Friday, October 9, 2015

Inspiration: Good Into Great

Have you ever watched a match and thought, 'I wish it hadn't ended that way?' Or, 'I wish this was a squash'? Or just watched multiple segments over and over. I certainly have.

For the past few years, I've been all about digital files. I only buy downloads. And I've ripped all my favorite DVD matches, just like I copied all my VHS tapes onto DVD. Now, I can watch what I want, when I want and where I want. I've got AppleTV when I want them on the big screen. I've got my iPad when I want something simpler or I'm traveling. It really does suit my needs.

A couple of years ago, I took that to the next level. I've had iMovie for a long time. It's stupidly simple to use. With the ease of video editing, why should I settle for an match I like, but could be even better? Or long intros I don't want to see? For example, Can-Am's Brian Cage vs. Jimmy Jacobs has 7 minutes of set-up for 15 minutes of action. Yeah, no. Not interested in that. With iMovie, I could make it into a tight, action-packed match

What if I was the editor? Here's a couple of examples of things I've done ...

One of my more creative choices was changing Dash Decker vs. Colt Stevens into a 7-minute, two fall squash with Colt as the cocky teen punk demolishing the arrogant Superman. It fits quite nicely, with Dash coming out in his 'S' t-shirt and his red trunks. Colt even says at one point, "I feel like Superman".

Most of the match features Dash on top
But Dash suffers so well
Ropes help even the odds
It's open season on Dash's abs
Wrapped up, it's an ab slapping good time
Dash fades in the hard body scissors
Ride 'em, cowboy!
Colt holds this long enough for a five-count win, punctuated by a shot to the balls!
It gives him the win in my edited version
Another of my favorites was turning Big Sexy vs. Brendan Cage from a 24-minute match into a 12-minute squash. I still have the back-and-forth match, but I do like watching Big Sexy get thrown around and dominated by the older stud.

The younger buck gets slammed
His back broken
And stretched out
Brendan victorious

It's quite remarkable how seamless it all is. While there are the occasional strange jumps and audio that doesn't flow, for the most part, it works out pretty well. Certainly well enough for me to enjoy my new creations.

It's actually a possible product. We've got these wrestlers and these holds. With video editing software, why couldn't you just edit two or three versions? I know that BGEast did Custom Combat with Jonny Firestorm, but I think it mainly allowed you to choose the next move at a few points in the match. Jonny always wins in a squash. I might be wrong as it's only available on DVD, so I haven't seen it. What I'm suggesting is completely different versions.

Cameron Matthews allows comments. Guys are always demanding something he doesn't have. "Brian Cage needs to get dominated!" "No, Brian Cage needs to dominate!" "No, It should be a back-and-forth match!" "I want piledrivers!" "I will only buy if there are bearhugs!"

In fact, there are natural breaks in most matches and certainly cuts in editing. You simply choreograph them to end and start in similar positions. Therefore, you offer a 12-minute little guy squashing the big guy, a 12-minute big guy squashing the little guy or a 24-minute back-and-forth match. One filming, three products for all tastes.

Of course it's slightly harder than that, but not much. Anyway, if you've ever thought about it, I'd really recommend it. It literally takes me no more than ten minutes to cut the scenes I don't want. Most of the time is uploading into iMovie and creating the final video.Turning Good Into Great



  1. Very cool idea, man. :) With the technology used now in Blu-ray movies, I could see a time when you could potentially compile your own custom match in the menu before the movie starts playing and it'll go from scene to scene across the disc for you.

    That'd definitely be more work for the wrestlers and everyone involved, but the finished product would certainly be nice for the consumer.

    1. Thanks! The Blu-ray option sounds like more work for producers. I'm not really thinking about letting people build their own match, I'm just thinking producers could edit the same footage to provide unique products.

    2. Right. :) Sorry about the rambling there. I think your idea is a great one and it'd be nice to see offered by the studios.

    3. Alex R:

      Very interesting concept. Ill have to say that both ideas sound super intriguing. Create yiur own matches? Lucky how would that work? And alex I just bought an iphone but im assuming a full match takes alot of memory to edit on iMovie?

    4. Lucky - Nothing wrong with rambling ... I do it all the time. However, I call it 'stream of consciousness' when I do it. :)

      Alex R - You can certainly hold lots of wrestling videos on an iPhone, as most of mine are only around 300MB in MP4. I've never edited anything on a phone, I do it on my computer, so I can't help you there.

  2. Umm...nowadays it seems that most matches, pro and erotic, rarely go the way I'd prefer them to go. It'd be great to be able to do revisionist matches, especially if most of the match actually goes my guy's way. And customizing matches with live performers, not animated ones, would be very cool.

    Sometimes, particularly in the pro ring, two guys will have a series of matches, close together but with differing results. Excellent candidates for stitching together the best bits, if they're not too similar, to make a superior match.

    I can dream! Sadly I don't have either the tools or skills to do any such thing.

    1. Well, I didn't really think about it until I read Cameron Matthews' comments section and how all over the place people are. Knowing I had changed outcomes and focused on the action I like, it seems like a doable option.

      Too bad you can't do it now, but it seems like the technology is more and more accessible.