Thursday, July 23, 2015

Route 69 S208: Quincy MA

TAP, TAP. "Ben!" TAP, TAP. "Ben!"

I hear my best friend Jeff at my motel room door. I roll out of bed, trying not to wake my boyfriend Dylan. I pull on a pair of athletic pants and open the door slightly, getting hit by the cool November air.

Jeff asks me, "Ben, can I borrow the car? I got some business to take care of."

I whisper, "Huh? What kind of business could you possibly have at midnight in Quincy Massachusetts?"

Jeff smiles, "Asskicking business."

Oh shit. I grab my keys and wallet, slide on my sneakers then slip out into the parking lot. I pull on my jacket over my bare torso and ask Jeff whats up.

Jeff says there's no time to explain, but I tell him he can tell me on the way. He says he doesn't want to pull me away from Dylan, but I tell him either I come along or he can call a taxi.

Jeff smacks his head, "A taxi! Shit. I shoulda just called a taxi. Never mind, bro."

I grab Jeff's arm and drag him to my car. We hop in and he tells me to drive to the Ring of Wrestling arena. He explains that he had another huge blowup with the ROW Heavyweight Champion.  They're fighting a re-match tonight in the deserted ring. Just the two of them. I look at him like he's nuts. The last time they fought, Jeff lost, got his head shaved and it set him back politically. It started seven weeks of Champ relentlessly hazing Jeff, whos a rookie in ROW. It also started him on a losing streak in private matches that resulted in him filming a gay wrestling video and getting fucked for the first time.

Jeff dismisses my concerns. He says, "I fought through all that. I'm back on track. Trust me, this time I'm winning."

I dont question his confidence, instead asking, I get why youre doing it, but why would Champ agree to this? Hes got nothing to gain and everything to lose."

"Because it's no set falls and the loser gets fucked this time."


"Yeah. What an idiot. I tricked the fucker into starting a fight. I said one fall's not enough, so we're just gonna keep going. Winner gets to figure on when to stop. Challenging him to a loser gets fucked match just made it impossible for him to say no."

We arrive. I park and we hop out. I walk Jeff to the door and we hug. In spite of my misgivings, I say. "Good luck!"

Champ's left the building's side door wedged open. Jeff opens the door and kicks the wedge out. He smiles, "Can I call you for a ride back? Like in an hour, figuring I gotta get changed, wrestle and fuck him?"

I nod, "Sure. I'll go grab coffee and donuts down the street and do some work. I write my best tweets at night, anyway. Wow, beautiful sky tonight."

Jeff looks up, giving me the chance to unlock the knob without him seeing. Once he goes in, I wait a minute then open the door and slip inside. Perfect. I sneak down the hall then up the stairs. I enter the production booth. Champ has already got the spotlights over the ring on, so this seems like a good place to hide. Great view and completely out of sight.

All right, Jeff, I've got my fingers crossed for you.

The Wrestlers

I see Jeff come into the ring area first. He looks good, his 6'2", 220-lbs of muscles looking pumped. My buddy stretches his ripped, perfectly chiseled body. He's wearing silver squarecuts. Must be new, because I've never seen them before. He's got white boots and accessories that pop against his spray-tanned white skin. Jeffs hair is growing back, dyed blond, but not yet like the thick head of hair he had before Champ took it.

As Jeff stretches, the door suddenly flies open. Champ comes sauntering in, looking powerful and arrogant, just like his badass anti-hero persona. He moves to the ring just like he would if this was a real match in front of an audience. Champ is almost exactly the same size as Jeff, just 10-lbs heavier. He's less tanned, but very rugged and manly, with big muscles, square jaw and close cropped dark hair and facial scruff. He's wearing basic black trunks, boots and accessories. The trunks are smaller than his usual ones, showing off his oiled body as it glistens in the bright spotlights over the ring.

Neither guy wastes much time and there's no conversation. They both slide into the ring in opposite corners then come out fighting.

Jeff vs. Champ

The guys circle once then dive in for a traditional collar-and-elbow lock up. Champ powers Jeff into a side headlock. He pumps hard, flexing his bicep into Jeff's temple. UNH! The heel looks arrogant and confident. Of course, why shouldn't he? He's bigger, more experienced and has handled Jeff before.

My buddy drops his arms. He punches the back of the heel's knee. WHAP! Champ instinctively bends his leg. Jeff grabs the rising ankle and lifts the foot up. The badass muscleman is hopping on one leg, trying to maintain control through the headlock. Jeff powers Champ up then drops him, leg on leg. CRACK! The shockwave of pain shoots through Champ's leg and he loses the headlock.

Champ hops in pain, swearing up a storm. Jeff clips his good leg out from under him, putting the heel on his tight ass. Jeff spins, driving a boot to the badass muscleman's chest. WHOMP! Champ falls backwards, sprawling out on the canvas. My buddy starts stomping his opponent, quickly attacking the aching knee. Jeff grabs Champ's ankles, lifts his legs then spreads them. He jumps and dives forward, delivering a headbutt right to Champ's lower abs. ARGH!

The heel tries to lock on a scissors, but Jeff anticipates the move. He dives to the side, driving his elbow into the inside of Champs thigh. The badass lunges up with a hard fist, but Jeff grabs his wrist and pulls him into an elbow. WHACK! Champ falls back. He summons the focus to go for a kick, but once again, Jeff counters fast. My buddy grabs the leg, lifting them as he rises.

Champ tries to kick free, but a stomp to his abs gives Jeff control for another moment. He grabs the other ankle then bends Champ's legs around his own then steps over. The big muscleman in black is flipped onto his chest and Jeff sits back, applying a good-looking sharpshooter. I remember this is the move he submitted to in the first match, so I'm not surprised he's using it to break the badass musclehunk down.

Champ won't give, of course. It's way too early for that. But Jeff's smart to take out the legs and now go for the back. The heel is a power wrestler, so weak legs and back will severely limit him. Im impressed with how Jeff has anticipated and countered every move by the badass muscleman. I wonder just how long Jeff's been planning this. Probably seven weeks, since he lost the last one.

I see Jeff adjusting the sharpshooter. With his free right hand, my buddy reaches down and grabs Champ's left wrist. He sits even further back as he drags the wrist up over his shoulder. Jeff pulls so hard, Champ's chest and head are dragged off the mat. The big badass is folded back in a way I've never seen before.

Seconds later, Champ is shockingly crying out in submission, "Aw, fuck! I give! Give! Give!"

Jeff drops Champ down. He rises and turns, straddling the heels waist as the muscleman in black rolls over. Jeff kneels down, resting his knees on Champs arms. He asks, "How's it feel, getting your ass kicked by a better version of your own move, Champ?"

"Fuck you. Lemme guess, you're gonna stop, because you got lucky once?"

Jeff smiles, "Naw, we keep goin. My buddy pauses then smiles, But when Im done with you, you're gonna fuckin wish I stopped, Champ."

Champ lashes out with a fist that Jeff sees coming a mile away. He blocks it and pulls the arm over Champ's throat. Jeff lies out, getting side control as he threatens to choke him out with his own arm. The badass is tapping Jeff's shoulder, unable to say give as he desperately tries to save himself from the arm triangle choke.

Jeff lets up, "That's two. Faster than I figured. Shit, I'm gonna have to think of more shit to do to you, Champ."

The heel rolls over onto his stomach, coughing. Jeff stands over Champ then stomps his back. He's not letting up now that he has the big stud down. My buddy grabs the back of Champ's trunks and forces him to rise. Jeff grabs him from behind and lifts him up. Champ and I both assume it's a belly-to-back suplex. The badass muscleman kicks his feet, trying to stop the move.

My buddy actually pushes the big heel forward. Leveraging Champ's added forward momentum, Jeff slams the heel's ass down onto his leg in an atomic drop. WHACK! The impact sends a shockwave of pain through Champ's spine. He springs forward, collapsing face first into the corner, holding the top turnbuckle for support. UNGH!

I see the badass musclestud trying to rise, shaking out his head. He's getting demolished, which I'm sure was not what he expected. Jeff slams his boot into Champ's back, forcing him back into the corner. CLANG! Jeff slams his opponents face into the top turnbuckle dazing him. WHAM! The heel lashes back with an elbow that gets Jeff to back off.

My buddy moves back, but never stops measuring up his opponent. Champ spins then kicks out as Jeff runs in. The blond musclestud stops short, grabbing the boot. He says, "Figured you'd try that, Champ. So fuckin predictable."

With boot in hand, Jeff turns back, twisting Champ over with a leg drag takedown. ARGH! The heel flies over my buddy landing hard. He grabs his leg, which is obviously in pain after being wrenched and used to pull him around. Jeff stomps the fallen Champ again, continuing the total squash. Jeff grabs Champ's trunks again, using them to pull the heel up into a reverse bearhug.

Jeff squeezes and shakes the stunned heel, whipping him around like a ragdoll. Champ tries for a back kick, but Jeff avoids it. He tries for an elbow, but Jeff ducks it and a second try, too. My buddy stops shaking, bends and lifts, throwing Champ back, this time following through with the belly-to-back suplex. WHOMP!

Champ flips all the way over onto his stomach. His feet are kicking up and down as he lies, devastated, on the mat. He's really reeling and Jeff's not about to let up. As soon as Jeffs up, hes launching off the ropes and leaping in the air. He comes down with a leg drop across the back of Champ's head. BAM! Jeff rolls the badass muscleman over, positioning his head between his legs.

As Jeff locks on the head scissors, he buries the big musclemans face in his crotch. He starts slapping Champ's head. I can hear him saying, "C'mon, Champ ... where's your fight? I've waited a long time for this, but I never thought you'd be this fucking easy. Holy shit, you wanna get fucked that bad? Just beg me and I'll do it right now."

"UNH! Fuck you, rook! I'm gonna ki - ARGH!"

Jeff tightens the head scissors, crushing the words right out of Champ's mouth. I'm impressed as the badass holds out, but it doesn't last long.

In a shockingly weak voice, Champ submits to Jeff's legs, "UNH ... give ..." He taps to make sure he's heard. Three submissions already. Amazing.

My buddy releases, seeming bored by another submission. And even though he's clearly won so far tonight, Jeff seems in no hurry to end the abuse. I can't say Champ didn't bring this on himself, but it's both frightening and exciting to see this muscleman just being destroyed like this. Jeff wraps the scissors on again, this time with less pressure. He uses the controlling move to roll them over then does pushups, slamming Champ's forehead into the canvas. THUD! THUD! THUD! Jeff sits back, releasing the dazed heel's head.

Champ can't move as Jeff slides down his back until he's sitting on his back. My buddy grabs the badass muscleman's arms and drags him up into a camel clutch. The heel's moans grow louder, filling the arena. Jeff leans back, punishing the big stud's back in the hold. Even from my perch, I can see the pain etched across Champ's face.

The heel cries out, GIVE! And that makes four submissions.

Jeff releases his opponent's chin then slams his forearm into the back of Champ's head. The heel flies forward, his face slamming into the mat. Jeff rises slowly and confidently. He stomps the big muscleman's back and knees again, continuing his relentless and focused assault on legs, back and head. My buddy reaches down, drags up Champ and scoops him across his chest.

The ring shakes with the force Jeff uses to bodyslam Champ down. KABOOM! The impact has Champ unmoving, giving my buddy time to grab his legs and fold them into position. Jeff falls back and puts the finishing touch on his figure-four. The mighty badass moans loudly, his legs being torn apart in the hold.

Champ cries out submission number five, "I GIVE! GIVE! GIVE!"

The one-sided squash has both men sweating, as even Jeff is feeling the effects of throwing the weakened muscleman around. He grabs Champ's wrists, drags him to the corner then forces the big man to his feet. Jeff drives his knee into the heel's abs then grabs him by the throat and the front of his trunks. My buddy pushes Champ up the ropes, lying him on the top turnbuckle. Jeff reaches over, pushing down on chest and knees.

Champ groans as he's tortured in the backbreaker over the top turnbuckle. He's groaning as he hangs there, helpless and weak. Some small pride remains, forcing him to hold out against certain doom. Jeff bounces him on the turnbuckle and that's all it takes.

Give! Submission number six.

Without missing a beat, Jeff turns and kneels under the limp body of his opponent. He rises, coming up under Champ. The big badass is hoisted on Jeff's broad shoulders into a real backbreaker. Jeff moves to the middle of the ring, cranking on the ravaged muscled body. Jeff must hear a weak seventh submission. I don't, but he drops Champ down. Jeff plants his boot on the heel's chest then starts counting on his fingers.

"How many is that, big man?"

"... unh ..."

"Seven. It's seven. One for every fucking week since you picked a fight with me for no fucking reason. One for every week since you shaved my fucking head. One for every fucking week you've treated me like shit on your boot. One for every fucking week ... well, you get the point. Right, Champ?"

"... unh ..."

Jeff circles Champ's devastated body. He grabs the badass musclestud and drags him up. Jeff throws the heel into the corner. Champ can't keep his feet. He falls onto his ass. Jeff moves outside the ring to grab something. It's his phone. Jeff fiddles with it then props it up in the opposite corner.

The dominant muscleman looks over to his prey. He says, "I got one more for you, Champ. One more. This one's just for me. And I'm gonna make it last."

Jeff stays out of the ring, circling behind Champ. My buddy slides under the bottom rope and drags Champ's ankle out of the ring. He turns the crushed musclestud, getting his legs on either side of the ring post. Jeff moves methodically, holding the black boots, planting his boot on the ringpost.

With a sudden, viloent yank, he drags Champ back, slamming the ringpost up between the big man's legs. YYEEEEEAARRRGGHHH! The scream is audible and clear, making my own balls hurt in sympathy.

Champ curls into a ball in the corner holding his manhood as Jeff casually moves back into the ring. My buddy drags the heel up, backing him against the turnbuckles. He puts Champ's arms over the top ropes then forces the muscleman's legs over the middle ropes. Champ sits on the middle turnbuckle, limbs held spreadeagle by the wrapped cables.

Jeff grabs the black trunks, forcing them down until Champ's cock and balls flop out. He wedges them under the balls, keeping the heel exposed. Jeff moves onto the ring apron and comes in behind Champ. He swats the badass muscleman's head then pulls it up. Jeff holds the Champs chin and points at his phone propped up in the opposite corner.

"Smile for the camera, Champ."

The heel looks through groggy eyes. He struggles a little and tries to speak, the pain muffling his words. Jeff wraps his arms around Champ's head then starts to squeeze. He lets up then squeezes again. My buddy is ruthless as he keeps edging Champ closer and closer to unconsciousness without going all the way.

Jeff keeps taunting Champ, milking the moment. He finally tenses and tightens, knocking Champ out for real. He releases the sleeper then pushes Champ out of the corner, letting him collapse onto the canvas. Jeff enters the ring, pushing his sweaty hair back. He grabs Champ's legs and puts him on his back, spreadeagle, still exposed, in the middle of the ring. Jeff grabs his phone, jumps onto the top turnbuckle and gets a good shot of the defeated Champ. He moves to the body and plants his boot on the ruined muscleman's chest.

Jeff counts to ten, filming his boot, Champs ruined body and limp manhood. He closes the camera app, puts his phone away then comes back to the ring. He tucks Champ back into his trunks then straddles his waist.

Jeff pauses then lashes out with a hard slap to the powerless top dog of ROW.

Jeff Takes the Champ

Jeff roughly slaps Champ awake. The heel rolls onto his side and shakes his head, trying to get his wits about him. My buddy walks away, hopping onto the top turnbuckle. Jeff waits patiently until Champ looks over at him. Jeff has a shit-eating grin on his handsome face as he stares down the defeated man.

The victorious musclehunk motions for Champ to come to him. When the badass stud starts to rise, Jeff grunts and points down. Ooh, Champ has to get to hands and knees. He obeys, crawling over towards Jeff. When he reaches the confident winner, he kneels, awaiting further instruction. Jeff holds out his white boot and wiggles it.

Champ looks like he could spit nails, but the enormity of Jeff's victory ensures obedience. The heel leans towards the boot. He holds it in place then subserviently kisses Jeff's foot. The winner taunts, "C'mon Champ, show some respect. Put some tongue into it." The red-faced muscleman leans in and does it again, this time licking the white patent leather.

When my buddy sticks his other foot out, the big badass reluctantly repeats the humiliating move. Jeff nods his approval. Wow, I realize that I've never seen his shoulders slung so low and head bowed like this. At Jeff's instruction, Champ sits on the mat and strips all his black gear off until he's naked. His gorgeous ass is smooth and his pubes are trimmed, framing his uncut cock, which is already semi-hard as he uses the ropes to crawl back to his feet.

My buddy motions him forward then palms his head. Jeff pushes Champ's face into his bulge, rubbing it against his silver spandex. He tells Champ to peel down the squarecuts then impales the badass wrestler's face onto his swelling cock. "Get me hard!" The defeated muscleman starts to work, bobbing his head up and down. Jeff is relentless in criticizing the job he's doing, making the humiliation all the worse.

Champ chokes on Jeff's meat when the handsome hunk forces his face down all the way. Jeff lets the gagging stud loose. Champ stands and turns away, trying to regain his breath. I see Jeff slip a condom out of his boot and slide it on. He comes in behind the big badass then locks him in a full nelson. The helpless heel is compliant as Jeff forces him into the corner.

Jeff maneuvers into position, using the turnbuckles to keep Champ in place. He swivels his hips then roughly rams his big cock into Champ's ass. ARGH! The bigger muscleman cries out as his ass is penetrated with no warmup, no preparation. Jeff just drives inside and starts to pound away in the full nelson.

Champ is limp from the power of the hold as he's fucked mercilessly. He doesn't beg or plead, just accepts his punishment like a man. I do respect that, but I bet he's never going to forgive or forget this. As Jeff punishes his victim's prostate, Champ's cock can't help but grow. The hard ramming fuck has him fully erect, he cock bouncing and slapping the smooth vinyl turnbuckle with every punishing thrust.

Both men are moaning and Jeff keeps going for a long time. Finally he pulls out, spinning Champ and letting the weak muscleman fall onto his ass in the corner. Jeff rips off the condom and pumps his cock. He slides his boot under Champ's balls and bounces them, demanding the handsome hunk jerk his cock.

The badass wrestler obeys, pumping his shaft. It doesn't take long before he unleashes his load, shooting it up his stomach. It runs down his abs and soaks his trimmed pubes. Jeff accelerates his own pumping, quickly firing his seed into the big badass wrestler's face then down onto his beefy pecs.

With Champ cum-coated and weak, Jeff drags him up. He forces the naked musclestud's arms over the top rope then pulls up in the middle rope. Champ is quickly locked in place.

Jeff picks up Champ's black gear. He says, "Remember how you said I can't wear black? Yeah. Change of plans." With that, Jeff pulls on his opponent's gear.

Champ is pissed, straining against the ropes, but there's nothing he can do about it.

Jeff struts around in his stolen black trunks. He grabs his silver squarecuts. My buddy turns them inside out. Oh. There's pink lettering on the ass, hidden on the inside during the match, but now visible. In huge block letters, the trunks say, BITCH. Jeff shows them to Champ then roughly grabs the heels legs and forces the trunks onto the trapped muscleman.

With their gear reversed and Champ labeled as a bitch, Jeff moves in behind and slaps on a rear naked choke. As Champ struggles, Jeff says, "Remember how I had to explain my shaved head to Dean?" The big badass can't reply before he's put out once again. Jeff releases his opponent from the ropes, letting him collapse down. Jeff circles the man who's now lying unconscious in the ring. I hear him mutter, "Try explaining this when the crew wakes you up in a few hours. Champ."

Jeff strides out of the ring area, head held high.

With Jeff headed to the locker room and Champ unconscious, I slip out to my car. I get there just as Jeff calls me. He tells me he's hitting the shower, so he'll be ready in ten. I turn on the engine and wait. Jeff comes out, hops in and we drive back to the hotel. He thanks me for not asking what happened and I confess I saw the whole thing. We never lie to each other and I'm not starting now.

Fortunately, Jeff isn't mad and he thanks me for looking out for him. After all, he got sandbagged in Indianapolis, so he gets why I was being careful here.

Heading Out

The next morning, as Dylan and I are enjoying breakfast in the motel coffee shop, Dylan says, "You look beat. Did I keep you up? Oh my god, do I snore?"

"You don't snore." I hesitate on what to say next. I don't want to admit to Dylan what happened. I feel bad for lying, even by omission, but I don't want to compromise his position with ROW. If he knew what happened, it would create a strange predicament for him.

Just then, Dylan's phone rings. He picks up and quickly is asking, "What? Pause. Slow down. He was what? Pause. What the fuck are 'bitch' trunks?" Dylan realizes he said that last one too loudly and everyone is staring at him. He sheepishly excuses himself and takes the call outside. I cant help but smile as I wonder what Champ's explanation will be.

Dylan comes back and sits down. We look at each other and he simply says, Unbelievable. I raise an eyebrow, feigning curiosity. He holds up a hand and says, "Don't ask. Please." I agree, so Dylan says, "Thank you.

We switch to idle small talk. A few minutes later, Dylan casually says, "So we're in Massachusetts. And we're heading into New York State in a couple of weeks."


My boyfriend grabs my hand. He says, "Well, they have something in common. For guys like us. Do you ever think about that?"

I know what he's talking about. I say, "Of course. What guy doesn't?"

"Well, what do you think about us doing it? Taking the next big step?"

I'm shocked and uncomfortable. I stammer, "Oh. Oh. Oh, Dylan. I'm ... oh Dylan. Yeah. Um. I'm not ready for that. I'm sorry. I don't think that's next. We've got a few big steps before that. We've only known each other for a few months. That's -"

Dylan cuts me off, "I get that. I didn't really mean getting married now. It's okay, I don't have a ring and I'm not getting on one knee or anything. I just wonder about ever. Do you ever see us maybe ...?"

I relax, "Yes. Of course." We have a moment of silence, so he gets up and pays the check.

As we walk back to my motel room, Dylan says, "So I get that you're not ready for marriage. Me neither, really. But, we've been pretty casual for the past couple of months. What are you ready for?"

I smile and pull Dylan close. I grab his head and kiss him deeply. It's long and passionate. I pull back and look deep into his eyes, "Dylan, I luh -"

Before I can finish, we hear Jeff, "Ben? Car's packed. We gonna hit the road!"

My best friend stands in the doorway. I tell him, "I'll be just another minute." He sees us locked up and smiles, holding up his hands and tiptoeing away. I turn my attention back to Dylan, "Where were we?"

Dylan looks irritated. He coldly says, "Never mind, we can talk about it later. You've gotta go. I wish I could go with you, but I guess that's not an option."

I ignore his comment and tone, "Look, I'm saying this. Dylan Chase, I love you."

Dylan smiles, "Wow, first time you've said that. Big step. I love you, too. But you know that. I've been saying it for weeks." He pauses then says, "Doesn't get me a seat in your car, though."

I purse my lips, wishing he hadn't brought that up. Again. I tell him, "Not this trip. But it doesn't change how I feel. It's just I've got two seats and Jeff ..."

Dylan lifts his hand, breaking our hug. "I get it. But where do I rank now? Of the things you love." He counts off on his fingers, "Jeff. Car. Me? Or am I behind your business, too? And what about your love of sex wrestling, your one big exception to us being exclusive?"

"Dylan -"

"Seriously, Ben. Am I third, fourth or fifth right now? Or have you got a sofa that I don't know about stashed somewhere? Maybe a sweater you love."

Now I'm irritated, "Dylan!"

My boyfriend shakes his head, "I'm sorry, Ben. I'm so sorry. I'm just being emotional. You tell me you love me for the first time. That's huge. I want to hug you, kiss you, have sex with you ... but you're riding off with another guy. I won't see you for a week. It's just not what I hoped for when you finally said those words."

"I know. But we'll have plenty of time for all that. You know my deal. I've never -"

Dylan admits, "You're right. You've been totally upfront with me. You're the most honest and decent guy I've ever met. You and Jeff both, actually. Look, you two hit the road. I still gotta check out. We'll FaceTime?"

"Of course. Let me say this again. I love you, Dylan Chase."

Dylan smiles, "I love you, too, Ben."

We hug and kiss goodbye. Jeff and I hit the road, waving at Dylan as we ride off in my convertible. I think about what Dylan asked. The future. Where I'm going. I realize how much has happened this year. I was so lost. Alone. I set out to find where I fit. Now I've got a passion, a business and a man in my life.

Wow, I think I've done it. I've actually got all the pieces I want. I just need to put them together.

The End


  1. What a brutal squash and it could not happen to a more deserving guy! Brilliantly written, hot as all hell and yay for Jeff!

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yeah, Jeff was focused on revenge and patient, which is not exactly his strong suit, and was rewarded. Champ never gave Jeff another thought after Kansas City, but he obviously should have.