Monday, July 13, 2015

AWL: The Adventures of Danny Chase 4

Warning: This story includes heterosexual behavior. Reader discretion is advised.

Oh man, my head hurts. My mouth is dry. My balls are uncomfortably wedged between my thighs. I reach down to free them. Hm, it feels like I’m wearing a pair of my pro wrestling trunks. That’s unusual, but it explains why my package feels crushed. I work my junk into a better position. Ah, that’s better. I need a shower. I move my feet to get up. Wait, I’m wearing my pro wrestling boots.

When I open my eyes, I see nothing. Oh shit, I’m blind. Too much booze and I’ve gone blind. No wait. Everything’s coming into focus. There. I can see, thanks to the sudden glow from headlights through a crack in the curtains and a red digital clock. I hear a woman breathing beside me and it all starts to come back to me.

Damn, I had way too much tequila last night, especially for a Monday night. Still, it’s not every Monday where you just hand $5,000 of your hard-earned money to a couple of amateur loan sharks to save a friend. Okay, I remember being at the club, drowning my sorrows, but then it gets blurry. Where am I? I’m definitely in a bed, but the smooth, satin sheets and the perfume smell tell me I’m not at home.

I remember. Her name is Angie. She’s a ring bunny, the kind of girl who chases pro wrestlers. I know this because they're the only ones who recognize me as Daring Danny Chase from the AWL or one of the local indie feds where I work. I remember she started flirting, even knowing my current ranking as one of 1983’s top pro wrestling’s top stars (number 323).

I remember thinking that was a little scary, but I did get a picture this year and a longer write up. She kept coming on to me and I appreciated the attention. Did she get me drunk? Fuck, I think she did. She got me drunk and brought me back here. Where’s here? I don’t even remember getting here, but I know I didn’t drive.

I carefully sit up, grateful that she has a digital clock. It’s 4:24. It’s still dark outside. I open and close my eyes then roll out of bed, trying to escape. In the dark, I see the white of my ring jacket on the floor. What the heck? Oh yeah, she asked me to wear my gear while I fucked her. That explains the boots and trunks.

Okay, so I got smashed on a Monday and had a one-night stand with a crazy pro wrestling groupie. Nothing I haven’t done before. And I deserve it after what I did and will do for Rex in the MWA, giving my share of the gate to Dino and Anthony for my next three matches. I just wished I remembered more of the details. Or maybe I don’t.

I search for my clothes, but it’s hard hunting in the dark. I only need my jeans, because I need my keys and wallet. Shit, I keep forgetting that Angie drove me here. Fuck, my head hurts and the rumble of that semi-truck outside isn't helping. At least he finally cut his lights. I see the bathroom and head in. I slowly close the door and turn on the light. After dealing with nature's call, I look around. Aspirin. Perfect. I pop a couple of them. Hm, weird. There's men's stuff in here.

Wait. There's men's stuff in here.

Fuck. I cut the light, wait a minute for my eyes to adjust again then hurry back into the dark bedroom, looking for my jeans. Maybe they're in the living room. Just my luck, Angie rolls over and realizes I’m not there. She claps her hands and the bedside lamp comes on. I’m blinded for a moment then I see her. The sheet is off, giving me my first sober view of her naked body. Angie’s a little rough trade now without makeup, but still fucking hot, with her smooth body and giant tits. She’s wearing my white knee and elbow pads, but otherwise naked. My cock swells in my blue trunks as she lies there, posing seductively.

“Hey, Daring Danny Chase. Where you going? How about a re-match, big boy?”

I should say no, but she's as close to a smoldering hot goddess as I’ve had in a long time. My head says run, but my cock points out that I've gone this far. Overtaken by my growing dick, I can't resist, so I crawl on the bed up between her legs. We start kissing and it's nice, morning breath and all. I'm working her neck, playing with her mountainous breasts and dry humping her through my trunks when I’m interrupted by a deep voice right behind me.


I freeze. Fuck. Before either of us can move, I'm pulled off her by the waistband of my trunks. I turn around, only to get decked by a fist to my jaw. I drop down to the floor beside the bed as Angie's guy starts screaming. I taste blood then wipe a trickle from corner of my mouth with the back of my hand. It is blood, but not much. I start looking for a way out of here.

Angie starts crying and trying to explain. She tries blaming me (of course), but the knee and elbow pads are a big clue she was more than a willing participant. Besides, it doesn’t sound like it’s the first time, so it gives me a little confidence that I won't be killed for fucking some dude's chick.

As I lie there on the floor, looking for a chance to make my exit, I learn that the guy's name is Leo. He’s a little bigger than me (6'1"/250-lbs), looks ten years older at least, and is bald with a blond goatee. He's the owner of the truck outside. He wasn't supposed to be back this soon, but here we are. Through the open door, I see my jeans in the living room, along with my gym bag for my gear. If only Leo wasn't between me and the door.

Leo is tearing into Angie, but he's just yelling, nothing physical. Actually, remember when I said Angie might be a little crazy? Well, suddenly she's giving as good as she's getting. While he's calling her a no-good slut, she's telling him that if he was around more and more of a man, she wouldn't need real studs like me to satisfy her. I'm surprised when she actually starts belittling him, challenging him to prove he's enough man for her.

Okay, enough is enough. I don't care about their issues, I just need to get out of here. I see an opening as Leo steps to his left. I try to slip out the door behind Leo, but he moves fast. The big man grabs me and throws me back into the wall. He uses my hair to bring my face down on top of Angie's long wood dresser. I'm stunned by the impact before he drags me across it using my hair and trunks. I land on the floor on the other side. As I struggle to rise, Leo tears off his shirt. I try to convince him that I don't want to fight, but he slugs me in the stomach then sends me to the floor again with another punch across my temple.

I plead, "Dude, I didn't know she had a guy!"

Leo yells, "You think I fucking care? I won't hit her, but I will sure as hell beat the motherfucking shit outta you!"

"Kick his ass, Danny. He's a fucking loser, not like you!" Angie calls from the bed.

I say, “You’re not helping!” When I look at her, I see she's smiling and playing with herself. Fucking psycho slut is getting off on this, seeing two men fight for her.

Leo stomps on me with his steel-toed work boots. He's not pulling his blows, so I know I need to retreat. I scramble out of the way, past Leo and into the living room. I go for my jeans, but Leo grabs me by the mullet. Using my long hair, he throws me back to the floor. I land hard on my back. He quickly straddles me, kneeling on one foot and one knee.

The big dude slams fists into my head and body. I lift my arms to protect my head and face. I manage to block most of the shots, but this guy is strong and fired up. With my head protected, Leo pounds my body hard. From the doorway, Angie has switched to cheering him on. I can't believe it. Or I guess I can. Bitch.

I realize I need to fight back. The aspirin is kicking in and I'm able to focus a little. I push the trucker dude off me, toppling him back. I get to my knees, using the sofa for support. Leo rises up to his feet. He kicks at me with his boots, but I deflect it, spinning him to the side. I grab my jeans and race to the door. Angie has moved to the front door, leaning against it. She's put the chain is across it and locked the deadbolt.

"Move!" I yell at her. She smiles and shakes her head at me, just leaning on top of the door lock and knob. If I want out, I'll need to move her, but I hesitate to touch her.

I wonder, "What the fuck is this bitch playing at?"

Fighting Leo

Before I can do anything else, Leo is on top of me. Literally on top of me. From behind, he leaps up, lands on my shoulders and tackles me into the wall beside the door then down to the floor. I land hard with his 250-lbs crashing down on top of me. The shirtless trucker puts his knee on my back, holding me face down. He grabs my arm, locking me into a chicken wing. Dude is strong, I'll give him that, because I can't pull my arm free. I can feel pain in my shoulder.

Leo lifts his knee off then drives it down into my back. He does this three more times. I moan in pain as he keeps up the punishment. He rolls to the side then grabs hold of one of my boots. With surprising ease, he drags me across the shag carpet, through an open door. Inside the empty bedroom, he lets go of my boot. The room is about 12'x12', one window, the walls and carpeting are blue and there's a closet with mirrored sliding doors on it.

As I rise, the big trucker grabs hold of my hair on top of my head then uses it to run me across the room. When he lets go, my momentum sends me flying into the wall head first. I slam into the wall so hard that I leave a huge dent in the drywall. I stagger back, stunned senseless. Leo grabs my right arm and puts me in another armlock. He drives me forward into the wall, face first. Fortunately, my chest takes most of the impact, but it still knocks me for a loop. Leo puts his left forearm across the back of my neck, pushing my face against the wall hard.

I'm helpless to move, pinned as the side of my face is crushed into the wall. My view is to the closet. I can see us in the mirror and it doesn't look good for me. Even in top shape, Leo would be a challenge, but now? Fuck. Every muscle in his body is bulging and the veins in his neck are clear, even at this distance. I try asking Leo to let me go, but he just pushes on my neck harder and orders me to shut up. I try submitting, but he just tells me to shut up.

Leo pulls me off the wall by the armlock and my hair. He drives me in again, slamming his weight into my back. My whole torso takes the brunt. With my wind gone, I sag in the trucker's grip. He lets me go and I fall back onto the blue and teal shag carpet. I struggle to rise as Leo circles me.

"C'MON! GET UP, LOVER BOY! Fucking wrestlers. Nothing but fake tough guys."

I get to hands and knees before the big man's boot flies into my side, toppling me back down. I keep trying to rise, but Leo keeps sending me back down. I keep struggling to rise only to have Leo stomp my left hand! I pull it up, under my body, grabbing it with my right hand. I crouch my face and knees resting on the floor as I clutch my hand, opening and closing it rapidly. It doesn't seem broken, but fuck that hurt.

As I huddle there, my ass is in the air. Leo grabs the waistband of my trunks pulling my hips up. He brings his other hand down, between my legs, slamming it up into my balls. I flip over, ass over head, landing on my back. The big trucker is on fire, merciless and unrelenting. He grabs my shiny white boots and lifts my ankles into the air.

Before I can even beg him not to, he driving his big boot into my stomach. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! His hard-soled work boot crashes through my ab muscles like they were nothing. Leo throws my ankles to the side, letting them fall down as I curl into the fetal position. He circles me, screaming obscenities at me. I can hear Angie's voice, cheering on her man, telling him he's so strong.

The big man just keeps circling me, daring me to rise. I glance out to catch Leo's position then roll away and up to my knees. He goes for another stomp, but I'm ready. As soon as his boot leaves the floor, I sweep my leg out, tripping him onto his ass. As he crashes hard, I stagger up, falling against the wall, using it for support. Instead of charging, I struggle to catch my breath and focus.

From the doorway, Angie starts telling me good move, to show Leo what I've got. I lash out, "Shut up, you fucking psycho bitch. I just want outta here!" I notice she's snapping pictures on the fight, but I can't go for the camera. I need to be ready for Leo's next charge.

Leo gets over the shock then springs to his feet, embarrassed and angry. I tell him it doesn't have to be this way, that I just want to go, but he's not listening. He charges forward recklessly. This gives me the chance to duck under his charge and tackle him down hard. I ram my shoulder into his stomach, lift then drive us to the floor. THUD!

I rise up, tired of being a punching bag. I start throwing fists of my own, hard body shots into Leo's labor-built muscles. They're hard and tough, but I keep it up, putting my weight into each shot. The big trucker swings a right hook into my temple, stunning me. He rolls to his right, away from me, but I follow on instinct. When he reaches his stomach, I grab his jean cuffs and bend his legs. I fold his feet up to his ass, crossing them. I hold them in place with my thigh, pushing all my weight forward, stretching his knees.

The hard denim protects him a little, but his moans tell me that he's feeling it in his knees. I slam his back with a right-left combination. Like an amateur, Leo reaches back, giving me the opportunity to grab his wrists. I force his arms up his back with sharp thrusts. Leo is calling me every name a dirty-mouthed trucker can think of, but he's locked up.

"Give it up, man. Just let me go."

"You fucking piece of shit. When I get free, I'm - ARGH!"

I don't even let him finish, instead amping up the pressure. I ask him again to stop this shit, but after another string of threats and swearing, I realize that's he's not going to stop. I need to put him out. I keep control for another minute, stepping up the pressure every chance I get. I'm trying to work out the moves I need to get into position to slap on a rear naked choke. I could try it now, but Leo needs to be softened up some more.

Leo surprises me by slipping his right arm free. I manage to keep his legs and left arm trapped. I  fire my free fist into his left shoulder, tenderizing the thick muscle. The big trucker is swinging wildly to knock me off him, but it's getting him nowhere. When I feel his shoulder muscle breaking down, let go of his left wrist.

Before he can do anything with it, I'm reaching forward, under his chin. I pull his head up and back, bending back. He claws at my hands, but they're locked. The loud string of obscenities tells me it's working. I think about running for the door, but Angie's still there. I'm not going to shove a woman, the front door's still locked and I'm sure that Leo would be on me in seconds.

I brace myself for the next move. I wrench up hard then release his legs, moving on top of Leo's bare back. I wrap my arms around his head and lock on the sleeper hold. The big man struggles under me, but it's too late. I see his bald head turning red. Unlike wrestling on television, a real sleeper takes seconds. Leo goes limp under me, completely unconscious.

I let up immediately, not wanting to kill the guy. I roll off him and rest for a second. Angie is applauding me. She tells me to fuck her while she sits on his back. I tell her she's fucking insane and I'm getting out of there. Again she blocks my way, but I'm not kidding around. As I go to move her out of the way, I hear Leo moan.

I turn and am amazed that he's already awake. Fuck me. I shove Angie, but she jumps on my back. I spin around the room as she holds on. I'm about to ram her into the wall when she lets go. I spin back to the door, but a furious Leo is already there. Before I can react, he slugs me in the stomach then across the temple, leveling me.

I spring up and charge the big trucker, tackling him out the door and across the hallway into the opposite wall hard. He collides in with a big thud, his left shoulder collapsing under him. From the bedroom, Angie lets out a cry of shock and Leo grunts a hard "Fuck!"

I bring a knee up into his abs then slam both my forearms across his back. Leo drops to one knee. I bring my knee up into the side of his head, trying to stun him. As he shakes it off, I get behind the big man and grab his left arm. I force it into a chicken wing and wrap my other hand around his black leather belt.

WHAM! I force Leo into the wall left shoulder first. After he hits, I'm able to wrench his arm higher up his back. I do it again, driving his shoulder hard into the drywall. I decide to try for another sleeper. Obviously he duped me and went limp before he was really out. I wrap my arms around his neck and head. Leo's ready this time, shifting to stop me. He drives back, slamming my back into the wall. He pulls forward then backs up again. This time, I lose the hold completely. Next thing I know, his boot comes back, up between my legs, connecting with my balls.

I double over in pain from the blow. Leo turns then grabs my hair and trunks. He easily fires me back into the empty bedroom. I fall to the carpet, clutching my trunks. I try to rise, but a boot to my back sends me forward to hands and knees. Leo leaps up, landing across my back, his denim-covered ass driving me flat as it crashes down on the small of my back.

Leo slides up until his shin is draped across the back of my neck. I start kicking in pain as 250-lbs rests across my neck. The big man reaches for the waistband of my trunks. With incredible force, he yanks them up my back, sending my blue trunks into my ass crack. The thin spandex fabric tightens around my aching cock and balls, crushing them, as it’s stretched up my ass to its maximum length. Like a schoolyard bully, Leo resorts to the wedgie, the classic humiliation for wimps.

As I moan and reach down to adjust my trunks, Leo pulls on my triceps, keeping my arms from reaching my squashed manhood. He quickly twists, facing my ass. The big trucker pins my arms out my sides by sitting on my head, shins across my shoulder. I can’t move them any lower than my shoulders down my body and I can’t summon the strength to move the mountain of muscle that rests on my head and shoulders.

A barrage of fists rain down on the small of my back. The relentless assault of punches devastates my muscle and spine. All I can do is cry out as Leo spares no mercy in breaking me down even further. Every time I try to shift, the wedgie gets yanked up on and my fight leaves me as pain shoots from my balls to my brain. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!

I’ve lost count of how many fists I’ve taken. When Leo sits up and moves off my shoulders and head, I just lie there. The next thing I feel are stomps to my back. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! I try to crawl away. I catch a glimpse in the mirror of the pathetic sight, me crawling on my belly while Leo towers over me, looking stronger and more determined than ever.

UNH! I kick out with my boot, hoping to catch his knee and slow him down. I should’ve gone after his legs more! Damn, that’s what I should’ve done. Unfortunately, now I’m too weak. My kick glances off his jeans, below the knee, doing no damage. The big trucker grabs my boots. He lifts them up and bends me over in a crab, only he’s facing forward. Not that it matters, the pain is the same.

Leo’s methodical back torture delivers returns as my muscles collapse under his weight as he folds me in half the wrong way. I’m no circus freak, my feet aren’t supposed to be this close to the back of my head. I’m crying out as Leo laughs at me, helpless under him in his makeshift crab move.

My only option left is begging. I plead, "Please, UNH! Please, dude, no more. Oh God, you’re breaking my back! Please!"

Leo laughs. He says, "All you fucking wrestlers are the same - talk tough, but cry like bitches after I beat the shit out of you. You're the most pathetic one yet." He releases the crab and stands over me, flexing in the mirror.

The big trucker’s words ring in my ears. I realize that there might be more here than meets the eye. I wonder if this isn't just bad luck on my part, but a regular, established occurrence with these two. Some kind of sexual foreplay and I'm their latest victim. I can’t follow up on the train of thought, because Leo’s not done with me.

Leo stomps me again then grabs the waistband of my trunks. He strips them down my legs, over my boots and tears them off my feet. Leo tosses my trunks to Angie, who stretches them over her hips and ties the lace tightly around her narrow waist. She models them for her trucker man, who hoots and hollers. I scramble back, unsure about what game these two are playing, but it can't be good for me. I've been stripped in the MWA, but this is something different.

Since Leo is distracted, I ignore the fact that I'm naked in boots. Other guys have probably been too stunned to react, but my experience in the MWA comes through. I take advantage of their distraction, following through on my earlier thought. I dive forward, clipping Leo across the right knee. The big trucker tumbles down, crying out in pain as his leg collapses under him.

I’m slow, sucking in air as I fight to get my aching back in gear. I fire three fists into his knee then turn around. I wrap Leo’s injured right leg up in my legs, grabbing his ankle under my arm. With the leglock cinched in, I wrench back, twisting and stretching against the knee. There’s more I’d rather do, but with my back seized up, this is a good move, lying back, out of reach and applying a good amount of pressure.

The big trucker moans in pain as I hyperextend his knee. Leo’s hands can only reach my boots, which protect me as he tries to bend my feet to force a release. He kicks with his free boot, but I deflect the blow with my shoulder. As his left leg swings up again to kick me, I grab it, locking it under my right armpit. It decreases the force I can apply on his right knee, but it’ll keep me from getting a workboot to the face.

I don’t know how long we lie there, but I don’t care. If I get my way, Leo won’t be able to walk when I’m done. Suddenly, Leo stops fighting. Before I can figure it out, he shoots to his right with a big burst of energy. We roll over, onto our stomachs. Fuck, the pressure leaves his knee. I sit back, planting my bare ass on his denim seat. I bend his knee with me, transitioning to more of a single leg crab, but applying the pressure to his knee, rather than back.

Leo moans again, but with two free arms and a free leg, it doesn’t take long for him to use his incredible strength to topple me over. The force of his kickout sends me onto the carpet, tumbling into the wall. As I struggle to rise, my back still rebelling, Leo rolls up. He stands on his left leg, gingerly testing his right. I’m shocked to see a smile on his face.

Leo says, “Enough games, you little piece of shit.”

I charge forward, hoping to take out his knee again, but my brain is faster than my body at this point. I should be nursing a hangover, not fighting a blue collar bully over some tramp I don’t give a shit about. Leo dodges my charge, letting me go head first into the wall behind him. I drop down in a heap, turning to face back into the room.

Leo is still working out his knee, not pressing his advantage. I use the wall to rise to my feet. I stare him down. The big man smiles at me then comes in slowly. I raise a boot to kick his knee, but he avoids it charging forward. He fires his right fist to my gut, keeping it there, twisting it deeper and deeper into the flesh. I reach up to push him off, but I can’t manage it. The dominant trucker moves his left hand behind my head, grabbing my hair.

Leo pulls my face up and stares into my eyes. I can feel his hot breath on my face as he says, “I said, enough games, boy.”

Leo pushes down, sending my face into his rising right knee. If any of the damage I did lingers, you wouldn’t know it. Leo’s knee is still stronger than my face as I feel stunned by the impact. The big man uses my hair to pull my head back, wrapping his right hand around my throat. He lets go of my hair and uses the choke to slam the back of my head into the wall. WHOMP!

Only the choke keeps me from falling. With a firm grip on my throat, Leo’s left fist starts pummeling my body, devastating my pecs and abs. When he brings his left knee up between my legs, driving it into my naked crotch, I start convulsing. Leo doesn’t care. He keeps up the body abuse, destroying my body with his power.

I start begging again, but it’s no use. Leo isn’t going to stop until he’s done with me.  Another knee to my exposed manhood and even his strength and tight grip around my throat can’t keep me up. I fall, collapsing to my knees, the wall against my back. Leo slaps my face, telling me to wake up and fight. I try to lift my arms, but my body won’t respond at all. I’ve been punched, choked, stomped and kneed into physical submission.

Leo lifts his left boot and positions it on my bulging pecs. He leans into me, driving the sole into my flesh, my thick chest muscles collapsing under the weight as I’m sandwiched between the wall and Leo. He lifts it off then stomps in the same place before planting it down again. He twists the boot, tearing at my smooth flesh. Finally, he’s satisfied, pulling the boot off my chest.

With a firm grip on my hair in his left hand, the big trucker pulls me to my knees turning us. We're facing the mirror as he stands there, behind me, holding me in place. I see the boot print clearly on my chest. I wonder how long I’ll wear the bruise of Leo’s boot as I rest helplessly against him, like Princess Leia in a movie poster I saw once.

Leo flexes his right arm and nods, a sneer on his face. Standing there, shirtless, in his jeans and work boots, muscles and veins popping, he looks like a real fucking man. Meanwhile I'm below him, kneeling, only held up by his hold on my hair. There's no comparison, with me helpless at his feet, dressed in my shiny blue trunks, limp as a wet noodle. My muscles sag - bruised, soft and unpumped - emphasizing his dominance.

The big trucker moves right behind me. He wraps his hands around my throat, pulling me to my feet with a firm choke. I've got no choice but to rise. Next thing I know, I'm being bent back, hoisted across his mighty shoulders. I'm lifted up into a rack, draped across his broad shoulders, held tight by my head and leg.

I dangle helplessly, powerless in the hold as my back is stretched out again. I  immediately moan and plead for freedom, but Leo just laughs. He stands before the closet doors, admiring his dominance of me, a supposed professional wrestler. I hear the faint clicks of the camera as Angie continues to capture Leo's masculine superiority for whatever warped game they're playing. I don’t know how many rolls of film she’s gone through, but it’s a lot. I rise up and down as the big trucker squats with me as his 225-lbs human barbell.

Leo turns and I'm forced to stare at myself in the mirror. There's dried blood around my mouth, my face is red and my body bruised and battered. It's not a pretty sight. I flail my arms, hoping to connect with his face, something to make him drop me, but it's no use. He controls me completely. I don't know how long I'm up there, but while I am, Angie comes up and unlaces my boots. She takes her time, slowly pulling out the laces. I can only moan as Leo's accomplice finally pulls the white boots from my feet. I'm now completely naked, stripped of everything, including my pride.

As she did with my trunks, Angie pulls the boots on her own feet. I watch her in the mirror, assuming my identity, now complete with pads, trunks and boots. They're way too big for her, but she clomps to the door and poses for her man. Leo drops me to the floor. I land hard, unable to brace my fall. When I look up, Leo is standing over me. The bulge in his jeans is very clear and I worry about what they have planned for me.

The big man grabs hold of my hair again, using it a handle to control me. He stands behind me as he drags me to my feet. We're facing the mirror. I'm not sure if this is for his benefit or mine, but the impact is the same. I'm naked and helpless in the clutches of my denim-clad dominator. Two swift fists into my back drop me to my knees.

Leo flexes behind me, as I fall back against his legs, my head resting beside his bulge. He strips off his black leather belt and wraps it around my neck. The truck driving muscleman uses it as a leash, dragging me around the room. I crawl on my knees, but I can't keep up, each fall choking me more and more. I gasp for breath, clawing at the belt as I'm pulled across the carpet. I feel consciousness leaving me, but Leo lets go of the belt before I go out.

I writhe on the floor, choking and coughing. I can barely breathe as I roll around at his feet. Leo picks up his belt and whips me, smacking my naked body on my ass, back and shoulder. I jump across the floor with every lash, welts marring my smooth white skin. I dart towards the door. At this point, I'll tackle that bitch Angie if she's in my way. I've got no time for chivalry.

As I leap, Leo grabs my ankle. He drags me back into the room then stomps the inside of my thigh. I manage to lift my foot and kick him off. I tried submitting earlier, it didn't work, so I know I need to keep fighting. I feel a burst of energy as Leo comes at me again. I kick him in the gut, surprising him. I crawl for the door, only to be met with one of my own boots to the side of my head. Fucking bitch. In my condition, Angie's kick is all it takes to send me careening off course into the wall, hitting with my shoulder.

I try to rise, using the wall as support, but Leo's already there, leaping on my back. My energy is once again quickly fading. That may have been my one last shot, as I feel my strength draining with 250-lbs of Leo straddling my hips. I feel his denim seat move back atop my bare ass as he sits up. He smacks my head, taunting me for daring to try to escape my fate. Leo grabs my ears and slams my temple right into the wall. I'm practically knocked out as I lie under the dominant trucker.

Leo slowly climbs off me. He stomps me twice, but I don't really react. The big man drags me up from behind by my armpits. I'm out on my feet, but I see myself naked in the mirror again. Fuck these two, I'm not going down quietly. I use the reflection check out his position behind me. He's completely confident as he looks at Angie. I suddenly spin and take a wild swing at Leo, putting everything I have behind it.


I end up missing by a mile. From the force, I almost fall, staggering like a drunken fool. Well, I guess that's apt, because I'm totally punch-drunk. As I'm struggling to stay on my feet. Leo actually steadies me then pulls me back up to standing. He shoves me against the wall, which I use for support. I see a cruel grin on his face, as he holds me up by my shoulders. I'm wobbly on my feet when he releases me, only the wall against my back holding me up.

I might be naked, battered and humiliated, but I've still got to fight. I manage to lift my hands in a defensive posture. I try to move off the wall, but I can't. Unfortunately, they're low and too far apart to do any good. Leo throws a barrage of body blows, every one connecting. He backs up, measuring me. I'm blinking to try to regain focus as I see a blur coming at my face.


Leo's fist flies at my chin, slamming into my face harder than anything I've ever felt. Blood flies out, streaming across my face, shoulder and chest. I drop immediately, finally falling into unconsciousness as I collapse in a heap on the floor, knocked out cold by the jealous trucker.

Game over.

Home Sweet Home

The sun shining in my eyes wakes me up. I'm in the passenger seat of my Camaro, reclined flat.  I look outside the open window. Shit, I'm back outside the club where Angie picked me up. I'm still naked, my underwear, jeans, shirt, socks and shoes on the driver's seat beside me, but my wrestling gear nowhere in sight. Probably a trophy for Leo and Angie.

I check for my keys and wallet. They're in my pocket and nothing's missing. I slowly slide on my white briefs, not an easy task given I'm in a car and my entire body aches. Just in time as it turns out, because a cop pulls into the parking lot. He comes up to the car and looks inside. Wearing only underwear, with bruises (including a still obvious boot print across my chest) and dried blood around my mouth, I'm sure he's suspicious, but at least I'm in the passenger seat. I see his nose twitching, smelling the combination of sweat, blood, sex and booze.

The cop asks, "Rough night?"

In response, I smile and think, which is hard. I'm out one pair of blue trunks, my favorite boots and some other stuff, but sure as hell not enough to tell a cop about. After seeing that bitch in my gear and knowing Leo fucked her in it, I don't want it back. This whole thing will stay my little secret.

When I don't reply fast enough, the cop starts quizzing me. I lie, unconvincingly, about a simple parking lot fight and deciding to crash here, so he orders me out of the car. He runs me through a drunk test and I pass. I'm definitely sober by this point. Sore, but sober. I give him my ID and he walks away, obviously checking me out. I pull my jeans and shoes on, just in case I'm dragged down for more questioning. I feel like the blood is obviously mine, but I've got no idea what this cop thinks.

I get lucky, because fifteen minutes later, he comes back and sends me on my way. He follows me all the way home, probably making sure I'm not driving erratically. When I finally get home, I wave goodbye to him with a salute then stagger into my ground floor apartment. I immediately strip off my jeans, underwear and shoes. Naked is good. I crash on my sofa. I should take a shower, as I'm disgusting right now, but I can't be bothered.

What a fucking night. I'm still not sure how much of what happened was a total set up, but I don't really care. It was a high price for sex, but a lesson learned. At least I'm home, safe and sound. I've had a crappy few days, but nothing I can't recover from. Finally at peace, I close my eyes and fall asleep again.

The End

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