Monday, October 19, 2015

The Cave 13: The Bat vs. Ram

"You ready, Cody?"

I smile at my best friend Ryan, "The Bat is always ready."

The Bat in the locker room

I pace the locker room in my ring attire, a sexy take on Batman's uniform. I wrestle as The Bat for The Cave, a gay-oriented, superhero-themed wrestling video company that Ryan and I co-own. My black pro wrestling boots have been shined. My black spandex trunks with a red bat symbol on the front are tight. My gloves, cape and cowl are in place. I'm anxious, but I really need this.

My best friend, Ryan

Ryan says, "Good luck. Ram's tough."

"I need tough right now."

Ryan gives me a small smile. He understands what I mean. I need to work out some things and there's no better way for me to do that than wrestling. The fact that I can make money while dealing with my personal issues just makes it all the better.

My boyfriend and I are having some trust issues. Ryan is staying out of it. When I pushed it, he commented that I don't seem to give a shit about Jae lying to me, but the real problem seems to be that I can't get past the implication that I'm not the center of Jae's universe. It sure feels like there's an implied judgment there, but Ryan says it's just an observation.

It's true that I got over Jae's mistakes right away. We all do stupid shit and get embarrassed about it. It's also true that I'm just having doubts whether he's 100% committed to me. I don't think that's narcissistic on my part. Why would I want to be in a relationship where I'm not the most important person to my boyfriend?

All this has forced us to have serious conversations for the first time in our relationship. Whether we stay together is entirely up in the air, but it is entirely up to me. Jae is clear that he wants to make it work. I wish it was that simple for me.

The clock is ticking and it's almost time for the match. Ryan says with a smirk, "Well, take it easy on the big guy."

I smile back, "No, you know I won't be doing that. The whole reason I'm wrestling Ram is precisely because I don't have to take it easy on him. I can go all out and not worry about hurting him."

"I know. You think this will help?"

I shrug, "Can't hurt."

Ryan raises his eyebrow, "Actually, it can hurt a lot. You're facing a 230-lbs bodybuilder, don't forget. Yeah, he's only 5'10", but he's solid as a rock from head to toe. He's mauled everybody he's faced. The man is a legitimate muscle monster, right up there with guys like Josh, Beau and me. And that cock is like a fucking beer can when it -"

I hold up my hand, stopping him. "I get it, Ryan. The Bat might lose. I've lost a few times now and I've gotten over it. The fans love it, so we'll make a lot of money if it happens. But at least I'll be fighting the whole time. Trust me, I need this."

"Just focus on Ram and not on Jae." I nod, knowing he's right. I'll let my sub-conscious work on my problems while I work on the giant monster named Ram.

The Match

We're only doing a one-fall match, but that doesn't mean it'll be short. There's no submissions or pins. You can only win by getting a standing ten-count from a neutral corner. That means that one of us won't be able to get up on our own for a long ten-count. So, reasons are pretty much exhaustion, knock out or just so much punishment that you're basically too out of it.

Ram is going in first. Normally I wait in the locker room until I'm called, but I'm wired, so I pace the hall. We stay a good distance apart, so he just stares me down. I can't help but stare back. To the ring, Ram wears a fur loincloth over silver trunks. He's got brown leather forearm gauntlets and matching brown leather pro boots. To hide his identity, he's wearing his brown face mask with two silver side panels emulating horns.

My opponent, Ram

The bodybuilder looks pumped. His tanned body is bursting with power and covered in a slight sheen from whatever warmup he did to look like that. Shit. He's so thick and hard. Beast is the perfect word to describe him. It's one thing to watch him wrestle. It's another to watch him and know I'm about to enter the ring with him.

Ram goes in first then it's my turn. The whole way to the ring through my introduction, I'm just telling myself, "I want to do this. I need to do this. I can win. I can win. I. Can. Win."

The Bat in the ring

Ram smirks as I climb the steps and move through the ropes. He's a big guy and two of my three Cave losses as The Bat were to big guys.

Ryan only asked him yesterday, but he jumped at the chance to wrestle me, especially in this type of match. A lot of guys want to take down The Bat. As the undisputed star of The Cave, I've got a huge target on my back. I wrestle more, I win more and I sell the most. A good showing against me has launched other guys popularity. Since we started giving bonuses based on sales, guys are suddenly caring about that kind of thing a lot more than they did.

Ram in the ring

Ryan rings the bell. Ram and I circle the ring. He looks even more solid than normal. Like a literal wall of muscle. The big man flexes, challenging me to do the same. I accept the challenge, keeping my distance in case the big villain launches a sneak attack. My muscles are toned and rippling, but dwarfed in stature. With his deep tan and oiled skin under the bright lights, you can see every contour on his body. I'm never unhappy with my physique, but facts are facts. I think I'm sexier, but he's bigger and more cut. Doesn't mean he'll win, though.

With the preliminaries out of the way, we lock up fast. His shoulder and forearm are like concrete and my fingers don't even dent the skin. Almost immediately, Ram pushes me off him, tossing my 205-lbs of muscle backwards. He strikes a double bicep pose. We lock up again. I twist, trying to move him, but he throws me back again. I stumble back two more steps this time, almost back to the corner.

Again he poses. I just nod. The muscleheel is proving himself to be the stronger man, but I expected that. He's not going to win just throwing me backwards. We lock up for a third time. Before he can react, I twist and pull him forward, dropping him with an arm drag takedown. Since the muscular villain was trying to push me again, his momentum works for me, helping me move his 230-lbs of muscle.

Ram lands on his butt in front of me. I lock on an armbar, trying to keep him seated, using my position as leverage. Keep the big beast down. That's a plan. Ram grunts in the hold. He also shifts, powering up to one knee. He pulls his arm in, dragging me with it. I tumble right into his rising forearm. CRACK! I'm stunned, giving him time to rise and lock on a headlock.

I feel like my skull is being crushed as he works the simple hold. I fire forearms into his back. Nope. I try to pry his arms apart. Big nope. Before I can try a third counter, the big man flips me over with a hip toss. His 230-lbs of muscle crashes down on top of me, crushing my chest and knocking the wind out of me. OOF! The big beast keeps the headlock locked on tight. ARGH!

I push against his head then swing a leg up. When it lands inside his head, Ram knows what I'm doing. He avoids the head scissors by releasing the headlock and rolls to the side. I rise fast, but not fast enough. I'm shocked by his speed as he charges me like a real ram, spearing me in my midsection with his shoulder. THUD! We go down hard with Ram on top.

The muscleheel sits back then fires his fists into my abs, softening up my core. He's raining down short, powerful blows that tear into my flexed six-pack. I use my leg again, drawing up and kicking him back and off. I roll to hands and knees, planning to spring to my feet. Instead, Ram is on top of me. He wraps his arms around my waist then drags me to my feet in a reverse bearhug. UNH! My feet leave the ground as he crushes my midsection.

Damn, his arms are so powerful. I kick and he's forced to lower me to the mat, but before I can follow up, he brings his head under my arm and heaves me up and back with a belly-to-back suplex. WHOA! WHAM! I'm seeing stars. I definitely underestimated the speed of the muscular monster. He's moving smoothly and efficiently, keeping control.

Ram rises and stomps my abs, remaining focused on his obvious plan to wear me down. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The big beast drags me up by my mask. I fire a fist out, but he laughs it off. Literally. He's laughing at my feeble attempt, like I tickled him. Another try gets the same result. Before I try something else, he brings his forearms down in a double axe handle. WHACK! I drop to one knee.

The muscleheel forces me to my feet. He pushes me into the ropes then whips me across the ring. On the rebound, I get leveled with a shoulder block that drops me to the mat. THUD! SPLAT! Ram stomps my gut then kicks me onto my stomach then unleashes stomps onto my back. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! I groan and try to roll away, but he stops me by standing on my back. UGH!

The big beast flexes while he stands on me. I try to roll him off, but he moves off before I can trip him. Ram grabs my ankles, lifting them under his armpits. He steps forward, straddling my waist. I feel the pain in my back, but that's nothing. He grabs my wrists and lifts me up into a tear drop submission hold. ARGH! I cry out immediately. There aren't many guys in The Cave who can power me up like this, so I'm not used to it. My head hangs limp as I try to weather the storm.

Ram doesn't bother asking if I submit. It wouldn't count anyway. He's just breaking me down for the eventual ten-count. I'm sweating like crazy and I'm in pain already. Fuck this is killing me! Finally, Ram drops me to the mat. I lie on my stomach, grateful the pain has subsided. I feel his boot rest on my butt. He must be flexing, which is fine by me. I need the moment.

Too soon, the muscleheel is grabbing for the back of my black trunks. He stretches them up, pulling my hips off the mat. I follow, rising to my feet. The trunks wedge up my ass, exposing my smooth, large glutes. Ram goes for an ab stretch, but I manage to hip toss him over before he can cinch it in. PLOP! I get in two stiff stomps to his pecs before he rolls away.

Ram rises fast, only to receive a drop kick that sends him back to the corner. THUD! CLANG! I rise, just as the big muscle monster charges out of the corner for another spear. He drives me across the ring and I slam in hard. CLANG! He backs up and I bend forward, right into a front facelock. The big beats goes for a suplex, but I manage to block it.

I reach behind his legs, lift and dive forward, driving Ram down into the canvas. I hear a small grunt on impact. I grab a leg, but I'm kicked off before I can lock anything on. We both rise. The villain tries charging again, but I duck, taking him down with a drop toehold. I hold onto his leg and twist on an ankle lock. I've got to slow the big beast down. He's really wearing me down.

Once again, Ram kicks free. I spring up and come down with an elbow to the back of his head before he can rise. CRACK! His head slams into the mat and he's momentarily dazed. I go for a crossface, but he powers out. We rise and go for a lockup. He surprises me with a kick to the gut then one to the side of my head that drops me to one knee. THUD! OOF! CRACK! I'm seeing stars, almost out on my knee.

Ram forces my head between his mighty thighs. He grabs me around the waist, lifts then flips me around, driving me to the canvas with a power slam. KABOOM! The ring shakes and I'm lifeless on the canvas. I hear his feet moving away then I hear his voice as he starts the ten-count.



THREE! Got to move.

FOUR! I roll onto my side.

FIVE! I get to hands and knees.

SIX! I rise to my feet.

Ram charges in for another spear. This time, I'm ready. I grab his head and pull down, slamming his forehead into the mat with a DDT. CRACK! Ram goes limp on top of me. I push him aside. Looking at his unmoving body, I decide to try for a count. I move to my corner and hold up a hand, calling out my count.


TWO! The sound of my voice has him stirring.

THREE! It feels like the pauses are taking forever, as I try to measure the count. I don't need Ryan telling me my ten-count isn't legitimate.

FOUR! Damn, he's moving.

FIVE! Halfway and he's still face down.

SIX! Uh oh, he's planting his hands.

SEVEN! The big beast pushes up and springs to his feet dramatically. He thrusts his arms out and roars at the sky.

Nice performance, but it gives me the opportunity to move in. I charge in for a tackle of my own. THUD! We tumble to the mat with me on top. The muscleheel tosses me off his body with authority. We spring up. Ram moves in, grabs me around the body. He lifts and flips, slamming me down onto my back with a belly-to-belly suplex. BOOM! The 230-lbs monster lands on top of me, winding me. OOF!

Ram drags me to my feet by the mask. He grabs me around the throat, lifts then drops me with a chokeslam. WHAM! These power moves are wrecking my body. I lift my hips to relieve the pressure on my back, but the big beast pounds my abs. THUD! POW! THUD! I try to roll away, but Ram grabs my cowl.

The big man grabs under my chin and armpit. He drags me back to him as he slides into position. I squirm, but Ram is so strong it's all happening too fast for me to counter. He sits behind me then forces my head up between his monstrous thighs, squeezing tight. I stare at the ceiling, the back of my head resting on his bulge.

There's no way I can move his legs, but I know I need to do something to counter this. I rock, managing to roll us over onto our sides. I try to slide my head free, but instead, Ram rolls us all the way over. He pushes up then brings his legs down. I'm yanked down, too, slamming the crown of my head into the mat. CRACK! Even though it was a short distance, the impact has me going limp.

Ram releases the scissors. He drags me to my feet then grabs my neck with one hand and right in my crotch with the other. In one smooth move, Ram presses me overhead, thrusting my 205-lbs of muscle in the air and holding me high above the mat. I brace on his arm and shoulder, but there's really no counter. I could try to rake his eyes, but I don't have that kind of aim. Either way, I'm about to plummet to the mat.

The big beast makes the decision for me, flipping me over and slamming me to the mat. KABOOM! I land hard. Even though I know how to take a bump, it still wrecks my body. Before I can move, Ram is grabbing my cowl and dragging me up and round onto my knees. He shoves my head between his legs and locks on a standing head scissors. ARGH! Damn, it's like being put in a granite vice.

I try to flip him over, but I can't get leverage. I'm getting weaker and weaker. Things black out and the next thing I hear is, FOUR!

I open my eyes and realize I'm on my back. Ram is in his corner, counting.


SIX! I roll onto my stomach.

SEVEN! I get to hands and knees.

EIGHT! I put one foot under my body.

Before I can dramatically and triumphantly push to a standing position at 9, Ram runs out of the corner. He raises his boot and slams it into my head. CRACK! I black out then awaken on my stomach.

FIVE! Oh fuck.

SIX! I roll to the left and realize I'm right beside the ropes.

SEVEN! I grab onto the ropes.

EIGHT! I drag myself up.

NINE! I'm on my feet, using the top rope for support.

I hear Ram swear then I hear his feet stomping. The big bodybuilder goes for a spear. I can't dodge, but I do manage to twist. As I'm on the ropes, we tumble through. My twisting puts me on top as Ram slams into the apron then the floor, with me landing on top of him. I roll off, still weak. I notice that the muscleheel has seen better days, too. He must've hit his head and shoulder on the way down, based on how he looks.

The big man rises before me, but I notice he's limping. Must've hit the padded concrete floor with his left knee. Instead of rising, I dive for his leg, clipping his sore knee. Ram actually cries out as he collapses beside me. I force myself to rise, dragging the bodybuilder up by his wrist and mask.

Ram lands an elbow to my abs. OOF! I slam his head into the ring apron. WHACK! I drag him back three steps then run him into the ring apron, abs first. OOF! I do it again, knowing his rock hard stomach can take anything I dish out. Let's see if the steel ring can break them down any better than my fists or feet. I go for a third try, but the big man pushes me off.

I step back as he turns to face me. We cautiously stare each other down. He's in better shape than me, but he's no longer 100%, which gives me hope. Ram steps back then rolls into the ring. Damn, I'll be vulnerable if he's in the ring and I'm trying to get in. I move fast, trying to get in before he can set, but I'm not moving at normal speed. The big beast manages to dive over, hammering my back with a double axe handle. ARGH!

Ram rises and pulls me into another standing head scissors. If it ain't broke, right? Wrong. I'm ready this time. I have my foot in place. Even in the shape I'm in, I can still easily squat 230-lbs, so I'm able to press up, flipping the bodybuilder over head with a back body drop. WHAM! He lands on his back and I stagger to the corner. I'd love to follow up, but my body isn't responding.

Behind me, I hear charging footsteps. I vault over the top rope, just avoiding another spear. The big beast sails under the top turnbuckle, slamming his shoulder into the metal ring post. CLANG! Since I'm on the apron, I'm in the perfect position to kick his now injured shoulder, stomping the thick muscle and weakening the joint. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The bodybuilder tries to slide back into the ring, but I grab his arm.

I jump to the floor, pulling the arm with me. He yells, as his shoulder is torn apart. I whip the arm into the ring post, slamming the forearm against the hard steel. CLANG! Ram hangs there, grunting. I slide into the ring, rising behind him. I grab the waistband of his silver trunks and pull him out of the corner. I get a good glimpse of his ass and damn, it's spectacular. It motivates me, my adrenaline surging at the thought of fucking it.

I grab the big man around the waist, lifting him over with a belly-to-back suplex, he lands hard on his shoulders. I roll him over and go for another. This time, though, Ram swings his elbow back, connecting with my head. CRACK! I stumble back, my head ringing. The muscleheel scoops me up across his chest then slams me down with a bodyslam. SLAM! Fuck, my back is sore. Uh oh. I look up and see Ram's leg over my face. The bodybuilder is in the air, coming down with a leg drop across my face. WHACK!

Ram rolls off me then drags me to my feet. He forces me up then locks me in a bearhug. I lose air as I'm crushed against his rock hard body. I feel his bulge pressing into me as I push on his powerful chest and arms for escape. I'm never going to power out of this. I raise my arm and bring my elbow down onto his shoulder. The earlier abuse makes it effective and I feel the pressure ease.

The big beast doesn't stop crushing me, though. He shakes me back and forth, paying me back for trying to counter the devastating hold. I groan and hang limp in his arms. If this was a normal match, I might submit, it's that painful. I try boxing his ears, but he counters by shaking me as soon as my arms rise. I go completely limp in the hold, just having to ride it out.

Ram drops my limp body to the mat. I writhe at his feet, unable to move. He backs off and starts another count.



THREE! I gather myself.

FOUR! Okay, I need to rise.

FIVE! Fuck, did he break my back?

SIX! No, there it is. Okay, I'm ready.

SEVEN! I'm on my side, ready to rise.

EIGHT! I spring up fast, hoping to surprise him.

Ram charges at me, but thanks to holding back and coming up fast, I've got the drop on him. I lift my boot and he runs right into my kick. My boot and his chin connect. WHACK! The muscleheel's head snaps back, but even then I'm pushed to the side, where I land on my knee. The big behemoth is on one knee, rubbing his jaw.

I scramble up and move in. I lock on a front facelock and hold his left wrist. I rock left then right, before spinning all the way around for a swinging neck breaker. WHOA! WHAM! We land on the canvas hard. The bodybuilder holds his head and neck while I rise to my feet. I'm exhausted, but I know I've got to push myself.

I've got to put the big man down now, so I drag him up to his knees. I force Ram's head between my legs then grab around his waist. I hoist him into the air, wavering as I hold him aloft. I drop backwards, driving his head into the mat with a piledriver. CRACK! Ram collapses on top of me. I push him off then move to my corner as quickly as I'm able. I start to count.


TWO! So far, so good.

THREE! Are you kidding me? The big man rolls onto his stomach.

FOUR! Ram pushes up onto his hands and knees.

I break the count, knowing I'll never make it to ten. I move in fast. He's in perfect position for me to wrap on another standing head scissors. I grab him around the waist, hoist him up then drop back for a second piledriver. CRACK! Once again, he goes limp on top of me. I roll him off me then move to the corner.

I count.





FIVE! Halfway. Come on, stay down!

SIX! Fuck, fuck, fuck. He's moving.

SEVEN! Seriously? He's rising. After two piledrivers? What, is he part Samoan or something?

EIGHT! Nope, I'm not going to get it.

I move in, only to have him spring up with another spear. He drives me all the way to the corner. CLANG! Ram delivers a series of stiff shoulder blocks that has me about to puke. The bodybuilder rises. He pulls me out of the corner then scoops me up. He swings my legs over his good shoulder. I've got no idea what he's planning, but I don't intend on waiting to find out.

As Ram swings my feet over, I kick my feet and push off his solid body with my hands. I slide off his sweat and oil-covered shoulder, landing behind him. Before the stunned muscleheel can react, I slap on a sleeper from behind. URGH! The big beast struggles as I tighten my grip. The beast isn't going down easy. His neck is thick and he's not going out fast.

I squeeze harder. Ram runs backwards, driving us towards the corner. I kick my legs up, planting one on the middle turnbuckle. I avoid being crushed in the corner, but the muscleheel is too strong for me to stop. My leg buckles, but I land with my butt on the top turnbuckle. I swing my legs over the top rope and drop onto the apron.

I've still got the sleeper locked on tight. Ram throws his arms around, but I'm able to lower myself. The top rope cuts into his back as I literally hang off his neck. I give it everything I have left. There's nothing he can do. The bodybuilder goes limp in my arms. I release the sleeper and the top rope ricochet sends him flying into the ring, where he does a face plant on the canvas.

I climb over the ropes, collapsing in the corner. It takes all my strength to start to count to ten.







SEVEN! Oh crap, he moved. Did he move?

EIGHT! Don't even think about getting up, you son of a bitch! Two piledrivers and a sleeper. You can't move. You can't!

NINE! Ram moves. He rolls off his side onto his back.

TEN! The bodybuilder is still lying there, spread eagle on his back and unmoving.

Holy fuck, I did it. I won. I check with Ryan and he gives me the thumbs up. I'm grinning from ear-to-ear, even as exhaustion sets in. I rest my ass on the middle turnbuckle, breathing in deeply.

After another minute, Ram rolls onto his side. He shakes out his head then looks at the camera. Ryan signals to him that I got a legit ten-count. The beast slaps the mat in anger. His rage energizes him. He springs to his feet like nothing happened. Ram's muscles are pumped, the veins on his neck are popping out.

The muscleheel turns to face me. I can't really defend myself as he moves in. I brace for whatever he's planning. That's when he thrusts his hand out. I cautiously reach out to shake it. He pulls me into him and we hug it out. He raises my arm in victory and we circle the ring. The whole time, I'm ready for a double-cross, waiting for him to spin towards me with a clothesline. I know that I'm in no shape to stop whatever he's got planned, but at least I'll see it coming.

Or not. I did NOT see this coming. Ram moves in front of me. He drops to his knees and bows his head, signifying that he's mine. I'm relieved and impressed. He's a villain, but one with honor. I put my hand on his thick shoulder. After such a hard fought battle and his classy reaction to my win, I almost don't want to fuck him. Then I realize it'd be an insult not to.

I reach under his chin and bring his head up. We lock eyes. I pause then order him to strip his trunks. He nods, "Yes, sir."

Looking down at my conquest

The Stakes

Damn, Ryan wasn't kidding. Ram's cock powers up to rock hard and I'm amazed at the dimensions of it. It's not that long, but it's so thick. I've never seen one thicker.

I'm trying decide how to proceed when Ram takes the matter into his own hands. As soon as he he's stripped and kneeling, he reaches out and touches my quads. He runs his hands over my leg muscles, worshipping me the way I'm sure countless men have worshipped him. He tilts his head as he feels every contour, almost as though trying to understand how these muscles defeated his much larger and more impressive ones.

Ram leans forward and kisses my bulge as he slides his hands to my tender abs. I try not to flinch as he runs his tongue on my torso, tracing each muscle. I reach down and feel his broad shoulders. Fuck, he's so hot. The big man looks up, meeting my eyes. He whispers for permission to rise. I agree.

The bodybuilder rises and continues to worship me. He feels my chest. My shoulders. I flex my arms and he worships my biceps with his mouth. I drop my arms and flex my triceps. He circles around as admires the back of my arms. I strike a double bicep pose again, giving him a chance to repeat the process with my neck, shoulders, arms and back. His mouth feels so good on my back.

I shudder when he drops to his knees and starts worshipping my ass. He cups my cheeks then pulls the spandex trunks down, exposing the smooth flesh. He kneads my ass. I almost jump when he reaches around front for my cock. At the same time, he buries his face between my ass cheeks. I bend forward, grabbing onto the ropes. That lets him reach my hole with his tongue. He rims me with the same fervor he wrestles with. Fuck that feels so good.

I let Ram decide when he's done. When he moves off and kneels, I spin and face him. My cock is huge and hard, staring right back at his masked face. I push it towards him and he needs no further instruction. He engulfs my rod and my knees almost buckle. I've quickly learned his mouth is talented from the worship, but damn, he's taking it to a whole new level.

Ram sucks my cock like a pro. The big beast holds my balls, playing with them ever so softly. He could easily draw a load from me, but he's skilled enough to keep the pace slow, letting up whenever it tenses. I hold the bodybuilder's head, not to guide him, but for support. He's so damn good. I've also got almost a week's load built up, which is huge after months of constant sex with Jae and my wrestling opponents.

I can't hold out. I hold his head and moan. I erupt down his throat, filling his mouth with my seed. He gulps it down, getting nearly every drop. I lean forward, gripping his shoulders for support as he sucks and sucks, drawing even more out of me. My cock is so sensitive that it almost becomes painful, but it's a great painful. UNH!

Ram finally releases my cock from his mouth. He swallows what's left in his mouth the uses his finger to wipe up the spillage, licking the thick index finger clean. I stare him in the eyes. That's all it takes for my cock to power up again immediately. I step forward and push his chest with my boot. He willingly rolls onto his back and draws his legs up, gripping behind his knees.

I pull a condom out of my boot. Seconds later, I'm kneeling with my sheathed head at his hole. I guide my cock into him. He moans loudly, as my massive meat is tough to take. But being the stud that he is, he welcomes the challenge and begs me to go deeper and hard. When I'm deep inside him, I lean forward. I grip his massive pecs, anchoring myself on the impossibly tough slabs of beef.

Ram and I stare into each other's eyes as I pound him hard. The submissive side of this massive beast keeps me hard. The feel of his chest and tight ass has my next load ready to explode. When I'm too close to stop, I slide out and finish fast. I fire my cum onto his thick manhood and abs, coating the tanned flesh. My cum pools in the deep crevices between his abs, making them pop even more.

I sit back and Ram lowers his legs on either side of me. He props himself up admiring me, as I admire him. He quietly says, "Thank you. May I finish myself, sir?"

I shake my head, saying "No."

Ram nods, accepting my refusal. His eyes go wide when I reach forward and grip his thick meat. He smiles slightly as I start to jerk him. His dick is slick with my cum and his leakage. He moans and his balls contract quickly. I lean forward and run my tongue up the shaft. I wrap my lips around the head, which all that will fit in my mouth.

I go slowly, trying to match his effort, but I lack his skill at edging a man. Within seconds, he's warning me. I brace myself. When he starts to gush his man milk, I'm ready. I swallow his load, as he swallowed mine. I feel his entire mused body shake under me as he unloads his cum down my throat. I take it all then torture him a little by licking his drained cock.

When I'm done, I slowly rise. I plant my boot on his beefy chest and flex for the camera. Ram stares up at me, waiting as I celebrate my hard-fought win for the fans. We wrap filming and I help Ram to his feet. He thanks me and I thank him. He asks for a re-match. I can't refuse, but tell him it'll be awhile, as I need time to rest.

"That's cool. I can wait as long as it takes. I just didn't really get any time to prep, since Ryan only called me yesterday. I couldn't turn down The Bat, but man, I know I coulda done better. Next time, your ass is mine."

I smile and nod, knowing he might just be right. We hug, climb out of the ring and the noble villain exits the arena. As soon as he's gone, my adrenaline runs out. Ryan comes over, congratulating me. I fall against my friend, whose 6'4"/250-lbs of muscle is exactly what I need right now. Ryan easily holds me up. I ask if he can help me to the back. He laughs, supporting me as I stumble to the locker room.

After the Match

In the locker room, I lie on the exercise mat, naked and exhausted. Ryan is sitting on my bare ass, rubbing my shoulders. After mocking me for taking on this challenge, he says, "I'm very proud of you."

"Thanks. And thanks for setting this up so fast. Ow. Take it easy. I'm so fucking sore."

Ryan eases up, moving his hands down my back, "Wait until tomorrow. I told you he's a monster."

"A monster I managed to beat and fuck. So what does that make me?"

"The Bat, our greatest hero, of course." Ryan turns serious, "So, did it help?"

"It did."


"And I'm good." I explain how I feel and what I plan to do about it. Ryan doesn't disagree with my decision, so that makes me happy. As I ask him for another favor and he says he'll do it, it hits me just how much I can always count on Ryan. I roll under him onto my back. I look up at him, enjoying the feeling of his strong hands working my chest and abs. I tell him, "Thanks."

"For the massage? No big deal."

I shake my head, "No. For putting up with me and always being the better friend."

Ryan smiles, "Well, I don't know if that's true any more. But I'll still take the compliment."

"Seriously, I really don't know what I'd do without you."

Ryan replies, "I don't know what I'd do without you, either." My best friend pauses then adds, "Other than have a lot less drama in my life, of course."

I playfully stick my tongue out at him. We get less serious as he finishes my rubdown. He helps me to my feet then gives me a big hug before I limp off to the shower. I feel good. Not physically. I'm still aching like a son of a bitch. Ryan is right that I might not be able to move tomorrow. But it was worth it, because I have some clarity. I know what I have to do. I just hope that Jae understands.

To be concluded on 9/1 in The Cave: The Adventures of SuperStar 8


  1. Mmmgh....god...what a match! And damn..wanna see the Ram again!

    1. Thanks for the comment! Glad you liked it.

      It's always possible you'll see guys again. Just depends on the reaction and what story I can think of for them. So I've noted that there's one vote for the return of Ram.

    2. One thing I do need to ask, where's the rest of The Bat's stories?

    3. Sure thing. I know the format is probably a little confusing for new readers, with two blogs and all.

      Short answer: starting back on March 1 2015. There's a link to The Cave blog on the right, unless you're viewing the mobile page.

      Long answer: The Bat wrestles in stories listed as The Cave (as opposed to the spinoff series The Cave: Undercard or The Cave: The Adventures of SuperStar). There is exception as of today, where in his secret identity of Cody, he appears in Route 69 S203: Los Angeles CA.

      I have tried to tag every post with the wrestlers, so clicking on that should work, too.

  2. This was GREAT!!! I loved everything about this story, from the return of The Bat, to the awesome standing ten count match, the stakes, the development and evolution of the Cody Ryan relationship, and then the suspense about what will happen with Jae!!! A masterpiece!

  3. 1. I loved this type of match. It was an interesting switch-up, and made for some suspenseful moments. Plus, Cody's reactions during the counts were priceless.

    2. Holy fuck, RAM! Screw Jae, screw every guy I've ever asked for more of, I take it all back to ask for more of Ram. Half of that is his beautiful model. Could you please let us know early who you used for Ram? Because I don't think I could stand waiting until the next cast list! The other half of how great Ram is comes from how you've written his character in the story. The noble villain. I fell in love with him. And he had such great chemistry with Cody. The eye contact! So hot! I found myself thinking how much better a couple Cody and Ram would make than Cody and Jae. Ram's so powerful and resilient, yet obedient, disciplined and submissive. The perfect complement to Cody, like his opposite. The yin to Cody's yang (or would Cody be the yin? I'm not sure...). I LOVE the implication that given more time to prepare, maybe Ram COULD beat Cody. Although Ram losing in this instance did, for me, make for maximum hotness.

    3. Thank you, as always, for the stories!

    4. Thank you for taking someone as effing hot as Ram, and putting the poor guy through two piledrivers and a sleeper hold. SO. HOT.

    5. RAM!

    1. Alex R:

      This has to be the coolest review I have ever read here! Awesome!

    2. Something else cool about this match: Cody's attitude towards Ram, stern but respectful, decent.

    3. Thanks! Wow, glad you liked it so much.

      Ram is Brad Rowe, a bodybuilder. I'm glad you liked him so much. My unwritten back story would be that he's a good guy until he puts on the gear. Once he's Ram, the heel inside is let loose to maul younger, smaller heroes. Fans of The Cave (the video company) love that kind of thing. :)

      I'd like to think that Cody is respectful of guys who respect him. As for a Cody/Ram relationship, Cody might be open to it if things don't go well with Jae next story.

    4. Also, Cody would definitely be the Yang, with Ram as the Yin.

    5. Alex R:

      Miller you cracked me up with the Yin Clarification haha. Lets make sure everyone knows, Cody is not Ram's Yin lol. :)

      I have to say that there was some serious chemistry between these two. Not your regular stake match.But is Cody really going to go with someone like that? Not sure. If, and I say if, he does break up with Jae why dont let him have some fun and explore the marketplace :)

    6. Ha ha, I had completely forgotten which half was "Yin" and which half was "Yang," and had to look it up. But that big huge Ram as Cody's Yin definitely strikes me as hot! Not to jump the gun or anything--maybe Cody'll work things out with Jae in the next story.

      And I feel so dumb for not recognizing Brad Rowe as Ram. I love him, I had even cast him as a character in my own stories, until I re-cast that character with WWE's Konnor at the last moment. (The character in question is aligned with the forces of evil, but his uncle, the demon king, is highly suspicious of him because not only is he half-human, but his mother is a healer for the forces of good. And now you've had a glimpse of why I don't share my stories at all!) Brad Rowe definitely got the better deal, landing the part of Ram. :)

  4. Excellent story, man, really enjoyed it! And like Sean said, it had piledrivers. :D The model is amazing and his costume and persona is great.

    I loved the respectful tone shown -- it surprised me and in a good way. Thanks for sharing, Alex! Awesome work as always. :)

    1. I love piledrivers, so I'm glad there are other fans of them. Ram seemed like the perfect wrestler to use them on, too. :)

      The respectful loser is something you've been doing for a while. Maybe you've influenced my subconscious. :)

  5. Make this another vote to see the Ram/Brad again. I like to see someone who's defeated in one match come back in another. You've sort of set him up for one or two prequels: one with him as a victorious hero and another where he wins, but the experience is his reason for making the heel turn.

    A wonderful model and a back story to tell.

    Thank you, Alex!

    1. You are welcome! It looks like the verdict is in. 2016 needs more Ram.

  6. I've had a thought...we should see the Ram take on Spartan...about time that boy's ass finally gets taken and by a REAL muscle beast.

    1. Thanks for the thought! Ram/Spartan would be an interesting match up.