Monday, July 20, 2015

Route 69 S207: Philadelphia PA

I'm like, "What does this mean, bro?"

Ben looks at the iPad, "What? That? Oh, two stars? That means watch out. Those scores are from past opponents and they're not good. I'm five stars. Codys five stars. Most guys I wrestle are four at least. There's obviously something wrong with that guy. Let's see. Well, he shows up and he looks like his pic. Well, that's good, but that must mean that guys don't have a good time wrestling him."

"Does it say why somewhere?"



"You're looking for trouble, aren't you?"

I gotta smile. Ben's my best friend and like a brother. He knows me. I shrug, "I just wanna know."

"He's probably crazy. Only reason guys wouldn't like wrestling a musclestud like that. He's amazing looking. Leave him alone. Philly's a big city. There are tons of other guys you could wrestle."

I'm like, "Just find out what his deal is. It's like online shoppin for my birthday gift. Just four more shoppin days left. I'm makin it easy for you."

Ben rolls his eyes, but he checks the guy out like I ask. Guys Ben knows tell him shit like the guy's too rough, doesn't respect limits, doesn't break when a guy asks and doesn't know his own strength. He's 6'1"/210-lbs of muscle, so I get it. The guy could do damage to a lot of guys. But I'm 6'2"/220-lbs and I can take a lot of shit. And I need a challenge.

Bens still like, "Don't do it."

Of course I do. The guy's email is right there, so I contact the guy with a shirtless pic of me and tell him I'm a pro wrestler. He gets back to me fast and I've got a match set up Sunday afternoon with the dude.

Ben thinks he gets it, but he doesn't. I'm not lookin for trouble. For like four weeks, I've had to take orders from this punk Kyle. He's the guy I'm feudin with in the ring for the main fed I work for, Ring of Wrestling. We were screwin up cause we couldn't agree, so we wrestled to see who should call the shots. I lost. Since then, he gets to boss me around and I fuckin hate it. Not only that, but he got to fuck me. It's the first and only time I've been fucked, but I swear I can still feel his cock up my ass. I just need to get rough with someone and take out my frustrations.

If this Caleb guy is tough and goes all out, he's fuckin perfect.

Checkin Out the Competition

When I get to Caleb's basement apartment, he's a good guy. Dude meets me in jeans, no shirt. He gets me a beer and the two of us shoot the shit for like fifteen minutes. He's real curious bout me bein a pro wrestler and how you get into it. The guy asks how the ROW show went last night, how I like bein a pro, lots of shit. He's a cable installer, Philly born and raised, just a regular dude.

Caleb and me clear his livin room and put the mats down. Dude wasn't sure I'd show or was really me. I ask bout the neighbors but he tells me it's cool. Upstairs are out doin church and family stuff every Sunday. I grab my shit and head to the kitchen to change.

Caleb and me agreed we like shit simple, man-on-man. I'm wearin white trunks, black waistband with a black and red cobra logo in front. These ones got a pocket for a cup sewn on the inside front. I slide in a soft padded cup, makin sure I'm tucked in. It's not as tough as a hard shell, but it's more flexible. The pad's just a little extra protection from stray elbows and shit. I do some quick stretchin to test it out then head out.

I come out and dude's already waitin. Caleb's got his game face on, wearin red speedos. I can tell there's no paddin in them. He's already got a semi just from seein me. Dude's real built, even more than his pic. He's wide as shit, but still muscular and ripped. Big pecs, cut abs, broad shoulders, bulgin biceps and thick legs. He looks bigger than me, so I figure he's really weighs like 220-lbs.

I'm like, "Dude, lookin large."

Caleb goes, "Thanks man. You too." Dude flexes for me, talkin bout what he's been doin at the gym. He's like, "Come over here. Feel these arms."

I move in. Damn, arms are solid. He gets me to flex and checks mine out. Says he's impressed. Caleb steps back then sticks out a leg. He flexes it, so I kneel down. Shit. They're hard like fuckin granite. He asks to feel mine. I get up and flex. Dude nods.

Caleb gets up. He puts his arm behind his head and tightens his six-pack. Fuck, every ab pops. He's like, "Go for it. Punch them." I'm wonderin how hard to go, but dude's tellin me as hard as I can. "Lemme see what you got. I'm doin you next and I'm not gonna hold back."

I pull back and slam my fist into his abs. UNGH! I grunt, dude doesn't. He only steps back one. Fuck, it feels like punchin a brick wall. My wrist and hand hurt, but I keep a straight face. Dude's like, "Go again." I can't say no without lookin like a wimp, so I do it. WHAM! UNGH! Shit, same thing. He takes one step back and I got a stinger in my wrist and hand.

Caleb asks if I wanna go again, but I tell him no. He's like, "My turn." I lift my arms and flex. Dude lunges, slammin his fist into my gut and puttin his whole body into it. WHOMP! I go back bout three feet, feelin it, but my abs holdin. Dude shakes out his hand, "Awesome! Can I do one more?"

I did two, so I figure I can't say no. Caleb goes again. WHOMP! I feel it more, really stumblin back. Dude shakes out his hand again, so that's good. The guy's noddin, "Yeah, this is gonna be good. I don't get many matches with guys like you. Guys who can take it and not whine like a bitch about it. Because it hur-urts. Fuck off, it's supposed to hurt. You can't believe the pansies and dumbasses I've fought."

We look at each other and just know that playtime is over. He moves into me. We bump chests, faces like an inch apart. I push into him, holdin my spot. We stare each other down.

Jeff vs. Caleb

I lock up with Caleb, testin just how strong this dude is. We push against each other and it feels like we're pretty even. When he puts all he's got into it, he moves me back. When I out all I got into it, I move him back. On his next big push, I turn my arms, twistin and pullin him into a side headlock. I crank it hard and he grunts loud.

Dude fires off a punch to my kidneys. I pull him forward, flippin him over with a hip toss. The tough guy is dropped on his back. I land right on his chest, headlock still tight. He's punchin and shiftin, but I'm holdin on. I'm pullin up, stretchin his neck up hard. Caleb rolls out from under me, turnin us around. I'm sittin, he's crouched behind me, head still tied up. Dude slams his fist into my back then pulls free.

I spin in a crouch, but Caleb's on me fast, tacklin me down. We wrestle around. Everything he tries, I got a counter for it. He powers outta bunch of my shit. I notice he likes to go for a lot of body shots. Dude's hit me with a ton in the few minutes we've been grapplin. I'm on top and he tries a side shot. I grab his wrist and twist. Caleb's surprised, so I get to force him over and push his hand up his back.

Dude squirms under me. I push his arm up. He goes to push up, but I wrap his legs up with mine. Caleb can't get his knees under him and one free arm ain't movin me. I grab him around the neck and roll us over so I'm on my back under him. I got his arm locked between us, a nice choke on his throat and his body tied up in a scissors. He starts swearin and gruntin now.

I yank up on his arm, tryin to wear down the tough guy. The stud's got muscles, but I don't know if he can go a long time. Caleb's sweatin up a storm. I let go of his neck then push him up to seated. I lock on a full nelson and lie back, stretchin him out again. Dude groans loud. He tries to power out, but like he said, I ain't like his usual opponents. He can't break free. I got his chin diggin in his chest.

Caleb's fightin me. He bends his arm down, his hand fishin for something. I get in the wrong position and dude rakes my fuckin eyes. FUCK! The musclestud powers it of the nelson and scissors. He spins around then sits up between my legs. Dude starts wailin away on my abs. I get them tightened, but I still feel it.

I lift my legs to kick him back, but he grabs them and folds me up. Dude puts his shoulders behind my knees and starts countin. I close my legs, lockin on a head scissors. I flip him over before he reaches two. I tighten the scissors, crushin his head in my legs. Caleb punches my thighs, but I keep squeezin. One shot clips my bulge. Lucky for me, the padded cup helps and I keep squeezin. A second shot hits my package, the cup protectin me good.

I'm thinkin, what the hell? I don't know if he doesn't know where he's swingin or if this is the kinda shit Ben warned me bout. Doesn't matter. I grab his wrists, holdin them so he can't try a third time. I pull his arms up, lie back and squeeze like I never squeezed before.

Caleb opens his hand, tappin me. At the same time, he goes, "Give, give, give."

I let him go and roll off the mat. I grab my water and start drinkin. Dude lies on the mat, rubbin his head. He sits up, kneelin, face still red. Dude goes, "You're really tough. Hard to get you under control on the mat."

I'm like, "You, too. This what you want?"

"No, I wanna win. But, yeah, it's cool action. Lots more before I'm gonna quit for good."

Let's Keep Goin

So we break for a couple of minutes then we both wanna keep goin. We never talked bout any amount of time, just whatever feels good. Winner is last man standin at the end, so the falls don't matter too much. Just means I'm gettin to do more to hurt him than he's doin to hurt me.

Caleb gets up and bounces on the mat. I think he's wearin down, but I believe him when he's like there's a lot more to go. Tough guy like this won't quit easy.

We move in and lock up. Caleb pushes free. He comes back in and we lock up again. Dude spins and elbows me in the face. I stagger back, but he grabs the front of my trunks and pulls me into him. The musclestud wraps me in his arms, lifts and plants me on the mat with a belly-to-belly suplex. I land hard. He sits up and pounds the shit outta my stomach.

Caleb puts his shin on my chest to keep me pinned. He grabs the front of my trunks lifts them and sticks his hand inside. I'm like, "Dude! What the fuck are you doin?"

Dude fishes around then pulls out my cup. He shakes his head and tosses it aside. I push him back and adjust my pouch. I turn for the cup, showin my back to Caleb. Not smart. The muscleman grabs me around the waist and throws me back onto my shoulders. I roll onto my stomach, holdin my neck.

Caleb moves in and gives me a knee to the back. He switches to more kidney punches, gettin off a half-dozen before I crawl outta reach. Dude jumps on me, wrappin his arms around my head. He goes for a rear naked choke, which I block. I pull on his head and roll him over my shoulder. I grab him around the neck and roll him onto his stomach.

I don't bother bout the cup. Have to put it back next break. Dude squirms under me, throwin me off. When he comes at me, I dive low, grabbin his leg. I trip him down then roll us over. I sit back in a single leg crab. Caleb's gruntin under me. I feel him pushin up, but I'm keepin him down.

I can hear him under me, gettin frustrated that he can't push me off. I wanna keep punishin him and make this hurt. That's how I'll wear him down. I ease up, so he thinks he gettin somewhere. Caleb keeps fightin, stayin in the hold. Just like I figured he'd do. I lean back again, but too hard and too sudden. Caleb panics, thinkin his back's gonna break.

Dude shouts, "WHOA! GIVE! GIVE! GIVE!"

I let go of his leg, lettin it drop. Caleb starts swearin, realizin he panicked. I gotta smile as he talks to himself. I start to stretch out. Caleb's strong, but it's like he doesn't know much other than punchin and chokin. I've got a few bruises. I'm sweaty from movin him around. Other than that, I'm feelin good

I'm figurin Caleb out. He doesn't get much action any more, cause of his reputation. The matches he gets aren't this tough. Probably a lot of maso-, maso- ... guys who just wanna get beaten up by a big musclestud. That means dude's probably not been in too many holds he can't power outta and he doesn't know what to do when he is.

Cool, I can work with that.

Third Fall

I walk over to grab my cup, but Caleb dives for it. He tosses it back into the kitchen. Dude goes, "C'mon, man, don't be a pussy. What happened to just guys in speedos? I'm not wearin one." He grabs his bulge, shakin it at me in his red trunks.

I let the cup thing go, figurin it's not worth it. With this guy, protection might actually get him to go for more low blows.

Dude asks if we can start on knees. I'm cool with that. He's tirin out. Maybe one more long submission hold and his ass is mine. We lock up and push and press. I force him down into a front facelock. I lift up, stretchin his neck. The tough guy punches my abs, but I keep the hold on tight. Caleb grabs me around the waist and lifts me up. I see where this is goin. So I let go of his head and slide down his back.

I hit the mat, somersault and turn around. Caleb's kinda surprised by what I did. When he turns, I grab his ankle and pull his foot out to me. I lie back and wrap on a leglock. I twist his ankle hard. The muscleman is cryin out, feelin the pain. I really go for it and he's goin crazy on the mat. I think he's gonna submit, but dude kicks out with his free leg. It hits my chest and sends me back. Dude pulls his leg free and rolls to the edge of the mat. He's on his knees and forearms, head hangin down. Caleb works out his ankle.

I'm like, "Good out, dude. I thought I had you for sure." Dude doesn't respond, just keeps workin.

I wait for him to get back to his knees. Caleb finally comes back over. He dives for me, tacklin me down. I keep us rollin with the momentum, throwin him off me onto his back. I grab his arm and drag it between my legs. Dude fights, but I slide my foot behind his head, liftin it up. I twist at his trapped arm, wrenchin it hard.

Caleb's face is red and he's cryin out in pain. I twist his wrist and dude gives again.


I let go. Dude collapses on the mat, shakin out his arm. I ask if he's done, but he's like, "No way! No, no, no!" Caleb rolls over onto his knees. He slaps the mat, real angry, "What the fuck's wrong with me today? Damnit!"

We Go Again

Caleb gets up, still talkin to himself. I know I'd be feelin the same way if I'd been dominated like this. It sucks for him, especially if he's used to just beatin guys up.

We lock up again. My hands slip on Caleb's sweaty skin and he gets a burst of energy. Dude turns into me and trips me down onto my back. He drops down with an elbow to my gut. The tough guy spins and comes up my body. He slams his knee up between my legs into my balls on the way. FUCK! I go limp for a moment.

Caleb puts his knee right in my bulge and sits up. He starts poundin my abs again. I gotta take the hits, cause my nuts re bein crushed. Dude plants his hands on my pecs, swings up and comes down with his knee into my lower abs. Fuck me, he's finally breakin through my muscles. The tough stud drags me up by my wrist. He whips me into the wall, hard. I sag against it. Dude charges, slammin his knee into my abs. I feel like pukin.

I try to push him off me, but he throws his forearm across my face. I go weak for a second then he grabs the back of my head. Dude pushes me down to the mat. I land face first and he starts stompin me. I'm feelin every kick. Caleb grabs me and drags me up to my knees. He shoves my head between his legs, lifts my right arm and grabs my hand.

Caleb pushes back on my hand then tears at my fingers. Oh fuck, I think he's gonna break them, so I give. Dude doesn't break, so I give again. He finally breaks, but it took way too long. I collapse onto the mat.

Caleb circles me. The muscledude is cocky, "Yeah! That's what I'm talkin about! Get the fuck up! We're goin again!"

We're Goin Again

Fuck, lost that one bad. I just start shakin out my hand, testin my fingers, when dude grabs my hair and then my throat. He forces me up and pins me to the wall with a fuckin chokehold. I can't even ask, "what the fuck", 'cause he's got a tight grip. He pulls one hand off, holdin me up by my throat with the other. Dude starts poundin the shit outta my abs. The fucker's breakin me down, not givin me any rest between falls.

I get desperate, kickin my foot up between his legs. Hard. My foot crunches his balls and dude looks at me all shocked. He did it first, so I don't give a shit. I knock his hand off my throat then give him a forearm across his face. Caleb's wobblin, clutchin his junk, so I give him another shot, this time to the back of the head. Stupid fucker falls to the mat. I hear Ben sayin, "Told ya so," in my head.

I limp over to him, my balls still achin. He's gettin up, so I kick his sorry ass, sendin him front first onto the mat. Dude donkey kicks back at me, but I grab his foot. I lift his foot then drive his leg down, slammin his knee into the mat. I grab him by the hair and make him sit. From behind, I wrap on a tight choke. Now it's Caleb's turn to gag and suffer. He reaches back to rake my eyes, so I let go of the choke.

Caleb coughs, sittin in front of me. I slam my forearm into the back of his neck and he goes down again. I drag his ass up then scoop him across my chest. I bodyslam him down hard. Dude moans while I jump on his chest facin his feet. I pin his shoulders with my legs then lean in. I grab his balls and clamp on my Kaine Klaw.

I crush his junk until it's spillin out between my fingers. Dude's thrashin under me, goin crazy. Guess he doesn't like bein on the other side of this shit. Caleb's goin crazy, whinin and beggin. He submits, so I let go.

A New Level

Caleb's gruntin and rubbin his bulge. He goes, "Fuck, you crushed my fuckin balls!"

I'm like, "Dude, fuck off. You took it there. I just finished it." He's got nothin to say to that.

I ask, "You done?"

Caleb groans, "No!"

I'm like, "That's cool. You know how you don't like givin breaks between falls? That's cool with me, too."

I spin around and slap on a face claw. I slide so my knee's diggin into Caleb's bulge. He throws punches, but I duck my head so all he hits is my shoulders and arms. He starts beggin again then submits again.

I ask him if he's done. This time, he goes, "Okay, done. No more."

He's Done

I crawl off him and move to the side of the mat. I stand up, lookin to stretch out. Caleb rolls over and fuckin tackles me down! I'm like, "What the -?"

Caleb rams his knee between my legs. FUCK! He does it again and I almost black out. The muscleman climbs on top of me and puts on a front facelock. Oh shit, he's goin for a choke, tryin to put me out. On instinct, I throw my hands up and box his ears. He cries out and I throw him off.

I spit out, "What the fuck, dude? You said you were fuckin done!"

Caleb's like, "Done that fall, not the match."

Dude charges at me, so I lift my foot, slammin it into his package. Fire with fire, asshole. I kick out hard and he falls back. We both sit on the mat, moanin and rubbin our bulges. We're sweaty and breathin hard. Neither of us move for like five minutes, but we don't talk either. I notice he's inchin up, more to a crouch. I'm fuckin pissed as hell, but I don't do shit. I just wait.

Dude tries to be sneaky, springin at me. Idiot, I know he's a dirty bastard, so I see it comin. I trip him down onto his stomach then climb on his back. I rub his face on the mat then lock up his head and arms in a full nelson. I sit back, pullin him into a camel clutch/full nelson combo. Caleb's groanin in the hold. When I pull back, he's submittin again.

This time, I don't let go. I ask, "You done?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm done!"

I'm like, "Just this fall done or done, done?"

Caleb's like, "Done, done!"

I finally let him go. He swears bout me not lettin go fast enough, but I smack the back of his head and tell him it's his own fault. Caleb tries to crawl away, but I'm not gettin off his back. I reach back and slap his ass. I squeeze his butt. Nice. Don't know if it was worth all this shit, but it'll do.

Okay, He's Done, Done

I stand up and Caleb climbs to his hands and knees. I'm stretchin out when the son of a bitch dives at me. Are you fuckin kiddin me? I jump outta the way. Seriously? Dude's like, "You cheated. Keepin me in the hold!"

Caleb dives at me again. Instead of jumpin outta the way, I lift my knee, drivin it right into his face. He falls back so I start stompin the shit outta his abs. They're tough, but my foot's fuckin tougher. He cries out like a bitch, I get on him and put my ass on his face. I pound the shit outta his stomach. I lose count, just hammerin him for minutes until my knuckles are red and sore. Dude's abs gave awhile ago, so he's cryin out, but I ain't stoppin.

I move around and drag him up. I lift him then drop him with a gutbuster. I power him up then do it again. And again. Three stiff gut busters and dude is limp on my leg. I swing around and lock him in a body scissors. I squeeze as hard as I can. Caleb's cryin out, so I musta softened him up pretty good.

Dude whines, "ARGH! You're breakin my ribs, you motherfucker."

"That a submi - UNH!"

Caleb swings out. He's probably goin for my balls, but he punches my cock. Doesn't matter, cause it's good enough. He breaks my legs apart then turns. Dude gets his hand over my bulge. I slam my foot into his ribs and he flies back, cryin out. I get behind him then drag him up. I lift him up in a reverse bearhug. Dude's screamin and floppin in my arms.

I make sure I'm right over his ribs, since that's where he's hurtin. He tries goin for my fingers, but I got them locked up tight. He tries kickin back, but he can't get me. I got my legs spread and balls outta reach, pressed on the top of his ass. I shake him back and forth. Caleb submits again.

I'm like, "Lemme guess, you're done?"

Caleb moans, "Okay, okay. This time I'm really done."

Done, Done, Done ... Yeah, Right

I go, "Yeah, I don't believe it."

I start squeezin him again until he can't move from the pain. I drop him to the mat. I circle around and grab his head. Dude tries for a shot to my balls. Can you fuckin believe it? I twist outta the way and he hits my hip. I shove his head between my thighs then grab his wrists. I drag his arms up, holdin them up high.

I flex my legs, crushin his head. Dude tries to give, but I don't give a shit. I keep squeezin until he goes out. I let his arms go and they drop. I open my legs, lettin dude collapse at my feet.

"Now you're fuckin done, you stupid son of a bitch!"

Payin the Piper

I grab my cup and put it back in my trunks, just in case. I strip dude outta his red trunks, figurin it might make him think twice bout doin anything else. I hear Ben's voice, tellin me to grab my shit and get out while I can. But I ignore that voice. I deserve a fuckin victory fuck. My balls are achin, but I ain't lettin him off this easy. I'm gonna fuck this son of a bitch, even if it fuckin kills me.

I grab two beers from Caleb's fridge. I chug one then pour the other one on Caleb's head to wake him up. Dude sputters and flops around. He freaks out until smells it's beer then stares at me. I'm like, "That's four times you're done, fucker. Gonna try again?"

No response, but Caleb's fuckin pissed. I can see it on his face. He tries gettin up, but I tackle him down. We struggle, but he's too tired and I'm on a rush. I pin him face down, holdin his arms up and keepin my weight on top. I pump my cupped bulge against his bare ass.

"You just gonna keep fightin me until I go?"

Caleb bitches, "I think you broke my fuckin rib."

I laugh, "Fuck off with that bullshit. It's supposed to hurt, right?" That shuts him up. I go, "You're done. Your ass is supposed to be mine. You gonna pussy outta stakes?"

Caleb just lies there for a long minute. He finally goes, "Fine." Dude relaxes under me, so I think he's really done and he's gonna live up to his word. But I can't trust this fucker.

I grab his hair and lean down. My mouth is right on his ear, "I'm not playin, dude. You start something else or try one more fuckin low blow and I really will break something. Balls, nose, arm, leg ... not sure yet, but it'll be something you don't want fuckin broken."

I get up off Caleb, ready for anything. He rolls over and looks at me. He gets that I'm serious, so his attitude's changed. I can tell this dude is back to the chill guy from the start. I move in and grab his hair. I'm real rough when I pull him up to sit. I pull down my trunks then just fuckin shove my cock into his mouth. No warnin, nothin. I hit the back of his throat on the first try. Dude gags then starts suckin like a good boy.

I've never face-fucked a guy this hard in my life. I'm rammin his mouth like a jackhammer. Dude has to kneel there and take it like the bitch he is. He's gaggin and chokin. When I pull out, he bends down and starts coughin. I lift my foot up, wedgin it under his face.

I'm like, "Kiss it, bitch."

I tap it up into his lips. He tries to lift his face up to get away, but I slam my hand down into the back of his head. That ends that bullshit. Dude kisses my foot, frenchin it until I pull it away. I tell him to keep his head down and he does. I circle around, lookin at his ass. Fuck, that's sweet. I grab a condom and get down. I spank the fucker, slappin him hard. Caleb yelps, but I keep goin until his ass is good and red.

When I'm ready, I force my way against his hole, gettin set. I plunge in, rammin his tight hole. My poundin gets him cryin out and moanin. I reach down his back and grab his hair. I drag his head up, pullin his hair while I drill the son of a bitch. My balls are screamin, but I ignore them. My whole body's startin to ache, bruises showin from the fight. I ignore those, too.

I'm fuckin this guy as punishment more than cause I want to, so as soon as I feel close, I pull out and pull his hair to get him to his knees. I stand over him, aimin my cock at his face. I explode, coatin dude with my fuckin seed. Nose, eyes, hair ... I make sure they all get a good spray, even rubbin the last drops onto his lips.

I pull back and stare down Caleb. I check him out then I'm like, "Yeah, I'm done with you."

Caleb gets up. He stretches, makin a face. I don't think I broke his rib, but he's definitely feelin it in his side. Dude grabs my padded cup and tosses it to me. He asks if I wanna shower, but I tell him I'm cool. I need one, but I really just wanna get outta here. I head back to the kitchen and throw my clothes on, never turnin my back to the door.

On my way out, dude goes to shake my hand. I gotta think for a second, but I do it. The whole way home, I feel everything gettin tighter and sorer.

Back at the Hotel

When I get in my room, I drop my shit then notice Ben's got the doors between our rooms open. He's cuddlin with his guy Dylan on his bed. I wave then hobble towards the can.

When I come out, Ben's waitin for me. My buddy sees me limpin. He goes, "I was right, wasn't I?"

I smile, "Not this time, bro. It was awesome." Ben's eyebrow goes up, like he doesn't believe me. I'm like, "He was rough and a cheatin piece of shit, but that's what I needed."

Ben just shakes his head. He helps me to the bed then starts pullin my shoes off. I'm really stiffenin up, so I need the help. I see his boyfriend Dylan lookin in now. Dude just stares when he sees Ben strippin me down to my gitch. He doesn't say anything, but he looks kinda pissed when Ben starts checkin out my bruises.

I tell Ben I'm fine, but he ignores me. My buddy helps me to the bathroom for a hot shower. I come out, wearin a towel and Ben's waitin with some ointment. He helps me into bed then gives me a rubdown. Ben's like the smartest guy I know, but he's fuckin clueless sometimes. He doesn't even notice his boyfriend's not happy, just tells Dylan to fold my clothes likes it's nothin.

I know Dylan's a good guy. He's gone outta his way to gimme a lot of advice on the business since I started with ROW. And I get his attitude. It probably looks weird, but dude should know Ben and me enough by now. He should know he's got nothin to be jealous bout. Ben and me? We're like brothers. It takes a minute, but Dylan finally kinda relaxes and goes with it.

Anyway, my buddy turns down the bed and asks what I need. I tell him two painkillers and a nap. Ben says he'll wake me around dinner then gets me set. My buddy tucks me in, turns out the light and closes his room's door, leavin mine open so he has easy access. I know he'll be checkin on me all day, but I'll sleep through it.

I know Ben thinks I'm crazy, but I meant what I said. Today was awesome. I'm plannin an asskickin and I need to toughen up. That's what I've been doin. I need to face shit like this. If I can win brawls like this, I know I'm ready for whatever comes next.

The End

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