Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Review: The Enforcer vs. Marauder (BGEast)

So when I was trying to think about what to review this week, I was stumped. I did just finish a good match from Heel Bash 1, but it's been talked about elsewhere and I didn't have anything to add.

That match did get me thinking about how much I like heel vs. heel action. I originally thought it was rare, but then I realized that's it's actually not that unusual to have two guys who act like heels wrestling each other. It's seems like it's actually the default persona for a lot of guys nowadays.

What is kind of unique is to have two established guys with full-on, undefeated tough guy reputations face off. Chet and his opponent are rookies, so having one lose isn't that big a deal. But having an established heel lose, in character, to another heel is a big deal. I say "in character" because there are heels like Jonny Firestorm who often morph to their role.

A good example is Joe Mazetti at BGEast, who has faced guys like Aryx Quinn, Bulldog Barzini and Cole Cassidy. All of them are well-established heels with dominant records for whom losing would be rare (except for Aryx, who loses a lot). Or when Alex, Dash or Ethan Andrews face off in Rock Hard Wrestling.

Two beefy heel beasts - Mazetti vs. Barzini

One of these matches that I liked was in Masked Mayhem 7. It featured The Enforcer against Marauder, both big men who’d established undefeated records by the time they faced each other (4-0 and 3-0 in their prior matches). They had dominated their matches, destroying their opponents.

Two big masked men ready to face off

The Enforcer was more the draw for me. Not just because I own the exact same mask, but he's hot and a great heel. I first saw him silently destroy Brad Rochelle in That $#@&!! Contract 4. He broke the uber-star down body part by body part, methodically working while Brad begged to know why he was doing it. It was an incredible performance, if you like one-sided squashes. If Brad had one offensive move, I cannot remember it.

I also like masked men, especially when the loser is unmasked, as happens in this match. And, while not a fetish of mine in particular, this match paired up a clothed guy against a hot, hard body in a skimpy bikini.

They start battling at the 2-minute mark then it’s pretty much non-stop for the next 33 minutes. Both guys get punished, but I feel like The Enforcer suffers more than Marauder, which suits me just fine. The unmasking happens during a camel clutch near the very end, after which the unmasked loser is dragged up by his hair, racked then humiliated a bit more before the winner leaves.

All in all, it was a pretty hot setup and the match delivered. Now, I didn’t know who would win, so I’ll try not to spoil it by including the unmasking or any post-unmasking moves.

The action starts fast

Nice camera work

Big men, big moves

Marauder cops a feel

The Enforcer can punish and show off his body at the same time

Putting The Enforcer on display

The ring isn't big enough to contain these bad boys

The Enforcer shows off his strength

Fans of boots will like this pic

Nice position (for the fans, not The Enforcer)

Feeling up The Enforcer's amazing pec while suffering

The great angles and positions just keep coming

Even big bodies can break down

Does The Enforcer win and keep his mask?

Or does Marauder walk out victorious?

So, have you seen this match? What did you think? Would you recommend it?

And what do you think about these reviews of old matches? Should I stick with being more timely content? I can't work as fast as some other guys, but I could stick to videos produced within the past 6 months, for example.



  1. Excellent writeup, man. :) Nice work!

    That's pretty cool that you have a mask just like that. I oughta do a wrestling story someday with a forced unmasking at the end. Maybe something hero/villain themed...

    And you if doing reviews of the older matches is what you enjoy more, then you should definitely go for it. You're the Ryan and the Cody of this domain. *grin*

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yeah, it's a pretty sweet mask. It's not necessarily that I enjoy reviewing older matches more, it's just more practical. I don't watch stuff as fast as other guys, so it's easier to look at things I've ever liked.

      You should absolutely do an unmasking, if it interests you. It can be quite a powerful domination move, with so many layers.

  2. I LOOOOVEEE The Enforcer!!!

    I love his build and proportions and you can tell that behind that mask there is quite a handsome face underneath. As you mention, one of the reasons why I like this match is the fact that both were undefeated at the time it was released. I love watching a match knowing that there is something at stake, as someone's undefeated status on the line or an identity to be revealed as it happens here. Also, that mysterious, quiet attitude of the Enforcer makes it even hotter for me as we only hear him when he screamsin pain when it's his time to receive some punishment. His other, sexier matches are pretty good stuff too.

    I truly hope there is one or two more matches from him still in the BG East vault.

    1. Thanks for the comment. You're right about there being sexier matches. I remember there's some sexual tension involved in one or two of his matches. I'll have to re-visit them sometime soon.