Friday, October 30, 2015

Route 69: Bad Boys S102

"I don't know, sir."

"I told you, call me Lou. What don't you know, Logan? You don't know if you wanna be a big-time wrestling star?"

"What? No! I do." The prettyboy isn't quick. He has to think. I wait, secretly admiring his smooth, tight body in his pro gear - red tights, blue trunks and blue boots. He finally tries to explain to me, "I do want to be a star. I've told you how this is my dream, sir. I mean, Lou. It's just that, well, I mean, I'm only 19. I appreciate your interest in me, but a long-term contract? That sounds scary."


"What? It should sound exciting, Logan. I want to help you make it. Just like I helped all these guys."

The kid flips through the book of pics of me with today's hottest wrestling stars when they were just fresh-faced dreamers, same as him. I can tell he's tempted, but he doesn't quite trust me. And he shouldn't, because I didn't help any of them make it big. I'm just smart enough to take buddy pics and candid shots with every rising stud I can find. Now, I did fuck a few of them, like I'm gonna do to this little stud once I get him locked up tight under contract, but I can't say that did shit for their careers. It was amazing for me, though. And that's what matters.

Lou (me)

Logan says, "I'd sure like to be like these guys. But, I don't think I should sign something like this. None of the other guys have one."

"That's because I never offered them this kind of deal. Trust me, any one of them would kill to have me promoting them."

Logan's waffling. Time to go for the kill.

I smile, take the pen off the table and pull the contract away, "It's okay, I get it. You're nervous. But I gotta protect myself. Money. Time. Personal attention. I mean, I'm gonna be putting a lot into you for years. I know you're an honest kid now, but money changes folks. And once it starts rolling in, I don't wanna get screwed."

Logan starts trying to reassure me that he'd never cheat me. It's so easy to flip the script on these prettyboy punks. Now he's seeing that I'm not trying to scam him and he's worried I think he's trying to scam me.

"Maybe let me think on it? Ask my bro -"

No, can't have him asking anyone. I interrupt, "Sorry, kid. I'm on my way outta town. It's now or never."

Another few minutes of playing with him and Logan signs. He hands me $500 cash for my services as his exclusive promoter. Damn, I'm good. I wanted more upfront cash, but this is all he could get. It's okay, Logan is worth the discount. I'll get more than my money's worth outta his ass.

Pro wrestling attracts a lot of dreamers and a lot of dummies. This kid's both and that's perfect for a guy like me. I wanna fuck him now, but that wouldn't be smart. Instead, I play it cool. When I leave, he never even asks me for a copy of what he signed. I don't know if the kid will make it, but he's all mine now.

Two Weeks Later

"I was worried you weren't coming back, sir. I mean, Lou. I'm glad you could meet with me. I wanted to talk to you about the contract I signed? I think I've changed -"

I usher him into the empty wrestling gym, "Kid, relax. I just got back in town. I got guys all over the country, so I can't be here 24/7. But you're a top priority for me. Top. Priority. Got some good news. I got some interest in you already. Now, we gotta work on your look, bulk up your body and work on your skills."

Logan forgets all about the contract. He's jumping, asking, "Wow, really? Who? Who's interested?"

I hold up my hands, "Kid, let me worry about that. Lighter guys are in now. Hot. So that's good for us. But we still need to work hard. There's light and then there's you. But the big thing is ring skills. We gotta get to it if you're gonna be trying out in a month."

"I'm ready!"

"I hope so. You gotta do exactly what I say."

"I will."

"Good. Let's get the basics down. Here's some new gear. Put it on then get in the ring. We can spar and you can show me what you can do. Show me how good you are at following instruction. It's gonna be my name on the line, too. I gotta make sure you can perform when it counts."

"Yes, sir, Lou."

The Gear

The kid comes outta the back in white pro boots, knee pads and gold trunks with a fleur de lis symbol on the front. They're tight, small and sexy as hell. His smooth, tanned skin pops in them and it's all I can do not to grab him and fuck his smooth, tight ass right now.

I love it, but I can tell that Logan isn't sold. He's looking nervous, saying, "Lou, the boots and pads are great, but I can't wear these trunks. They're, um, it's, well, um. It's too ... you know. Small? I, um, kinda look like a dancer at a club."

I smirk, "What clubs you going to, kid?"

Logan bites his lip, "Well, I mean, I just, I've seen on TV ..."

I put my hand on his shoulder, "I don't give a shit about you using fake ID to get into gay clubs. You're 19. Old enough to die for this country. You should be able to have a drink at a fucking bar."

Logan goes white and sputters out, "Gay clubs? I don't know -"

"Kid, never lie to me. It's okay that you're into guys. I don't give a shit about that."

His eyes open wide, "You know?"

"Yeah, of course. This whole time."

Logan looks at me in a new way, "And you still signed me? I thought, well, um, I mean, I thought that wouldn't be good. You know, if anyone knew."

"Yeah, well, I believe in you, kid. I don't give a shit about that. Yeah, there's still a lot of old school boys in wrestling. It makes thing harder, but that's why I'm here. To help you get where you need to be. Put you in the right position."

Logan smiles. I got him back on board, admiring and respecting me more than ever. He forgets all about the skimpy gear and his chest puffs up. The kid checks himself out, liking what he sees. I notice his cock swells up a little. It's cut and big. I like. After a minute, he says, "It's still a little small."

I come in behind him and rub his shoulders, "Tell you what. Let's test it out. We'll run some moves."

"Okay, you're the boss. I'll try them out, Lou."

Training Logan

I strip down right in front of him, getting into a pair of black trunks, pads and boots. I see Logan's eyes, checking me out as I get naked then into my gear. This is the first time the twink has seen me undressed. It's the first time he's really taken any time to think about me as more than his boss.

I can read his mind, wondering what he's getting into. Yeah, I'm a big old hairy bear, kid. I'm a fucking beast. I weigh 80-lbs more than you. I got hair all over. I look like an 80's pro heel and you look like a boy band wannabe. I got the contract, the experience and all the power. I stretch out, letting him drink it all in.

We lock up in the ring. I take it easy, not wanting to scare the kid. I give him directions, making it feel like training. He's getting comfortable, trusting me. Good. I push him to the corner. I press my body on his, casually rubbing against him. Letting him feel my weight on him. Feel my breath on his neck. He tightens up so I back off.

I ask him about what he'd do now. He says, "Whatever we worked out in advance. Or whatever the ref tells me, I guess."

"No, no, no. You don't got time for that. You gotta have instincts. Gotta move smoothly from move to move. This is why we need to train and practice. Here, lemme show you."

I move in again, pressing into him. My hairy torso scrapes his smooth body. He's tense. I pull him out fast and switch our places. I tell him to chop my chest. Chop! Again! Chop! Harder, make it real for the folks in the front row! CHOP! Pick me up and slam me! The kid bends down and hoists me across his chest. He drops me in a bodyslam. WHAM! I tell him get on top of me.

With Logan mounting me for a pin, we pause and relax on the mat. He's proud of himself. I clap, telling him he's doing great as I casually caress his legs. He blushes. The kid is pretty strong, I'll give him that. Not many guys his size who can lift a guy my size that easily. He helps me up and we bro hug. We run through more combinations, always with him in control, always with maximum body contact. He's getting confident. I always ask him, 'what's next, what's next'.

After nearly an hour of sweaty work, we're laughing and he's talking about how cool this is. He keeps adjusting the trunks, because they ride up his ass whenever he bends. I don't say anything, just admiring the view. Now when I touch him, he's totally cool with it. I pull him into a headlock and rub his head like a buddy. He's cool with it. My hand slides down his back to his ass. I squeeze and he doesn't pull away. Perfect.

I tell him, "Let's go for real. You and me. See if you can do a match without me telling you everything."

"Sure! But can I change? These trunks keep riding up."

"No, keep them on. Let's see how they do in a real match."

"Well, if you say so. I just think -"

"Kid, let me do the thinking. Everything I do has a purpose. Bank on it."

The Match

We circle then lock up. This time, I overpower him to the corner fast. CLANG! He lets out a pained yelp, surprised by the force. I press into him again, rubbing our bodies together hard. He groans as I bring my knee up between his legs into his pouch, which hangs low in the sexy briefs I'm making him wear.

I push out, dragging the twink wrestler out and into a hip toss. He rolls with it, landing on his back. I drop an elbow on his chest and he grunts. We roll away from each other. I rise to a crouch while the kid reaches back to adjust his trunks, which are halfway up his left cheek. I charge in and lock on a chinlock. Logan moans as I tighten the hold.

I drag the kid up, switching to a side headlock. I mess with his hair then flip him over with a hip toss again. We crash down together, with me on top, still holding onto the headlock. I lie on his chest as he groans under my weight. He's pushing up on me, but there's no way he can budge me. I slide off his chest, keeping the headlock, but giving him an opening.

Logan takes advantage, swinging his legs up and wrapping them around my head. I let him pull me down into a head scissors. It gives me a good chance to rub his legs and even run my hand over his exposed ass and big bulge. The kid's butt is so fucking smooth.

I stay in the scissors until he reaches down to adjust the trunks back down his butt. When he does, I power out of the hold then roll him up into a small package. The trunks ride up even higher as I fold him in half. He groans out a submission and I let go. Again, Logan fixes the back of his gear, so again I take advantage.

I roll on top of him, sliding into a grapevine. With my pouch pressing down on his, the 19-year old stud stares up at me. I can tell by his face that he's unsure what I'm doing. He lets out a cute little whimper when I start grinding my bulge on top of his. Logan fights to get out of the hold, but I ain't budging. He settles down and gives in, submitting. I let his legs close, but I don't get off.

Logan writhes a little under me as I'm grinding. He says, "Lou, these trunks aren't working."

I smile, grinding our bulges together, "What do you mean? They're working great."

"They keep riding up. I keep having to pull them down!"


Logan hesitates. "Why what?"

"Why do you keep pulling them down? Every time you do, I get you in another bad spot. Maybe you should leave them alone and focus on your opponent."

The twink says, "But everyone will see my butt."

"We're the only ones here." That stumps him. "And even if we weren't, you can't let yourself get distracted in the ring. Quickest way for bad things to happen. Here's the lesson, kid. What happens when you miss a spot 'cause you're shy and someone gets hurt? I guarantee you the last thing you'll be worried about is who saw your butt when you or the other guy are in traction."

Logan thinks then nods, "Oh. I get it. But isn't this kind of, well, extreme?"

"Extreme? Worse than screaming fans yelling insults about your mother at you? Worse than fans groping you and spilling their beer on you when you're outside the ring? Worse than your opponent and the ref whispering different shit to you that you can't hear because folks are yelling? Worse than dodging valets and cameramen who're in the wrong spot? Spotlights that blind you? Want me to keep going?"

Logan sheepishly says, "No, Lou. Sorry, sir. I get it now."

"Good, because I'm gonna do a lot more to distract you. Be ready and just let me do it. Stay focused no matter what." I slide off him and notice he's semi-hard and there's a wet spot from my grinding. Nice. I pull him to his feet. He tries to move away, but I pull him close. I reach around and pull up his trunks, really wedging them up his crack. It looks like he's wearing a thong they're so wedged. I tell him, "Leave them and focus on wrestling."

Logan obeys like a good boy, letting me admire that sweet ass. We break and go to lock up again. I power him into a side headlock. The young stud surprises me by lifting me up for a side suplex. I go up and back, slamming down hard. WHAM! The kid grabs my leg and goes for a single leg crab, but I kick him off.

I get to my feet only to be tackled down. We grapple on the mat. Yeah, I could overpower him, but instead I use it as an opportunity to touch and grab. My hands run over his pecs and abs. They find his bare ass and bulge. We work up a sweat. I finally get on top, pinning him down. My sweat drips down onto his handsome, flawless face. Logan admits he's pinned, so I roll off.

"Lou, what are we doing? You seem to be, well, I don't know. It's just that you're kind of ... um, groping me?"

I smile, "I am. You gotta get used to a man touching you in the ring. Touching you everywhere. It's training, kid."

"Oh, like the trunks. Okay. I just wanted to make sure I understood what's happening. I mean, really happening."

I look confused, "What do you think is really happening?"

Logan pauses then bites his bottom lip. He finally says, "Nothing. Training, like you said."

"Look, kid, shit happens in private matches. You gotta be ready for that. Ever hear of stakes?"

The twink's eyes go wide. He obviously has. Logan sputters, "Sure, but I don't want to do that."

I shrug, "It's not always a choice. Lot of testosterone in this business. Boys will be boys. Challenges get made. You can't back down. Ever. Being weak is a million times worse than being fucked. Another lesson for you."

Logan says, "Okay. There's so much more to this business than what I've been learning in the ICW. Stakes. I didn't think they were real."

I just nod, but I can see that the kid's hard now, the tiny trunks tenting big time. The thin fabric hides nothing as his huge cock stretches them down in front. He tries to adjust them in front, getting comfortable, but leaves the wedgie. I love it when my boys are so trainable. I move in fast. He lifts his arms, but I barrel in, pulling him into a bearhug.

I squeeze hard. Logan moans, straining in the hold. I'm a fucking beast in this type of action, especially compared to him. I crush him against me. He sags in my arms, getting weaker. I tell him to fight back unless he just wants to be a jobber. I challenge him, what would be the next move? He gets it together enough to slam his arms around my head, boxing my ears with his biceps. It doesn't hurt, but I act like it does and let go.

Logan leaps up and slams his boots into me with a standing dropkick. I run all the way back to the corner, sagging on the turnbuckle. He charges in, jumping on my thighs and grabbing behind my head. We use the momentum for him to pull me out and flip me over. I take the bump, landing on my ass. WHACK!

The kid runs to the ropes and comes off with a 270 splash. SPLASH! He crashes down, driving the wind outta me. Logan goes for a pin, but I toss him off. Cute moves, but I'm still the man. The young stud grabs my arm and spins into an armbar, my arm locked between his legs. I feel up his leg as he cranks on the hold. When it starts to hurt, I twist and power out of it.

Logan shows he's fast, kicking out and tripping me down. He puts his foot in my back then grabs my left ankle and right wrist. He pulls back, stretching me out in a bow and arrow. I grunt, impressed at how the talk of stakes has fired the kid up. I suffer in the hold until he lets go. I roll on my stomach while Logan pounces on me. He grabs my leg and puts me in a single leg crab.

I'm folded up pretty good. The young stud is really going for it. I let him have his way with me then I again power out when it starts to hurt. I kick him forward then flip onto my ass facing him. He thinks twice about charging, deciding to hang back. Smart kid. I compliment his moves and the way he combined them. Seamless, smart and tough.

I get to my feet, "You got good instincts, kid. That's a star quality no one can teach, not even me."

Logan blushes and accepts the praise. He doesn't even worry about the heat he's packing in his trunks. It just hangs there, huge and obvious. I decide he's finally primed and ready for some real action.

We lock up and I don't mess around. I shove his head down under my armpit. I grab his trunks and suplex him over. WHAM! I grab him by the hair and pull his head between my legs. I rub his face in my bulge as I put him in a head scissors. I apply enough pressure to keep him trapped, but not enough to cause real pain.

The kid struggles, but he's locked in, smelling my crotch and getting used to having his face buried in my junk. I keep telling him how good he's doing, helping him associate this position with praise. I don't know if it works, but I read it somewhere. Can't hurt, right? I finally let him go. He lies on his stomach, trying to regroup and focus. That gives me time to get him in a single leg crab of my own.

I control the kid with the hold, not trying to submit him, but letting him know it's on. He groans under me. I reach down and cup his bulge.

"See, kid, we're in a private match. This what you shoulda done to me."

I massage his balls then grip his thick cock. Fuck, it's a handful. Logan moans, enjoying the sensations. As long as I don't put too much pressure on the crab, I know he'll stay like this for awhile. I gently work him, getting him hotter and hornier. Every time I think he's as hard as he can get, it's like he swells up some more. Fuck, he's packing serious heat. Could be the biggest dick I've ever had. Sweet.

The kid finally submits, begging me to let him go. I drop his leg and he rolls onto his back. I sit on his swollen cock and he cries out, begging me to lift my weight. I slide up and pin his arms over his head. I lean in real close, our noses practically touching. I just stare into his eyes, my hot breath hitting his soft lips.

Logan has the look. I keep still and let him come to me. He lifts his head for a kiss. SMACK! He drops back, apologizing. I dive in and smother his mouth. He goes with it, sliding his tongue out. I overpower his tongue and mouth, taking control. He fights for a few seconds then submits to me, letting me have my way. The kid goes weak under me, just savoring my dominance.

I pull off and sit up. I smirk. Logan says he's confused. I tell him there's nothing to be confused about. It's natural when two guys go at it. And it's good that we're so close. It means we'll work well together. He says he never expected this. It's just like everything today has led to this. Duh. He really doesn't realize it's all my plan? Shit, it's good when they're dumb.

I slide off him then help him up. He's distracted, so it's easy to scoop him up across my chest. I tell the kid that he needs to keep focus. He squirms a little, but I got him locked up tight. Now I got him all hot, I need to break him in a little. Pleasure first, pain now. Gotta soften him up, establishing me as the alpha.

Logan asks me to put him down, so I oblige. With a stiff body slam. SLAM! He arches his back, so I stomp his lower abs. He collapses under my boot. I scoop him up, the whole time lecturing him on the importance of focus and follow through. I slam him again, even harder this time. SLAM! He rolls onto his side, whimpering. I drag him up by his hair and wedged trunks.

I whip him into the corner. CLANG! The kid sags, looking beautiful in his weakness. The gorgeous jobber is sweaty, his mop hair hanging down over his face. A portrait of defeat, but it's not enough. I march in and grab the front waistband of his trunks. I pull forward, lifting his hips out and stretching the briefs out. I take a good look down at his manhood. Still impressive.

After a good look, I fire a shot into his lower abs. POW! He cries out. I do it again and again, softening the little punk up. POW! POW! POW! He's whimpering now. The entire area from his belly button to the top of his cock is red by the time I'm done pounding him. When I finally let go, Logan drops to his knees, holding his stomach.

The kid meekly asks, "Why?"

I pull his face into my bulge as I start 'teaching' again. This is all an important lesson for him. He might not get it now, but he will one day. I tell him that he'll look back and thank me for this. I chop his shoulders and he goes limp in front of me. He's gasping, breathing in my man scent. I drag him up by his hair and push him back into the corner.

Logan hangs there while I grab the waistband of his trunks. I reach around and lower them below his ass. The kid is begging me not to, but I yank them down, exposing him. His cock has softened, but it's still big. I order him to kick them off. He obeys, the whole time asking me to stop. I slap his dick around a little, impressed that it stiffens under the assault. Good, he likes it rough.

The kid tries to escape, but I grab his hair. I shove his head between my legs then hoist him up for a piledriver. I grab his cock and ask him if he wants to run away. He begs me not to piledrive him. I tell him he has to see this through. All the way. I tell him that he can't ever run away from a fight. He cries out he won't, that he gets it. The kid even apologizes to me.

I shift him up a bit, getting my arms around his stomach. I shake him a bit in the upside down reverse bearhug, squeezing him tight. He moans and cries out. Logan begs me to let him down, that he's going to puke. I lower him over the top rope gently, but then I use the rope to fling him over, catapulting him to the canvas.

Logan lies at my feet, on his back, sprawled out and unmoving. The kid moans and rolls back and forth. I put my boot on his chest and flex. I demand he acknowledge me as his teacher, manager and boss. He does, promising that he's learned his lesson. I tell him I'm gonna test his loyalty and he just lies there.

I drag the twink wrestler up. I pull him into a reverse bearhug. I dry hump his bare ass then kiss his neck. He just takes it, letting me have my way with him. I look over his shoulder and see the head of his long cock poking forward and expanding. Sweet. I push him into the corner, front first. I strip down my trunks, hanging them on the ring post in front of his face.

I come in behind him and go full humping now, frottaging his fine ass while I drag his arms into a double chicken wing. He's flexible, so I can get his elbows touching and he just moans. Logan starts moving his ass in time. A couple of times my cock head pierces his hole and he groans. I know that I could fuck him right here, but I hold off. All in good time.

With the kid so weak, I let go of his arms and reach around his head. I pull him back into a standing dragon sleeper. He's real vocal in his suffering now. I reach over and feel him up, rubbing his pecs and tweaking his nipples. He submits, begging for me to let him go. I cop one more feel then let him drop to the canvas.

I grab his hair and pull him up. I scoop him up then lower him over my knee. He moans again. I start working his dick, demanding he get hard for me. Logan whimpers, but he's stiffening up like a good boy. It doesn't take much with this stud. I keep him locked up, working him until he's begging for me to stop. I don't. He warns that he's going to shoot if I don't.

Logan is gasping for air as he hangs on my thigh, ready to explode. I slow down then speed up. When I lean down and put my lips on his head, he screams out that he's going to blow his load. I keep going then feel the first burst hit the back of my throat. It's more than I can fucking handle. I swallow and swallow, but some leaks out.

When I pull off, the kid is quivering on my leg as he experiences the best combination of pain and pleasure. I push him off my leg, letting the twink wrestler collapse as he nurses his back. I kick him onto his back and schoolboy pin him. I declare myself the winner and he agrees. I run through the lessons I taught him, making up some bullshit. Focus, trust, obedience, determination, tenacity ... blah, blah, blah.

As he lies under me, with my cock resting on his chin, Logan says, "Thank you, sir."

Back to calling me 'sir'? Perfect. I don't correct him. From now on, I am his 'sir'.

It looks like the kid is broken in, but there's one more thing I gotta do to make sure.

The Fuck

I get off Logan. He's sore. Aching. The kid is young, he'll bounce back. It's a process. First, you seduce them, but then you have to dominate them. It's important to manhandle these young punks early. Make 'em realize who's in charge. Can't have 'em questioning you or thinking they can take you. A few more beatdowns and Logan won't ever think about messing with me, even as he gets older and stronger, he'll still be my boy.

Damn, I lucked out. This kid is some kind of special. With my last protégé off making himself a star for real in the Ring of Wrestling, it's time for a replacement. Right now, Logan's confused and unsure, but with some more training, he'll come around and realize this is a good deal for him.

I step over Logan, straddling him. He looks up with a mixture of fear and lust. It's like he wants me, but he's afraid of what's happening. I've seen it before. It's hot. I sit down on his junk, straddling his hips. I start massaging his pecs. Small, but firm and smooth. I like. He just stares at me, but I feel his cock twitching under my ass. I slide my hips, jerking him a little with my ass. He groans.

I ask him about being gay. At first, he doesn't want to talk about it, but I'm a good listener and not judgmental, so he opens up. He's more of a top than a bottom. Big surprise. Guys just take one look at his big cock and he's a magnet for bottoms. He's only been fucked a couple of times, both by older guys and even though it hurt, he liked it and had his biggest orgasms as a bottom.

I tell Logan to roll over. He has trouble with that, because his cock's hard from the massage and sex talk. I reach under and grab his cock to help him get in position. Fuck, his monster dick feels awesome. Thick, long and throbbing. The joys of youth, getting hard any time you want. I'm not at the blue pill stage yet, but I know my dick doesn't work like this boy's obviously does. Shit. It's okay. It'll work good enough to fuck a hot twink wrestler.

I climb on top and massage his shoulders. He gets into it, so I hump his bare ass. He moans, but asks me not to fuck him. I ask why, but he doesn't know. I tell him it's okay, but I'm disappointed in him. I thought we trusted each other. And it sure seems like he likes it. The kid knows it's wrong, but he's too stupid to articulate what he's feeling. With a little push, he gives in and just asks me to be gentle.

"Sure, kid, I'll be real gentle."

I roll him over and stand up. I peel off my trunks over his face, letting him get a good look at my junk. I'm hairy, but I keep my pubes trimmed tight and my balls shaved. I squat down and pull him up. He props up on his elbows and I maneuver my head to his lips. I wait. It's important for my boy to make the first move. I want him to really submit.

Logan hesitates, but then he does what comes natural. He opens his lips and takes my cock. I grab his thick hair and control him, using his mouth like a tool. He goes with it, a sign that he knows I'm the boss. Fuck, the kid is good. Knows when to suck, how to apply pressure and how to keep his teeth outta the way.

Oh fuck. He's getting into it, reaching up and tugging on my balls. I tell him harder, harder. He does it and my eyes roll back in my head. Wow, this kid's a fucking pro. I tell him that, which only gets him going faster and harder. Damn, I made the right choice. When Logan starts using his hand on my shaft along with his mouth, I gotta stop him. Yeah, I'll shoot down his throat one day soon, but not now.

I get the twink wrestler on his hands and knees, hips up and back. I lube up my fingers and work his hole. Logan moans then breathes in deep. I coach him and he relaxes, accepting two fingers pretty easy. When he's good and primed, I slide on some protection and ease in. He gasps when the head goes in, but he holds it together. With a little work, my hips are pressing against his ass.

Logan adjusts like a stud, so I thrust into him. He whimpers, but holds it together. I work up to going deeper and faster, pounding his tight twink hole. He groans, but takes it. It only takes a few minutes before I'm slamming my cock into him, rough fucking his ass. Pretty soon, the kid's screaming and praying as I ram my hard cock into him.

I ride the punk hard, letting him know that a real man is inside him. The twink shakes and cries out. He keeps screaming, his ass tightening on my rod. Finally, he stops. When I pull out, Logan collapses. I roll him onto his back and see a giant wet spot on the mat under him. Fucker shot another huge load. Without me even touching him. I smirk then lift his legs onto my shoulders.

Logan looks up at me, confused. I tell him that he shoots fast, but I like it slow. I slide in and pound him as I watch his face. So fucking sexy. The punk's rod powers up again! It doesn't take long before his face, body and cock have me ready to explode. I pull out, whip off the condom and finish up by spraying my hot white seed all over his shaved crotch.

I coat his monster dick, taking full possession of it with my cum. By the time I'm done, Logan's sweaty and weak. He just lies there like a perfect picture of post-sex bliss. I move up and sit beside him. He looks at me, weak, his mop hair damp and back.

I tap his cheeks, "You with me?" He just nods. "You're gonna be a star, baby. Keep riding my dick and it's all gonna go your way."

The kid says, "What is this? I mean, I don't get what's happening, sir."

I smile, "What's happening is you're playing the game. The game that ends up with you as a big-time wrestler. It's real simple."

"Game? But, I mean -"

"Kid, c'mon. No more questions. Just relax and enjoy the ride."

Logan just lies there on his back, thinking. He looks fucking amazing. Smooth, lean muscles, handsome. And what a cock. Gotta love a twink with a huge dick. One day, after he's fully broken in, I'll go to town on that monster. I'll suck the hell outta it and let him fuck me with it. But not yet. It'd send the wrong message.

Reality Check

I roll outta the ring, "So clean the ring up, boy, then meet me in the showers in five minutes."

Logan whispers, "Sir?" I turn, folding my arms across my chest. "Was this what it's all about? Did you just wanna fuck me? It kinda feels like you're using me." Maybe he's not a total dummy after all. He's finally getting it.

When I don't answer, the kid gulps then asks nervously, "There's no one interested in me, is there?"

I smile, "Sure there is. I'm interested in you, boy. Now, you wanna be a wrestler, you gotta play the game. I got a piece of paper that says I own you. And I got the contacts and connections you need if you wanna live out your dream. Treat me nice? I'll get your career going, just like I promised. Treat me bad? You can go work at fucking McDonald's."

Logan whines, "That's not fair. I didn't -"

I stop smiling. Time for some tough love. "Fuck off with that bullshit, boy. Be a fucking man and own up to your choices. You still wanna be a big-time wrestler?"

Logan mutters, "Yes, sir."

"Did you like what happened? You sure seemed to like it, shooting twice. Once without your dick even being touched."

"Well, right, but -"

"Then stop crying. It's a win-win, boy. Now, I'm done coddling you. You got a choice. Make it. If you decide to stick it out then start cleaning up the fucking ring. Get your ass into the shower in five minutes. Got it?"

Logan whispers, "Yes, sir."

"Good decision, boy. When you're on TV every week in a few years, crowds cheering your name, you'll realize this was all worth it. Trust me."

I strut to the back, feeling like the king of the fucking ring.

The End


  1. Wow, that was amazing. It was great to see Lou again, and Logan is incredibly hot.

    I have to admit, I had my suspicions, wondering if it'd be a twist that Logan was actually the titular bad boy, playing Lou all along. Very hot the way it all came together. Really liking this series!

    Thanks, man. Great work. :)

    1. Thanks! Glad to hear some appreciation for Lou, because he's in two more Bad Boys stories this season. :)

  2. WOW!!! Hot doesn't even begin to describe this story! So much fun and it was a great combination of the hairy daddy, Lou, and the cute twink! This is what I was hoping for from the Bad Boys stories, The first one had me on the fence since the bad boys were taking advantace of another asshole, but I really enjoyed the hapless jobber Logan being used and abused and loving every second of it!

    1. Thanks for the comment! This series will have different tones and scenarios, so hopefully there's a story for everyone at some point over the 9-episode season.

  3. Fascinating! I loved being in Lou's head, hearing his thought process as he looks for the new Kyle.- I also loved the differences between Lou and Logan. I ALSO loved how different Logan was from Nick in episode one of the spin-off. (Poor sweet Logan--BUT, compared to poor Nick, Logan actually had it pretty easy!)

    1. As always, I appreciate the comment!

      Glad you enjoyed being in Lou's head, because he narrates two more stories this season. While I struggled with writing the sadistic, evil Dylan, I found it kind of fun to write as the scheming, selfish Lou.

  4. Also, I love the changing Bad Boys banner!

    1. Thanks for noticing! For each of the five different 'Bad Boy' leads in season one, there will be a unique banner.

  5. Alex R:

    Loved how manipulating Lou is. What a bad boy! I love sstory lines like this. There goes the young stud looking to make his dream come true and bam, he falls into a trap. Dont get me wrong, I dont think he was completely naive. I think he knew he was flirting with danger but most important he wanted Lou to be his daddy. So I see it as a win win situation. But kudos to Lou. Thats a man right there! Bring victim number 2! Bring on the Bad Boys! Love this series!

    1. Thanks! I like your analysis. Only time will tell how this all shakes out. :)