Thursday, July 2, 2015

Producer's Ring: Hemsworth vs Hemsworth

This story was written for Bard's Producer's Ring group. Here is the description: The Producer's Ring is a fictional universe, a stark, post-apocalyptic landscape (or another man's view of heaven, depending on how you look at it). Everything comes down to power and money and the commodification of everything, and in particular, male sexuality. Entertaining the bloodthirsty masses is king, and the producer's of the entertainment industry shape and control the world. Celebrity is nothing more than a key to open a door. A wrestling victory over another celebrity is prerequisite to walking through the door to claim fame, riches, and power. Sexuality, sensuality, and homoeroticism combine with combat to determine the fortunes of talented hopefuls. Everyone is a product. Sexuality is a commodity. And victory in combat is the currency of political power.

The Focus Group: Hemsworth vs. Hemsworth

Eli Brody listened to the pitch and he loved it. It was a fantastic combination of drama, action and romance. It was powerful and timely. Eli knew it was a coup that he landed this script. Still, this project was a risk. It needed the right lead. Knowing the key theme was about family, he wanted real brothers and no one fit the bill better than Chris and Liam Hemsworth.

One would play the young man who heroically triumphs over unimaginable adversity and have his career catapulted up a level. The other would be put into the bit part of the lead's worthless brother who spends most of his time silent and shirtless, mere window dressing.

Eli reached out to each Hemsworth separately, keeping his plan to cast both a secret. Both young men were excited about the lead role. Both felt they were now too prominent to play the smaller role and that it would be a step backwards. Not that Eli cared what they thought. He was the Titan of the West Coast. They would do as he said or suffer the career consequences. Still, he went back and forth trying to decide which brother to cast in which role. Both were attractive, charismatic and talented, but neither brother had really proven himself a star. They had only been successful as leads in existing properties that had large followings.

Eli hadn't become the most successful Titan in the entertainment world by making uninformed decisions. He decided to focus group the choice and let that guide his decision. The Hemsworth brothers were notified that they were needed for a focus group and that their opponent would be their competition for the lead role.

The Big Day

Chris’ car showed up at the facility first. He knew the drill. When he entered the dressing room, he stripped down immediately and wrapped the small white towel around his waist.

Chris had lost decisively in his first focus group against the ruthless Christian Bale, but he had impressed the focus group in defeat. He also recently lost a private match to Alexander Skarsgard. Despite two losses, he still felt confident this time. Chris was bigger now, fresh from training daily for his latest superhero movie. He was in his peak godlike shape, standing 6’3” and weighing in at 225-lbs. Chris started by checking himself out, making sure he looked his best. He started warming up, getting his muscles pumped.

On the opposite end of the facility, Liam arrived a few minutes later. He was nervous, but also excited. This was his first time here. Being part of a focus group for Eli Brody was a big deal. It meant he was somebody. It was scary, too. Chris had told him about his naked fight with Bale. Liam understood that you had to be aggressive, tough and check your feelings at the door.

Right after Liam arrived, Eli entered his dressing room. The studly Aussie was wearing low-slung khakis. His shirt was already off and he was undoing his belt.

Liam rose and shook Eli’s hand firmly. Eli held the young Aussie’s big hand for a moment, looking him square in the eyes. Liam was nervous, but held it in check. He expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to be in his first focus group. It truly represented the next level for him. Eli smiled, released the young man’s big paw and looked him up and down. Eli liked what he saw, but he was more interested in what was under the loose fitting pants.

Liam eagerly stripped down for his match as Eli admired his lean, muscular body. At 6’3” tall, Liam was the same height as his brother, but at 190-lbs, he was not as heavy or muscular. While Chris had built large muscles for his latest superhero extravaganza, Liam’s training had been focused on building lean muscles that enabled him to shoot long days where he had to repeatedly run, jump, fight and do the stunts his role required. Indicative of his tall, lean body and big hands, Liam’s semi-hard cock was also impressive in both length and girth. Liam’s cock was throbbing from the opportunity to have private time with the most powerful man on the West Coast. This could make or break his career.

Liam turned and quietly flexed front and back for the supremely powerful Titan. As much as Eli enjoyed having this tall stud willingly show off for him, he knew it didn't matter. This was in the hands of the focus group now. The young man's youthful energy and eagerness to please were refreshing, but it was fate and the fight that would ultimately decide the matter.

Liam said, “You won’t regret this, Mr. Brody.” The compliant hopeful grabbed the small, white towel that was laid out for him and wrapped it around his narrow waist. Eli showed Liam where to go and watched the young stud breathe in deeply and psyche himself up.

When he was ready, Liam pushed through the door and marched down the narrow hallway. He strode confidently into the fight area. He looked around and took in his surroundings. It was smaller than he expected, just a small 15’x15’ black room with mats on the floor. Liam looked up and saw balconies. In those balconies, men wearing nothing but towels filled every seat. It was hard to see them through the lights, but it seemed like they were just sitting up there watching him and waiting. Liam wasn’t sure of the proper etiquette, as no one had really told him anything.

Liam overheard some of the men asking each other who the hell he was. Someone described him as being in some new teen movie. Someone else said he was just Chris Hemsworth’s little brother. This was not a good sign, Liam realized. Whoever his opponent was, he would probably be better known and more popular. Liam was still alone in the ring area, so he spread his arms and dropped his towel by shaking his trim hips. That got a reaction. He flexed and said loudly in his Australian accent, “Gentlemen, my name is Liam Hemsworth. You are right, I am in a new movie and Chris is my older brother, but today is about my future, a new role as a star or a supporting character. I guess that will ultimately be up to your judgment. I hope you’re pleased by my performance.” There was a smattering of applause.

The lean muscle stud kicked the white towel to the corner and started stretching. He twisted his body into all sorts of shapes, warming up his muscles and joints for the battle. Now he heard more applause. Then came the requests for specific stretches and positions. Liam satisfied all of them while he waited for his mystery opponent.

Back in the locker room, Eli watched a live stream on his tablet of Liam’s self-introduction and smiled. The handsome young Aussie didn’t know it, but this was already a big part of the focus group. When Liam leaned back into a bridge, thrusting his hips and naked crotch into the air, Eli knew the newcomer’s ratings were headed sky high. Eli couldn’t wait to see if he could overcome his big brother and win over the focus group in the end.

Satisfied, Eli closed the cover on his tablet and moved into Chris’ locker room. The big man was prepped and ready. Chris was naked, except for a small white towel, muscles primed, body stretched. In his deep voice with his rich Aussie accent, Chris engaged Eli in small talk and thanked him for another great opportunity. Chris grabbed his towel and adjusted it, opening it wide, dropping it down and re-wrapping it. He was deliberately giving Eli a close up look of his cock, balls and ass, hoping to impress the Titan. It worked. Eli thought that Chris was an amazing specimen of manhood. A man with his impressive, near-perfect physique and good looks didn't come along every day. His long blond hair and scruff really suited him. The big Aussie's smooth body pulsated with power as Eli basked in his manliness.

“Thank you for another opportunity, sir. I’m really ready this time,” Chris replied confidently. He slapped his bulging left pec twice and gave Eli a wink.

Eli smiled, but again knew that it was now out of his hands. He left Chris to finish stretching. When he was ready, Chris barged through the door and into the hallway that led to the mat room. Chris was pumped for another chance. This time, it was his turn. No matter who was in there, Chris was resolved to crush him, win over the focus group and capture the lead role.

When Eli was settled in his viewing area, the focus group was instructed to get ready. Liam rose up and stared across the room at the closed door where he knew some other young hopeful waited. In the hallway, the red light over Chris’ door turned green and he came storming out, wearing his white towel with nothing on underneath.

It was then that the two brothers saw each for the first time and realized the truth of their situation. Eli Brody sat back and smiled, ready for the fireworks.

The Focus Group

The mighty Hemsworth brothers eyed each other with surprise as the focus group applauded and cheered the heightened drama. Certainly, the idea of these two big, hot, talented men was exciting. The brothers continued their silent standoff. Liam was naked, while Chris wore a white towel that barely covered anything. Their appeal was readily apparent to the focus group.

Both brothers quickly got over their shock, but they reacted differently. 22-year old Liam nodded at Chris and bent over, ready to get started. They had wrestled many times as kids, but with 6-1/2 years difference, it had never been competitive – Chris crushed him every time. Liam was excited to face his older brother for the first time as an adult, on equal footing.

In contrast, 28-year old Chris shook his head. He asked, “Liam! What the hell are you doing here? You shouldn’t be here, bro. This is a man’s game.” Before his brother could answer, the older brother turned his back on Liam and looked at the camera that he knew led to Eli’s private viewing space.

The big Aussie's deep voice boomed with authority as he said, “Are you serious? I get it, brother vs. brother, but this isn’t right. He’s my little brother, fer chrissakes. He’s still a kid. Bring me a man, any man to fight and I'll do it.” The focus group booed, letting their disappointment be known, but Chris didn’t care. He really didn’t think this was right and he was a man of principle. Chris was trying to save Liam pain and humiliation, even at the risk of his own career – he knew Eli and the group would be mad at him for his outburst.

But what Chris didn’t understand was that Liam didn’t want to be saved by his big brother. While Chris waited for acknowledgment of his stand, Liam didn't hesitate. He ran at his brother’s back. Liam charged in and slammed into Chris with a raised knee right into the small of his back. Chris flew forward, slamming face first into the wall. He stumbled backwards into Liam’s waiting arms. The younger brother bent down and hoisted Chris into the air across his shoulders. The younger Aussie showed his power as he held his brother in the devastating torture rack. Chris hung limply on his brother’s shoulders, grunting as Liam bounced him up and down, cranking hard. As he held his brother, Liam reached up his leg and tugged on Chris’ towel. He managed to strip it off, exposing his big brother's impressive manhood, much to the delight of the audience. The focus group cheered as a nude Chris was carried around the room, on display for their pleasure. The bigger man's naked body shook and wiggled, stretched over his younger brother’s shoulders.

Liam shouted, “Today, we’ll see who’s the boy and who’s the man, big brother!”

After a couple of minutes, Liam’s shoulders were getting sore and Chris wasn’t giving in. Liam dropped his big brother to the floor. Chris moaned on the floor, rubbing his back. Within seconds, Liam was mounting him. He sat down, ass to ass. Liam grabbed Chris’ arms and positioned them over his knees. He pulled up on Chris’ chin, leaning back on the camel clutch. Chris moaned, helpless in his brother's hold. Liam cranked hard on his dazed brother’s chin, but Chris would not submit.

“Give up!” Liam ordered.

“Never!” Chris grunted.

Liam realized that it was too early and his brother's muscles were too tough. He needed to soften him up before he could earn a true submission. Liam moved his hands from his brother’s chin to behind his head. He stood up, but pushed Chris’ handsome face down hard into the mats. The impact nearly knocked Chris out, but when Liam started stomping the small of his back, Chris woke up. He grunted in pain as his little brother was taking it to him.

Liam loved Chris, but he also resented him. Chris had always lorded his age, size and strength advantage over Liam. He was always more mature, better looking and more famous. Chris often took credit for getting Liam into the business, even though their older brother Luke led them both in this direction. Chris had reviewed all Liam’s opportunities before this one, deciding unilaterally what was right for him. While that was justifiable when Liam was a kid in this incredibly dangerous and complex world, the younger Hemsworth was now a full-grown man. This was his chance to prove it and redefine their relationship. This was his chance to become the main man of the Hemsworth clan.

Liam grabbed his brother by the hair and pulled him to his feet. He slapped Chris across the face and pushed him into the wall. Liam pounded on Chris’ gym-built abs. Eventually, after feeling the sting of multiple fists, the older Aussie muscleman fought back, pushing his younger brother off him. Chris seethed with anger at Liam’s sneak attack and finally accepted that this was going down.

The brothers came out into the center of the room. Chris moved in for a lock up, but Liam locked him around the waist, lifted and spun, slamming him to the mats. Liam grabbed his brother's left leg. He stood and stepped over Chris, sitting back in a single leg crab. Chris moaned as Liam went after his back once again. Liam cranked back as hard as he could. Chris suffered loudly. The big man was sweating already. It took a while, but Chris managed to summon the strength to lift his chest up and kick forward. Liam stumbled forward, forced to release the hold.

Chris rose to his hands and knees, but Liam was there. He jumped in the air and slammed his butt into the small of Chris’ back. The bigger Hemsworth went down hard. Liam rose and walked across his brother’s back, treating him like a welcome mat. Welcome to big time, that is. The crowd laughed as Liam pantomimed wiping his feet off on his brother’s back. Liam planted his entire weight down hard as he stepped over Chris again then he let loose with another round of stomps.

As Liam lifted his foot again, Chris managed to sweep his arm and trip his little brother. Liam stumbled back, landing hard on his ass. Chris scrambled to his feet, but Liam was faster. He moved behind his brother and wrapped his arms around his waist. Liam lifted Chris into the air and brought him down into an atomic drop. Chris’ ass hit hard onto his brother’s knee, sending shockwaves of pain up his aching spine.

Chris staggered forward with his hand on his spectacular ass. Liam came up behind him and grabbed his arm, spinning him around. When Liam bent down to pick him up again, Chris fired a forearm across his brother’s back. Despite the early punishment, Chris was a strong man. Another forearm and Liam was backing away, back arched in pain. Chris charged forward, leveling Liam with a clothesline. The two men toppled to the mat with Chris on top. Chris mounted Liam across his narrow hips. He slid his legs under Liam’s and locked on a grapevine, pulling his little brother’s legs apart. Liam moaned softly as his groin was stretched. The crowd enjoyed the view of the naked brothers, legs sprawled, their bull balls dangling down together as their cocks were wedged between their tight bodies.

Chris grabbed Liam’s right arm and bent it behind his head. Lying on top of his brother, chest-to-chest, legs spread, right arm locked, Chris fired hard fists into Liam’s left pec. The younger Hemsworth writhed under his brother’s powerful body. He tried to protect his chest with his free arm, but Chris swatted it away then punched again. The bigger Hemsworth was pissed at being a punching bag earlier. Chris’ anger made him slap his brother across the face. “So you think you’re the man, little bro? I guess there are still things you need to learn.” Chris flexed his larger bicep in his younger brother’s face. Liam couldn’t resist his brother’s weight and power. When Chris was done, he released the grapevine and slid off his brother.

Liam massaged his red pec as Chris bent down to force him up. Liam fired a quick fist into Chris’s abs, which backed Chris off. As Liam rose, Chris charged and scooped him up across his chest. Chris grimaced as he felt a twinge in his back, but he was still able to carry his brother’s 190-lb body around. After a few circles around the room for the pleasure of the focus group, Chris bodyslammed Liam down. When his brother arched his back, Chris stomped on his abs to drive him back down.

Chris reached down again and forced Liam up. Again, Chris powered his brother up and bodyslammed him down. Liam was really moaning now as Chris’ superior power did major damage. Chris dragged Liam up for a third slam. This time, he really stepped into it and powerslammed Liam into the mats. Liam cried out in pain as his brother rose slowly, satisfied that Liam was feeling his power.

As Chris circled Liam, he leaned and twisted, stretching out his back. He needed a break from power moves. Chris was sweating profusely and breathing hard, having done little cardio during his months of building muscle mass. The big man stood over Liam’s head and pulled his brother into a seated position. He stepped over Liam’s shoulders and fell back, locking on a tight head scissors! Every muscle in the older Aussie’s thick legs stood out as they extended around Liam's head and down his chest and abs. Chris applied the pressure to his now helpless brother’s head. Liam was trapped on his back, his handsome face turning red as he felt the pressure from Chris' killer scissors. Liam couldn’t do anything but suffer as Chris stretched and squeezed. Liam’s forehead was even deeper red as he felt like his head would pop.

Chris brought his shoulders off the mat and flexed his arms for the focus group. He hoped his massive muscles would turn some of the tide back to him. Liam’s hands were resting on Chris’ massive thighs. Chris broke the flex and grabbed his brother’s wrists. Chris wrenched them up, increasing his leverage. Chris laughed when he saw his brother’s feet kicking the mat in frustration and pain. The cheers for this move, both young men stretched out on their backs, were deafening. Seeing these two studs, muscles pumped and sweaty, was just what the focus group ordered.

Chris said, “Give it up, little bro! I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Unh. No! I can take this. Unh. All. Unh. All. Unh. Day.”

Chris laughed. Liam always was stubborn. The powerful muscleman pulled up harder on Liam’s arms and squeezed harder on his head. Moans of pain, but still, Liam wasn’t giving. Chris released the hold on all but Liam’s left wrist. As Chris stood, he pulled Liam up into a kneeling position. Chris shoved Liam’s head between his legs and reached around his waist. Before Liam could react, he was hoisted up and driven down in a powerbomb, Chris finishing the move by crashing down on his little brother.

Liam was completely stunned. Chris leaned up between Liam's legs and planted his massive hands on his brother's chest. He pressed up and smiled for the crowd. Chris shook his long wet blond hair out of his face. He posed for another moment then pushed off Liam. Chris, winded from throwing his brother around, sat back on his knees between his little brother’s legs. Chris asked, "Had enough, little bro?"

Liam coughed and moaned then replied, "Not even close."

Chris admired his brother's stamina, but really? He had to keep punishing Liam. The boy had even more to learn, obviously. Chris pulled his brother up and locked his arm over his head. He bent down and grabbed behind Liam's knee. The crowd made a noise as they saw what was about to happen. Chris locked his hands under his brother, trapping his neck and leg. The big Aussie squatted, lifted and heaved his brother over top, slamming his back down hard in a bridging cradle suplex. Chris thrust his hips up when they landed, showing off his incredibly impressive manhood.

When he heard the cheers, Chris decided to not release his grip. He rolled over and forced Liam up again. The young buck was still helpless and trapped. Liam hopped on one foot as Chris prepared him for another suplex. Chris summoned his strength and over Liam went again, landing even harder. The younger Hemsworth flailed in the cradle as Chris held his bridge even longer this time, even gyrating his hips a little.

Chris finally let go and rolled over his brother. He straddled his brother's lean hips, his balls resting on Liam's pubes and his long cock pointing straight up Liam's tight abs. Chris asked again, "Had enough?" Chris punched Liam's abs hard.

Liam coughed, but managed to say, "No."

Chris shrugged. The crowd applauded the young Hemsworth's stamina. They were getting a great show today. Both men were testing well. Chris hammered more fists into his brother's stomach. Liam took every punch with a grunt. When the abs were bright red, Chris got up. He bent over and slapped Liam's face lightly. "Still awake?"

Liam responded by firing a fist up and slamming it into Chris' temple! Chris staggered back into the wall. He shook out his head as Liam rolled to his knees then feet. The young stud got up and rose to his full height. The young buck's abs were red and his back was obviously sore, but his eyes showed fire. Liam just kept going, the benefits of youth and the right physical training. The focus group erupted with cheers.

Chris looked at his little brother, surprised by his resilience. The big man was feeling tired. The room was warm and he was sweating buckets. Liam seemed fresh as he stretched out his back, waiting for his brother to make a move. Liam’s skin glistened with a light sheen of sweat, but he was breathing normally. He said, “C’mon bro, bring it on.”

Chris charged forward, surprising Liam with his speed. He grabbed his little brother around the waist and hoisted him into the air in a bearhug. The younger stud moaned in pain as his brother squeezed the life from him. Liam hung over his brother’s shoulder. His face showed pain. He tried elbowing Chris’ head, but Chris just squeezed harder.

The big Aussie held his brother up for minutes, circling, squeezing and shaking. Liam’s cries of pain were music to his ears, but no submission came. Chris couldn’t believe Liam could take so much punishment. He ran at the wall, slamming Liam's back hard. The young stud moaned in pain again. When Chris backed up, Liam slid down the black wall, his face contorted.

Wasting no time, Chris grabbed Liam by the hair. He forced Liam up. Chris spun Liam around and pushed him face first into the wall. Liam bounced off, only to be shoved in harder. When he staggered back after the second collision, Chris wrapped his killer arms around him from behind.

The dazed young buck was up in the air again, this time in a reverse bearhug. Liam braced his feet on Chris’ thighs. He clawed at his brother’s forearms, trying to break the grip, but it was no use. Chris had the hold locked on tightly. Despite being a big 6’3” man, Liam looked like a child in his brother’s thick arms. The group yelled support for Liam, telling him not to submit. The pain on his face was evident as he held out again, refusing to give in to the intense punishment.

Again, Chris held Liam aloft as long as he could, but he gave out before Liam. The big man tossed Liam to the mat with frustration. As Liam tried to catch his breath, Chris stomped on him, driving him to the mat. The younger Hemsworth didn’t move much. Chris kicked him onto his back and backed off, across the mat.

As Liam lied on the mat, naked and helpless, Chris sized him up. He took two steps then leapt into the air. Liam’s eyes opened just as Chris’ 225-lbs of muscle landed across his chest. The air left him and he groaned loudly. Chris rolled up and backed up again. Again, he took two steps and launched into the air, this time for a leg drop. Liam, though, had the endurance to force himself to roll away.

ARGH! Chris yelled out as he landed hard on his tailbone, hitting nothing but mat. The big Aussie’s face was now the one showing pain. Liam rose to a sitting position as Chris rolled to the side, holding his glorious ass. The crowd yelled for Liam to get up, but it was Chris who got up first.

Chris moved in behind Liam, who was still composing himself. He grabbed Liam under his arms and brought him up. Chris then pulled him back hard, slamming his back over his knee. Chris pushed his little brother off his knee with contempt. Enough was enough. Chris measured Liam up and leapt into the air to deliver an elbow to his chest. Again, though, Liam’s stamina was impressive as he rolled just far enough that Chris’ elbow slammed hard into the mat.

Chris cried out and rolled onto his hands and knees. His face was on the mat as he held his elbow. Liam raised his arm in the air defiantly and rolled to his knees. The brothers had been wrestling for a long time. Chris was clearly winded as he rose to his feet after missing his last two big moves. His little brother was surprisingly resilient. Chris had tried his best power moves, but no submission. The early back punishment combined with all the lifting and high impact moves had taken its toll on the bigger, more muscular brother’s stamina. Liam’s cardio training was paying dividends as Chris’ superior muscles fatigued. Liam knew his brother’s tank was running low, but could he take advantage?

Both brothers were on their feet. Chris charged Liam, but he was tired and a half step slower. The lean muscled stud slipped out of the way and Chris crashed face first into the wall at full speed. The big man immediately bounced off, clearly dazed. The younger buck danced around his brother, peppering him with fists to his torso. Chris’s eyes were unfocused. He turned and swung a wild fist in the air, nowhere near Liam. The force of his missed fist sent Chris into a spin. As Chris nearly toppled himself over, Liam planted his foot on his ass and kicked him back into the wall, head first again. The focus group laughed as Chris held onto the wall like a drunk and Liam circled with his arms up in victory.

Chris rose up, using the wall for support. Liam charged in, kicking Chris’ abs. As his big brother bent forward, Liam grabbed his hair and forced him up. Liam reached down and wrapped his huge hand around the base of Chris’ thick cock and hanging balls. Liam used his grip to pull Chris forward then drive him back first into the wall. The back of Chris' head hit hard, driving him further towards oblivion. Liam repeated the move again, this time driving in with his chest into Chris’ beefier pecs.

Chris was out on his feet, only Liam's tight grip on his hair and genitals kept the bigger stud from falling. The younger Hemsworth savored his control. He forced the big man against the wall for a third time. Chris tried to push Liam off him, but with Liam's tight grip on his cock and balls, it only increased his pain. Chris' moans had changed to whimpers as he clutched his little brother's forearms for support.

Through his daze, Chris begged, "Please man, please let go. Fuck … please." Liam laughed softly at his big brother's pleading. He wondered if Chris ever felt this kind of joy all those years growing up when Liam would beg his older brother to let him up after losing another fight. The focus group was taking note. Chris' begging definitely made him seem less appealing.

Liam moved in close to Chris' body. The brothers were face-to-face, Chris sandwiched between his brother and the wall. Liam said, "Sorry, brother, but it's time for me to prove that I'm the biggest star in the family now."

Liam lifted his knee up between his brother's legs. The dominant young stud released his grip around his brother's cock and balls. As Chris stood there, held up by his little brother's knee, the younger Hemsworth wrapped his arms around his big brother's neck and pulled him in tightly. Liam cinched his lean, but powerful, arms then backed away from the wall, dragging his helpless big brother with him. The front sleeper held Chris up as he staggered forward, powerless in his little brother's grip. Instinctively, Chris tried punching his brother's back and sides, but Liam barely felt the blows. The young, lean Aussie worked the hold slowly. He knew that he could put Chris out in seconds, but he wanted the focus group and especially Eli to get a good look at his dominance over his older, bigger brother.

Liam circled around, parading his helpless kin for the pleasure of the focus group. The bare ass brothers almost looked like they were dancing as they circled the room. When he had done a full, slow 360, Liam tightened his grip. Chris' eyes rolled back in his head and he was out for good.

Liam didn't just let go, he nonchalantly tossed his unconscious brother to the side like he was nothing to the young Aussie stud. Chris crashed to the floor. Just as Chris had supplanted their oldest brother Luke as the man of the family, now Liam had done the same to Chris, who lied on the mat completely defeated, destroyed and dethroned as the toughest Hemsworth brother. Liam spread his arms and looked up at the cheering crowd. There were cheers and a smattering of applause, but for most of the men, their hands were busy furiously finishing themselves off. The scent of musk and sex filled the room as the collective moans of ecstasy reached a crescendo then died down.

Liam savored his victory. He grabbed Chris' ankle and wrist and effortlessly dragged his big brother's 225-lbs carcass to the middle of the room. Liam kicked his brother's legs apart then kicked his arms up until Chris' appendages formed an X. Liam then walked around his brother, slowly and deliberately. Back in his viewing room, Eli enjoyed Liam's sense of theatre, the way he satisfied the focus group's desire to get a great final view of Chris' once proud physique.

The older muscle stud's body still looked amazing, even after a humiliating loss to his younger brother. Liam planted a foot on his brother's face, pushing it to the side. He flexed and counted to ten. Chris didn't move or stir. When Liam was finished, he smiled and blew a kiss to the crowd with a wink. They gave him a standing ovation. It was clear who the darling of this focus group was. The scores for the younger Hemsworth were going to go through the roof.

The results were obvious to Eli – Liam was the man. As he watched the younger man flex over his big brother's muscular body, Eli knew Liam had the stamina to do the role and the charisma to entice viewers. Liam definitely had star potential. Chris on the other hand had better step up his game. This was his third loss in a row, two in front of the all-important focus groups. While Chris had gained points for his brave effort against Bale, you could only keep losing for so long. Eli wondered if Chris had plateaued at only 28-years old and was headed to the masked division or worse.

In Liam's locker room, Eli congratulated his young star in the making. Liam smiled his killer grin and thanked Eli for the opportunity. He had a favor to ask Eli. The two men chatted then Liam went to visit his brother. Eli escorted the lean, naked stud to his brother's locker room. Chris was sitting, awake, but holding his aching head, still in total disbelief. He looked at Liam and Eli as they entered. He stuck out his hand to congratulate Liam, but Liam swatted it away. The young stud moved in close, standing between his seated brother's legs and grabbed Chris' hair, wrenching his head back, forcing his older, bigger brother to look up at him, eye-to-eye.

Liam said, "Looks like I'm the man of the Hemsworth clan now, Chrissy boy. I hear you're a three-time loser now. I've asked Eli to review all your opportunities first from now on. And he has kindly agreed. I'm not gonna have you embarrassing me or our name. There's a new sheriff in town brother and things are gonna change for you. Trust me." Liam gave Chris a little slap on the cheek and a contemptuous smile.

Chris looked upset and confused. He wanted to fight back, but he was too exhausted. In the back of his mind, he thought Liam would just kick his ass again. And with Eli there and in agreement, there was little Chris could do but agree to whatever Liam said. He needed the powerful Titan to give him yet another chance or he would be finished.

Chris gulped. Liam scowled. Eli smirked. The three studs remained in silence in the locker room for a minute before Eli and Liam took their leave.

Just another day in Eli Brody's world.

The End


  1. I never knew you wrote this on the Group. Just like bard said it was just as if he wrote this match. This was one of my favorites too i couldnt wait to read this when i saw the title from the auto email. To bad the series seemed to stop at least for now i was curious to see how things were going to go and how liam was going to take charge.

    Thanks for posting this i love celebrity wrestling stories is there any thoughts on making a one shot or even a series of celeb action?

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      This was one of those stories that didn't go anywhere because of a perceived lack of interest. Bard liked it and I got one more comment, but compared to The Cave, AWL and Route 69, the response seemed muted. It's not a natural interest of mine (celebrity wrestling), so I just let it drop and never thought about it again.