Sunday, July 19, 2015

PSA: Bringing Sexy Back (Thunder's Arena)


PSA stands for Public Service Announcement. I realize that with global readership, I should never assume things like this to be universally known. This PSA is to say that Thunder's Arena has a new (?) streaming rental service. It's $17.95 for a 3-day rental. I'll leave you to decide what you think of that. For comparison, BGEast offers 1-day VOD's for $10 and a 7-day option for $15.

But here's the reason for this post ... the rental page is full of matches starring a certain big and sexy wrestler, including the infamous bathroom match versus Z-Man, which was previously not available for download. As you might know, Thunder's Arena removed all his videos for sale and Joe from Ringside was asked to remove all reference to him from his blog.

Now, I have no idea why the reversal. Has his status changed? Did they realize that it's futile to try to hide these matches? Are rentals somehow perceived as different from sales? Will he soon return to active duty in the Arena? Will I be asked to remove this post?

These questions — and many others — will be answered in the next episode of ...

No, wait, that's not right. Sorry, Logo is airing re-runs of Soap, a comedy from the 70's. It's pretty funny and that's how they end every episode.

He is easily one of my favorites wrestlers anywhere, any time. So in honor of this event and since I have no idea how long it will last, here are a few of my favorite matches starring him, all of which are available for rental if you so choose.


I normally work to avoid spoilers, but it's impossible here, because the endings are part of why I like a couple of these matches.

Brendan Cage

I posted about this one previously here. It's a 24-minute, back-and-forth match with old vs. young subtext. I edited it into a 12-minute squash that holds up pretty well on repeat viewing.

Eric Fury

This is a weird one. He is a silent, crazed stalker who is obsessed with putting lotion on Eric Fury. He's a different character than he is in other things I've seen. Fury knocks out him then coats him with white ... lotion. He then rubs it into the lifeless carcass of his unconscious victim. I have watched this humiliation scenes many times.

Ace Hanson

Another old-young dynamic, with the cocky rookie (early in his Thunder's career) against Ace, who was one of the big studs at the time. It's back-and-forth, with Ace never really respecting the younger stud. In the end, he learns that this rookie isn't to be messed with and a new star was born at the expense of the veteran.

Cameron Matthews

The guys fight over who has the best butt. Both guys get into it, so it's perfect for butt lovers. He hikes up his trunks at the end, but I have to say that his butt looked better to me in the yellow briefs. Go figure.


Now he wrestles Z-Man multiple times. I have seen three matches with them both in it, including the bathroom match and thought they were great. These two work very well together and it's nice to see Z-Man as a competitive force. He could easily be an amazing heel, but I guess more people like to see him beaten up?

I'm excited to see this material back online. Hopefully it's not for any bad reason, otherwise I probably look like an asshole for celebrating it. If so, I apologize and plead ignorance.

What about you? Were you a fan? Do you have any favorite matches?



  1. Alex R:

    Big Sexy vs Eric Fury looks insanely hot. The bath match against Z-Man really looks amazing as well.

    1. The ending for the Eric Fury match was epic for me. The rest of the match is different as Big Sexy doesn't act like himself. Not bad, just not representative of his typical matches. I really only re-watched the ending.

      And yes, the bathroom match is one I enjoyed a ton from start to finish. From what I've seen from both guys, Big Sexy and Z-Man are at their very best against each other.

    2. Alex R:

      The rubbing of the lotion looks, like it requires multiple views. LOL