Monday, October 26, 2015

Route 69: Bad Boys S101

"Fuck. I'm getting antsy, little man. Where is this Kyle guy? Where the fuck is he?"

I respond, "I was early, Nick, so -."

"Course you were ... uh? Dylan? This is the biggest fucking thrill a skinny loser like you'll ever get in your life, little man. I don't give a shit that you're here. If you had any fucking pride, you wouldn't be."

Yep, I'm Dylan

I calmly smile, taking more of the abuse I've had to endure since I arrived at Nick's house. I hold back what I really want to say, knowing it'll be worth it in the end. I breathe in slowly then continue, "I'm just saying. It's only a few minutes past 3, Nick. If he doesn't know the area -"

"Fuck that noise. You don't get it. Guys don't keep me waiting. They wait for me. You and me? We're living different lives, little man."

I ask innocently, "What's that supposed to mean?"

"What? You don't get it? Guys like me, we get what we want. Guys like you? Whatever. Fuck, little man, you had a hook up arranged, but the minute I said was free, this Kyle guy was all over my shit and looking to dump you."

"Well, I don't -"

"A real man would've been mad. A real man would've been like, 'fuck you, asshole'. But not you. No, you're here, being a third fucking wheel. Pathetic. You're just fucking lucky he's a nice guy. He made me let you join us. If it'd been up to me, you'd be sitting at home, jerking off to our profile pics."

I keep quiet, just taking it all in. Nick is tense, his 5'10"/235-lbs of tanned bodybuilder muscle pumped and ready to go. I love watching the thick bodybuilder circle around his basement rec room like a caged tiger. He rubs his bulge in his tiny black posing strap. He's a big man, but not down there. The tiny balls are probably roid shrinkage, but he must've been born with that baby dick. Probably why he became a bodybuilder.


Not that it matters. His cocktail wiener won't be getting any action today, anyway. All he needs is arrogance and a sweet ass. He's got both of those in spades.

I finally say, "Flex for me again. It'll take your mind off things." On command, Nick mindlessly strikes a double bicep pose, showing off his massive muscles. I've only just met him, but I already know that it doesn't take much to get him posing. He comes in close then grabs my head. He shoves my face into his bulge, although it's more of a bump than a bulge.

Nick says, "Smell that, little man. That's real man smell. Yeah, fight to get free. You're fucking nothing. This Kyle asshole better put up a good struggle, 'cause you're a fucking waste of space." Nick releases his grip and I sit back. The bodybuilder rants, "Fuck, I need to get wrestling. If this punk doesn't show soon ..."

The rant goes on and on. I don't interrupt again. Every time he calls me little man, I can't wait until he's lying on his back, destroyed. Yes, at 5'10"/165-lbs, I AM a lot smaller. It's just that he's so fucking arrogant, like he's in control. He's not. I am. Nick has no idea what's going on.

The bodybuilder finally pauses. I say, "Well, if he doesn't show, we can still have a good time. I won't give you much of a challenge, though."

Nick shrugs, "Nobody gives me a challenge, moron. Nobody. Yeah, you'll still have fun. Feeling my power. Getting fucked by a real bodybuilder. What's in it for me? Guys like you are a dime a fucking dozen. I want Kyle! I wanna destroy a real pro wrestler!"

I just nod. He smiles at my subservience, "You wanna get an early start on worshipping my muscles?" He comes over in front of me. He flexes his big legs for me. They are incredible. Kyle and I picked the right guy. I reach out and rub his thigh, feeling the rock hard quads.

The guy didn't lie in his profile. He's a bodybuilder in near-competition shape. Solid as a rock. Gorgeous body. Below average face, but who gives a shit about that? Best part is that he's dumb as a bag of rocks. Exactly what I hoped he'd be when I set this whole thing up. Of course, Nick has no clue. He thinks this is his lucky day, just another example of his charmed life. The meathead also thinks he's going to be wrestling then fucking Kyle, a real pro wrestler, and me, a cute little pretty boy, when all this is done.

Nick's still talking, bragging about his muscles and how great it must be for me to touch them. He's telling me how much he can squat and shit. God, he's an idiot, but when he turns and flexes his spectacular ass in my face, I smile. That's what I'm looking for. When he flexes his ass, I can't even budge the giant mounds.

Nick's back

I slyly send a one-letter text, 'k'. Thirty seconds later, the doorbell rings. Nick says to me, "About fucking time he showed up. Strip down, little man. It's about to go down. Get ready for the biggest beatdown you're ever gonna see. I'm gonna show this pro wrestler the difference between real muscle and the fake shit he does."

I admire his ass a little more as he struts out the door. Yeah, fucking that huge bodybuilder ass will be sweet.

"Meeting" Kyle

I quickly peel off my clothes down to a black speedo, revealing my lean, tanned body. Nick brings Kyle into the rec room. Just like we do every other time we've pulled this, Kyle and I pretend to be meeting for the first time, shaking hands and introducing ourselves. My buddy even gives me a look like he's disappointed. I try to look sheepish in the presence of these two big studs.

In my trunks
Kyle focuses all his attention on Nick. He really pours it on thick, telling Nick how buff he is. He talks about how good it'll feel to wrestle someone solid, rather than the flabby pro wrestlers he normally fights. He gets the big man flexing, his chest puffed out with pride.

Nick starts bragging about how bodybuilders are so much better than wrestlers. He goes on, saying shit like, "Bodybuilder's are real, man. These muscles? All real. Wait until you feel them crush you, man. I'll squeeze the cum right outta you."

By the time Kyle's done feeding the big man's ego, Nick's poser is tented by his stubby 4" cock and the big bodybuilder is practically begging to get started. Kyle takes his time stripping all the way naked, letting Nick see his big cock and low balls. The pro wrestler bends over seductively, showing off his smooth ass as he pulls a pair of small black pro trunks out of his bag. He slides them on, adds elbow and knee pads then stretches seductively.

Kyle's ready

Even though Kyle and I have been hanging out and fucking for close to a year, I don't have to fake my look of admiration. The pro wrestler does look so hot and I tell him so. Kyle is 6'1"/210-lbs of pure sex. He flips his long hair back and forth as he warms up. Nick is practically jumping out of his skin. He's jealous that I'm fixated on Kyle, so he moves between us, facing me. I stare at the wall of muscle as he strikes a most muscular pose in front of me.

Nick turns, showing me his back. To Kyle, he says, "Dude, you're killing me! Let's go already!"

Kyle smirks, "Yeah, yeah. So how's this working?" Like he doesn't know.

Nick says, "You and me. On the mats. Now."

Kyle says, "Loser gets fucked?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Loser's the bitch. Man, I can't wait to shove my big cock up your ass."

I resist the urge to burst out laughing when Nick calls his dick 'big'. Instead, I chime in, "What about me? Isn't this a three-way match?"

Nick says, "Do whatever the fuck you want, little man. It's more like a two-and-a-half-way match with you here. You get hurt, don't be fucking suing me."

"Of course not, Nick. I guess I'll just jump in when it makes sense." Shit, this could not be going better.

Wrestling with Nick

Nick moves in to lock up with Kyle. I step forward in to join in, but Nick grabs me behind the head. He pulls me into a side headlock. I struggle in the hold as he turns back to a bemused Kyle. The pro wrestler asks, "You want me to wait the five seconds it'll take for you to deal with him?"

Nick says, "Nah, I can take you both on."

The bodybuilder lifts one arm, keeping me in the headlock. He challenges Kyle to a one-handed test of strength, which the long-haired stud happily accepts. I'm fighting to get free, but not that hard. The hold isn't very hard since he's only got one arm and his focus is divided. I'm really just rubbing the big muscles, squeezing his ass and generally getting the big man really excited.

Kyle and Nick lock hands. I can see the bodybuilder's stubby swelling up beside me as I worship his body. I hear the two bigger studs grunting, so I finally pull my head out of the headlock. That distracts Nick, giving Kyle the advantage. He wrenches Nick's arm down, pushing up on his hand. The bodybuilder grunts, unable to power out, but also unable to believe he can't power out.

The pro wrestler slides his foot between Nick's then pushes, tripping the bodybuilder down onto his ass. SPLAT! Kyle flexes, mocking the big stud, "Big man fall down, go boom." An embarrassed Nick scrambles to his feet. He swears it doesn't count, pointing blame at me. Nick raises his hands for a two-handed test of strength, but Kyle just shrugs.

"Are we going to wrestle? Because I came here for a match with a bodybuilder. Not to play games."

Nick drops his arms. So easily manipulated. He says, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Bring it on! But first -" With surprising speed, the bodybuilder turns and puts his hand on my chest. He shoves me hard and fast, sending me back onto the sofa. Nick warns, "Stay outta my way. The real men are gonna fight now."

I hold my hands up, "Okay, but I want in eventually."

Nick ignores me. They lock up fast. The bodybuilder forces Kyle back into the wall. He breaks the hold then flexes. Kyle nods and moves off the wall. Nick surprises him, moving in fast. He splashes into Kyle, driving him into the wall like a human battering ram. WHAM! The move crushes Kyle between the concrete wall and the granite muscle body. I see Kyle go slightly limp as Nick grinds his body on top of the dazed pro wrestler.

I rise, ready to reverse things a little earlier than usual, but I see Kyle signal with his hand for me to wait. I sit back down. Kyle wants to handle things? Okay, I just hope he doesn't let this get out of hand. The musclebound moron backs off again, immediately firing two stiff shots into my buddy's lean gut. POW! POW! He splashes his big body into Kyle again, driving the air from him then backs off.

The bodybuilder is back to flexing. Fuck, his back looks awesome. Nick is feeling cocky, talking trash about how unbeatable his muscle is. He mocks Kyle for being skinny and having soft abs. My long-haired buddy takes the verbal abuse, but I can tell he's getting pissed.

The two studs circle again. Once again, they lock up. This time, Nick powers Kyle into a standing side headlock. He wrenches on the hold, crushing the pro wrestler's head between his impossibly hard muscles, side and arm. He turns to me, bouncing his pecs as he says, "Pull out your dick and start jerking, little man, 'cause it doesn't get hotter than this. Look at this power! WOO!"

I do rub my cock in my trunks, because he's right. It is hot to see. Nick is a mighty muscleman. Just as I think that, I see the pro wrestler slide his arm between the big muscleman's legs. I smirk and my cock throbs. Kyle puts his hand on Nick's thigh then lifts with his legs. The bodybuilder is shocked as he's powered off the mat, ending up across Kyle's shoulders in a torture rack. ARGH!

Nick is grunting, trying to keep from being bent back. Like most muscleheads, he's not very flexible. He doesn't so much hang on Kyle, more like he lies there. I move in, distracting the big man by rubbing his big trapped muscles. Nick swears a blue streak, but he groans, too, as I worship him. I feel the tension in his body and it's so hot. The bodybuilder is moaning loudly now, succumbing to the pain and pleasure.

Without warning, Kyle just drops him. I barely avoid him falling on me. The muscleman writhes on the mat at our feet. The pro wrestler says, "You wanna worship someone? Worship this."

I smile and we lean over Nick. We lock up and Kyle immediately traps me in a bearhug. I stand on Nick, using him for support. I sell the hold damn well, using it as an excuse to walk all over the bodybuilder. He doesn't take it well. The big muscleman pushes my feet off him and rolls away. He starts to rise, telling Kyle that he's going to pay for that.

Kyle and I ignore him, continuing to wrestle. The pro wrestler overpowers me into the wall. I see Nick rising. He charges in, looking to splash both of us, but we're ready. Kyle dives back, driving his elbow into the bodybuilder's head. CRACK! I guess his head isn't full of rocks after all, because he stumbles back, clearly dazed.

The long-haired stud moves in. He scoops Nick up then slams him onto the mat. WHAM! The big muscleman bounces before he rolls onto his stomach. He tries to rise, but Kyle splashes onto his back. SPLAT! The pro wrestler slides off then puts his foot on Nick's back. He calls me over then flexes his bicep. I lean in and kiss it loudly, so Nick knows what's happening.

I tell Kyle, "Wow, you're so strong."

Nick doesn't like that. He immediately pushes up, rising to his feet as I worship the pro wrestler. The bodybuilder looks furious as I massage Kyle's pecs, like an adoring fan. The bodybuilder charges at us. Once again, he's too slow and obvious. We split apart and he charges between us. Kyle grabs him by the back of his posers, pulling him into a stiff forearm to the back.

We move in unison, getting on either side of the confused bodybuilder. He has no idea what's going on until we're yanking him back with a double Russian leg sweep. WHAM! We land hard, with Nick's back and head taking all the force. It should be obvious that Kyle and I have done that before, but we don't give the musclebound moron any time to think about it.

Kyle and I slide to a seated position on either side of Nick. We each grab a wrist and brace our feet on his side and head. We pull, stretching the big man out. The bodybuilder cries out and thrashes between us. He looks spectacular as his huge chest heaves. Nick thrusts his tiny bulge into the air as he bridges to break free.

I say, "C'mon Nick, you can overpower me, can't you?"

Nick struggles hard, straining to move his arms. He's mighty, but it's his one arm against my whole body, plus I've got position and leverage. Add in Kyle on the other side and the big man is helpless. He finally blurts out, "Fuck you, you assholes! When I get up from this, I'm gonna crush you both!"

The bodybuilder is sweating like crazy, which actually helps him escape. He finally slips free. Kyle and I roll away to opposite sides as Nick tries to rise. He's moving slowly and breathing hard. No flexibility. No endurance, either.

An angry and embarrassed Nick goes after Kyle. The pro wrestler sees him coming, but he can't stop the charging rhino. Nick drives Kyle into the wall, really hard. WHAM! I see my co-conspirator go limp. The bodybuilder stands, puts his forearm across Kyle's face, turning his head and pinning it to the wall. He unleashes hard ab shots. THUD! THUD! THUD! Kyle grunts for real. He tries to push Nick off, but we're finally seeing the thick-muscles in action.

I admire Nick's back, which is rippling with power. Kyle is finally able to push Nick off him with a kick. The bodybuilder flexes as the pro wrestler bends over, coughing and heaving. Nick grabs hold of his long hair and forces his head up. He says, "You thought you could handle this?" The musclebound monster flexes his bicep.

Nick shoves Kyle down into a standing head scissors. His huge thighs flex, crushing the pro wrestler's head. The bodybuilder bends over to grab Kyle around the waist. Maybe for a piledriver or a power slam. Not sure, but it won't be good.

I admit it. I like these moments when Kyle gets in trouble. It's hot and it ensures he realizes that he needs me. If I do nothing, he's in for a world of hurt, maybe even getting power fucked. Of course, in this case, I'm also at risk. So I saunter in behind the bending Nick. I rub his ass, sliding my hand down his briefs. He stands up, forgetting about whatever he planned for Kyle.

"Keep going, Nick. Punish him. You're so strong."

Nick smirks as I kiss his back. He flexes. I rub the massive slab of muscle. He lifts and flexes his arms. I kiss one and caress the other. I reach around and feel his pecs. I put my leg against his, right where Kyle is resting his hand as he remains trapped in the standing head scissors. I feel the pro wrestler touch my leg.

Nick says, "Yeah, worship me, little bitch. I'm gonna piledrive this loser. Not once. Not twice. Three times. I'm gonna pin him with one finger. I'm gonna fuck him. Then it'll be your turn."

"Fuck, that sounds so hot, Nick. You're such a fucking alpha stud. That's what I want." I feel Kyle tap my leg. I guess he's okay now. I back off, "Show me what you can do, big man. I'm waiting for you."

Nick nods as he flexes one more time. He turns back to what he was doing, looking to piledrive Kyle. My buddy is still locked up tight, but he's ready. He squats up, pushing the bodybuilder up and flipping him over. The muscleman flips over Kyle's back, landing on his ass. SPLAT! The pro wrestler kicks back hard. His foot just bounces off the thick bodybuilder back.

Kyle spins, crouching immediately. Nick scrambles up. He turns right into a diving spear that drives him down into the mat. The pro wrestler slides into position for a grapevine. He splits Nick's legs out wide, pinning his arms down. Kyle can't resist grinding his superior bulge on the small package of the bodybuilder.

With a loud roar, Nick powers his arms up and slams his legs shut. Fuck. He throws Kyle off him. As he rises, the pro wrestler grabs an armbar. The musclebound monster breaks it. The next few minutes are a blur, with Kyle using his speed and skill to move Nick around the mat. Nothing sticks as the bodybuilder breaks free every time. Meanwhile, whenever Nick gets in a good position, he doesn't know what to do.

The sweat is thick, running off their bodies as they start to tire noticeably, neither one establishing clear dominance. Then the action just stops. They push off each other, breathing hard. They just stare, both surprised and frustrated. I offer them both water, which they take. Nick grabs my wrist roughly. He pulls me down then lies down on his stomach.

"Make yourself useful. Massage me while we break."

I don't need to be asked twice. I sit on his rock hard butt. I reach down and massage his back. I have to work hard to move the muscle, but I manage. I love the feeling of his muscle. Nick moans as I take care of him. I look up at Kyle and bite my bottom lip. He just nods, happy for a break. Damn, we picked a good one this time. Once Kyle is rested, I stop the massage. I rise and offer Nick a hand to help him up. He swats it away.

Kyle grabs me from behind in a reverse bearhug. I grunt and groan, selling the hold. The pro wrestler manhandles me a bit while Nick rises to his knees. This time, the bodybuilder just watches and rubs his bulge. He's smart enough to take advantage of the rest. I can't have that. I slide an arm inside Kyle's then hip toss him over. The pro wrestler "stumbles" then flies right into Nick. SPLAT! He dives onto the exhausted bodybuilder, flattening him.

I watch as Nick doesn't even toss Kyle off him. Damn, Kyle really wore him out. The pro wrestler rolls off the bodybuilder. He grabs Nick's wrist and drags him up. Nick nods, claiming he's getting his second wind. I suggest we finally do a real three-way match, saying it'll give them more of a chance for a breather.

Nick agrees. Before he can even move, Kyle swings behind him and locks on a full nelson. I smirk then lift my foot, slamming it into the bodybuilder's abs. THUD! The big men take a step back, but Nick seems unfazed. In fact, he tells me to try harder. I do. THUD! Again. THUD! Again. THUD! Nick calls me pathetic. He pulls his arms down, breaking the full nelson easily.

I'm surprised, which gives Nick the chance to reach out and grab me. He forced me to my knees then rubs his spandex-wrapped 4" stubby in my face. The bodybuilder laughs at me, mocking me and daring me to do something about it. I can't before the muscleman pulls me out of his crotch. He rubs my head, tussling my hair like I was a kid at a softball game then pushes me aside.

Nick flexes for an amused Kyle. I rise and move in. Kyle kicks up with a superkick, barely missing taking my head off. I drop like he connected. Nick stops flexing, shocked. He starts laughing, asking Kyle if he killed me. When he sees I'm breathing, he calls me pathetic, a loser, a wimp and a lot worse. It takes all my focus not to react.

The bodybuilder finally says, "His ass ain't all bad. Wanna double fuck him?"

Kyle pauses to think then says, "Not yet. But some DP action is a cool idea. Glad you brought it up."

Nick says, "I noticed little man is packing some heat. Course it's easy to look big when you're skinny. Better watch out. Maybe I'll decide it's your ass that needs a good double fuck."

Kyle says, "Or maybe it'll be yours." Nick laughs, not realizing that the long haired stud is serious.

Nick and Kyle lock up. The musclebound monster is focused on the pro wrestler, either not noticing or not realizing I'm on my side, conscious and watching. Once again, the bodybuilder powers Kyle into the wall. All the talk of fucking has Nick worked up, his poser remains stretched out and his muscles tensed. He pounds Kyle's gut hard, harder than he should in a fun match. POW! POW! POW! The pro looks like he's going to puke for real.

The bodybuilder grabs Kyle's wrists and lifts his arms. He pins them to the wall overhead then slams his rock hard body on top of the pro wrestler's. SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! He lifts his knee into Kyle. THUD! When Nick releases Kyle's wrists, he grabs him around the throat. He lifts the long-haired stud up the wall. Every muscle in Nick's back is straining as he holds the pro up by the choke.

Nick laughs, "Double fuck me? You fucking loser! Your fake pro shit ain't nothing compared to my REAL muscle!"

Kyle's face is red and his feet flail in the air. Holy fuck, Nick's going to choke him out. I spring forward, clipping the bodybuilder's knee out from behind. He topples down, swearing. I roll away and Kyle collapses, gagging and coughing on the floor. Nick stands up, working out his knee.

The bodybuilder looks at me, furious at my interference. He points, "You stupid fucker! You coulda fucked up my training with that bullshit move!"

Nick comes at me fast. I dodge and weave, desperate to stay out of reach. He's in full 'roid rage mode. Kyle is up to one knee, but I need his help now. I hop behind the couch, trying to calm Nick down. It's not working. He grabs the arm of the couch and literally throws it out of the way. Fuck, he's a beast. I move to escape, but he grabs me from behind.

I squirm, but I get locked up in a reverse bearhug. Nick lifts and my feet leave the ground. I feel like I'm being crushed in the killer hold. I groan as he squeezes harder than I've ever been squeezed in my life. I'm whimpering, trying to focus in the bearhug. It's tough, because of the pain and because Nick is screaming about breaking my back. I'm starting to think it's not just trash talk.

Nick shakes me back-and-forth. My 165-lbs is nothing to him. I finally manage to twist and clock the musclebound monster in the side of the head with my elbow. The bodybuilder shrugs it off, too pumped and high on adrenaline to react. Oh fuck, I'm dead, I'm dead. Then I'm falling. Nick has dropped me. I lie on the floor trying to focus.

I'm not sure how much time passes, but I see a foot come in front of my face. I tense then relax. It's Kyle's. My buddy reaches down and helps me up. I turn and see Nick on the mat, groaning and holding his junk and his knee. I figure it out - Kyle has saved the day with some kind of ball and leg attack.

The pro wrestler smiles, "I've had enough of games. What about you?"

I smirk, the pain in my midsection subsiding. "Hell yeah. Let's do this."

Doing It

Nick is rolling around, swearing. He's still threatening us, but considering he's on his hands and knees, struggling to rise, it only makes us laugh. Kyle leaps up and delivers a leg drop to Nick's head. The move drives the bodybuilder's face into the mat hard. SPLAT! Nick moans as Kyle smoothly slides around. The pro wrestler locks the muscleman's arms up behind him then forces him onto his side.

I start stomping the thick muscles, starting the breakdown of the big man. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Nick grunts and groans, struggling so hard. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! I love it, watching him fight to get free. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! I love knowing that he can't. He can't get free. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! He can't stop me. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

I'm destroying everything this meathead had worked for years to build and he's totally helpless to stop me. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! I relentlessly hit his shoulder, pecs and abs. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Nick starts out swearing, threatening and even mocking my hits. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The bodybuilder is still confident that his muscles will win in the end.

I don't mind. I just keep methodically assaulting his body. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! I don't bother to tell him that all those hours in the gym building and sculpting his perfect muscles were a waste of time, because someone like me can come along and take it all away. That's right. A 'little man' can come into his home and make him nothing but a helpless little bitch.

One day, Nick will figure it out. Or he won't, because he's too stupid. Either way, I can tell we're only seconds away from my favorite part. The moment that I love. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

As I keep assaulting him, Nick moans, "Okay, okay! Fuck, quit it! Enough!" I don't stop. He screams, "UNH! UNH! OKAY! STOP! STOP! PLEASE!"

I stop. I'm sweaty and pumped. I have to rub my cock in my trunks. Fuck, I'm getting painfully hard, tenting the black spandex. It's the first 'please' from these big men that I love most. The moment when the huge, arrogant muscleman finally has to beg. The moment when he has to admit that his muscles have failed him. Fuck, I could shoot all over his face right now, I'm so hot, seeing him lying at my feet, trapped by Kyle, my sexy helper monkey, not even fighting any more.

Kyle lets go and rises. He knows. We've seen this before. And he loves it as much as I do. He puts his foot on Nick's throat, pinning him down. He adds a little pressure, causing the bodybuilder to gag. The pro wrestler grabs me in his arms and we make out while he crushes the muscleman's wind pipe.

Breaking Nick

Kyle lifts his foot. Nick moans and rolls at our feet. It's tough for the big man to talk, but he still tries. He's asking what the fuck we're doing. He's saying it's not fair. On and on. It's pathetic. We drag up his limp, sweaty carcass. Kyle holds the big musclebound loser in a full nelson. I grab the poser and whip it down, dropping it to his ankles.

I slap his dick, beating the now-soft 2-inch stubby back-and-forth. Nick groans. I grab his balls in my left hand. He begs me not to do anything. He doesn't know what I might do, so he just begs me not to do anything. I slap his face with my right hand.

I ask him, "I thought you were tough! I thought you were a real man. Now I see your dick and I'm laughing. Shit, you've got nothing. I was bigger when I was three years old."

I grab my camera and snap a couple of pics of him from the neck down. I tell him I'm posting these, so everyone online can have a really big laugh. That gets his blood boiling. The bodybuilder fights and kicks. The poser holds his ankles and he loses balance. Kyle has to let the nelson go or be dragged down. The struggling Nick collapses to the mat.

Nick finally kicks the poser free. The naked bodybuilder scrambles up and charges for me and my phone. Behind him, Kyle just kicks out, tripping him down to the mat. SPLAT! I toss my phone onto the sofa as he rises again. When he gets to one knee, he looks back at the pro wrestler, wary about another sneak attack. That leaves him wide open for me to kick him in the side of the head. CRACK!

The bodybuilder goes down hard. He holds his head as he lies on his stomach. Nick is back to swearing as we circle. Kyle and I admire his sweet ass, talking about how hot it'll be when we are both inside at the same time. The bodybuilder gets a burst of energy, rising and falling against the wall. He holds out an arm, warning us away.

The extended arm doesn't do anything but make me laugh, seeing the naked bodybuilder acting like such a classic fucking muscle jobber.

We move in fast. When he tries to defend, I go low as Kyle goes high. Nick goes down fast as we tackle him on his back. We each grab a leg and drag him to the middle of the mat. The bodybuilder lifts his hands and opens them in another submissive move. We smile then each yank out, making him do the splits. We pull fast and hard, tearing his groin.

Nick reaches down and holds the inside of his legs. He whimpers about what fucking bastards we are. Kyle grabs his legs and stretches them out. He flips the massive slab of beef over into a Boston crab. I bend down and sit on Nick's head. I pound the big muscles of his back. THUD! POW! THUD! I punch his rock hard bare ass. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!

I force my finger between the tight butt cheeks and jam it up his ass. He yells then moans as I slide inside him. My job is to keep him from powering out. This is all about weakening the big man. I finger-fuck the helpless bodybuilder as Kyle controls, but doesn't try to submit Nick. I dry hump his head as I work him. The pro wrestler switches to a single leg crab. He reaches down and declares the muscleman's cock to be hard and still tiny.

I stand up and move Kyle's long hair to the side. I kiss his neck. He drops Nick's legs, letting the bodybuilder collapse under us and between our feet. The pro wrestler says, "Wanna hear him scream and beg?"

"You know I do."

Kyle and I drag Nick up and position him just right. We lift on three, hoisting the helpless bodybuilder across our shoulders on either side. The musclebound monster cries out then screams as he's stretched in the double torture rack. He fights, but he can't do shit. We've got him.

Nick curses, "ARGH! YOU FUCKERS!" Just a few seconds later, he cries out, "I GIVE!"

I tell him, "Call us Masters!"

At first, the big man holds out, but then he has no choice. Nick begs, "ARGH! MASTERS! I GIVE, MASTER KYLE! I GIVE, MASTER DYLAN! PLEASE! I GIVE! PLEASE ..."

We drop him to the mat where he collapses again. Nick rubs his back. He rolls towards the sofa. The naked beast struggles to rise. His big muscles are pumped, but useless. Kyle walks up behind and grabs hold of the bodybuilder's head. He palms it then forces Nick backwards into a dragon sleeper. I circle around and hop onto the sofa, admiring the view of the big musclebound monster stretched back, his tiny junk thrust up and out.

I grab my phone and take a few more pics, before switching to video. I want to make sure I capture his suffering, including the sounds of his crying and whimpering. I pull my dick out and jerk it as I film the beautiful hold. I reach out and grab hold of Nick's dick. I pump it and it springs to the full 4". I make sure I get that an angle where Kyle isn't identifiable for social media. I'll title the video "Bodybuilder Jobber Likes It Rough".

Kyle releases the dragon sleeper, not wanting Nick out yet. I tuck myself into my trunks and put my phone down. I hop off the sofa, driving my heel right on top of the bodybuilder's cock. YEEOWW! The muscle jobber yells and flops on the mat while holding his crotch. Kyle and I drag him up then bring him back and drop him over our knees. CRACK!

Nick groans as we bend him in the over-the-knee backbreaker. His thick muscles look great between us as his naked body drapes over our thighs. We take turns pounding his abs, already weak from the earlier abuse. He flops and twists, but it's no use. We've got him.


I laugh, "That's kind of the point, you big moron."

The bodybuilder summons a little more pride, saying, "UNH! FUCK! I'VE HAD IT WITH YOU FUCKIN' ASSHOLES! ARGH! LET ME GO! ENOUGH! OH MY FUCKING GOD!"

Nick flails his arms. He hits our legs, but there's nothing behind the blows. The bodybuilder tries to lift his legs, but we keep them down. He tries to roll and shift, but he's wedged between us. With his head hanging down, we make out, turned on by his cries of pain. Kyle rams his tongue down my throat as I lift one hand and run it through his long hair.

Nick hangs for a long time and we counter everything he does. Finally, he settles down. His moans turn into whimpers as he realizes he's trapped again. Kyle and I break off kissing. We stare into each other's eyes, both smirking as Nick's helplessness. I start fondling his little manhood, which fits so nicely in my hand.

I don't even have to squeeze before Nick finally begs in a weak voice, "Oh, oh. No! No! Please? Please stop, Master Dylan! Unh! Unh! GIVE! GIVE! C'mon, I give, Master Kyle! Oh, please!"

We let him go. He rolls onto his stomach, rubbing his back. He mutters, "You fuckers. I'm not gonna be able to lift for a week 'cause of you two." Nick looks at me, "C'mon, man, help me out here. I'll let you worship me while I fuck him."

I notice he dropped 'little' as I pretend to think about it, "Tempting, but you were kind of a jerk to me when I got here."

Nick rises, stretching out. He comes in close to me, acting seductively. He tries to flirt, knowing how many men are desperate to worship a body like his. Too bad his face makes it funny, rather than erotic.

The bodybuilder says in a deeper, trying-to-be-sultry voice, "It's cool, man, I didn't mean nothing by it. I just figured you'd get off on that. I got the muscles. His body's nothing compared to mine. Go on, feel my body. I'll let you touch me wherever you want, Dylan."

Kyle just watches with amusement, drinking water and waiting. I string Nick along for a minute, making him beg for my help. I finally say, "Look, I want to be with the alpha male."

Nick breathes on my neck, "Yeah, buddy. You know who that is." He flexes his bicep in my face. I kiss it. "Yeah, taste that. Pro boy over there can't give you that."

I enjoy his arm while caressing his chest. I tell him, "So prove you're the alpha. You. Me. One move. You get me to give and I'll side with you."

Nick smirks. In response, he whips his arms around my waist for a bearhug. He taunts how I was his last time until Kyle saved me. This time, he's going all the way. I wrap mine around his head. The bodybuilder squeezes me and I squeeze him. His grip is tight and still powerful. I feel crushed against his hard body. He tells me to give. I moan.

I actually enjoy being squeezed by his reduced power, figuring it's the last move he's going to get to do. When I start to feel real pain, I tighten my grip. My arms weren't just resting. They were positioned in a front facing sleeper. Seconds later, Nick's legs buckle and his arms lose power. I can't support his weight as he drops to his knees, his eyes fluttering. The musclebound monster's arms drop to the side.

I ease up, "Tap or go out."

Nick grunts then taps my butt. I release him and he collapses onto his ass. He rubs his neck, looking like a Greek statue of an exhausted warrior. The bodybuilder looks up at me, "No fair, man. I coulda gotten you to give."

I squat down in front of Nick, "But you didn't. And we had a deal."

Before Nick can say anything, Kyle's on him. The wrestler drags the bodybuilder to his feet and locks on a choke hold. There's no breaking free this time. Kyle moves Nick over, putting his back against one of the columns in the basement rec room. The pro wrestler gets on the other side and grabs Nick's arms. He puts his foot on the column and pulls back.

The muscle monster cries out as his arms are forced back. He whines about his inflexible shoulders. I start in with kicks to Nick's stretched out abs. WHACK! THUD! POW! He just grunts, but after a few, he starts to moan. He's breathing hard and covered in sweat as I kick and punch his wide open torso. THUD! POW! THUD!

It's like having one of those rubber punching bags shaped like a guy's head and torso. Only hotter, because this one is real and he cries out like a bitch. I slam my shoulder into his softening abs, which no longer look invincible. I'm pounding his pecs, tenderizing them like the two hard slabs of beef that they are.

The pain and punishment is too much, even for a muscleman like Nick. He begs for us to stop. When he claims this isn't wrestling. I pause, rising up. I lean my body on top of his.

'You're kind of right. This is pro stuff. You know, the fake shit." I bring my knee up and press it against his tiny posing pouch. He grimaces as I put my weight into it. "We can switch to submission. Would you like that?"

In a weak voice of resignation, Nick whispers, "I just want you to go. Please ..."

"Give up. Tell us how you can't take pro wrestling. How it's too much for you. Submit to me and beg me to stop."

Nick looks at the ceiling with pain etched on his face. Kyle still has his arms back. The bodybuilder obeys, "I give! I can't take it! Oh fuck! Please, no more pro stuff, I can't take it, man!" He looks into my face, "Please stop, Master Dylan. C'mon, please!"

Kyle releases his arms. Nick falls to his knees, rubbing his shoulders. His face brushes against my tented pouch. Fuck, his suffering has me so hot. I push him towards the mat and he collapses. I use my foot to force him on his back, enjoying how easy it is for me to move his muscular carcass now.

I nod, "Submission. Okay, we can do that."

Kyle grabs the bodybuilder's legs. He lifts, bends and steps. Nick is locked in a figure-four leglock, which has him screaming. His naked body flops around. I sit above his head then grab it. He swings his arms, but it's wild and unfocused. I wrap my legs around his head and apply a figure-four headlock.

I tighten my legs, but not all the way. The big man is literally crying from the combination of pain and fear over his situation. I order him to give. Once and for all. I tell him he has to give and agree to be a good boy. Wrestling is done. It's time for the loser to get fucked. Nick holds out for a moment, but he admits the truth.


I laugh, "Beg us to fuck you! BEG!"

"OH, FUCK! Okay, okay! ANYTHING! YOU CAN FUCK ME! PLEASE LET ME GO! Oh fuck, I can't take it! My fucking LEGS!"

Kyle eases up the pressure on the figure-four leglock, starting the slow process of unfolding their legs. As he does, I tighten the figure-four head scissors. I taunt Nick, "Just remember who finally put you out, Nick. It was the little man." He grunts and squirms, but I just laugh. Seconds later, Nick goes out.

I release my hold then slide over Nick's face and massive chest. I prop myself up with my hands on his chiseled abs. Kyle moves between the giant legs and we make out. I tell Kyle how sexy he is. He tells me the same. I grind on the unconscious bodybuilder's face as I ravage my buddy's mouth.

Kyle gets up and I take a seat on the beast's chest. Kyle pulls out his phone, taking pics of the unconscious bodybuilder for us to jerk each other off to. I shove Nick's tiny black poser in the big beast's mouth as Kyle snaps more mementos. It makes a nice shot, especially since Nick's stubby 4" cock is still hard. The guy is massive, so his junk looks super-small, even tinier than it really is.

Kyle grabs me and kisses me as we stand over the big man. He backs off, "You think he'll give us any trouble if we wake him up?"

I smirk, "Like you care?"

"Maybe I'm hoping he does. I love this, man. You're so fucking smart."

I smile. Kyle and I both know our roles. I'm the brains. He's the brawn. Bitches like Nick are the prize. I love it when a plan comes together.

The Plan

In case you haven't figured it out, this is our scam. We've done it to five guys in three cities so far. Nick is the sixth. Each time, it's worked the same.

Kyle and I pick our marks. So far, we've found two bodybuilders in the crowd at a wrestling show. The others, including Nick, are through personals sites. Kyle reaches out to a few of the biggest, most muscular guys to set up a match. As a pro wrestler, he's exactly what these losers want, so he baits them along. He figures out which one is the biggest, the dumbest and the worst wrestler. Then, he declares he's in town for a show, but only has one afternoon free. The bodybuilder has to host. We have to be discreet.

Kyle sends the message when he knows they won't be on. When they finally respond, Kyle pretends he's just locked in a match with me. Damn, dude, that sucks. However, he tells them, he really wants to wrestle them more, but he doesn't want to look like an asshole. Would they be open to a three-way? Maybe the little man (me) can tag along. The bodybuilders are always okay with it for a shot at Kyle.

And so, here we are. Standing over another unconscious musclebound loser. These muscle guys are all the same. All show, no go. Overconfident. Slow. No flexibility. Stupid. Lousy wrestlers who think muscle is all you need. And the best part is that they're way too proud to confess they ever got beat and fucked, so no one will ever know. The next guy has no warning, so he falls for it, just the same way.

It's a huge thrill, humiliating these guys. Best part is filming the fuck.

The Fuck

Kyle shoots video of Nick's naked carcass sprawled out on the mat. He sets his phone up and we are ready for showtime. I wake the bodybuilder up with two hard slaps. I'm ready for anything. So far, four guys have been obedient little bitches, but we had one that needed more training.

I slap him around a bit, smacking him in the head and on the ass. He moves around the mat like a good dog as I control him with hard swats. So Nick's an obedient pussy jobber. Good.

Kyle drags him up and forces him against the wall. He orders Nick to look down as we line up our cocks on either side of the bodybuilder's 4" stubby. We laugh at the size difference, mocking him for being half a man where it counts. The big man mutters something, but the evidence is right in front of him. I cup his balls, telling him how pathetic they are.

"Were the 'roids worth it, bitch? These are MAN balls," Kyle forces him to his knees as we make him stare at our balls, easily double his.

Nick's huge shoulders are slumped, his muscles sagging from the physical and mental abuse. The muscleman's cockiness and confidence are obviously waning. When we start smacking his face with our cocks, he doesn't even fight us. We keep it up, asking him how it feels to be slapped by two real man-sized pieces of meat.

The taunting goes on, each second breaking him more and more. Look, the guy knows he's not hung. He's known it all his life. I bet it's why he built this body. That's the point. I'm good at using insecurity to control men. That's the mistake I made with my last boyfriend. He was too smart, confident and independent. I couldn't really control him well enough.

But a meathead like Nick, who has to live with a tiny cock and no balls? Easy picking.

We keep it up, calling him worthless, bitch, jobber, pussy, etc. I use my foot to play with his cock, bouncing it around like I own it. Which I do.

Kyle gets bored. It's obvious Nick's not going to give us any trouble. The pro wrestler forces the big musclebound monster up. He pushes him into the wall face first. Kyle humps Nick, calling him a bottom bitch. I sheathe his cock for him then he plunges in for real. Nick groans, not used to being fucked. The long-haired stud doesn't give a crap.

Once inside, Kyle rides the big man hard. He braces his hands on Nick's shoulders. Every thrust slams the bodybuilder into the wall. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! The pro wrestler rides him long and hard, just like his cock. Nick whimpers, but adjusts. When Kyle's good and deep, he pulls Nick off the wall, keeping him impaled on the huge cock.

I order Nick to flex. He struggles to tense his broken muscles, but he does. I mock him for flexing while he's hanging off a real man's cock. I slap his pecs and abs then move to his hard little dick, which is standing out at full mast. I smack the dick around, grabbing it in my hand and laughing about how easily it fits.

Nick can't even look at me, he's so humiliated being manhandled by a guy like me while he's got a cock inside him. It's not the bodybuilder's image of himself, that's for sure. I reach out and torture his nipples, twisting, tugging, squeezing, etc. I get the whole area red and his nubs casting a shadow as they stick out from his massive pecs.

Kyle pulls out and we force Nick down onto all fours. I slide under him and Kyle maneuvers the bodybuilder down until my cock head is at his hole. Kyle moves in and with some effort, we both slide our heads in. The bodybuilder screams out just from having the tips of our big cocks ramming inside him. As we slide deeper, Nick is begging for us to stop. Yeah, I don't think so.

We work our cocks inside the tight hole, with Kyle making sure the bodybuilder is in the perfect position. Nick is loud as fuck, his ass being torn open by the force. I see his body tensed and straining as he struggles to accept us. It's fucking humiliating, but I want Nick to admit it.

I demand he tell us he's nothing. He does. The musclebeast degrades himself more and more, acknowledging he's small-dicked and worthless. He begs us to take mercy on him. We slide out, not because we want to give him mercy, but so we can do more to him.

Kyle backs off as I slide into position. I roll Nick onto his back. I force my cock inside the big man. I want him looking at me, knowing the 'little man' is fucking him. I savor the pained look on his face as I punish him for being such a waste of muscle. I pound harder and harder until Nick is begging me to go slower.

His begging is all I need to hear. I pull out, rip off the latex cover and crawl forward. I fire my load onto his face, coating his features with my seed. I've got a huge load built up. When I've milked every drop I can, I wipe the last bead onto his lips then back off.

Kyle slides back in, fucking the crap out of the loose ass. It's a vicious and powerful fuck that has Nick sliding on the slick, sweaty vinyl mat. The big man cries out as the cruelty of the fuck actually makes Nick go soft. He swears he can't take any more, but Kyle likes it rough. He doesn't let up until he's ready.

The pro wrestler repeats my move, drenching Nick's face in more cum. The eruption is forceful with cum splashing off Nick's average features. Kyle finally finishes. He rises up and puts his foot on the bodybuilder's thick chest. He commands Nick to clean his face with his finger and tongue. Nick obeys. What else can he do?

We finish up with more trash talking, further degrading and humiliating the devastated muscleman. Nick is curled in the fetal position. The big man is practically sobbing by the time we're done, making him the best meeting yet. The other guys were left physically trashed, but I seriously think we've caused Nick some psychological issues. That makes me smile. I hope we've fucked him up bad. How fucking amazing would that be?

We throw on our clothes, pick up our stuff and head out, leaving the stunned and confused muscleman to wonder what the fuck just happened.

When we meet back at the hotel, Kyle and I ravage each other. Like full out animal sex. We can't contain our fucking heat. Table, chair, sofa, desk. It all gets used and abused as we have rough, violent sex. When he pounds my ass, I feel every thrust. By the time we're done, the room is a disaster, we're drenched in sweat and my ass is aching.

Just how I like it. As we lie in bed, staring at the ceiling, Kyle asks, "Who's next?"

I look at his naked body, my cock swelling and we're at it again.

The End


  1. Totally hot. But for me, it was Nick (more than Dylan and Kyle) that really made the story hot. But coming from Inner Jobber, that's no big surprise, right? And like Julie Brown's song, "I Like 'Em Big And Stupid." The combination of hugely muscular, arrogant, and unable to put two and two together is just incredibly sexy for me, so Nick as a character is (ironically) a total winner!

    Poor Nick! Jobber-lover that I am, I can't disconnect myself emotionally, so I found the story hot and kind of sad. And this being the first episode, I'm not sure how this spin-off will play out. If jobbers like Nick crop up later, that'd be awesome. But if each jobber in this series is a "one-and-done," then emotionally this threatens to be a pretty bumpy ride for me! ;)

  2. P.S. Also, all the talk about Nick's size reminded me of my favorite model in this life drawing class I was in. During a break, some of us were outside talking, and my mind was kind of going in and out of the conversation, and tuned in right as the model said, "I know I have a little cock, I don't care." I thought that was awesome.

    1. Thanks for the comments. Hopefully it won't be too bumpy. It's kind of funny that I specifically tried to make Nick more of a jerk so readers wouldn't feel as sorry for him.

      This series will feature some different tonality depending on the characters featured, but it is about guys being bad. I've deliberately not tried to redeem any of them. Not that they're all evil. I did originally plan to call it "Route 69: Villains", but a couple of the guys aren't villains, but just mischievous.

  3. Alex R:

    I love it. The concept is freaking genius! The bad boys never get their own stories! I remember the Bane backstory before the Knightfall storyline. It made Bane real. So count me in as a full fan of this idea. The jobber Nick was just a big dick lol. He got what he deserved, and this comes from someone that hated Dylan on Route 69, although Im a fan of Kyle because he was the first one to beat Jeff and made him his Candy!
    I loved how Nick was just so dumb and the two smart guys just played with him and made him their Muscle boy toy.
    I remember when you mentioned this series and I was waiting for it and it surely didnt disappoint! I hope for many episodes! This was really fun to read!!

    1. Glad you liked it. I've got a full 9-episode season for this that'll run through 2016, so you'll definitely see more!

    2. Alex R:

      Woohoo!! Damn I look forward to reading them! There were so many bad boys on your previous stories. I just used your Route 69 index to find one of the hunkiest bad boys, John the owner of the ring in Season 1 episode 6. Maybe he wasnt Dylan bad, but he had an evil streak. Well there are quite some good evil ones so bring them over!

  4. Wow. Bad boys without question! Ultra mega jerk that he was, hopefully Nick is able to pick up the crushed pieces of rubble that used to be his physique and return to his gym before long.

    Very nicely told and searing hot, as always. :) Thanks, man.

    1. Thanks! I wanted to launch the series with the worst characters doing the worst kind of stuff to set the stage. Some of the upcoming episodes are more fun and were easier to write, but this one was challenging for me.

  5. "Ultra mega jerk that he was, hopefully Nick is able to pick up the crushed pieces of rubble that used to be his physique and return to his gym before long."

    --Glad to see I'm not the only one who feels like this! :)

    "It's kind of funny that I specifically tried to make Nick more of a jerk so readers wouldn't feel as sorry for him."

    --LOL, I'm just more of an emotional wuss. :) Plus, Dylan and Kyle were worse jerks, PLUS smarter and more capable, which kind of just turned Nick into their victim--still totally hot though, I still loved it! And I totally get that it's the bad boys' time to shine. But I have to admit, I found myself thinking how great it'd be to see some good guys like Ben and Jeff burst in and teach these evil mofo's what for, maybe rescuing the least of three evils. Especially after a line like: "...I seriously think we've caused Nick some psychological issues...I hope we've fucked him up bad. How fucking amazing would that be?" So I guess I couldn't REALLY appreciate the good guys until they were gone, huh? (So I probably shouldn't see "Suicide Squad," even though I really love Harley Quinn.)

    "Some of the upcoming episodes are more fun and were easier to write, but this one was challenging for me."

    --This sounds promising! For me, what made your other jobber stories great (Colt, Danny, Xaq) is the fact that no matter how bad things went for them, no matter how utterly demolished they'd be, I could enjoy the hotness of that, knowing they'd be back to do it all over again. But if the last we hear of Nick is "psychological issues," I gotta admit to feeling a little guilty and creepy for thinking that's so hot. :)

    Disclaimer! I'm only taking part in a conversation, I'm not trying to change the way you write or say that my way of feeling is any better than anybody else's, I promise!

    Oh, and who was the model for Nick? I find guys with great bodies and, how to put it, less-than-beautiful faces to be a pretty hot combination. (Look at Ryback.)

    1. It's all right. Season 1 of Bad Boys is entirely plotted and I've written most of the intros. So the discussion is great, but won't change anything I have planned for the series.

      Nick is a bodybuilder named Daniel Noccioli.

    2. Ha ha, image searched his name, and this image comes up of him in headphones, and his face looks absolutely adorable. Which totally works for this story, because it helps the villains seem that much more villainous. ;) Bad Boy cred!

  6. Alex R:

    Some intriguing ideas here for Gay Superheros rescuing a muscle jobber damsel in distress from the Gay Villains! hot lol.

    1. Now that you put it like that--yeah, that does sound hot! :)

    2. Alex R:

      and well of course The superhero gets to have the Jobber as prize! lol. hopefully Miller reads this and gets his muse going ha!

    3. Nick would make a mighty fine damsel in distress/prize, is all I'm sayin'...

    4. Alex R:

      We both agree on that!

    5. Well, looks like you guys don't even need me to respond at all. You've got it covered. LOL.

    6. Alex M: LOL, we DID kind of hijack the conversation, didn't we. But like Alex R said, if we get your muse going, we could be in for a crazy season 2! ;)

      Alex R: Sweet, we agree that Nick is good for the jobber damsel in distress, so that leaves the villains and the heroes. I'm thinking Kyle and Dylan could be good as the villains again: They're the baddest of the bad, and in desperate need of some comeuppance. For the heroes, I know I threw Ben and Jeff out there, and Jeff and Kyle definitely have some history (right, Candy?), but Cody and Ryan could be good too, or Cody and Jae. (Or Ryan and Mimik, but I don't know if he can be trusted yet.) And The Cave could be a totally good place for Nick to recuperate. Maybe be retrained as a hot masked muscle jobber.

      Alex M again: Thanks for the name info!

    7. Alex R:

      Alex M: Having some good old fun here!

      Sean: Who else for muscle jobber damsel in distress? lol in Case Miller gets inspired lol.

    8. Hmm, who else...Honestly I'm pretty aware of my jobber tunnel vision, and while Nick is still in psychological dire straits I have a hard time focusing on anyone else. I mean, Xaq/Spartan's a perpetual jobber, but he secretly loves it so he doesn't need rescued. You got anyone else in mind? For jobber, villain or hero? This is fun! :)

    9. Alex R:

      XAQ/Spartan is the jobber of jobbers!
      But, other potential jobbers damsel in distress include Jae. He would be a hot jobber damsel in distress. Also Abdi R69 S014. He was a hot stud.
      Then I would actually throw in Ben. Wowza, Amazing hot.
      Eddie from the very first episode of R69.
      My take is that the best example of a potential Muscle Jobber damsel in distress would be Cody as the Pink Punk. Miller did this awesome thing because he shows the two personalities of Cody, as the super hero can come back from anything The Bat, to the guy that loves to be punished the Pink Punk. So I would say that most of the muscle hunks have the caability of being jobbers. Excluded at least for me are: Beau, Caleb, Mr Riddle, Ryan and a couple of others. Beau enjoys the action but in no way can I imagine saying, Im a jobber or acting like one...hell no. Then Mr Riddle is too aggresive and angry, Caleb is just one hell of a hot nut job, and Ryan maybe nice outside the ring but inside, he is Bane, and he is a wrecjking machine. So he cant jobber, fuck no.
      Thanks to Miller for the index because without it writing this wasnt possible haha.
      Now its your turn!

    10. Ooh, multiple jobbers, suggesting a Damsels in Distress SERIES, I love it.

      Being stuck on Nick-as-jobber, I've been thinking about heels and faces. Dylan and Kyle seemed obvious villain choices, being maybe the nastiest yet, but maybe another villain would swoop in, hyaena-like (wait, I don't think hyaenas "swoop"), and take advantage of their groundwork and take Nick for him/themselves. The heroes might ASSUME Kyle and Dylan were behind Nick's disappearance and question them. K and D would boast about the damage they'd done, making them look even guiltier. Now apparently it's like a crime show but with wrestling instead (I've been watching a lot of "Bones" lately).

      Ram has a great villain story, the way he's this respectful guy, but he puts on his gear and he's a heel, and lets that side of himself loose. Yet from the limited time we've seen him, he hasn't appeared to be vicious enough for his damsel to need saving. I CAN, however, see him TEMPORARILY working together with a hero, because as a respectful heel, even he has lines that he probably thinks ought not to be crossed. But can Ram and the hero TRULY trust each other...?

      Duke from Route 69 S107 (Gunner/Phil Shatter) was a monster who could make a good villain, but he'd probably need somebody telling him what to do.

      Squatch would probably make a great hero. Him and his buddy teaming back up, rescuing jobbers from villains who take it too far.

      Mason from Route 69 S201 would make a good hero. Let's face it, any excuse to see Ted DiBiase Jr!

      Mr. Riddle could go either way...Ryan's influence could bring him to the "hero" side, or his own pride and sense of having something to prove (especially after an embarrassing loss) could lead him to the dark side.

      Apparently in these stories, for someone to need saved, the "villains" have to be quite a bit nastier than any old heel (as we saw Kyle and Dylan in Alex M's story here), so picking a villain is challenging, because someone could be a good heel, but not necessarily be "evil" enough to be a good villain. It makes for a fun and challenging exercise!

      Oh and Mimik is a big question mark--we'll have to wait and see more of his stories, because who knows how heroic or villainous he'll turn out!

      There are some great characters from AWL as well (Tim from Jake Justice 1, Colt, Danny), but timeline-wise, I guess they wouldn't work out too well, huh.

  7. Alex R:

    Alex R:

    By the way man, dont feel bad at all for finding hot the "psyclological issues". That was the hottest part.