Sunday, October 25, 2015

Review: Ty Alexander vs. Braden Charron (Wrestler4Hire)

I am a fan of Ty Alexander. He seems like a cool dude who loves wrestling. I don't know him, but I base this on his fantastic social media presence where he models a huge array of pro wrestling gear and underwear for his followers. From what I've seen, Ty is a fun guy who seems very passionate about, and engaged in, our hobby.

From Ty Alexander's Tumblr

My personal favorite is the Trophy Boy gear, a brilliantly crafted persona that I have yet to see in action anywhere. I find it wonderfully fantasy-inspiring. If you're not following Ty Alexander on Tumblr and Twitter, I think you're really missing out.

So I was planning on reviewing Ty Alexander vs. Mason Brooks, which I enjoyed, but Bard then Jose beat me to it (here and here). Then I figured on talking about Mad Mykel vs. Ty Alexander from BGEast at some point, but Bard just posted on it (here). I haven't even watched it yet, so if I do review it, I will be quite late to the party.

However, in his review, Bard notes that there might be more to Ty than he thought, as the jobber flashes his non-jobber side.

The comment immediately reminded me of Ty's appearance as Superboy for Cameron Matthews' site against muscle jobber extraordinaire Braden Charron (located here). While guys like Ty, Jake Jenkins and Z-Man seem to always play the jobber in BGEast, they do get to show off their heel side elsewhere.

In this case, Ty gets to dominate and break down one of the beefiest and best bodybuilder jobbers around. Braden works both ways, but I think his most famous matches feature him on the losing side.

Ty starts out in a Superboy bodysuit (90's Kon-El version) and Braden wears a black bodysuit. You'd think this was going to be a General Zod beatdown of a hapless junior Kryptonian. It's not. Instead, most of the action is one-sided abuse by the smaller stud as he works over the bodybuilder.

While Chet Chastain was Superman when he donned the same spandex, not a lot is made of the Superboy spandex in this match. Ty is definitely not playing a hero, unless he was exposed to some Smallville-style red kryptonite prior to this meeting.

However, it does give license to the viewer for some of the later action. If you ever wonder if Ty could actually bend, control and harm Braden's mountainous muscles, the simple answer is, “Yes, he's Superboy.”

Superboy could handle the muscle jobber

The first 6-minutes is (1) Braden flexing and posing in a black bodysuit, (2) the meeting, (3) Braden stripping to the waist then (4) arm wrestling. I'm sure you can guess that I wasn't really feeling it. However, after the muscleman wins the arm wrestling contest, things finally get going.

Nice muscles. Better bad boy move.

One way to even the odds.

The cocky bodybuilder flexes and heel Ty takes advantage. From this point, it's a 10-minute demolition and stripping, a 5-minute reversal then another 7 minutes of bodybuilder beatdown, including a duct tape gag.

Superboy dominates.

Braden has his moments

The big man in control

But that's not the storyline of the match

Ty shows some nice skills here, as he both admires and destroys the mighty muscleman. I enjoyed how he breaks to caress the big muscles during the abuse, showing respect for the heaving mounds of power.

Superboy cops a feel

Ty checking out the goods

Perfect move for exploration

Overall, the match isn't my favorite from either guy, but I definitely feel like I got my money's worth. It has nice moments of smaller stud domination, which is something I enjoy. And back to the original point, I really liked seeing Ty as a heel. Hopefully he can display this side more often. Many guys are both jobbers and heels in different matches, like Braden Charron and Austin Cooper, so why not Ty Alexander?



  1. Looks like a great match. And excellent gifs as always! Thanks, man. :)

    (I keep seeing Superboy here and there lately! It's making me think about trying my hand at him sometime.)

    1. Thanks for the comment!

      I'm excited to see your take on Superboy! I think it might be popular nowadays because the 90's costume is so much simpler (and sexier, IMO) than the traditional Superman outfit.