Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Review: Dash Decker vs. Chad Daniels (RHW)

I hesitated to review this, since Jose already posted his "7 Highlights" of the match. Eight days ago. With hi-res GIF's that put my low-res screen grabs to shame. I figured this would be old news, but then I decided I would share my thoughts anyway, because you can never have too much Dash.

I'm going to be potentially controversial in this post. **Gasp!** I've discovered something about myself after buying and watching ten Dash Decker matches. Here goes ...

What's bringing me back isn't Dash the unstoppable uber-heel. It's Dash the bodybuilder jobber.

Now, you might be thinking, "WHAT?!? Dash could never be a jobber! He's undefeated in singles matches! You're insane!"

Yes, Dash is easily the most dominant wrestler in Rock Hard Wrestling. This is the Dash we're all used to ...

And it's great. I like Dash. I actually want him to win. Dash Decker vs. Chad Daniels features a lot of Dash-dominant-y goodness. He is a remarkably hot man and very good at what he does.

However, I have to admit, I find Dash the heel to be robotic sometimes. **Gasp (again)!** He's almost like the Terminator ... monotone and formulaic in his punishment and posing. Not that I don't love it.  But I'm finding it hotter to see him being abused. Dash suffers really well and there's more meaning to it. Dash dominating is cool, but Dash suffering is special.

Ironically, it's his invincibility that makes his vulnerability so amazing. I'm definitely not suggesting he find a new role as a punching bag. It's just that my favorite moments are those few where he's in trouble. In an earlier post, I talked about how I edited his match against Colt Stevens into a 7-minute squash of Dash. I think I need to do that again with this one. This match delivers quite a few of these moments.

Not so big now

Chad's sitting pretty while Dash suffers

Dash selling like a boss

What makes RHW so much better than most of the competitors is that they let holds linger. They don't jump here and there. You get to savor the move. There's often time for flexing and trash talk during the hold. There's time for the tension to build. The camera has time to linger on the tensed muscles and the pain on the victim's face.

Just drink it in ... Dash in pain

Dash helpless and mocked

Chad admires himself while Dash sells

It's my favorite part. And when it's Dash on the receiving end, you have time to contemplate the hotness of the situation - powerful monster being manhandled and dominated. Is this the match where he finally loses? His face shows pain and he cries out and moans. He's willing to sell and show weakness.

Yes, thrust those hips up!

Is that fear I see?

In this postBard commented about a heel who won't let himself be shown as weak. Dash not only goes there, but he does it with zeal. He even lets Chad taunt him for being fat (thus the title of the video, 'Fat Chance'). Fat-shaming Dash Decker? Hilariously ludicrous, but also a sign of Dash's willingness to suppress his ego for the greater good.

Fat? We should all be so fat.

The video quality is outstanding as always.

The value is outstanding as always. Just $17.95 (SD)/$19.95 (HD) for 25 minutes, most of it action.

Overall, obviously I love, love, loved it. I know that I barely mentioned Chad. He's good, has a lot of potential to be a dominating heel, but needs better gear. But, this post was really all about Dash by design. So, count me in for the next one.

More Dash please ...

So, what do you think? Agree or disagree? Anything to add?



  1. Agree! (Although me finding anybody hotter as a jobber is, I guess, predictable.)

    And thanks for those bottom two pictures, because holy guacamole!

    1. Thanks for the comment. The way I look at it, youre the jobber expert, so if you agree, I must be onto something.

      And you're welcome for the last two pics. I've wanted to use those for awhile. They came to me courtesy Alex R.

  2. Alex R:

    Add me to the "hes a hot jobber" list. I guess in the sense that he is dominant but when he is being punished he shows the emotion. Kudos to him because thats what we want to see and hear. Bruce Ballard is very similar when he is being punished.

    1. Yeah, it's funny how expressive Dash is when he's suffering.

      Bruce is great, but I already think of him as a jobber. We'll see how he does in this new match as Batman vs. Zack Johnathan.

      I am liking RHW's minor nod to superheroes through t-shirts. Gives my imagination something new to fixate on. LOL. I sense a future review topic coming on ...

    2. Alex R:

      You made me go check the previews out. Oh shit that looks like a great match up. Im 100% with you. Bruce talks so much that the more he talks the more you know hes a jobber.