Thursday, July 30, 2015

AWL: The Education of Jake Justice 4

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t three little bitches from the AWL.”

"What the --" My head snaps up at the insult, shocked to hear any guy here do anything but hit on us.

My name’s Jake Justice. I’m a pro wrestler for the American Wrestling League, the second largest promotion in the country. Until five seconds ago, I was just relaxing, enjoying a beer with my buddies, Chuck Rollins and Colt Hill, who are also wrestlers in the AWL. 

We're in a good mood after our Christmas break. All three of us are starting 1984 wearing title belts, a sign our careers are on the right track. At 32, it took a long time for Chuck to win a belt, but he finally did it. He actually took the US title from my dad, Jack Justice, at the Thanksgiving pay-per-view show. Colt's only 23, but has been the tag champ with his partner, Kirk Manning, since September. And even though I'm only 22, I just beat 'Playboy' Petey Rose a couple of weeks ago to become the new TV champ in the last cable taping of '83.

Now, our good mood is replaced by stunned silence as three sexy studs confidently stroll up to our table. We immediately recognize all three of the cocky musclemen towering over us as we sit there. Their names are Dick von Winkel, Eric Kaine and Justin Cody. They're wrestlers for the National Wrestling League, the third largest promotion in the country.

Of course, there's a natural rivalry between the federations, as we compete for fans, ratings and talent, but in reality, we never interact face-to-face. Up until a few years ago, wrestling was strictly a business of regional promotions, but not any longer. Now it’s go national or get crushed. Cross-country tours and cable shows give us a wider audience and more exposure, but one of the side effects is that we cross into each other’s home turf every so often. So here we sit, in our private local bar, looking up at the competition.

Dick, the current NWL Heavyweight champ, is the one who called us bitches. The guy's 45-years old, the same age as my dad, and a fucking living legend. I admire him for his long list of accomplishments and for managing to stay on top so long. Even though times are changing, he's still legitimately one of the top heels in the business. Unlike a lot of veterans who get slow and flabby, relying on connections to stay in the spotlight, Dick still knows how to work and draw a crowd. He’s only 6’0” tall, but he keeps in good shape at a solid 240-lbs. The old man is a technician in the ring, but he can brawl with the best of them, too.

The guys with him are totally new generation. Like me, Eric and Justin are young, tall and part of a wrestling legacy. Also like me, 1983 was their breakthrough year, becoming main eventers and winning belts for the first time.

Eric is the NWL Transcontinental Champion. He’s 26-years old, 6’3” and 260-lbs of pure muscle. He’s definitely a modern 80's stud. Handsome, powerful and ripped, Eric's the type of guy men and women want to see nowadays. When he wears his white trunks and they’re popping against his tanned skin, I have to admit even I can't look away from the NWL’s show.

Justin, on the other hand, is kind of the NWL’s ‘me’ – blond, tall, yet to fully fill out and son of a popular American-themed veteran. At 6’6” and 245-lbs, he’s 3” taller and 20-lbs heavier than me, but we’re similar enough. He's 24 and the NWL Junior Heavyweight Champion. I'd call it their baby belt, the title they created to advance young talent, but a belt’s a belt.

We both use western themes, but he’s more colorful in his attire, I assume to appeal to the kids that are watching on Saturday mornings. I admit that I've called him a cowboy clown, but he is talented.

While I had heard the NWL was staging a show in town tomorrow, I didn’t think we’d see any of their guys, especially not here. This is a private men’s social club, run for men who like men, but can't risk hanging out at a known gay bar. We fit the bill and I guess so do they. I wonder how they heard of it and how they got in.

Dick says, "How's it hanging, guys? I see you still like our spot, Chuck."

Ooh. 'Our spot'? I could've guessed that Chuck knew Dick, as he started in the NWL back in the early 70's, but we never talked about it. Chuck's respect for other guys' privacy is one of his best qualities, but now, I'm really curious. I mean, have they fucked? Is there a chance we're going to fuck? I sure as hell wouldn't mind that. These guys are super-hot. There's back-and-forth banter, but I tune out, letting my eyes settle on Eric’s bulge in his skintight faded jeans. Wake me up when we're headed to the back room.

Colt is the biggest guy here and his ego won't let him stay quiet. I vaguely hear him ask, “So, what the fuck are you assholes doing in town? Need jobs because your fed's finally out of business?”

Dick says, “Funny. We got a sold out show tomorrow night, big boy. Folks in town begged us to come. They wanted to finally see some big-time professional action. You guys should try out. We need some local jobbers.”

When Colt can’t think of a response immediately, Dick laughs, pats Colt on the head and circles behind him. He reaches over the big man’s shoulder and grab holds of Colt’s massive left pec. He squeezes, feeling the heaving slab of beef. Colt smirks at the touch. Dick leans down and says into Colt’s ear, “Damn you’re hot, boy. I can already tell you meet two of my three criteria – young and dumb. Come back to my hotel and let’s see if you can make it three for three.”

The impossibly hot Colt turns his head and asks in his deep, sexy voice, “You really think your ass can take it, old man?”

Dick replies, “It’s not my ass you should be worried about, big boy.”

Chuck says, “Dick, go find someone your own age." He nods towards Eric and Justin, adding "But leave your toys. I promise we won't break them. Much."

Eric and Justin turn and stare at Chuck, as Dick puts his hand up. He smirks and says, “I don’t know, looks like your blond boy there wants us to stay.”

I break my lustful stare at the reference to me. I guess I was being a little obvious. As Chuck and Dick spar (verbally, of course), I realize Justin’s now hovering behind me. He leans over my shoulder, sliding his big paw down my pink polo and down my torso. When Justin reaches his long arm down and grabs my bulge, I moan. The NWL cowboy uses his free hand to move my long blond hair back. He plants his lips on my neck, still molesting my denim-encased package. Damn, it feels good.

Dick laughs, “Nice. Blondie’s a natural bottom bitch, ain’t he? Typical AWL, right Chuck?”

More verbal sparring results in a challenge: the three of us against the three of them in one-on-one matches. Loser get fucked stakes. Chuck chooses first, nodding at Eric, who eagerly accepts the black mega-stud’s challenge. With only 10-lbs difference, these two solid muscle beasts will be a hot contest. I assume Dick will choose Colt, but instead, he winks at me, making it a match of the oldest against the youngest. That leaves Colt and Justin, a smoking hot contrast of two 6’6” young studs.

We split from the club. No way a living room or hotel room can handle us, so we agree to meet at the AWL arena. Chuck's got keys and we’ll have the whole place to ourselves.

I’m nervous, but even more excited. I get to watch two hot matches and participate in one. What could be better? 

The First Match: Chuck Rollins vs. Eric Kaine 

As the first pair to wrestle, Chuck and Eric are in the back, getting changed. The rest of us are relaxing in the ring area. We’re still in street clothes, but Colt already has his shirt off, looking amazing in skintight jeans and sneakers.

I smirk as I notice that Justin can’t take his eyes off his soon-to-be opponent. Colt’s hairy torso and overstuffed jeans are almost hypnotic and Justin’s definitely entranced. I’m not insecure, but I have to admit that I can’t hold a candle to Colt, Chuck and Eric in the hotness department. Dick and I are the last match, so it'll be hard not to pound one out watching the action.

Despite the fact that we’re about to wrestle in a high stakes match, the four of us are actually having a pretty good conversation. Dick and Justin are good guys, really down-to-earth, funny and open. It’s about time to get started, so Colt and I move to Chuck’s corner, leaving Justin and Dick to wait for Eric.

When Chuck emerges from the back, my cock automatically swells up in my jeans to the point where I need to adjust my pouch. Over the past six months, we’ve wrestled, sucked and fucked more times than I can count, but he still never fails to get me hard. I love threesomes that include Colt, but he has some weird arrangement going with his tag partner, Kirk Manning, so it leaves Chuck and me with a lot of private time.

At 6’3” and 270-lbs, the black mega-stud’s body is out of control. He’s wearing his title belt proudly as he climbs into the ring. He’s chosen to wear tight blue trunks with matching blue boots and knee pads.

Eric comes out less than a minute later, looking stunning. He’s wearing his white trunks with his belt resting on his bulge. I can’t help but wish I was the one to wrestle him. Wearing his white gear, Eric is even hotter in person than on TV. His stats are virtually identical to Chuck’s, so this should be a great match. Eric shakes out his long curly hair and brushes it back over his shoulder before climbing the steps.

My nerves kick in, as the stakes become real – one of these studs will lose and get fucked by the winner right there, in the ring, in front of friends and rivals.

The Match Begins 

Both guys stare each other down, their swelling pouches showing their mutual admiration. They strip off their belts and toss them aside casually. A few stretches and we’re ready to go. There’s some jawing, but for the most part, Eric and Chuck look focused and excited. These two have never even met before tonight, much less wrestled, so this is as blind as a match can get. With humiliating stakes in store for the loser, it’s no wonder they’re circling and eying each other so cautiously.

Finally, they move in for a collar-and-elbow lock up. There’s a lot of struggling, dipping and pressing. It’s 530 pounds of huge black and white muscle in the ring. When it starts flexing and pulsing, it’s hypnotic. They move back-and-forth, feeling each other out. When one gets the upper hand, the other adjusts and vice versa. I can already see beads of sweat building.

The four of us watching start cheering for our guy as we get caught up in the titanic struggle. We’re at the perfect angle to savor the big bulges and round asses with every thrust and dip. Their cocks are already swelling, too, as the blue and white spandex struggles to stretch enough. Finally, Chuck gains control, twisting and shifting to lock on a tight side headlock onto Eric’s head.

Chuck’s big bicep digs into Eric’s temple, crushing his head. I can see Eric’s head turning red and he grunts with pain. POW! He fires a kidney shot into Chuck’s back, but the black muscleman is unfazed. Eric tries to lift Chuck up for a side suplex, but Chuck kicks back, blocking the move by hooking his bright blue boot around Eric’s leg. The big black stud keeps moving and adjusting, dragging his victim along beside him. The white muscle hunk is bent over and off-balance, unable to work his way out.

After another minute of maneuvering, Eric shifts strategy. He braces his feet and charges forward, pushing Chuck into the corner. WHAM! The impact breaks the hold, allowing Eric to break free and stagger back. He shakes out his head, his face red, and paces, waiting for Chuck to come out of the corner. I can tell he’s thinking about charging in, but it’s obvious Chuck is ready for him.

The men circle again, Chuck smiling and Eric looking determined. They quickly lock up again. It’s another long game of cat-and-mouse with every move countered. I’m impressed with how similar these two are in power, muscle size and skill. This time, it’s Eric who gets the advantage. He correctly times Chuck’s thrust, backing up with the charge instead of fighting it. The NWL beefcake uses their momentum to spin and slam Chuck into the corner. The ring shakes as the muscle beasts crash against the turnbuckle.

Eric fires two hard, fast forearms across Chuck’s head then dives in with two knees lifted right into his opponent’s abs. Chuck sags just a bit as Eric follows up with a hip toss that sends Chuck flying through the air and across the ring! Chuck lands hard on his tailbone, bouncing off his bubble butt right into the opposite corner. Chuck hangs on the middle turnbuckle, facing out of the ring, gathering himself.

Wasting no time, Eric is charging in behind. He stomps his big white boot between Chuck’s shoulder blades. The black beefcake moans as Eric bends down and grabs Chuck’s blue leather boots at the ankle. With speed and force, he pulls up and back, dragging Chuck off the middle turnbuckle. Chuck’s face and pecs slam down onto the canvas as he’s dragged to the middle of the ring.

Standing between Chuck’s legs, Eric measures his opponent up and comes down with a series of stomps to the broad black back. He runs back into the ropes, comes off and leaps into the air. Eric crashes down with a knee right into the small of Chuck’s back. He places his hands on the black stud's ass and shoulder as he screws his knee into the tough muscle.

Chuck groans in pain as Eric reaches up and grabs his bleach blond hair. The white muscleman forces Chuck to rise then quickly reaches between Chuck’s legs. With little effort, Kaine lifts the big black stud up across his chest. A second later, he’s spinning and slamming the AWL star down onto the canvas. Eric follows up with another series of stomps, slamming his big white boot into Chuck’s abs and pecs.

Eric backs up and bounces off the ropes, coming off with an elbow aimed right at Chuck's beefy pecs. As soon as the NWL stud leaves his feet, the black muscleman rolls out of the way, letting Eric's elbow slam into the hard canvas. Eric rolls over, clutching his elbow as Rollins rolls to his feet with another broad smile on his face.

Chuck grabs the sore arm of the rising Eric. He spins and twists the white stud's arm, applying pressure to the shoulder and elbow. Chuck lifts Eric's arm and brings it down fast, jerking it hard. The NWL beefcake yells out in pain, which encourages Chuck to do it again. Chuck twists even harder, feeling the joints giving. He brings a forearm down hard across Eric tricep then twists again.

Eric rises to his feet, grimacing in the incredibly strong armbar. He remains bent at the waist, but he manages to push Chuck back into the corner. I can see Eric summoning his strength before he suddenly twists and spins, slamming his free elbow into Chuck's abs. The big black muscleman grunts as Eric pulls his wrist free. He shakes it out, but doesn't move far enough away. Chuck lifts his boot and slams it into Eric's damaged shoulder. The white hunk tumbles to the mat.

Chuck follows up immediately, racing forward and stomping three boots into his opponent's sore shoulder. Eric tries to roll away, but Chuck grabs him by the white boot. He kicks the back of Eric's thick leg while twisting the ankle. The kicks elicit grunts of pain from the NWL mega-stud. Before Eric can pull free, Chuck steps over his leg and flips him over onto his stomach.

As Eric squirms under him, Chuck plants his big blue boot on the broad white back. He bears down, pulling Eric's leg up and back. The stretch is a killer, as Eric is too muscled to be this flexible. Justin or I could take it, but Eric's feeling the burn. He refuses to give, so the big black heel dives forward, slamming Kaine's knee hard into the canvas. Eric grabs his knee in pain and rolls onto his side.

Chuck moves in and drags Eric into a seated position. He drops down behind the white muscleman and locks on a tight rear chinlock. Eric's hands leave his knee and come to Chuck's pulsing forearm and bicep. The pressure is intense as Chuck works the hold. The handsome NWL star grits his teeth, pain etched across his face. He slaps Chuck's arms, focusing on withstanding the crushing hold.

When he feels his opponent weakening, Chuck switches holds. He releases the chinlock and deftly grabs Eric's wrists. A second later, Eric's arms are forced behind him, stretched back and up as Chuck presses his knee in between his victim's shoulder blades. Eric kicks the mat as he's punished. He tries to power out, but Chuck is too strong. He's got the leverage and he's using it.

Eric groans, but he's never going to submit to this. Chuck knows this, but he's definitely slowing the muscle stud down. He lets go of the hold, immediately lunging his knee into Eric's back. The long-haired wrestler arcs back in pain, his head falling back. Chuck's ready, quickly bringing his forearm up under Eric's head. WHAM! Eric's head flies forward and he collapses to the canvas, landing in a heap on his side.

With a clear advantage, Chuck wastes no time. He bends over, grabbing his victim around the waist. With his uncanny strength, the black powerhouse easily drags Eric up into a reverse bearhug. He shakes and squeezes Eric from behind, really cranking up the pressure. The NWL stud groans as he tries to pry Chuck's arms apart. The AWL behemoth grinds his cock into the white ass of his opponent, giving him a taste of what a loss means.

Feeling (and fearing) Chuck's thick cock gives Eric extra focus. He bends his knees then springs up, toppling the two musclemen back. They land squarely on Chuck's back, with all the weight crashing down on top of the big man. My buddy loses his grip as even Chuck can't ignore 260-lbs of hard muscle crashing down on top of him.

Eric quickly spins around and mounts Chuck at the waist. He slams fists into the beefy pecs under him, softening up the massive mounds of muscle. Chuck takes a swing at the handsome stud on top of him, but Eric catches the arm at the forearm, pounding hard fists into the wide open arm muscle. The white muscleman quickly slides to the side and locks the arm in a tight leg scissors. Eric's legs squeeze like a vice, holding the arm in place. His white boots rest across Chuck's battered chest as he holds the arm at the wrist, bending it the wrong way.

Chuck's arm flexes in defense against the pressure as his arm is tortured. He slaps the canvas in frustration, but is nowhere near submitting. He grits his teeth and rolls onto side then knees in one smooth move. The pressure eases as the angle changes, with Chuck now on top. Eric tries to muscle him back, but the AWL powerhouse uses his free hand to grab one of Eric's wrists. He lifts, powering up the 260-lbs of NWL beef then driving back down. Eric slams down onto the canvas across his tanned back and shoulders. In that moment, Chuck easily slips his arm free.

Chuck stumbles back and shakes out his arm, just as Eric did. It's amazing how similar they are in terms of attacks, power and resilience. The two men circle again. Both of them are smiling and sweating now. As they close in, Chuck raises his boot into Eric's abs. The air leaves the beefy white hunk's lungs as he bends into a front facelock. Even these slow, squeezing holds are devastating when delivered by Chuck, but really, he's all about power moves.

The ridiculously strong AWL behemoth grabs the side of Eric's trunks. He hoists him over in a quick snap suplex. WHOMP! Eric groans as he's slammed down. Chuck immediately rolls over and drags Eric up to his feet. The white muscle stud is lifted up across Chuck's chest. The black heel does a quick spin then plants Eric with a big bodyslam. BOOM! There's no time to recover before Chuck is back at it, dragging him up and dropping him down again. BOOM!

Even Eric's thick back has to be feeling this. His face shows the pain as he's dragged up yet again. He fires a fist into Chuck's amazing stomach, but it bounces off. Up Eric goes again before being dropped, this time across Chuck's knee in a killer backbreaker! SNAP! Chuck doesn't let go, instead powering Eric up and dropping him across his knee a second time. CRACK!

This time Chuck presses down on the NWL star's neck and knee, bending him in half. I admire the suffering stud's raised white bulge as it points up, in perfect view. Eric is moaning in pain, his muscular back forced to bend over Chuck's thick thigh. I'm impressed as Eric continues to hold out. He's even enjoying it, as his white trunks tent higher and higher.

Chuck sees it, too. He taunts, "Ooh, you like this? Lemme give you some more!"

The big black stud pushes even harder, getting Eric to cry out in pain, but not submission. The big NWL cock doesn't go down, as it presses against the white spandex, straining for release. I swear I see some pre-cum, making the front of the trunks wet and translucent. Chuck can't resist, as he moves his hand from knee to cock. He grabs hold and starts jerking. The wet spot grows as the moans change from pain to pleasure.

With Chuck distracted by the big dick in his hand, Eric has the wherewithal to swing his legs up, toppling himself off the knee. He rolls over towards the ropes. Chuck comes after him, but Eric is ready. He reaches up and grabs the waistband of Chuck's blue trunks. In one fluid move, he uses his weight to pull Chuck forward. The big black muscleman topples and crashes down, hitting on the ropes across his chest. OOF!

Eric rolls over, rises and leaps across Chuck's back, the middle rope cutting deeper into Chuck's thick pecs. He bounces off then grabs Chuck's hair. He forces the big man to his feet and delivers three hard chops right across the pecs. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Chuck's shoulder fold inward as he shows the effect of the chops. With surprising speed and agility, Eric leaps up, delivering a standing dropkick that drives two big boots right into his opponent's heaving black pecs. POW!

Chuck falls back into the corner, momentarily stunned. A moment is long enough for Eric, who's on top of him immediately with a running shoulder block to the abs. WHOMP! OOF! Another series of chops is followed by a rough pec claw. Chuck grunts in pain as Eric crushes his beefy chest. The white muscle hunk shows off his own strength as he bends then lifts, taking Chuck up by his pecs! Chuck actually screams as he's elevated off his feet, supported only by his pecs.

Chuck desperately kicks his feet, finally finding the bottom rope. He stands on it, using it to relieve some of the pressure. Eric pulls him forward, off the rope then lets Chuck's feet fall to the canvas. He uses the pec claw to drive Chuck back into the corner. WHAM! Eric refuses to release the claw, instead using it to pull Chuck out of the corner and then slam him back in repeatedly.

Now it's Eric who's feeling confident. He releases the claw and Chuck sags weakly on the top rope. Eric doesn't let up. He grabs a wrist then whips Chuck across the ring into the opposite corner. CLANG! Chuck slams in hard, his back taking the brunt of the impact. Eric is running in right behind him, slamming in with a clothesline across the broad, battered pecs.

The big white muscleman hops onto the second rope. He straddles Chuck as he towers over him. Eric lays in a series of fists into Chuck’s head, trying to soften him up even more. From across the ring, Colt and I can see Eric’s thick back muscles pumped, while Chuck sags in the corner. The confident NWL stud hops back to the ring. He slams a boot into Chuck’s abs then moves in again.

Eric turns, pressing his back into Chuck’s torso. He reaches over Chuck’s head and runs forward, pulling Chuck along with him. Eric leaps up and delivers a beautiful bulldog, smashing Chuck’s head into the canvas. The dominant white stud rises to his knees. He’s right in front of Colt and I. He strikes a double bicep pose, showing us his power as we urge Chuck to get up.

To our surprise, right behind Eric, Chuck bounces up to his feet immediately. Eric doesn’t realize it as he flexes in front of Colt and me, showing off his muscles. Chuck must be part Samoan, because all these new shots to his head have done nothing but wake him up. The big black muscleman shakes out his head and twists his neck. He looks pissed. I can tell you from personal experience, a pissed off Chuck is never a good thing if you’re his opponent.

Still kneeling and flexing, Eric taunts Colt and me, saying “Oh yeah! You like what you see, boys? Wait until you see me fuck your buddy. I'm gonna split his ass in two.”

We just smirk and nod as Chuck measures Eric up. Dick and Justin move around the ring, yelling warnings, but they’re too late. The big black stud drives his big black boot between a shocked Eric’s shoulder blades, sending him toppling forward. His head slams into the middle turnbuckle, stunning him. He hangs onto the turnbuckle as Chuck stomps his back some more.

With Eric momentarily dazed, Chuck runs back across the ring. The big black muscle stud bounces off the opposite ropes and charges, leaping into the air and crashing down onto Eric. Chuck bounces his bulbous ass as he sits on the broad tanned back of the NWL super stud.

Chuck stays in place, straddling Eric’s wide back in the corner. He reaches over the top rope and grabs the middle one, pulling it up. The white muscle stud moans as he’s sandwiched between the middle turnbuckle pressing into his meaty pecs and 270-lbs of pure power crushing him from above. Chuck bounces his body, really applying the pressure. All Eric can do is cry out as he hangs there limply, his muscular arms flopping and trim hips sagging to the canvas.

The big black muscle hunk hops off, moving to his next assault. Eric can’t even move before Chuck grabs hold of his trunks. Chuck grabs the back of the white waistband, pulling Eric’s hips into the air. With a sudden jerk, he wedges them up Eric’s ass, exposing the NWL star’s magnificent ass. Thanks to the force of the wedgie, Eric falls forward past the corner until he's hanging by his hips on the middle rope.

Chuck wastes no time. He leans through the ropes and grabs a handful of long, brown hair. With his feet still inside the ring and his torso outside, Eric’s head is dragged up and pulled back over the top rope. The middle rope cuts seductively across Eric’s white trunks at hip level, resting right above his bulge. Chuck locks his arms over Eric’s handsome face, burying his victim’s nose deep into his armpit. Eric flails as his nose and mouth are filled with Chuck’s sweaty musk.

"So you like my pecs? Let's see what yours can take!"

SLAM! Chuck brings a series of forearms down across Eric’s massive pecs. SLAM! SLAM! SLAM! The force is staggering, but Eric’s muscles seem to be taking it. His bulge tries to grow, but the rope and spandex keep it pinned. I see him twisting his hips, instinctively trying to escape the pressure on his cock as his chest is abused over and over again. Chuck’s confidence is high, as he pauses to grab and twist his helpless opponent’s right nipple. Eric goes weak in the knees, held up only by the top rope and Chuck’s armpit.

Chuck releases his grip and the tension in the top rope propels Eric forward, bending him over the middle rope again. The white muscleman manages to roll off the rope and fall back into the ring. He reaches for his pouch, maneuvering his cock into a better position. The dominant black beefcake sees this and smiles broadly.

“Trunks bugging you? Lemme help!”

Chuck steps forward and grabs Eric’s white trunks, stripping them off in one smooth motion. Colt and I get to enjoy seeing Eric’s thick cock on display, admiring its girth and shape.  It’s only semi-hard, but it’s already impressive. Chuck tucks the white trunks into his waistband and stomps down onto Eric’s torso. The amazing heel leaps into the air and crashes down with an elbow onto the bulging, but battered pecs.

A series of fists to Eric’s gut have him moaning out in pain. Chuck slides up and starts coming down with knee drops into the softening six-pack. With muscles as thick as Eric’s, it takes a lot to break them down, but Chuck is definitely getting there. The NWL star moans and curses. Every time he tries to roll away or push Chuck off him, the black stud blocks the move and rewards Eric with a forearm to the head. When Eric’s resistance has subsided, Chuck grabs a handful of hair, dragging Eric up and forcing him into the corner.

Chuck wails away with a round of body punches that would break any body bag. The mighty torso of the tanned white beefcake is turning red, visibly softer from the abuse he has taken. Still, in spite of it all, Eric's exposed cock stretches out, growing even larger. Chuck can see it, too. He forces Eric’s head up and plants a deep, hot kiss onto the weakened stud’s lips. Eric melts in the kiss, a feeling I know too well. Chuck loves to be rough then tender, keeping his opponent’s off-balance.

Eric’s thick cock finally powers up to full mast against Chuck’s leg, signaling his surrender to Chuck’s kiss. Fuck, I think it might be as big as Colt's, which is enormous. Chuck slides his free hand down to feel the hard rod. He pulls his lips off the dazed Eric and locks him in an intense stare. Chuck starts jerking the thick cock, slowly working it until pre-cum starts to ooze.

Chuck asks, “You like?”

A dazed Eric involuntarily moans, “oh yeah …”

Chuck smiles and responds, “Good then I think you’re ready.”

The black super stud pulls Eric out of the corner by his dick. Chuck grabs him by the throat and lifts, pressing Eric’s 265-lbs over his head like it was nothing! Eric moans as he’s held aloft by his throat and massive manhood. Chuck turns and slams Eric down hard from his position nearly nine feet in the air. KABOOM! All the earlier back and torso punishment has broken his ability to recover. The white muscleman just lies helpless in the middle of the ring, cock still standing at attention. Chuck measures him up, licking his lips at the sight.

Eric's powerful body is bruised and battered, but somehow still perfect in his white boots and pads. The white musclestud is drenched in sweat and unmoving as Chuck slowly circles him. The big black muscleman pulls Eric’s white trunks out of his waistband and flings them to me as a souvenir. I bring the sweaty cloth to my face and breathe in. It’s amazing – absolutely musky and manly.

Chuck comes in close and grabs a handful of Eric’s long thick hair. The black muscleman yanks his tired opponent off the canvas to his knees. Eric fires a fist into Chuck’s gut, but as before, the big man laughs it off. Chuck shoves Eric’s head between his thick black thighs and clamps on a head scissors. The massive bulge in Chuck’s trunks rests on the back of the younger stud’s neck as Chuck reaches around Eric’s waist. In one fluid motion, Chuck pulls Eric up, flipping him upside down into perfect position for a piledriver. Eric meekly kicks his feet, but it’s no use. I have the perfect view as his beautiful hard cock hangs down, running over his pubes and down past his belly button.

Eric braces his hands on the black stud’s thick thighs as he gives up the futile struggle and prepares for oblivion. Seconds after Eric’s obvious resignation, Chuck falls backwards, executing a beautiful piledriver finisher. Eric goes limp and collapses face down onto the mat as Chuck rolls to his knees. The powerful heel hunk rolls his victim over onto his back. Chuck plants his hands on Eric’s thick pecs and starts doing slow pushups.

“ONE!” Eric doesn’t move as Chuck counts in time with his pushups. “TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE! SIX! SEVEN! EIGHT! NINE! TEN!”

With the count complete and the result confirmed, Chuck moves his pouch on top of Eric’s face and sits back, resting for a moment. The black muscleman looks his victim’s muscular physique up and down. It’s his now … only question is how to best use it. 

Finishing Round One 

Chuck rolls off his victim and rises to his feet. Eric brings his forearm over his face in resignation as he lies there. The black heel moves in a plants his boot on Eric’s thick tanned chest. He waits a moment, but Eric doesn’t move or look up at him. Chuck stomps down onto the meaty pecs, getting the white muscleman’s attention.

Eric looks up at the smiling Chuck. Even though he doesn’t look happy, his cock betrays his excitement. Chuck flexes, showing off his victorious ebony muscles. Eric involuntarily reaches down and starts tugging on his rock hard cock. Chuck bends over and grabs a handful of Eric’s hair, forcing the NWL stud to his knees.

Chuck shoves Eric’s handsome face into his blue spandex-covered bulge then gyrates his hips, humping the defeated stud. The white muscleman reaches around and grabs firm hold of Chuck’s huge ass, squeezing it as his face is assaulted by the hard rod inside the overstuffed trunks. I see Eric’s cock glistening, as it starts to leak again. He slides his hands from Chuck’s ass to the sides of his trunks. Chuck stops humping, allowing Eric to slowly peel the blue trunks down a fraction.

Chuck stops him. He says, “Finish the job with your teeth, man.”

Eric gulps. He drops his hands and moves in, grabbing the waistband with his teeth. He pulls back, stretching the fabric out and over the thick, semi-hard black cock. The white stud struggles, but he keeps at it. Chuck’s cock flops out, smacking Eric in the face. The NWL loser crawls around the victorious heel, carefully biting and pulling, working the trunks down. When he gets the trunks down to Chuck’s thighs, the big man stops him, giving him a break.

Chuck turns, putting his bare ass into Eric’s face. The black muscle hunk bends over, pulling his trunks off the rest of the way. While he’s bent, he orders Eric to eat out his ass. The white stud (I'd say eagerly) buries his face between Chuck’s massive glutes, launching a full out assault on the hole with his tongue. Chuck moans at the feeling, signaling his approval.

Eric's face disappears inside the mounds of flesh as he rewards the black muscleman for his victory. Chuck rises and pulls away, turning to face the kneeling NWL star. The thick black cock slaps across Eric's face, mocking him, but Eric doesn't seem t mind. He licks his lips in anticipation. I hope I'm this cool about things if I lose to Dick.

Chuck doesn't have to even say anything. Eric just moves in on his big dick, engulfing it with gusto. He savors the giant piece of meat, twisting his mouth around the bulbous head and jerking it. It's so hot to see this amazing muscleman completely surrender and acknowledge that Chuck beat him fair and square.

Eric keeps sucking on the cock, working it like a champ from his knees. Up and down, side to side, around and around, he keeps at it. Chuck's manhood isn't easy to handle, but Eric doesn't stop trying to tame it. The black behemoth grabs hold of Eric's long hair to steady himself, his face etched with pure joy. Finally, reluctantly, Chuck pulls Eric off by the hair.

The dominant stud drops to his knees in front of Eric. He kisses him deeply, easing back to the mat. The two make out flat on the canvas with Chuck on top. I see their hips moving as they hump while kissing. Eric reaches around, hugging his conqueror while Chuck reaches down and starts twisting Eric's right nipple. Chuck breaks the kiss and slides down, sucking Eric's nipples before his makes his way to the enormous purple cock.

Chuck takes Eric's giant cock in his right hand and starts jerking it. More pre-cum spills out until Chuck moves in and starts sucking on the head. Eric throws his head back and chest up as he moves onto the receiving end. Chuck starts playing with his balls and Eric begins breathing deeper. When he shifts to short, shallow breaths, Chuck lifts his head up, ending the blowjob.

Eric grunts, but he doesn't cum. Chuck smirks, knowing he timed it just right to edge the big white stud under him. The winner rises and grabs Eric's hair, dragging him to his feet. He spins Eric, locking him in a tight full nelson. The tanned muscleman looks incredible stretched out, submissive and hard as fucking steel, with his cock glistening and dripping again.

Chuck shifts his hips to get his cock right at Eric's asshole. He moves them both to the corner where Colt and I are standing, pressing Eric against the turnbuckles. With his prey sandwiched and steady, Chuck slides in. Just the head of Chuck's remarkably thick cock has Eric moaning, so the big black stud takes it slow. The white muscleman adjusts and Chuck manages to get all the way in.

With his entire cock inside the hot white ass, Chuck starts humping. He moves slowly at first then accelerates, picking up the pace and taking his prize with vigor. Eric is grunting, his hard cock bouncing on top of the middle turnbuckle as he gets fucked. Chuck has crazy stamina, so I'm not surprised when he keeps going. He lets go of the full nelson, moving his hands to Eric's thick hips, then begins fucking harder and faster.

Eric bends over the top rope, his face frozen in ecstasy. He grunts "yes" over and over again, taking the massive rod inside him with skill. Chuck keeps going, not wanting to rush his moment. He allows Eric to grab his own dick and jerk himself while he gets fucked. It doesn't take long before Eric is grunting about shooting his load.

Chuck is still going strong as Eric unleashes his load, shooting it over the middle turnbuckle and out of the ring. Ropes of Eric's cum streak the ringpost and floor as his moans fill the empty arena. Chuck has been at this for however many minutes, I've lost track. He finally lets himself go, crying out as he fills Eric's tight hole with his white hot cum.

Chuck pumps and pumps, until I see white cum dripping out of Eric's overfilled ass. When the black superstud finishes, he slips out of the tight hole then slaps Eric's hard ass. The two men kiss passionately, feeling each other's bodies. I'm not surprised, as I know Chuck. He talks tough and wrestles hard, but he's also very tender. When they break, the four of us actually applaud outside the ring. 

Adding Stakes 

With his victory complete, Chuck looks at Dick and Justin. He says, “Oh yeah, who’re the bitches now? AWL is king, jobber boys!”

Justin says, “Whatever, it’s one fucking match.”

Colt joins in and the four of them are talking trash. The positive emotion of the after match sex is replaced with more macho posturing. Before I know it, we’re putting our belts and asses up for grabs again. In addition to loser gets fucked matches, we’re doing an AWL vs. NWL best two-out-of-three, with the losing federation giving up their belts and asses not just once, but for the whole night.

I like the idea that if we win, I can fuck Eric and Justin, too, but I don't think it's worth the risk of losing the belts? How the fuck are we going to explain that? Vic, the promoter, will fucking kill us if three belts go missing!

Chuck’s not worried at all. We’re already up 1-0 and Colt outweighs Justin by 50-lbs. Chuck and Colt laugh at how stupid Dick was to agree, but I get a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I really hope Chuck's right. 

To be continued  

Next Up: Colt Hill vs. Justin Cody

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