries to avoid a lockup, bouncing and moving away. He shifts and dodges, frustrating the muscleman.

The hero finally just presses the issue. He charges in. Toyboy ducks the muscular outstretched arms then smoothly slides onto his knees behind SuperStar. The villain whips his arm up between the thick legs for a low blow, but the big hunk anticipates it. He drops his hands and catches the thin arm before it reaches his taint. STOP!

SuperStar pulls the lightweight heel forward, slamming the villain's masked face into his firm ass. WHAP! Toyboy looks stunned as the muscleman smoothly rolls, flipping them down into an armbar. The hero cranks on the wiry arm that's trapped between his legs. He bends the elbow the wrong way, causing the smaller stud to cry out in pain.

Toyboy thrashes, but he just can't move the muscleman. SuperStar releases the hold, but keeps hold of the wrist. He spins and rises, dragging the villain up with him. The hero uses his grip to pull the lightweight heel into a stiff shoulder block. THUD! Toyboy bounces backwards then the hero does it again. THUD! The villain is wobbly, the muscleman breaking hm down again.

SuperStar scoops Toyboy across his chest for a bodyslam. He's obviously feeling pretty good about the match. Our plan is working great. The hero circles the ring. The lightweight heel grips the back of the tight tank top to keep from falling down on his head. This allows a little cockiness for the muscleman as he holds the villain up with one hand between the legs while flexing the other arm.

The hero grips the villain again then turns, throwing the smaller stud towards the mat. Plop. What? Instead of being slammed. Toyboy uses his big hands to hold on to the back of the tank tightly. His feet land softly on the mat, but his upper body stays up. SuperStar is moving forward, giving leverage to the upright twink. Toyboy simply pulls forward and down on the tight shirt, using momentum to drive the hero's head into the canvas with a DDT! CRACK!

SuperStar goes limp on the mat as the villain rolls away and rises. He kisses his lean bicep then points at his temple. As the hero struggles to rise, Toyboy quickly drives his elbow down onto the back of the stunned hero's head. WHACK! The impact causes the muscleman to flop then go limp again. The lightweight heel struggles to roll the big man over then lies on top for a pin.

ONE! Oh crap. I think SuperStar is out.

TWO! C'mon, wake up! WAKE UP!

THR - YES! The powerhouse hero throws an arm up, raising his shoulder just in time. Phew.

Toyboy mounts the still dazed muscleman then forces his arms up over his head. He grips under the tight crop top then pushes it up. It's so tight and reinforced that he has to spin around and pull on it to get it over the big shoulders. When the fabric is covering the hero's masked face, the heel stops pulling. The shirt is holding SuperStar's arms together. He's bound and blind. Fuck.

The villain slithers his lean body up and sits on the bigger stud's upper arms, pinning them down. He hooks his ankles inward over the forearms then adjusts his oversized bulge so it rests on SuperStar's covered face. Toyboy immediately assaults the now exposed chest. He starts with big fists. POW! POW! POW! The hero starts to wake up, based on how his body starts with writhe. The twink switches to a tender touch, erotically attacking the trapped muscleman.

SuperStar writhes helplessly on the mat, his upstretched arms trapped by the thick tight fabric and the weight of his opponent. Toyboy playfully slides his hips back and forth, running his balls over the muscle stud's covered face. The hero's hips and legs slowly shift from side to side. Even with the foam cup, his cock is clearly expanding inside his red trunks. Un oh.

I start to get worried, just glad the villain doesn't think to count the pin. Toyboy leans forward and plants his lips on the beefy muscleman's left nipple. He starts sucking on it as he slides his right hand down the smooth, ripped torso. I can hear moaning from the trapped stud and I know that sound. In his dazed stupor, I think he's actually enjoying this molestation, not realizing what's happening.

Toyboy slides his hand inside the red trunks. I watch helplessly as he fondles the hero, who's not fighting any of this. When the twink dominator slides his hand out, he's holding the foam protective cup we inserted to protect SuperStar from erotic assault. Well, that's that. Now it's up to the muscleman to use willpower as all of his special protections are gone.

The villain sits up and back. With one hand, he keeps playing with the hero's left pec. With the other, he slides the cup inside his own trunks and moves it around. I'm surprised Toyboy is adding the cup. SuperStar isn't likely to go low and unless his trunks have a pocket for it, it'll shift and move, making wrestling uncomfortable. Just as I think that, Toyboy pulls the cup out.

It looks like SuperStar is starting to wake up now. He bridges with his legs as he starts to regain enough focus to try to throw the lightweight heel off. Toyboy grins as he slides off to the side. He shoves the cup under the tight tank top, forcing it over the hero's mouth and nose. The muscleman thrashes as he's smothered with the scent of the villain's fresh crotch musk.

Toyboy really leans into it, pressing down hard and laughing as the hero flips and flops. With his face covered and arms still trapped over his head by the tight tank top, his power is negated. All he can do is throw his body back and forth. His unprotected bulge has grown and his erection is obvious as he finally throws himself to the side, escaping the smaller stud.

SuperStar fights to strip off the tank, the cup falling from his face. Free at last, he kneels with a hard-on and angry look on his face. Toyboy just waits, measuring up the muscleman. When the hero gets his bearings, he turns right into a big boot to his face. CRACK! The unprepared hunk flies to the side, stunned again. He rolls onto his back, barely moving. Toyboy crawls forward then grabs one of the muscleman's limp wrists.

Toyboy rises, dragging the dazed and compliant SuperStar up to his feet. The villain pushes him against the ropes, where the muscleman sags on them, barely able to stand. The headshot has made him almost as helpless as the DDT. The lightweight heel easily binds the hero with the ring ropes, his thick arms stretched out to the sides and trapped by the top and middle cables.

The villain grabs the tank top, tossing it onto the ring apron behind the helpless hero. Uh oh. Knowing the bondage expert, he has plans for that double thick spandex. Toyboy stands in front of the crucified muscleman. He grabs hold of the mask then lifts the head. The lightweight heel rubs his bulge all over the hunk's masked face. He laughs as he humiliates his opponent.

"Oh, poor SuperJobber. You had your chance, but now it's my turn. Lick your master's pouch, boy. Yeah, that's it."

The diabolical twink kneels down in front of his victim, who looks so defeated as he hangs in the ropes, his head dangling down. The only thing that's not out of it is his cock, which is clearly outlined in the tight red briefs. Toyboy starts caressing the muscular body, tormenting the trapped SuperStar. When he reaches into the trunks, the hero's aroused moans fill the arena.

Toyboy pulls SuperStar's head up by his mask then plants a huge kiss on his lips while fondling him. My heart sinks as the hero goes with it, giving into his desires. C'mon, wake up and fight back! I stand up and pace, my concern for SuperStar rising as is my concern for myself. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. When the twink attacks the neck with his lips, the muscleman gasps and his whole body shudders in the ropes.

The duplicitous dominator slides off then grabs the waistband of the trunks. He peels them down, exposing the stuffed red thong underneath. The spandex slides easily over the smooth thick thighs. Toyboy works them under the knees to the top of the boots. The villain slides under the bottom rope. From the floor behind SuperStar, he strips the trunks completely.

Toyboy takes advantage of his position, whipping the smooth bubble butt with the red spandex. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! SuperStar cries out, his hips thrusting forward in response. The villain grabs his ankles then puts them on the bottom rope. He uses the tank top to bind the boots to the rope, wrapping the spandex around the steel cable before sliding the arm openings over the red leather boots. Now the muscleman is really going nowhere.

SuperStar struggles, once again awake and aware, but it's too late. Toyboy moves into the ring, obviously pleased to see the muscleman writhing and grunting in the ropes, his muscles pumped as they futilely try to overpower the steel cables that bind him. The villain grabs the cup and rubs more of his own crotch musk on it before putting it back into the helpless hunk's stripped red briefs.

Toyboy puts the cupped pouch over SuperStar's face like a mask then ties the trunks behind his head. The villain punches the hero in the stomach. THUD! He puts his hand on the cup, forcing it tight over the nose and mouth then punches the hero three more times. THUD! THUD! THUD! The twink heel adds vicious smacks on the front of his victim's red thong. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! All the bound muscleman can do is gasp and choke.

Toyboy laughs, "That's a good boy. Breathe in deep. Get used to my smell. It's called scent association and it's your first lesson." He caresses the hero's smooth body, "Yummy. I do love muscle toys like you. Of course, you're just my appetizer." The twink dominator turns in my direction, "And The Bat will be my main course. All thanks to you, SuperJobber."

At the threat against me, SuperStar fights violently against his bondage, but it's no use. In the shadows, I frown, wondering if The Bat should make an appearance, but I don't know if it would help. Back in the ring, SuperStar is grunting muffled objections, but Toyboy smacks his cock, "Quiet, boy. You tried to cheat, but you were too stupid to pull it off. Now you have to pay."

Toyboy rises to his feet then takes a step back. He drives his boot into the hero's meaty chest, bashing the pecs with his size 13 boots. THUD! THUD! THUD! His oversized feet match his oversized cock and it all means trouble for helpless heroes. He drops to a knee, driving his entire body into a series of gut punches. POW! POW! POW!

SuperStar sags in the ropes, the punishment taking its toll. The lightweight heel slaps the helpless muscleman across the face then runs backwards. He ricochets off the ropes then launches himself at the trapped hero with a cross body block. SPLAT! Toyboy bounces off, smoothly rolling into a crouch.

The impact jars the ropes enough to actually free SuperStar's arms. Unfortunately, the momentum throws his torso forward. His arms were trapped too long, so he can't get them in front to brace his landing. The muscleman lands face first on the canvas. SPLAT! He struggles to crawl away, but his feet are still bound to the bottom rope.

Toyboy springs into the air, coming down with an elbow drop to the back of the hero's head. WHACK! The lightweight heel slides forward, sitting on SuperStar's masked head. Toyboy spanks the bare ass, turning the smooth flesh to a bright red. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The hero whimpers under him, struggling to throw his abuser off.

The villain spins then slides to sit on the tender bubble butt. Toyboy pulls SuperStar up into a camel clutch, locking the hero's arms over his thin legs and grabbing under his chin. Because of the trunks covering his face, I can't see his expressions, but I know he's suffering. He's being tortured pretty effectively by the devious twink wrestler.

Toyboy locks on a sleeper, squeezing his victim. The hero fights, but with his legs immobilized, he can't overpower the lightweight heel. The villain edges SuperStar in the sleeper. I can tell he's drawing this out, just playing with his muscleman victim. Fuck, I really want the hero to counter this, but I can't see how.

With SuperStar near unconsciousness again, Toyboy reaches over the shoulders, attacking the chest again. The helpless hunk moans into his makeshift mask, his head hanging down as he struggles to regain focus. I notice his hips shifting and know his cock must be rock hard and painfully trapped in the red thong. The twink is smaller, but it's still 140-lbs pressing down on it.

The diabolical dominator peels off the trunks from the hero's face. He uses his left hand to caress the smooth neck as he continues to play with SuperStar's right pec. The heel grabs the limp muscleman by the chin, pulling his droopy head up. Toyboy leans forward putting his lips beside his opponent's ear, "Wanna give?"

SuperStar manages a weak, "Never."

Toyboy smirks as he releases the hero from the camel. He shifts to lie on the moaning hero. The villain humps his victim, slowly splitting the bubble butt as he leans down and kisses the muscleman on the neck. The lightweight heel rises then grabs the hero's wrists. He lifts the arms up as he puts his boot between the broad shoulders.

SuperStar cries out as he's locked into a surfboard, his arms forced up and his shoulders punished in the cruel hold. Ordinarily, he could power out, but he's aroused, bound and weakened. There's just no way he can fight the hold. I try to send strength to him, praying that he can just hold on. Please, SuperStar, don't give up!

The villain releases the hold, unable to get a submission. He finally unties the ankles. Toyboy grabs SuperStar by the wrists then drags him to the middle of the ring. He flips the muscleman onto his back then plants his boot in the center of his chest. Toyboy lifts his arm and counts.

ONE! No movement.

TWO! Suddenly, SuperStar throws his body to the left, breaking the cocky count.

Yes! Take that you cocky little fucker. Toyboy kicks SuperStar in the side. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The hero can only take it, still weakened. I'm impressed by his resilience, but I need him to recover. Maybe he can roll out of the ring. Unfortunately, even if he is thinking the same thing, the twink has other ideas.

Toyboy grabs the hero's wrist and ankle then puts his boot into his side. He pulls on the bow and arrow, stretching out the muscleman. SuperStar whimpers in the hold. Normally, he could power out easily, but he's still not right. I know it's the combination of a DDT, kick to the head and sleeper that are still depriving him of the ability to focus on escape.

The villain lifts his boot then drives it down, adding to the pain. Still, there's no submission. Good job, SuperStar. Toyboy releases the hold, kicking the hero onto his stomach. He looks a little frustrated, but maybe that's wishful thinking on my part. The lightweight heel circles his prey, who is struggling to even rise.

Toyboy grabs an ankle then lifts. He wedges the boot under his armpit into a single leg crab then sits down. SuperStar groans as the villain locks on another back hold. Still, the muscleman holds out, his size and durability are just too much for the lightweight heel. Oh fuck. The devious twink raises his free arm high. He theatrically opens and closes his hand. The cruel grin warns of what's coming.

SuperStar's pouch hangs down, stuffed full thanks to his erection. The villain's big hand flies into it, grabbing hold of the hero's manhood. The muscleman cries out, fighting hard as he moans in pain. He starts begging almost immediately. The bigger stud whimpers at the vicious claw. Toyboy's hands aren't just big, they're strong. The begging goes up an octave and I know what's coming seconds before he says the word.

"GIVE! GIVE! GIVE!" The hero frantically taps on the mat, desperately surrendering to the villain. "GIVE! GIVE! GIVE!"

Toyboy releases the claw and the crab. He sits on SuperStar as he flexes his lean muscles in victory. The heel grabs the back strap of the hero's red thong. He lifts it high then lets go, snapping it into the crack. The muscleman lets out a weak cry, enduring another humiliation. The worst part is that he has five minutes to get his mind right, otherwise we're both doomed.

From now on, it's just SuperStar

Between Rounds

I watch SuperStar with concern. After stretching out, he's now standing in the corner, his head down, buried on his forearms as they rest on the top turnbuckle. In his red thong, his bare bubble butt is elevated, pointing right at Toyboy. Maybe he's psyching himself up, but he looks more de-motivated than inspired. And presenting his smooth, muscled ass to this heel is like waving a red cape in front of a bull.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Toyboy putting lube on a neon green butt plug with a green studded leather strap attached. Fuck, no. Turn around, SuperStar! The villain is taking his time, checking on the clock winding down. He's measuring his unsuspecting prey up, timing things just right. Oh crap. I want to warn the muscular good guy, but there's no way to do it.

Before the break time runs out, the villain suddenly runs in, using all his weight and power to drive a surprised SuperStar into the corner. CLANG! He leans against the stunned hero to hold him in place as he pulls out the thin red thong strap out from between the mountainous ass cheeks. With a smooth thrust, the butt plug slides right inside the confused hero's hole. The musclestud cries out in shock as Toyboy kneels behind him, grabbing the dangling leather strap with metal studs around it that's attached to the plug.

The bondage expert reaches up between SuperStar's leg with one hand and over his hip with the other. He slides inside the thong then grabs the shocked hero's manhood at the base and pulls out. It takes him only a second to lead the strap along the bigger hunk's taint and fasten the cock ring around the base of the muscular stud's cock and balls. Toyboy slides the thong back in place and rises with a huge smirk.

SuperStar spins in the corner. He looks down then looks at the twink heel. He asks, "What are you doing? I'm not wrestling with a plug and cock ring on. That's not fair!"

Toyboy wags his finger, "Tsk, tsk. You cheated first, muscle-for-brains. And then told me to 'bring it on'. Stupid, boy. A dummy like you never should've tried to outsmart a genius like me. So now, as punishment, you will wear those for this third fall. If you want to escape my toys, you need to win."

"You really think I'm going to wear these? You're crazy. Why would I do that?"

"Because the moment you try to remove them, I'm gonna use the distraction and beat your ass again. Lower your head and see what happens." SuperStar hesitates. "In case you haven't noticed, time is counting down. The third fall is starting in ten - nine - eight ..." The villain slides a small object into the buckle of his belted trunks then spreads his arms as the final seconds wind down. "C'mon, boy. Try me." He timed his gambit perfectly.

The two stare each other down. Toyboy looks rejuvenated. He's got a ton of stamina and his first round defeat is a distant memory. The villain's evil grin tells you everything. Yeah, his blue trunks are tenting, too, but they're bulging with the confidence of a con man who's about to make his big score. Everything is in place for him, figuratively and literally.



Round Three

SuperStar tries to get comfortable, but it doesn't look easy. His cock is rock hard and his thong can barely contain his erection. He's even leaking, as evidenced by the obvious wet spots. The butt plug and cock ring are locked in. The hero looks at removing them, but Toyboy has successfully manipulated him into leaving them in. The twink is good.

I was hoping my bet with Toyboy would motivate SuperStar. I figured he'd never submit knowing he was dooming The Bat to a night of bondage torture. And it probably did motivate him. But I now realize that the idea of having a night with me actually motivated the villain more. I should've realized that the devious twink isn't going to lose the incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of having his way with me. He will do anything to get The Bat into his dungeon.


The two studs circle. It looks like Toyboy has grown, but really it's just the hero hunched forward, trying to adjust to the gear around his manhood. They lock up. SuperStar forces the villain backwards into the corner. He lifts his knee into the lean midsection. THUD! OOF! No matter what, the muscleman is still far stronger. Maybe I'm worried for nothing.

SuperStar whips Toyboy across the ring into the opposite corner. CLANG! The lightweight heel hits hard then bounces out into a clothesline. WHACK! WHAM! He does a back flip from the force, landing on his hands and knees. The muscular hero wastes no time. He grabs a handful of hair and pulls up, forcing the twink to his feet.

The bigger stud says, "Looks like your toy's a bust. I'm actually getting to like the feeling."

Before Toyboy can respond, he gets scooped up and bodyslammed hard. WHAM! SuperStar uses his willpower to ignore his raging hard-on. As long as he can focus on wrestling, he'll be good. And with his power, he can break down the twink villain before he can take advantage of my guy's aroused state. Phew, feels good to be able to relax.

SuperStar pulls the ailing heel up into a reverse bearhug. He shakes him back and forth, taking advantage of his opponent's smaller size. The hero whips Toyboy around, weakening him before setting him down. He smoothly shifts into an ab stretch, bending the twink to the side as he stretches him out. He adds some hard forearms to get the heel crying. THUD! THUD! THUD!

"C'mon and give. I can make this hurt a lot more and I'm not letting you near my body ever again. You're done, Toyboy!"

The villain's moans turn into a chuckle, "Near your body? I'm inside your body, dumbass."

Toyboy slides his free hand to his belt buckle. He presses it and I hear a vibrating noise. ZZZZZT! I hear a loud cry and moaning, but it's from SuperStar. His eyes roll back in his head as he shudders. The ab stretch goes soft and the twink actually manages to hip toss the whimpering hero over onto his ass. Another press of the belt buckle and SuperStar is convulsing in pained ecstasy. ZZZZZT!

"Like my toy? Wireless vibrating electro plug and ring. It shakes. It shocks. It turns boys like you into the whimpering victims you were born to be. And it's all powered by Bluetooth. I just love Bluetooth, don't you?" Another button press has the hero practically crying as he holds his manhood. ZZZZZT! "Well, maybe you can't appreciate it right now. But you will when you're shooting the biggest, most intense load of your life."

With the real power of his diabolical toy revealed, my heart sinks again. SuperStar was doing well, but can he overcome this? Yikes. Toyboy doesn't intend to let him. He stomps on the muscleman to break down his big body. THUD! THUD! THUD! He adds in vibrating shocks to prevent any resistance. ZZZZZT! From the sound of his whimpering, which I know intimately, the hero is just trying not to cum.

SuperStar lies on his side in the fetal position as Toyboy pauses to flex over him, laughing at his victim. The villain savors the moment before dropping down to his knees. He grabs the top of the hero's mask and forces him up to a seated position. The dominant twink pulls the helpless muscleman back into a dragon sleeper, trapping his head under his armpit.

Toyboy shoves his knee under the back to arch it and raise the hero's magnificent chest. He reaches out and plays with the meaty pecs, running his big hand over the smooth slabs of muscle. The gentle caressing is mixed with hard nipple play and forearm smashes. THUD! THUD! THUD! The random and rapid combination keeps SuperStar off-balance as he leans back, powerless in the cruel clutch.

The villain shocks his opponent to watch him convulse. ZZZZZT! The hero's thong is wet in front and tented out so far that it's pulled away at the sides. With his legs wide open, chest up and face buried in a smaller man's armpit, it couldn't be much more humiliating for him. Toyboy ruthlessly mocks the muscleman, making sure he knows who's the master now.

Toyboy releases the dragon sleeper. The hero is groggy, but not out. The villain simply isn't done with him. He pushes SuperStar forward then the lightweight heel shifts onto his back. He pulls the muscleman's arms back, wraps his thin legs around them and locks his ankles behind the masked head of his opponent. It takes only seconds for the leg nelson is locked on tightly.

SuperStar whimpers in the hold as his shoulders and neck are tortured. The lightweight heel demands, "Look at your fucking pouch! Look at it! It's mine! You're mine! I could break you right now and there's nothing you can do about it, you big clown." ZZZZZT! Sweat drips down on the stuff pouch of the powerless muscleman as he's punished in the leg nelson.

All the hero can do is kick his feet and whimper. ZZZZZT! He meekly begs, "Stop! Please ..."

"You giving?"

SuperStar hesitates, but comes out with a strong, "NO!" Phew, looks like he's got some willpower left.

Toyboy laughs, "Good."

The villain releases the leg nelson. The hero collapses to the side and writhes on the mat. Toyboy grabs him by the mask then up to his feet. Despite being 50-lbs heavier, the muscleman looks so weak compared to the twink. The heel whips him into the corner hard. CLANG! SuperStar can't brace his body, hitting hard then sagging against the turnbuckle. Another press of the vibrator control drops the helpless hero down with a whimper. ZZZZZT!

SuperStar kneels in the corner. He holds his manhood in his left hand as his forehead rests on the mat. Toyboy strikes again and I see the hero shudder. He whimpers, unable to even move from the sensations running through his body. The muscleman plants his right hand and pushes his torso up, but his head hangs down in complete submission.

Toyboy towers over the helpless muscle hunk. He laughs as he flexes, "Brains over brawn every time. Get up."

SuperStar grips the villain's ankles then slides one hand up his boot. Using his tight grip, he pulls his head up with effort. The twink savors the sight of the muscular young stud kneeling before him. The hero lifts his other hand up to the knee pad. He begins the climb of shame, a sign of his weakness before the devious dominator.

The villain reaches down and grabs the top of SuperStar's mask. He pulls his head back so he can look at his victim in the eye. Toyboy laughs, "Pathetic. I can't wait to fuck you, but what I'm really looking forward to is having The Bat in my dungeon. He bet on you and this is the best you can do?"

I shiver at the thought, but I also feel for my boyfriend. He's going to feel so guilty. The villain presses his waistband, sending another wave of pleasurable punishment through the muscleman. ZZZZZT! SuperStar cries out then collapses forward, kneeling before the twink heel yet again. His hand fall to the ankles and his head between the toes of the boots.

"Yeah, you're boring. I'm done with you. I wonder if The Bat will do any better against my toys? When I'm plugging your man, remember this. You did it to him by being such a - WHOA!"

Suddenly, SuperStar roars and rises. He pulls on the villain's ankles, toppling him down. PLOP! The muscleman rises slowly, lifting Toyboy's ankles with him. He lifts his boot up between the raised legs. Toyboy quickly reaches for his belt buckle, pressing the button. ZZZZZT! The hero shudders, but manages to fall forward, driving his boot down into the lean midsection. I hear the vibrations from the plug-ring again then see the hero cry out as he stumbles back against the ropes. ZZZZZT!

Toyboy rises, "You'll pay for that." He presses the button, but nothing. Oh shit, it's broken. Before he can react, SuperStar launches out with a superkick to the twink's chin. CRACK! The heel flies backwards, collapsing in an unmoving heap. The hero can't capitalize as he walks slowly, trying to get his feet under him. When he finally can move right, he dives down for a pinfall.



The lean heel manages to squirm his shoulder up. SuperStar grabs hold of his opponent's hair as he rises, pulling him up with him. As the hero gets to his feet, Toyboy is on one knee. He whips out his big right hand and grabs hold of SuperStar's pouch. He grins and comments about going old school, but the muscleman ignores the assault and clubs him back to the mat. WHACK!

SuperStar says, "Old school? I can do old school."

The hero unleashes a series of vicious stomps to the twink's thinly muscled body. POW! POW! POW! Toyboy tries to roll away, but SuperStar grabs the back of his trunks and pulls him up. The villain spins suddenly, grabbing the muscleman's meaty pecs. His attack has no effect thanks to the bigger stud's willpower. It's like he's finally focused on one thing. Winning.

SuperStar pushes the twink back into the ropes. Toyboy bounces off right into a gorilla press. The hero easily extends his arms overhead, holding the lightweight heel aloft. He does a full lap of the ring then throws the villain up. Toyboy plummets down to the mat, landing hard on his stomach. SPLAT! He bounces twice then rolls around in pain, holding his abs.

"Messing with me is one thing, but you're never going to get The Bat. At least not because of me, Toybrat."

The hero moves in fast, grabbing Toyboy around the neck. He powers him up into a suspended choke. The villain struggles, but SuperStar ignores his attempts. The lightweight heel gets weaker, sagging in the devastating hold. The muscleman throws the twink to the mat with force. SPLAT! Toyboy writhes on his back and coughs to try to breathe again.

SuperStar is moving fast, not giving the villain any time to recover. He drags him into a standing head scissors. The hero's thighs flex around his opponent's head, the striations of his chiseled legs obvious as his muscles pop. Toyboy desperately beats on the thick muscles, but makes no impact. The hero flexes just as the villain whip his hand up. Oh no.

Toyboy finds the hero's hard cock tenting in his red thong. He squeezes and tugs, jerking the muscleman's shaft. SuperStar loses the head scissors, allowing the villain to slide free, still with the throbbing rod in his clutches. Fuck. I watch anxiously until the hero suddenly whips his arm down. He sweeps the large hand from his rod then drives his knee into Toyboy's chin. CRACK!

The villain goes flying backwards, stunned. SuperStar shakes his head then moves in. He pulls him up into a kiss on death sleeper. Their torsos slam together as the hero wraps his arms around the lightweight heel's neck and squeezes. The twink struggles hard, trying punches, kicks and even erotic attacks, but the muscleman has the willpower to hold out. When Toyboy starts rubbing his large manhood against SuperStar's raging hard-on, I get worried, but my guy holds on, focused only on the sleeper hold.

SuperStar squeezes tightly as the struggle continues. Toyboy never stops fighting, but his arms move slower. Then they drop to his side. Then his legs go limp. The villain hangs unconscious in the sleeper. The hero lets him drop to the mat then moves in to check his arms. He grabs a wrist and raises it. When he lets go, it falls to the mat. PLOP!


SuperStar lifts again. Same result. PLOP!


I hold my breath as the arm come up for the third try. Time seems to stand still when he lets go. PLOP!


And that's it. The hero has won. He actually won. I'm proud. I'm relieved. Just wow.


SuperStar finally frees himself from the cock ring and butt plug, sighing with relief. He tosses them aside as he circles the unconscious villain. Toyboy lies unmoving as the hero poses over him, celebrating a fantastic victory. The victorious muscleman moves in then peels the trunks off the loser. The movement causes the loser to stir, but it takes a firm slap to get him fully awake. SMACK!

The hero drags the groggy villain to his feet then tosses him into the corner. CLANG! Toyboy sags, holding himself up by the two top ropes as he braces against the turnbuckles. SuperStar smoothly advances in, pressing his body on top of the heel's. He whispers in his ear, but I can't hear it. From the loser's moaning, I'm guessing it's taunting him about losing his ass.

When the hero moves back, Toyboy's cock rises until it's standing straight up and smacking his abs. SuperStar peels off his red thong then climbs up onto the middle rope then leans over the twink. He grabs the top of the ringpost with one hand and the villain's hair with the other. With a firm pull, he forces the smaller stud to take his cock and start sucking.

Toyboy works the hero well. He takes over and starts engulfing the steel shaft all the way to the base. The heel gags, but doesn't ease up. He worships the big dick and dangling balls of the winner like a pro. I've had the pleasure of his lips on my monster cock, so I get it. SuperStar is learning why the twink's dungeon is so popular.

SuperStar moans as he's sucked. He almost loses his balance, forcing him to break off the blowjob and hop down to the mat. The hero grabs the smirking villain by his hair, pulling him from the corner then dropping him to his knees. It doesn't take any encouragement to get Toyboy worshipping the winner's muscular body.

Toyboy starts with the smooth legs, gently rubbing them. He kisses the six-pack abs as he reaches around and fondles the hero's bubble butt. SuperStar's mouth hangs agape as he savors the sensual worship session. The villain rises to focus on the meaty chest, kneading the heaving pecs before leaning in to suck on the sensitive nipples.

SuperStar's cock is bobbing, hard as it can get as he loses himself in the moment. At the villain's direction, he strikes a double bicep pose. Toyboy feels the sculpted peaks before sliding behind the winner. When the heel moves his hands from the biceps around to the pecs, he lowers his mouth onto the muscleman's neck. The hero closes his eyes and moans.

Toyboy slides in tight, his oversized rod sliding between the bulbous butt cheeks. He whispers in the hero's ear again. Uh oh. Did SuperStar win the war and lose the peace? The chiseled muscle stud rolls his head forward as he's seduced. The heel has him right where he wants him. Oh. Maybe not. Unseen by the twink, SuperStar's mouth curls into a grin and his eyes narrow.

Suddenly, SuperStar grabs Toyboy by the wrist then hip tosses him to the mat. WHAM! As the villain questions what's happening, the hero pulls a condom from his boot. The heel smirks, "Yeah, slide that on me, big boy. Best ride of your life."

The hero smirks, "You wish." Toyboy's smile turns to a frown as the hero sheathes his own cock. SuperStar nods, "You were fun, but you're the one who'll be riding today."

SuperStar forces Toyboy onto stomach then mounts him quickly. The villain asks, "Can't we talk about - AAHHHHH!" The sculpted muscleman forces his way inside the small, but perky ass. He pumps slowly, but after all the torment during the match and foreplay after, the hero can't hold back for long. He's quickly gasping and thrusting harder and faster.

The bigger muscleman lets out a loud groan as he quickly pulls out. The protection is barely off when he explodes all over the twink's back and ass. SuperStar's load is massive as he milks himself until he's drained. By the time he's done, the ropes of cum stretch from ass to neck. The hero's muscle body is huge, glistening with sweat as he kneels behind Toyboy.

The hero rises slowly and stretches out. He flexes, but doesn't look finished. Damn, I want him so bad right now. SuperStar circles around, grabbing a handful of hair. He forces Toyboy up then scoops him up across his chest. The pumped up muscleman does a lap around the ring then moves to the ropes by Toyboy's corner.

SuperStar hangs the naked villain upside down, the back of his knees on the top rope. The hero forces his feet behind the middle rope, securing it in front of his ankles. To ensure Toyboy is going nowhere, the muscle stud unties his boots halfway down then uses the long lace to bind his ankles to the middle rope. No chance of him slipping free now.

With his feet locked up tight, Toyboy can only dangle on the ropes and watch. His cock is rock hard as SuperStar makes his way to the villain's corner. The muscleman drags the large sack of toys from the corner, resting it in front of the helpless heel. The hero unties the sack of toys and looks in. He fishes around then shakes his head.

SuperStar declares, "Look at all this crap. I beat you without it. I fucked you without it. Back to the drawing board, genius." He flexes his bicep over the upside down loser's face, "When you've got muscle and determination, you don't need gadgets."

As the villain hangs helplessly, he snarks, "Just admit it. You're just too stupid to know what to do with my toys."

The hero laughs, "I wouldn't say that. I know exactly what to do with them."

SuperStar grabs the twink by the hair then lifts as he shoves him into the sack. He drags the bag over the shoulders, over the pecs, all the way up to the smaller stud's elbows. The victorious muscle stud pulls on the drawstring, tightening it around the defeated heel. He secures it with a double knot as Toyboy thrashes and writhes helplessly in the sack. The hero smacks the villain's dangling cock, causing him to whimper.

"Oh, I heard that. Who's the whimpering victim now, Toyboy?" The hero ties the extra cord around the base of the loser's oversized cock and balls. He gives the throbbing manhood another smack then rises with a smile. "Now you and your toys can enjoy some quality time together. I wouldn't struggle too much. You wouldn't want to get rope burn."

SuperStar flexes over his defeated foe, now wrapped up tight. He runs through a great series of poses for the cameras, basking in the glory of an impressive victory. Sure, Toyboy is small, but he's exactly the kind of villain to exploit this hero's weakness. The fact that SuperStar fought through the challenge with willpower is amazing. I guess I was the right motivation after all.

And I guess that The Bat won't be Toyboy's plaything. As I watch SuperStar exit the ring, I look at the villain bagged, bound and helpless. My cock stirs as I can't help but once again wonder what he would've done to me.

In the Locker Room

"Congratulations, Jae. You won by sheer force of will. I'm so proud of you."

"Thanks, Cody. Fuck that was rough."

"You'll have to tell me how it felt."

"I seriously can't describe it. I was so close to cumming and just giving in, but I know you'd hate to be Toyboy's plaything and I didn't want to be the reason you had to do that. Otherwise, I literally might've thrown the match. I mean, the idea of you being Toyboy's plaything is kind of hot. It might've been worth losing, if you were more open to it."

I laugh as I strip down to join him in the shower, "Yeah, right." Jae looks me up and down as he bites his bottom lip. I can tell he's holding back, so I ask, "Wait, are you serious?"

My naked boyfriend hesitates then says, "A little. I mean, we have fun, but we've never really gone there with the whole bondage thing. Not like a pro like Winston. I've got to admit, it was kind of interesting to imagine. You know, as something to try." Jae pauses then says, "Sorry, just being silly."

I softly reply, "Maybe not so silly."

"Wait, what?"

"You heard me. Turns out that we've both been wondering about the same thing."

Jae says, "Whoa. Really? You could give up control? Even when you bottom you're the boss."

"True. And I might hate it. But I wouldn't mind trying it to find out. I've been thinking about it a lot since Winston and his followers got wild about me."

We stand in silence, thinking. Jae finally asks, "So what now?"

I shrug, "Winston is right across the hall. I can get him if we're agreed." We stare at each other without moving for a few seconds. Jae nods and smiles. I nod then march over to the other locker room. I ask Winston to come over. He follows, looking confused.

I stand beside my boyfriend and explain, "So Jae and I were talking. About maybe experimenting a little. Getting out of our comfort zone."

The skinny stud raises an eyebrow as he surveys our naked muscular bodies, "Okay. What does this have to do with me? I don't want to get my hopes up, but are you seriously asking me what I think you're asking me?"

I smile, "Well, we know you. And we trust you. So, we were wondering if you'd be open to a night with a couple of newbies?"

The twink grins broadly, "Hell yeah. I'm great with beginners like you, Bat."

Jae interjects, "It's both of us. At the same time."

Winston nods, "Oh, don't worry, Jae. I won't leave you out. Not after today. You're fucking amazing." My boyfriend smiles. The bondage master saunters up. He places his hands on our bare pecs then runs his fingers across our smooth chests. He slides his big hands down our abs to take hold of our manhoods. We both moan as he fondles us.

The lean stud muses, "Fuck. If I'm still knocked out and dreaming this, please don't wake me up. Ever." We laugh and I assure him it's all real. He says, "Now, I might need help to make this really fun, if you're okay with that."

Jae and I exchange glances. I respond, "Whatever you think. We're in your hands. Figuratively and literally."

The twink releases our junk. He's practically floating at the chance to play with us. We discuss a few details then an ecstatic Winston leaves, promising we'll have a blast. Jae and I hold hands, wondering what we've just done. However, our cocks are rock hard from just a minute in his hand, which tells us we're doing the right thing. After all, what's life without adventure?

We head to the shower, suddenly nervous, but excited.

The End


  1. First an observation.

    I liked that you added the related posts on the bottom. Great idea!

    The story was great. I think they Toy character was hot. The way you used the toy concept on the actual match, I could say "Poor Jay" if we didn't know he enjoyed it.
    OMG. And that ending. Talk about opportunities creatively here lol. The thing is Cody....CODY!!! its Cody that says lets go for this....and he calls himself a that makes him so much more interesting as a character. The SuperBat has an area to improve and he wants to put himself in the hands of another guy. How hot. This definitely a bit different here at the Cave. Love it.

    1. Thanks. I just added that code.

      Glad you like the new character. And Cody is great at some things, but he definitely has areas to work on and things he doesn't know.

  2. ALEX! How do you do it?! How do you keep making such hot matches that top the one that comes before it!! This match was amazing and I love Toyboy as an addition to the Cave. I hope other people do to because I hope to see him again in the ring. I could see him going after Xaq and making him submit to his pleasure. But I just hope he wrestles again, Whenever I Rp or think of things and see a guy that uses toy's n stuff I always think of them using a vibrator dildo to use on the opponent during the match so seeing it here was such a sight to read! I could just imagine Jay moaning with his Thong stuffed while his huge sweaty pecs were heaving and his huge ass sticking out. Hot!

    I was wondering why Cody seemed to not believe in Jay when he did times before but it made sense that he was afraid of losing control and being in bondage which we could tell he wanted even when he thought he didn't. I was rooting for Toyboy to take the match and win but just like Superhero movies you just know the hero is going to win in the end which sucks because it would be hot to see Toyboy play with the two heroes haha! If there was ever an alternate universe or ending I would pay to see how that ended up! But then you had a ending that left the it end with a cliff hanger that was so hot, Your such a tease Alex Lol. Please tell us we will get to see what happens. I'm so curious to see what Toyboy would do to our two heroes. Would he continue in the ring were he left off? Would it go somewhere more private? What was the help he was talking about? All things I keep thinking about and thats keeping my fingers crossed! I'd even make it a commission if possible to see how it continues ahha I need the Closure Alex!

    Other than that Thanks for another Top Tier story Alex I really appreciate all the hard work you do to make such great stories!

    1. You're welcome!

      Yeah, Cody believed in Jae, but when it's his body on the line, he needed to think.

      As for seeing more of Toyboy, it's a possibility. However, I don't think we'll see more of this story. Winston might be a bondage expert, but I am not. I don't think I could do it justice, so imagination will likely have to do. I did think about his helper being a leather daddy type who'd be amused by the hunky hard bodies playing superhero, but when they start playing is where my experience runs out. LOL.

    2. Haha Damn I kind of guessed that but it looks like it came true. It seems my Commission attempt has failed for now with no alternate reality in sight Lol. I'll be eyeing for any references that may come up with how it might have ended up for Cody and Jae. Did they like it? Did they want more? Or was Cody correct in not wanting it to happen in the first place? haha

    3. I'll try to let you know how it went. Likely in the next Toyboy story, since it seems some of you guys want him back. And maybe I can bone up on my bondage knowledge before then to write something fun.

  3. The smaller Toyboy mentally and physically dominating the much larger Jae: Hot as fuck. A big hot bull who should clearly win being outsmarted and dominated is my one weakness. :)

    But I'm not complaining about the end, because even more than usual, this was such a comic, and I LOVED it! "The devious dominator," very '60s Batman alliteration. And as usual, the all-caps interjections. HEY! THUD! As you read, you can SEE them in their spiky yellow balloons.

    I know if I just keep saying you topped yourself it'll lose meaning, topped yourself!

    ...and seriously, this was Jae at his hottest. Scorchy.

    And oh my god--someone suggested Toyboy vs Xaq? Um, YES PLEASE. (And here's hoping Xaq won't have the willpower of Jae...)

    1. Sean, thanks! It was very comic, wasn't it? Someone via email said it was the best at using the superhero element, so I guess it hit on something.

      And of course I'll note the additional vote for Toyboy's return and a potential opponent. :)

    2. Xaq was immediately who my mind went to, too. And I'm sure he won't have the willpower to hold out.

    3. Poor Xaq. Everyone wants to see him face Toyboy, but no one has any faith in him. LOL.

  4. Count me in as another vote for Toyboy!

    1. Counted! Looks like I need to include Toyboy in my future plans!

  5. My personal fantasy is ToyBoy and Parasite teaming up to be an erotic heel tag team, and laying waste to a hot jobber duo like Red Raven and Blue Arrow... imagine them both helpless and chained up, simultaneously edged... villains playing a dastardly game, who can make their jobber squirt first and thus lose the match hehe

    1. Wow, the new villain has really stirred up your imagination!

    2. Damn that is a dream Team up heterosp! I can even see them going against world finest Had and Cody in a match. Both heroes starting off the match rock hard remembering their first run with bondage as the villains do exactly what you described for Raven and Arrow. Or maybe even a big muscle guy foe Toyboy to use to help control the match for him!

  6. Yes, yes, yes! Toyboy/Winston just has to make a return. Please! It was just one story but he's already one of my favorite heels in your stories, even if his first appearance was a loss. If he does appear again, hopefully he is victorious next time. Of course, getting a session with Cody and Jae is a pretty amazing consolation prize. :)

    1. Wow, happy to see Winston get so much love. I guess he has to return now. :)

    2. Sorry, more thoughts based on someone suggesting Xaq vs Winston. Birdboy vs. Toyboy would be a very hot match up, but I would imagine Cody would be very nervous. He's been slowly getting Xaq to overcome his submissive urges (in the ring obviously, not out, Cody isn't a miracle worker), but up against a BDSM loving wrestler, Xaq might throw the match so Winston can dominate him. I think Cody would be pretty mad if that happened!

      Of course, the image of tiny Winston using his BDSM knowledge and equipment on muscle freak Xaq is really hot! So, I don't know, tough for Cody.

    3. Yes, Cody is now training Jae, whose body can be submissive and with Xaq, it's his mind. However, Cody has Jae and Xaq, so we can't feel too sorry for him. #firstworldproblems, right? LOL.

      Thanks for the perspective!

  7. LOVE THE #FIRSTWORLDPROBLEMS HAHAHAHA This blog would so own that hashtag LOL