Friday, October 23, 2015

Review: Jersey vs. Luke (Thunder's Arena)

It's Jersey vs. Luke

I haven't watched a Thunder's Arena ring match,  yet. I have bought three Dirty Daddy ring matches (vs. Tak, Brian Cage and Marco), but I just haven't gotten around to watching them. I feel like I should be excited to see them, but I kind of not. I'm sure they're mostly good, but they don't feel special at all.

I get the feeling that Thunder's Arena aspires to be the new king of gay-oriented wrestling video companies (whether they want to call themselves that or not), what with the move into ring matches, the ambitious release schedule and the aggressive aquiring of talent. And of course, there's nothing wrong with it.

It's just that lots of people have ring matches. Part of Thunder's unique offering is the house atmosphere. They are the only company that has this buddies-hanging-out-and-roughhousing thing. It's tough to pull off, but it creates a special feeling of camaraderie between the guys when the chemistry is right.

Why am I bringing ring matches up when I'm supposed to be reviewing Jersey vs. Luke?

Well, because for me, Jersey vs. Luke is a quintessential Thunder's Arena match. Not that they shouldn't try to expand, but I think this is the territory that they own and do better than anyone else.

Boys just wanna have fun

The chemistry is perfect between Jersey and Luke. I don't know their relationship, if they know each other or what, but they come across like friends. Jersey is usually all about the fun, but here it's even smoother and more casual than normal. There's not really a sense of rivalry, even as the action gets intense. They don't hate each other, even as they go low again and again.

Well, that's one way to lift Luke onto your shoulders

Um, Jersey? That's not a handle.

I contemplated doing an entire post of the low blows, grabs and general attacks on their 'bean bags', as they call them. There are certainly enough of them. Jersey starts it, but Luke gets payback. Even when they say 'no more', you know neither of them are going to honor that. It reminds me so much of me and my friends when we were growing up that I was totally engrossed.

Fortunately, there's wrestling, too. The guys do apply some nice holds with a lot of back-and-forth amongst the playing around. I'm never a fan of all fun and no wrestling, but no worries there.

Interestingly, the guys compete by copying each other in several moves. Instead of feeling repetitive, I thought this played very well, given their dynamic.

Jersey's choke

Luke's choke

Jersey's pin

Luke's pin

Jersey loving his head scissors

Luke loves his, too

The gear is great, with both guys in posers - silver for Jersey and bright green for Luke. Their bodies are similar, with Luke just being a larger, tanned version of Jersey. A commenter on a previous review called Jersey doughy. I guess you could say that about both these guys, but I think they're sexy as hell.

See, these should be standard issue in TA

Perfect for rolling around

Luke is a lot taller. It might be the angle or Jersey hunched over, but Luke feels like a giant. Now, he claims to be 6'2" and there's no reason to think he's lying to be shorter. I mean, what guy does that? It makes me doubt that Jersey is his officially listed 5'11". Not that it affects anything, I just found their size difference noteworthy.

Luke looks huge (or does Jersey looks small?)

All-in-all, this is a classic Thunder's Arena buddy match, with great chemistry, fun action and two hot studs in skimpy gear.

So what do you think? Please let me know in the comments! It takes mere seconds and all the cool kids are doing it.

Or, if you're one of those people who rejects what's popular just to be different, the vast majority of the hundreds of daily visitors to this blog don't comment, so give a big middle finger to societal norms and write me a comment!


PS. I will say I don't understand the whole 'No-Name' deal for Luke. They made a big deal about it then finally name him something as ordinary as Luke? Seems like a big build-up for nothing.


  1. Before I begin on the Jersey v Luke match I would like to say that TA is pretty good with their ring matches and the variety is welcome. Now, the Dirty Daddy v Marco match is a sight to behold. It is another gem in TA's recent stock...not just b/c Marco is beautiful in those skimpy yellow posers...but b/c DD and Marco both know how to wrestle and their fight gets VERY intense and looks VERY painful but also has a lot of humor b/w the two of them trying to out-"dirty" each other. It is a master class in wrestling moves and you should have not hesitated to watch it...speaking of which...just thinking about it is really getting me all hot and bothered!

    Now to Jersey v Luke: I have found, Alex, that you and I agree a lot on erotic wrestling, but not on this one b/c I found this match sub-par, to say the least. First off, I don't care for Luke here...he looks awkward and seems much to unsure of himself while Jersey is waaay too "doughy" in this match.

    Sure, I'll admit it, I like my erotic wrestlers to be good at wrestling and have phenomenal bodies (look at Talon...WHEW, what a hottie) what?? LOL. I pay good money to see fit guys wrestle around with each other in tiny pieces of clothing :) It's my guiltiest of pleasures.

    Jersey was never very fit but in his early matches (especially his one against TAK which everyone should watch IMMEDIATELY after finishing this very sentence b/c imo it is his best so far) he looked more in shape than he does now. At this rate, by next match he will have a beer gut...and no amount of dimples and attitude can make that sexy.

    Concerning the match itself, I found it overall too playful. I don't mind when the combatants mess around and goof off, but I still want there to be some kind of tension. This match just felt like foreplay, which, to some, may be what they are looking for in a wrestling match, but not me. Also, the obsession they had with ball grabs/slaps wasn't a turn on...just like with anything, a little bit goes a long way. I'm down with a ball grab now and then but when it becomes the focus of the match you've lost me.

    P.S. Future TA matches I'm truly beside myself waiting for:
    Marco v Turbo
    Talon v Wolf & Talon v Vein
    -Marco and Talon are definitely my numbers 1 and 2 at TA...they are both gorgeous babes, they both know how to wrestle using their incredible bodies, AND they both are cocky as hell (I mean, wouldn't you be full of yourself if you looked as good as them?)...the thought of the two of them against each other in the shape they are in now and in tiny outfits is almost impossible for my mind to conceive...but I'm willing to take the chance of an erotic-induced seizure just to see that match!!

    1. Thanks for the counter point! I appreciate you taking the time. It sounds like we agree on what we saw, we mainly reacted differently to the playful action and the physiques of the wrestlers.

      For future viewing, I'll definitely prioritize Dirty Daddy/Marco and Jersey/Tak. I have both, just haven't watched them yet. I like Tak so much, I don't know why I didn't start with his stuff.

      Of the matches you're excited about, I don't know Turbo or Vein, but I'll check them out. I was put off Marco a little by his video with Wolf, but that might be more on his opponent. Wolf is so hot, but I thought he was just terrible in action against Marco and Braden.

      I'm still a little wary about Talon, who is handsome, but I thought he displayed limited skills against Dozer and Jersey.

      However, I still have 9 unwatched Thunder's videos on my iPad, so I probably don't need to be buying anything more anyway. :)

    2. Just so you know, I've watched the Talon-Vein and Talon-Wolf matches and both were somewhat disappointing. When neither guy is fairly skilled in the art of wrestling I find the matches to be somewhat dull.

      Now, I do think Talon has some real skill BUT he also relies heavily on his strength and his looks unlike, say Marco, who has looks and strength but also is a really talented wrestler. Talon's moveset includes too many holds that last for long periods of time. It's almost like he knows he is able to inflict massive amount of pain on his opponents because of his size and strength and so he wears them out over his knee, using a Boston crab, or using a camel clutch. Then while they are moaning and writhing on the ground he uses the opportunity to preen and pose over them...which I LOVE, but even that can get old when that's your whole repertoire in every match.

      I don't know...he has the makings of a super star but his looks (as gorgeous as they may be) will only get him so far. It's important to note, though, that his match w/TAK (who you seem to be a big fan of) is definitely worth watching and I've returned to it several times already even thought it's only a few weeks old. Just like w/Jersey, I would definitely put Talon's matchup against TAK as his best match yet.

      P.S. I think we've agreed on this before, but I would definitely say the Marco-Wolf match is one of Marco's more mediocre matches...and it is solely because of Wolf. I think Wolf is so titillated w/whoever he is facing that he forgets he is supposed to be wrestling. Most of his matches are basically muscle worship sessions where he spends most of his time touching and admiring his opponents' bodies...I surely can't blame him for it...but sometimes he needs to put his own personal needs aside and actually participate in the sport.

    3. Thanks for the update! Sorry to hear the new matches are dull.

      Talon has not impressed me as a wrestler, so I'm not really surprised. However, I think Tak makes everyone better, so I'll check him out vs. Talon. I really need to review a Tak match in November. He deserves it.

      And I agree that I didn't like Marco-Wolf because of Wolf. Your assessment of Wolf is spot-on. I bought Braden-Wolf (it was one of those special deals this summer) and it was disappointing, too. So Wolf is on my no-buy list, even against reliable guys like Tak or Jersey. It's too bad, because he is so hot.