Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Cave Unleashed 3: Josh vs. Thor

Asgard Ranch, Northern California

Josh (me)

"Did you really think you could hide out forever, Doug?"

"I'm busy. What the fuck do you want, Josh?"

I smirk, "You know what I want."

We're at the entrance to Doug's barn way up here in Northern California. It's practically fucking Oregon. My stats are 6'2"/230-lbs and 29 years old. I'm tanned and chiseled. He's a muscular 6'/215-lbs 42-year old ginger. As we stand there, two shirtless muscle dudes in jeans, it's a staredown. He's still sexy as hell. Doug's older, but looking at him, pumped and sweaty from working on his farm, I remember why we fucked for so long. Then I remember why I'm here.

Doug aka Thor

Doug subtly flexes as he warns me, "Look, I told you when you called, you're not welcome here. Now, it's Sunday. My guys are off and I've got a ton of work to do. Just head back home."

I ignore him, "Yeah, I bet being a farmer keeps you real busy."



"I'm not a farmer. This isn't a farm. It's a ranch. I'm a rancher."

"Whatever. You've dodged me for months. That ends today."

Doug ignores me, releasing a couple of horses into the field. He finally turns to face me, "You had your chance when I was in LA. I said Thor could wrestle Riddle, but you didn't show."

I shake my head, "Yeah, you woulda liked that. Facing me in the safety of The Cave ring, living out your fucking Norse god fetish. You're no god, you're just an old -"

"Oh fuck, stop! You're so LA. So fucking dramatic about everything. I don't want to hear it, Josh. Not again. Anyway, I thought you'd made peace with what happened."

"I made peace with Ryan when he paid me a big bonus. I made peace with Cody when I got to beat his ass. You and me? We've never made peace. You sent me into that mess. You got me beaten and fucked by both of them. Ryan went fucking psycho on my ass in the locker room. You did that to me. So strip down and let's settle this."

"All I did was try to help two friends. Ryan wanted the toughest asshole I knew and you wanted his cash. And it all worked out in the end for you. You've ended up making money and friends, two things you sorely lacked while we were together. No pain, no gain, sport. You can't possibly still be bitter."

I snort, "I'm here, aren't I? Long drive from LA. Didn't do it for nothing."

"Yeah you did, 'cause I'm not getting in some schoolyard pissing contest with you."

Doug turns his back to me. Always a mistake, especially when I'm pissed. And I've been pissed with this guy long enough. Ever since he got me involved in someone else's war, hired by one friend to take out the other. And ever since he got my ass beaten and fucked twice in the same day by those same two friends. Doug did that and he's never paid for it. Today, he does.

I move in fast, grabbing him from behind. Doug is surprised. Why? I don't know. I told him we were settling things. I wrap my arms around his neck and head in a rear naked choke. He struggles. And he loses the struggle. The thick muscleman tries everything he can to break free, but I'm bigger, stronger and have the position. I put him out in ten seconds. It could've been three, but I wanted him to know what's happening.

I let big Doug's big body fall to the dirt then I stretch out, enjoying the sun on my bare torso. I grab his wrists and drag his lifeless carcass towards the barn. His denim-covered ass and cowboy boots leave a nice trail in the dirt as I slide him inside.

There they are in the corner. Wrestling mats. Saw them on his personals profile and knew what I was gonna do. Thanks to him, I got beaten and fucked. Twice. Now, it's his turn.

In the Barn

When Doug wakes up, he curses then looks around. Yeah, you're on your big wrestling mat. Yeah, I'm sitting across from you, naked as the day I was born. And yeah, you're naked, too. My old fuck buddy looks at me with hard eyes. I can tell he's trying to figure out a plan. It doesn't take him long to realize that there's only one way out and it's through me.

Doug wakes up

"I should have you charged for assault."

I smile, "Don't be a little bitch. When I'm done with you, you can go back to your farm - sorry, ranch - and I can back to LA. I'll be happy. Your body and ass will be sore, but you'll be happy, too. No big deal."

Doug looks at me, "You're fucking serious about this."

Yeah, I'm serious

"Yeah." He shakes his head. I add, "Oh, and I'm gonna be hungry, so I want you to make me dinner, too. I miss you cooking for me. We can chill out. It's a long drive and I'm not gonna head back until tomorrow."

"Now you're just talking crazy."

"Uh huh, says the guy who calls his dick Mjolnir." I grab my huge cock, "C'mon, just try to tame Jormungand." Doug's eyebrow raises at my mention of Thor's rival, a serpent that he faces at Ragnarok. See, I was paying attention when he'd call my cock Jormungand and treat draining my load as a victory..

Doug says, "Go away." I wait and he can't stop himself. He adds, "Or else you'll really feel Mjolnir's wrath."

I laugh, "See, we both know you love shit like this. Don't pretend you're some kind of boring old country boy. I know better. You're a fucking beast. You're only out here to prove what a man you are. I'm giving you chance to do the same thing. Show me what a man you are, Thor. Let's fight things out like your heroes."

Doug doesn't reply, because we both know it's true. I'm not attacking some random guy like a psycho. This shit is his fantasy. The ginger muscleman talked about it enough when we were together. Superhero wrestling in The Cave is a fun test, but it's safe. This is fucking real. Primal. Naked musclemen. Battle over honor. It's got him so fucking pumped. I know him too well.

The muscle dude stands up and stretches. His cock is rock hard and throbbing for this action. It's bouncing as he starts to stretch. I can tell his mind focused on the battle ahead. Damn, he looks hotter than ever. He looks at me and silently orders me to get up. I'm more than happy to do so. I stretch out my chiseled physique. I'm younger, taller and heavier, but he's fucking solid and strong. The guy can take punishment and I plan to dish it out.

It's taken months, but I finally get payback.

Naked Barn Wrestling with a Norse God.

We lock up fast. Me against Thor. Collar-and-elbow. Just feeling each other out. Two old opponents getting back into it. Muscles pumping. Cocks swinging. We're grunting and shifting, moving around the mat as we stay light on our feet. We break, both with big smiles on our faces. After only seconds, we're right back at it.

Thor goes low and flips me over onto my back with a fireman's carry. WHAM! He grabs my wrist and forearm in his thick, rough hands. The ginger muscleman drops onto his ass and spins while dragging me to him. In less than a second his legs are wrapped around my arm and he's cranking on an MMA-type armbar. ARGH! I pound the mat in frustration as he works me hard.

I ignore the pain as I lift his legs then throw my body up, rolling him with me. The armbar loses the tension as I get him onto his shoulders. Thor releases his grip as he kicks his legs out, throwing me backwards. He spins to rise, not realizing that I kept my feet. The wannabe thunder god exposes his back to me and I'm on him fast. I grab him around the waist and lift him up. WHOA!

Thor's feet leave the mat as I lock on the reverse bearhug. He moans and squirms, but I don't let him counter. I twist then drive him down onto his back with a huge takedown. WHAM! I kick the stocky stud onto his stomach as I drop down, splashing my big naked body on his back. SPLAT! I spin on him then force him into a full nelson. ARGH!

I smash his face into the mat to stun him then roll us over so I'm on my back. I wrap my legs around his thick waist, locking on a controlling body scissors. I crank on the nelson, stretching him out. I slide my left foot lower towards his junk, rubbing it with my heel. He grunts and moans as I combine the pain of the nelson with some cock teasing and trashtalking.

"That hammer getting hard already, Thor? The god ready to give up his lightning? I know how much you love being controlled."

Thor ignores my taunts. He knows what I know - that he's susceptible to smack talk. I feel his dick rising against my foot already. The ginger stud growls then manages to power out of the nelson. I let it go, tightening the scissors. I fight to get a headlock on to control him, but the thunder god powers free and rolls to the opposite side of the giant mat area.

We rise then charge in like rhinos. I go high and get him in a side headlock. He drives his fist into my abs. THUD! They hold easily, but on his second shot, he catches my hard cock, pounding it against my chiseled 8-pack. THUD! ARGH! I lose the headlock. Thor pushes on my side and I topple to the mat.

Thor drops down. He plants one foot on my right bicep, holding my arm down then pounds my abs. THUD! POW! THUD! I take the abuse and manage to call him a dirty old fuck. He pauses to grab my cock tightly. He squeezes, pumps as we lock eyes. I moan and stop fighting. His thick, rough hand takes ownership of my shaft and all I can do is watch.

The thunder god smirks, "Not my problem that this thing is so big it gets in the way."

I gasp, "It's gonna feel real big when it's up your ass - ARGH!"

Thor squeezes and I lose focus, throwing my head back as my smooth muscles all tense. "I don't think so. You're still the same gym-bunny slut who just wants to be owned by a real warrior with real muscles."

The ginger muscleman releases my shaft. As I relax and regain my composure, he grabs my pecs, locking on a pec claw. I moan in pain as his vice-like hands crush my sculpted chest. Thor slides across my waist to mount me. Now that he has position, the mature muscleman really applies the pressure. ARGH! I grunt, but I stay focused. I grab his wrists then plant my feet. With a big bridge, I throw him to the side while peeling his hands off me.

Now free, I roll away into a crouch. Thor looks cocky and confident, but it's way too early for that. I rise to my full height and silently invite him into another lockup. As we close in, I raise my hands for a test of strength. I leave myself wide open for a cheap shot. It's a show of respect on my part that there's no way he can ignore. Instead of attacking, he accepts my challenge like the warrior he wants to be. Sucker.

We lock hands fast. Immediately, we're bashing chests. SLAM! SLAM! SLAM! I've got height, strength and youth on my side. It's not easy, we're both sweating and our muscles are at full pump as we struggle. Still, I get position and I take control. With a sudden thrust of power, I drive him down to one knee. ARGH! I force his arms down, looking down on him.

I smirk as I take the opportunity to slap his face with my dick. WHAP! Thor growls and gets a burst of adrenaline. He actually powers up and we bash chests again. SLAM! The fight restarts, but the result is the same. I drive him to both knees this time, towering over him with his hands bent back beside his head.

"C'mon, admit I'm the real man, Thor. I'll take my pound of flesh and be on my way."

In response, the ginger muscleman throws himself forwards, knocking me off balance. I wobble as he flies backwards, using our locked hands to pull me forward onto his rising knees. WHOMP! OOF! I lose all my air, enabling Thor to topple us to the left and mount me in a schoolboy pin. He smacks my head, taunting me. Fucker.

"There's more to being a real man than being tall."

I throw him off me, but he's back on me fast. We grapple hard for control. Our rock hard rods keep getting in the way as we roll around. By accident (and sometimes intentionally), our knees, feet, hands and elbows whack our balls and cocks, keeping us moving and unable to lock anything on for long. We're drenched in sweat as our naked bodies strain and struggle.

Thor is good and so am I. His compact muscle does better for mat work than my long and lean body, but my power advantage more than makes up for it. It keeps us even as we deflect, counter and escape every head, neck, arm and leg hold. Our bodies are so solid that we can withstand a lot of body blows, even as hard as we're going at each other.

I get him in a grapevine, his wrists pinned down. As sweat drips from my face onto his, we lock eyes. We're breathing hard and I can feel our hard cocks wedged between us. Mine's bigger, of course, but he's not bad. After I fuck him up a little, I might let him use it. But that's tonight. After dinner when he's paid for getting me wrecked by Cody and Ryan.

With my attention re-focused in why I'm here, I break the intense and romantic stare. I open him up wide in the grapevine. He groans loudly as he manages to slip a sweat-soaked wrist free. Thor clubs me across the head and I tumble to the side. I rise to my feet, pumped to the max after the long submission mat battle. He lies still, obviously needing the break.

I move in on him fast. He's in great shape, but I know he tires faster than me. One strategy is to keep him working. As I bend down to drag him up, he suddenly shoots up and grabs me behind the head. My momentum is moving me forward, so when he pulls me that way, I can't stop him. We roll and I'm suddenly upside down on my neck and shoulders.

Thor locks me in a cradle. My legs are spread wide open, held by his head and legs. I'm folded in half, ass up, my head resting on his rock hard abs. My cock and balls hang down. My dick is so big and I'm so compressed by his muscles that I could almost suck myself off. I struggle, but he's got me locked up tight. Worse, he has an arm free to really make this a bad spot. Fuck.

The ginger muscleman points out the obvious, "You're pinned."

"Uh. I could. Uh. Break free. Uh. Any time."

I try to kick my body open, but I've got no leverage. The thunder god holds tight, withstanding my effort. I hear him softly chuckle. Fucker. I try harder, but I can't power out. I give up trying, focusing on my hands to see if I can grab something and twist it. Toe. Cock. Hair. I don't care. Something. Fuck, I can't. I settle down again, trying to figure this shit out.

Thor laughs at me, "You done? Like I was saying, you're pinned. Helpless. You're mine."

"Then count, tough guy. See how fast I escape this."

I feel his free hand on the back of my leg. He slides it tenderly along the back of my leg towards my ass. Oh shit. Thor explores me, reaching my balls. He toys with them. He tickles my taint. Jerks my cock until it's almost touching my lips. Massages my hole. The ginger muscleman takes full advantage of my predicament, challenging me to stop him.

"You're still pinned. By now, your neck and groin have to be killing you. Your hamstrings are so tight, I could punch them and really hurt you." I keep quiet and let him talk. I know where he's headed. "We both know it, but this isn't how warriors play, is it?"

Thor slides a finger along my lips then into my mouth. He teases me then pulls out. He runs his wet finger up and down my shaft. Oh fuck. When he shifts to milking me, I groan. He holds my cock tightly and works me. I actually whimper. It's been too long since Thor and me played like this. Yeah, I know where he's going and I'm all in.

The ginger muscleman toys with me, "First to cum loses. That's how we play, isn't it? No pins. No submissions. It's all about self-control. Can I drain the serpent before he takes the magic from my hammer? You in?"

I moan, "Yeah. Oh yeah. Uhmmmmm. I'm still gonna make you hurt, but I'll play along."

"There's the tough guy I know. Now that you've had your moment, I'm gonna drain you dry."

Hammer vs. Serpent

Oh fuck, it feels so good to be milked by his strong, rough hand. I fight to hold out, but he's got me throbbing. Still, it's better than being counted out or having him punch my hamstring until I give. Thor forces me to wet his index and middle fingers with my mouth. I suckle on them then he goes back to my hole, fingering me. I can only whimper as he molests me.

When Thor starts jerking my cock again, I feel really close to giving up my load. I try to focus on my anger and revenge, but even that makes me hot. The young guy trying to even a score only to lose to the old guy is a fucking hot twist. Oh shot, c'mon, focus. His hand feels so good, gripping me tight and pumping fast. Faster. Faster. Aw fuck! I'm gonna cum. It's now or never.

I flex every muscle and burst open, desperately trying to get free. My leg slips out from behind his head and my body flies open. My cock slides out of his hand. I lie flat, my head on his abs as I try to calm down. I don't move, focused only on keeping my load inside me. As I gasp, I feel Thor slide out, letting my head fall to the mat.

The ginger muscleman smacks my forehead with his cock, taunting me. He moves to mount my face, but I know I can't let that happen. I thrash violently, pushing him away and rolling away. I rise to a crouch, my cock bouncing and slapping my abs before settling to point straight out. Thor rises, looking hungry and confident. I slowly stand up, feeling like my load is still there.

I avoid any contact with him, knowing I need a minute. He doesn't want to give it to me, darting in and out at me. I back into the pole, outmaneuvered by the wily mature muscle stud. As soon as my ass hits it, Thor moves in, knowing I've got nowhere to go. He drives in with a fist to my lower abs just over my cock. THUD! Suddenly, he's working me like a heavy bag. THUD! POW! THUD!

Thor pins me against the pole by pressing his forearm across my pecs. He reaches for my cock. I wildly swing my arm, clubbing him in the head. WHACK! It's enough to allow me to escape. He's relentless, knowing he's close to getting me. He tries another game of cat and mouse, but I surprise him by going on offense. I've got to get my hands on his cock.

When the ginger muscleman moves in, I drive forward with a big knee lift. THUD! OOF! I blow past his defenses and he doubles over. I grab his hair then pull him up. I step over his leg then bend him to the side, locking on an ab stretch. I massage his abs then pound away on them. THUD! THUD! THUD! When I feel him go limp, I use my long reach to grab hold of his cock.

I just play with it in my hand, lightly moving it around. I whisper about his 'hammer' and he moans. I keep my touch light, knowing that's what he likes until he gets hard. Me? Go as hard and fast as you can, but not Thor. You've got to ease his tool into it. It doesn't take long before he's hard. I start working it and he's groaning in the ab stretch.

I get him good and hot, but he finally resists. Thor is so compact and powerful that he's able to hip toss me over and escape the ab stretch. I flip forward, landing on my back. WHAM! He tries to mount me, but I topple him down. We grapple for control, rolling around the mat. We're sweating like crazy as we battle for top. Neither of us are going for hold, just position.

I dominate the rolling around, but it doesn't amount to shit. The thunder god keeps me from getting him where I want him. He gets these bursts of energy and pins me, but I'm able to force him off me every time. We're soaked with sweat. Our muscles are pumped. We're gasping for air. And our cocks are rock hard. Shit, we're even both leaking.

Thor throws me off him and we both end up on our back, staring at the ceiling. The break isn't official, but neither of us moves. When he starts reminiscing about our time together, I see the perfect opening. I roll towards him and grab his cock in my mouth. I push down on his abs and right thigh as I bob up and down. He groans and writhes as I use my mouth as a weapon.

The ginger muscleman fights harder pushing me off him. He whips his legs up, going for a head scissors, but I block them. I grab one leg and roll us into a single leg crab. Under me, Thor moans. I use my free hand and go exploring. His taint. His hole. His dangling balls are all available and I gently toy with all of them. I hear him moaning, gasping and pounding the mat as I use my long, powerful fingers to tease him.

I release the crab, but I use his leg to roughly force the muscle hunk onto his back. I see a nice big fat cock, just begging to be milked. I drop down between his legs and grab hold. Thor suddenly lifts his legs up around my waist and locks his ankles behind me. He squeezes on the scissors, his thick tree trunks digging into my sides. ARGH!

Thor squeezes hard and I sell the pain. Not that it doesn't hurt, but I can take it. The scissors elevates his hips and keeps his cock where I want it anyway. I grab hold of his cock and start pumping. The thunder god realizes his mistake, but there's not much he can do. I reach out and grab hold of a nipple as I work his hammer.

The ginger muscleman's legs open up as he writhes in pained ecstasy. He grabs hold of my wrist and forearm to pry my fingers from his sensitive nipple, but my big hands are too strong. I spit on his cock to lube it up, my hand sliding even easier. Thor throws his head back, groaning as I manhandle him. He finally frees his pec, but I just grab him by the balls and keep working.

My cock grows under his ass as I watch him suffer. He gasps, fighting not to give in. Fuck, I want to just lift his legs and pound his muscular ass all day, but I've got to stay focused. First, I milk him then I beat on him then I get to fuck him. Thor makes his O face, but instead of shooting, he throws his big body to the left, breaking free of my grip.

I just stare at his amazing ass as he slithers away across the wet vinyl mat. When he's gone a few feet, I stretch forward then drag him back to me by his ankle. I hop on his back and lock on a sleeper. Thor struggles underneath me as I mock his weakness, telling him how I own his hammer. I hump him, but not too much. Don't want to lose my load, just make his easier to win.

Thor is limp under me, but he suddenly gets a burst of energy. He roars and pushes up to his hands and knees, lifting my weight like I wasn't even there. I fall to the side and he falls onto me, driving his weight into my chest and stomach. WHAP! OOF! He rolls down my body then grabs my cock. I look up as he engulfs it in his mouth. OH FUCK!

Now it's my turn to writhe as he sucks on my rock hard cock. I try to bridge to throw him off, but it's no use. He quickly gets me under control, turning on top of me. His shins pin my biceps as he lies on me. The ginger muscleman sucks on my head while sliding his hand up and down my shaft. I twist and kick, but I can't move him.

Thor lifts his mouth from my cock. He trashtalks me, talking about how I drive all the way up here just to be his bitch. He nuzzles his beard beside my balls while pumping me and it's all I can do not to give in. In desperation, I bring my knee up and catch him on the head. WHACK! He's stunned, so I throw whole body to the right. UH! We roll over, switching positions.

I mount the ginger muscleman, my ass over his face and shins on his shoulders. As I look down his muscular body, I can feel his beard inside my crack and breath on my hole. Oh. I ignore it. Yeah, it's keeping me hard, but he can't get to my cock and there's no way I'll cum untouched. At least not before he does. He sticks his tongue out and flicks it on my hole, so I know I need to focus.

I pound on Thor's body, getting his warrior cock hard with a trifecta of domination, abuse and trashtalk. THUD! WHAP! POW! I can feel him moaning and breathing faster into my crack. My ass is another thing priming his pump. When his cock is stiff and bouncing up and down, I lean forward and go to work. I grip it tight and start jerking.

Thor is writhing under me. When I slide my lips around the head, he really goes wild. The big man is gasping as I suck him. Yeah, I remember what you like, fucker. I know how to milk you, you, farmer. As I work, I feel him struggling, but I gotta stay focused on this. The big ginger manages to force his arms free, but I'm tasting pre-cum. I got you.

Thor pushes up on my hips. I keep focusing on sucking his load out of him. Maybe a mistake, because he isn't cumming and he has his lips on my cock. I feel them wrap around my head and I moan. Oh fuck. He forces us onto our sides and we're in an intense suck-off in the 69. We're both working our magic. He's going hard and fast like I like. I'm going slow and sloppy like he likes.

I taste pre-cum leak from his head onto my tongue. It inspires me to keep going. He doesn't even have me hard yet. I speed up, grabbing him at the base of his shaft with my index finger and thumb. I slide it up and down as I focus on sucking his load from him. I feel him whimper as he tries to get me worked up. Oh fuck, I'm hard now.

The ginger muscle stud remembers how to get me going. He pulls his mouth off and attacks my balls with his mouth while pumping me with a tight fist. Oh shit, that feels awesome. It's tough to focus, but I keep thinking how I got a beating from Ryan and a brutal fuck from both him and Cody and it keeps me focused. Before I'm done, I want Doug to get the same.

Thor blinks first, pushing me off him and away. He lies on his stomach, gasping. He's got his hips twisted, trying to keep pressure off his rock hard cock. By hiding his dick, he's showing me his big muscular ass. I suck on my finger then smirk as I dive at him. I force my finger into his ass really deep. The wannabe muscle god moans loudly, throwing his head back as I impale him.

I slide in and out then drive in deep. I grab a handful of his red hair then force him up by his hair and hole. He scrambles up, crying out the whole time. I throw him against the barn post then finger fuck the crap out of him. I'd fuck him for real, but I'm so hard that I might breed him before he cums. I can't risk it. I've got him so weak and hot that he's holding onto the post for dear life.

Yeah, it's time to finish him off. I use my grip on his hair to pull him backwards as I take out my finger. Thor stumbles then uses his left hand to shove my pec, but there no power behind it. I keep hold of his hair, pulling him into a big knee lift. THUD! I quickly scoop him up across my chest and carry him back to the mat.

Thor can't resist as I bring him down over my leg in an over-the-backbreaker. CRACK! The power move has him moaning, but the important part is that I keep his naked body on my leg. He hangs there, feet and head down, abs and big cock facing up. The ginger muscleman moans with pain. I don't go for a submission, even though we both know I could get one.

As I caress his abs, I taunt him, "You're so fucking weak, Thor. I outsmarted you. I outmuscled you. Now, Jormungand's gonna drain your hammer of all its power."

Thor moans as I play into his fantasy. I grab his cock and work it. I pump it and he convulses. I fondle his balls, keeping up the trash talk. I call him Thor and me Jormungand, which he loved to do. It always got him so horny. And it's got him writhing again. The ginger beast tries to escape, but I've got him trapped. I grip his hammer and start going for real.

I sliding my right hand up and down his shaft while caressing his body with my left. I pause to pound his chest and abs, always calling him Thor. The muscle hunk's letting out high-pitched whimpers now, completely helpless. I reach down and grab a handful of his thick red hair. I pull his head up. I see his abs tense as he crunches them on the way up.

I order Thor to watch me take his power from his hammer. He gasps and grips my shoulder with his right hand, helping to support himself. I look at his face. The alpha male is close to submitting, I can tell. He's never easy to break, but I remember the times I did it. He looked just like this.

As I work him, suddenly, he roars. I think he's about to cum, but he actually throws his legs up. They slam into my side and I lose balance. We topple down, his cock sliding from my grip. The ginger muscle stud rolls away fast, escaping just in time. He gets to hands and knees, head hanging as he focuses. We both rise, but he's slow and in pain. The punishment is working and from the way his big red dick is leaking, I've got him right where I want him.

I tell him, "Cute move. You're so fucking close. I can feel it. I bet your hammer is killing you."

Thor stretches out, "Lucky for me you keep talking. Your personality is still a turn off. Now I remember why I used to gag you so often."

"I got a gag made just for you, right here." I grab my huge cock and wave it at him. I flex and swing my hips. My muscles are pumped as my big dick sways. He's captivated. "Yeah, lick those lips. This is the real magic hammer."

Thor puts his hands on his hips as he looks me up and down, "Wow, you've gotten old. The serpent is the perfect description of you. Leathery skin. Jowls. No definition. I remember when you were smooth, muscular, and flawless. You look older than me."

I go red, "What the? You fucker. Break's over. It's time to finish you."

We lock up again. I don't let him throw me off my game, staying focused. As we struggle, I can tell Thor is wearing down. Not surprising all things considered. We've been at this a long time. I started it all by knocking his ass out, which takes a toll on you. It's hot. And I'm a big boy who knows how to wrestle. Yeah, he moves shit all over this ranch all day, but none of it fights back like me.

I counter everything he tries, but I don't go for the kill. I want to keep tiring him out. I make him work, pushing against my muscles, battling strength against strength. Thor is sweating big time, causing him to slip and lose his grip. He has to keep adjusting to compensate. I go a little harder, upping the intensity slowly, making him think he's still in the game.

I twist hard and the ginger muscleman stumbles. I throw him to the mat then leap on top of him. I go for holds, but at 80%. I'm able to keep position, forcing him to move my body weight. I get him down then plant my knee in his back. I grab under his chin the pull up. Thor tries to throw me off him while straining to pull my hands apart. I make sure he's doing all the work.

Thor finally topples me. He gets a burst of energy and leaps on me fast. Instead of resisting, I fall back with his tackle. He's surprised and we roll over so I'm on top again. We hand fight while I quietly move my size 13 feet inside his knees. I pull his legs open for a grapevine. ARGH! The ginger hunk groans and I seize the opportunity. I pin his wrists to the mat. SPLAT!

I smirk as I power his hands together over his head. I grip both his wrists in one of my huge hands, holding them down with my weight. With a free hand and a helpless Thor, I tap his face. He growls, but he can't do anything to stop me. I slide my hand along his tricep to his armpit. I caress the side of his pec as we lock eyes.

I tell him, "You're done. I should fuck you right now."

Thor moans, "Yeah, fuck me. Fuck me hard. Breed me, just like we used to do it." I'm surprised and my cock stirs. Maybe I should. He adds, "Gimme that big load."

I remember our rules and reply, "You first."

I pound him in the armpit then slide off. I force his exhausted body onto his stomach then grab a handful of hair. I drag him up onto his knees as I kneel behind him. I wedge his face in my armpit and pull back, locking on a dragon sleeper. Thor groans, but I feel his tongue licking my smooth pit. Oh fuck, he's such a bastard. Always looking for every angle.

The ginger hunk is trapped, so I lean forward, sliding my huge hand down his ripped torso. I pause to fondle his chest and tweak his nipples. He loves this shit. I caress his abs then maneuver my hand to his tightly trimmed pubes. I feel him squirming, but I tighten my grip and he stops. I could put him out, but that isn't my goal. I smack his dick, watching it sway.

"It's been fun, but I've edged you long enough. Time to take your lightning, Thunder God."

I grab his rod and start pumping. Thor finds new energy, but it's too little, too late. I've got him locked up tight. I feel his cock throbbing, but I know him. I slide my hand off then slam my fist down on his abs. THUD! THUD! THUD! He grunts into my armpit as I go back to milking him. I work him and he's breathing faster. His entire muscular body is twitching.

"Poor old Thor. Helpless against Jormungand." I hear him whimper into my armpit as I remind him of our old play sessions. I toy with him as he hangs limp in my dragon sleeper. He's pretty much given up now, moving only to get off faster. I see him thrusting his cock in my grip. "Poor little Thunder God. Your hammer's useless now. C'mon, shoot for me! GIVE ME YOUR POWER!"

"FUUUCCCKKKKK!" Thor screams loudly as he erupts, exploding ropes of cum from his thick cock. I pump him, laughing and mocking him as I do it. He's an alpha and a dom top, but if you can earn the position, the guy will accept being your bottom bitch. I make sure he knows I earned it, milking him ruthlessly until he's a quivering mess of jelly.

I ease up on the dragon, sitting him back up on his knees. Thor's whole body is limp and weak, his shoulders slumped and his head bowed. Even his cock is soft, drained of its potency. I massage his shoulders. When he's good and relaxed, I grab the back of his neck. I push his head down until his forehead hits the mat. SPLAT! I rub his face in his own cum.

"Yeah, I did that. I took that from you. I won, bitch."

Back to Business

I pull Thor back up to kneeling. He winces in pained exhaustion. "Admit you lost."

Thor sighs, "You drained my hammer. I lost. You won."

"Damn right. But this was your game, not mine. I need a little more."

"Yeah, yeah. My ass is yours."

"Yeah, but first things first. That was me beating you under your rules" I grab a handful of his red hair. I rise and drag him up with me. I move in behind then drag him into a torture rack. ARGH! The mature muscleman hangs limp across my shoulders. He moans as I punish him more. "I wanna hear you give under my rules."

Thor holds out, but he's so drained that he can't last long. When I grab his cock and balls in one hand, he screams out his submission fast. "UNH! I GIVE!" I demand that he apologize for setting me up. The ginger hunk holds out, but he has to submit. He moans, "I'm sorry. Oh fuck, please forgive me. I'm sorry. Please! Please let me down!"

"No. Admit your Mjolnir is nothing compared to my serpent."

"C'mon, Josh!" I bounce him while squeezing on his manhood and he changes his tune. "ARGH! FUCK! My hammer is nothing! UNH! UNH! UNH! Please, show me the power of ... your serpent! Oh fuck!"

I shrug him off my shoulders, letting him collapse to the mat. "Ryan had me begging in a backbreaker. Consider that my version of payback." I put my foot on his chest and he looks up at me through groggy eyes. I lift my foot then drive it down into his abs. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! I step over him, putting all my weight on his stomach. ARGH!

Great thing about a barn is all the stuff. I grab leather straps in one hand then return to the ginger muscleman. I grab a handful of hair and force him up. I push him against the post. Thor can't resist as I force his arms behind the post and bind him to it. Once his wrists are secure, I wrap the leather straps around his body, just for fun. They cut over his biceps and under his pecs, lifting them. I tie up his ankles. No kicking out for the wannabe god.

As I step back to admire my work, Thor asks what I'm doing, so I tell him, "Didn't you watch the match? Cody had me tied up then beat the fuck outta my abs. Got me to submit to an ab and ball claw. You're gonna feel my pain."

I start pounding away on his abs. THUD! POW! THUD! It feels good. Yeah, a first-to-cum match was fun, but not exactly satisfying. I work his body hard. His cock is powering up as I pummel his pecs and abs. POW! THUD! POW! The six-pack turns red fast, but the muscle wall is still hard. He's begging me to stop, but I can feel him flexing his body against my fists. Yeah, nice try, Thor.

I take my time, even breaking for water. I snap a couple of pics then come back. THUD! POW! THUD! The muscle hunk is exhausted and his stomach is finally softer. I grab his hair and lift his sagging head. The glassy look tells me he's ready. I kneel down. I can't help but take a minute to suck his rock hard cock. I laugh at him for being such a warrior slut.

As I bob up and down on his rod, I run my right hand on Thor's abs. He writhes from my touch. When I find the right spot, I curl my fingers then press in deep. Now he's really bucking. I hear him moaning and screaming. As the only guys on the farm, he can go wild. The ginger hunk strains the leather straps as he struggles.

I lift my left hand and grab his balls. I could hold out against Cody's ab claw. It was when he went for the balls that I had to give. Thor is just like me. The wannabe god gives for real this time, screaming for me to stop. I ease up on his balls then lift my long arm up. I give him the middle finger then force it into his hole. It's not easy with him tied up, but the struggle is worth it just for the symbolism of fucking another load out of him with my middle finger.

Thor is sagging, only held up by the bindings. He whimpers, but doesn't fight me. Between my lips and my long finger inside him, the ginger muscleman can't resist me. He's exploding into my mouth fast, giving me his second load. I suck him soft then pull off. I rise then kiss him, forcing his own load into his mouth. He moans as I make him taste his own cum.

I step back, grab my cock then wave it at him, "Now you know the beatings I got because of you. Now that that's settled, time to be tamed by one huge fucking serpent, bitch."

Payment in Full

I don't waste any time with foreplay shit. We've been sucking and jerking for an hour. Now, I just want to pound that muscular ass of his. The way mine got pounded. With just as much vengeance as Cody and all the rage of Ryan. Maybe more. I sheathe my dick in an XL condom then grab Thor by the hair. I drag him to his feet then throw him face first into the wall. WHACK!

The defeated muscleman hangs on to the wood wall just to stand. He's exhausted. I wrap leather around his wrists then hook the straps over hooks. He's strong, but these things hold horses. He's going nowhere. From behind, I grab his hair and pull his head back roughly. I attack his neck and he moans.

I hold his body against mine, rubbing his chiseled torso as I suck on him. I reach down and guide my cock into his ass. He cries out as my monster cock splits him in half. I bet he hasn't had anyone in him like me since we last fucked. The way he's whimpering, I'm sure of it. I start slamming my cock into him hard. I hold his body in place as the force of my fuck sends his hips forward into the wall. BAM! BAM! BAM!

I savagely fuck him, pounding his ass hard as I hold his hair and torso. Thor moans as he adjusts to my cock. He starts liking this too much. I unhook the straps then drag him by his arms outside. He stumbles, trying to keep up. I throw the ginger muscleman into the flatbed of his pickup truck. I make him kneel on the horse blanket then push his head over the side.

With his ass up, I drop and slam my cock in deep. Thor braces on the side of the truck to avoid being thrown out. Now the wannabe Norse warrior is struggling . I work him like this then pull him onto his back. I lift his legs, fold him over then push his knees almost to his ears. I start jackhammering the asshole, driving him into the truck bed.

The afternoon sun beats down on us as the wind whips around our sweaty muscles. I don't ease up, putting all my strength into it. Thor can't take it. He begs me to change positions. I laugh that he's even submitting during the fuck. Pain trumps pride though and he keeps pleading. I rise and let him collapse on his back.

With Thor broken by a fuck and my cock in serious need of release, I feel like it's time. I drag him up by his hair then throw his face down on the roof of the truck cab. I move in behind him as he stands there, bent over and ass way up. I grab his hips then grip tightly as I force my way inside him yet again. I drive inside him hard, each thrust sending him sliding on the metal roof.

I pound and pound him until he's whimpering like the little bitch he is. I finally pull out then uncover my cock. I reach forward, grab him by the hair then throw him onto his back in the truck bed. I kneel down just in time to explode all over his handsome, bearded face. I coat him with my massive load, hitting his beard, mouth, nose and hair.

I rise slowly. Ropes of my white seed line his features and his muscular body is unmoving. He's so done. I wait until Thor rolls onto his side. I never stop working my cock. He wipes my cum from around his eyes then looks at me sitting on the roof of his truck. I use my fingers to wave him forward. The defeated dude crawls to me slowly.

I reach out and grab him by the hair to drag him the last two feet. I force him onto my cock, gagging him with it. I face fuck him hard, shooting a second load down his throat within a couple of minutes. When I let him go, he falls to the side on hand and knees. He turns away from me as he buries his face in his forearms, which lifts his ass up as it points at me.

With his knees out to the side, his muscular ass is spread and I can see his hole. I do the math. I had to get face fucked by Cody and ass fucked by both Cody and Ryan. I'm still down one. And Thor is basically inviting me in. I hop out of the truck, grab protection and return to see he's doing some cat-dog tilts to work out his back.

When Thor sees the wrapper, he asks, "Again?"

I just smile. The ginger muscleman knows what I can do. He turns away and drops his head, presenting his hole to me. I ignore it. I grab him by the hair and force him to stand. I make him hold the unwrapped condom in his lips. Using the leather straps that are still tied to his wrists, I bind his arms to his body. Once he's wrapped up, I pull him to the back of the truck. I drop down then pull him over my shoulder.

With a tight grip on his muscular ass, I carry Thor over my shoulder back to the barn. I move to the corner where some black straps are hanging. I smile, knowing what they are. I don't know if his ranch-hands do, but yeah, I know a sling when I see one. Using my free hand, I untangle it then hook the corners up. It's easy and I know it's sturdy.

I bend forward, toppling Thor into his own sling. I lift his legs and secure them. I slip the condom wrapper from his lips then start unwrapping it. The exhausted ginger stud lifts his head with resignation then lets it drop back. Within seconds, I'm back inside him, fucking him as hard and brutal as ever. I slam my cock in as he lies there, trapped in his own sling.

I pound him hard and I make it last. After cumming twice, I have even more stamina. I ride him until he's crying out. I pull out, peel off my protection then explode all over his junk. I milk myself until there's only drops, which I rub off between his bull balls. I've marked him completely and finally evened the score. With my revenge complete, I let him free then head to his house to shower.

I'm rinsing off when Doug comes in. He's moving slowly as he climbs into the oversized shower area. He moans as the jets hit him and we're enveloped in steam. We shower in silence, soaping each other up. When we're done, we towel off, but don't get dressed.

I follow Doug to the kitchen and grab a bottle of water. He breaks the silence, "What do you want for dinner?"

On the Porch

After dinner, I sit naked on the Adirondack chair, towel down, finishing a glass of red wine. Doug sits on the arm beside me. We watch the sunset. It is beautiful here. Boring as hell, but beautiful.

I tell him, "Nice up here."


"Think I might come back up."



"What makes you think you're welcome?"

"Who's going to stop me, Thor? Next time I might take Asgard from you. I wouldn't mind owning a ranch."

"Now you're being a punk again. But fall is nice. Leaves and shit. Sundays are best. Nobody's here but me."

We go back to drinking in peace. When Doug gets up, I follow him into the kitchen. He puts his beer down then grabs me tight. He throws me against the wall and I let him lead as we go hard at each other. When we're good and hot, I let him throw me over his old wooden kitchen table for a hard fuck. I missed his big dick inside me. We fuck around until midnight then go to bed.

I hit the road at dawn, leaving him asleep. A couple of hot ranch hands are pulling up in a pickup. They check me out, wondering who I am. I smirk, thinking, "Sorry boys, your boss is sleeping in this morning." I just wave then hop in my car. I look up at the house one more time. Yeah, I settled the score, but this isn't the end for us. Not by a long shot.

The End


  1. Best of both worlds--a match that hot, that personal, but still, that happy of an ending.

    Ha, usually I'd probably think Josh/Riddle would be the hotter in a match, but not against Doug/Thor! Both of them, but ESPECIALLY Doug, will always be welcomed back by me.

    True story: A few days ago I was reading a book and they kept mentioning Adirondack chairs. I had no idea what they were, but after like the third time they came up, I finally did an image search. And here they are again!

    1. Thanks!

      That's cool on the chairs. Now you'll see them everywhere. Growing up in Canada, we called them Muskoka chairs, but I thought was really obscure. So I used the American name. They're just perfect for watching the sunset on a deck.

    2. On another side note, I happened to be really hungry while I was reading this, and at the end, I was all, "But what did they have for supper?!" (You don't have to say, you can leave it open to interpretation. I'm thinking...steak.)

    3. Sorry! One more thing: LOL at "Asgard Ranch." That him.

    4. It's funny, I had a reference to dinner at one point but I must have edited it out. Doug grilled up some big fat steaks, so good guess.

      And yeah, Doug's all in with Thor. :)

  2. WHAT A RED HOT STORY! DAMN IT ALEX!!! LOL Some serious sweating going on over here. I usually talk about the matches or the drama. And I can go for a long time with this one on both thing. Like this brings us back to all the way to the beginning and Mr Riddle vs the Bat Part 1. That's the story that keeps on giving.
    U rarely talk about the stakes But...cmon. The stakes here, were...I don't know what to say!! You let your imagination run wild here. That puts this story in its own section of some "Best Cavey award". Seriously. the man. That character was well written from day one. And he continues to impress. I am one of those.., that thinks he is just phenomenal. He gets into character for Mr Riddle as well as here! Very good Job Alex. xcellent

    1. Awesome, thanks! I appreciate all that. Josh has been in The Cave since day one, so I'm glad fans asked for him to get a rematch. I was done with him after The Cave 2, but that's the power of comments.

  3. Another Hot match! And this time the man I was rooting for won! I liked the call back to the first Cave chapter and it really shows how Josh was not over his back to back loses at the cave. I like this backstory too it was a really cool way to expand the men's stories. It would be cool to see Doug and Josh back in the Fave maybe as a tag team this time and Josh dropping the toddler persona for a temporary Jormungand costume!

    1. Thanks! Glad you picked right. ;) Not sure if Doug and Josh are in a tag team place yet, but maybe they can get there.

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    1. Glad you liked the wrestling. I don't see Josh settling down too much, but there might be a happy medium.