Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Review: #430 Ryder vs. Hammer (UCW)

This review could also be titled UCW Saves the Day!

So last week, I was whining about a few mediocre/bad matches I'd watched. And I was all settled on Jersey vs. Talon as the one to reverse the trend. However, I was checking out UCW and noticed a brand new match featuring two guys I really like - Max Ryder vs. Tyson Hammer.

Now, I already have the #399 Ryder/Hammer match. I liked it, but I wasn't looking to buy another. I tend not to buy match-ups more than once, unless there's a compelling reason to do so. With this one, that compelling reason was right on the UCW cover page.

This image definitely got my attention!
Tyson was the same, but Max was different. Like remarkably different. Body, gear, hair. All better. I already liked him, but "WOW!" Max has obviously been at the gym, toning and tightening. And he's showing off that hard work in a new blue poser that is infinitely better than his previous squarecuts. The guy is a total stud now.

Everything starts in pretty standard fashion. Tyson admires the new look, but takes control fast. At this point, it looks like its the same old, same old.

Tyson is in control early

Jobber Max gets humiliated

Well, its not. The best part is of Maxs transformation is that the soft-spoken Max has a new attitude to go with his new look. Let's face it, the guy was a total jobber in his first go around. I mean, he was hopeless. While he still sounds like a nice guy, he's found an inner bad boy that lets him talk tough and back it up with some UCW shenanigans.

Whoa, Max has learned something

Crank it, Max!

Nicely done!

There are a ton of dirty moves, particularly ball grabs. Heres what UCW does so well. This isnt just placing a hand on another guys bulge. Its not play-acting. These guys go for it, squeezing and clutching hard core.

In UCW, ball grabs are for real

Max digs deep

No kids for Max?

Payback is a bitch (but not for fans)

Yeah, these guys aren't shy

Tyson is more than handful

Max is obsessed with Tyson's ass. More than once, he pulls down the trunks and unleashes a spanking. As a nice bit of fan service, Tyson isnt concerned about fixing his briefs, leaving them drooping for much of the match.

Max's inner bad boy is unleashed

Its the standard 30-minute, one-fall encounter for $15.99 (yes, both UCW and RHW took pricing this month, going up a small $1-$2, but theyre still great value). This match is competitive right up until the end, with the guys going all out and matching moves.

Whose splash is better? Here's Tyson's ...

And here's Max's splash

Tyson's crab

Max's crab

I find I usually need to be in the right mood for UCW's frenetic wackiness and luckily I was. This match really satisfied what I needed. Ive watched two more matches Thunders ArenaJersey/Talon and RHWs Ethan Andrews/Rex Bedford and enjoyed them, too, so that's three-in-a-row. It looks like things are looking up.

The comment box is right below here, waiting for a few words from you. What do you think of the new Max Ryder? Or, feel free to talk about Tyson Hammer, UCW or anything else.



  1. Looks like a great battle between two guys who are pretty evenly matched! Did they happen to bill this one as a rematch (which can be pretty exciting), or was it just a regular pairing?

    Thanks for the reviews, man. :) Your shots and gifs are always on the mark.

    1. You're welcome! Tyson and Max acknowledge that it's a rematch at the start, but I don't remember it being a big angle.